15 Stephanie McMahon Outfits That Are Way Too Hot For The PG-Era

Not only have we seen Stephanie’s character evolve throughout the years on WWE programming but the same can be said for her outfit choices. She started off as the most PG character on the show alongside Test – though that would slowly change during the Attitude Era. As we’ll see in the article, McMahon would kick things up a notch in terms of edgy outfit choices during her run as the SmackDown GM. However, following her pregnancies, Stephanie would tone down the outfits, once again reverting to a sexy but conservative look.

In this article, we’re not looking for conservative but the exact opposite: edgy outfits that would be too hot for the current era.

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15 Catfight Attire

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At this point, Stephanie was rocking edgy attire on the norm. It was during a run as a babyface, leading SmackDown as the General Manager.

In this particular episode, Stephanie chased Sable down outside, attacking the former WWE star. Let’s just say she didn’t have the proper wardrobe for such an ambush, rocking the shortest skirt in her closet on the day.

14 In-Ring Attire

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Here we stick with her Ruthless Aggression days over on SmackDown. We’ll never see Stephanie rock such in-ring attire again. She was supposed to face Albert in an inter-gender match on the night.

Let’s just say the attire was more than a little revealing – perhaps the most not so PG ring attire she ever wore during her brief in-ring career.

13 At Commentary

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WWE would even push the boundaries at the commentary desk back in the day. Let’s imagine Renee Young rocking a similar outfit during today’s PG era... we just can’t.

The camera turned to Stephanie on more than a few occasions. Clearly, it made the match a lot more interesting...

12 Feuding With Trish

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Let’s just say Stephanie was more than comfortable with this outfit. In truth, it resembled steamy sleep attire more than an actual dress. Stephanie looked cozy also noticeably rocking nothing under the dress either...

In the segment above, she was feuding it out with Trish – she grew jealous over Trish and Triple H’s training sessions.

11 More Steamy Ring Attire

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During the early 2000s, it was a norm for Stephanie to rock some revealing ring gear. This one definitely ranks among the top.

She would later take on her father in a match at No Mercy, one that would ultimately write her off the program. It would be the last of the steamy Stephanie from the Ruthless Aggression era.

10 Referee Attire

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This was an easy way for WWE to add excitement to a match. Back in the ‘90s and into the early 2000s, the company would add a good looking ref to the match while giving them revealing referee attire.

Stephanie also played a role in this, as seen in the not so PG ensemble above.

9 She’s Got Legs

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We can almost guarantee Stephanie won’t be wearing such attire in this day and age, especially given her position with WWE as the Chief Branding Officer.

This is another rare throwback from her GM days. Stephanie takes a page out of Stacy Keibler’s book, rocking a stunning skirt, one that is of the not so PG nature.

8 Backstage With Y2J

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A weird scenario for Stephanie, she would turn on Triple H joining forces with the first-ever Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho.

Now according to urban legends, the relationship was supposed to be more than just business oriented, given Stephanie’s outfit of choice – we believe the rumor... However, WWE decided to keep it as strictly business.

7 Wedding Dress

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This is what caused all the tension and eventual rivalry between Stephanie and Triple H.

The Game lost his cool during their RAW wedding and it would lead to a devastating Pedigree to Steph’s dad, Vince – not to mention Stephanie also getting pie-faced by her future husband as well in the segment.

6 Halloween Stephanie

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This one might be the best Halloween costume ever to appear on SmackDown Live. However, for Stephanie, it was a regrettable night - so much so that Stephanie calls this her worst moment in WWE, locking lips with Eric Bischoff.

What made the segment that much harder to digest was Eric wearing a Vince McMahon mask prior to the kiss...

5 RAW’s Commissioner

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Stephanie really hasn’t pushed the boundaries in recent years in terms of not so PG outfits – at least compared to her days in the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression eras.

This outfit, however, had the fans talking. She rocked the ensemble during her run as the RAW Commissioner. It seems like she’s taking a backseat lately, hardly appearing.

4 The V-Vest

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It doesn’t look like the most comfortable attire – but without a doubt, it brought in the viewers. This type of backstage content became key for WWE during this time period as they pushed the boundaries.

With Paul Heyman back in charge, we can expect similar scenarios to unfold.

3 Pink Top

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Stephanie is backstage for another segment that had the fans talking for her outfit choice. It was such a different time as Stephanie played the role of a fan favorite – hard to imagine similar circumstances today given that she’s one of the biggest villains out there.

Who knows, maybe Steph might revive this kind of attire?

2 Pushing The Envelope

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Stephanie’s flirting became pretty darn blatant and obvious at that. She was pushing the boundaries not only with her outfits but provocative actions as well.

Heck, she even got a gentle spanking by John Cena; let’s just imagine that scenario taking place under the current PG product... yeah, we just can’t!

1 Workout Gear

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We end the article off with Stephanie and some edgy workout gear. This is a rare shoot showing McMahon in revealing fitness attire. She would go on to work other fitness shoots but never anything similar in terms of not so PG outfit choices.

Only Triple H still gets access to these types of outfits!

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