15 Stephanie McMahon Photos WWE Won’t Show Their Younger Fans

Stephanie is on top of WWE in terms of importance. Nowadays, rarely does Stephanie look bad on or off the screen, and that’s all purposely done. Who knows, when Vince steps down in his hundreds... Stephanie might be the next in line to guide the company into the future.

Although she has a squeaky clean reputation today, the same cannot be said for Stephanie’s character back in the early 2000s. During the Attitude Era and her GM run during the Ruthless Aggression era, Stephanie pushed the envelope with smoking attires – the types of attires WWE wouldn’t want their younger fans to see. In this article, we’ll go over photos WWE would rather not show the younger fans of their gem, Stephanie McMahon.

Let’s get started.

15 Bending For Cena

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We can’t imagine this scenario playing out today. The most powerful woman in WWE bending down for arguably the face of the franchise...

However, fans of the Ruthless Aggression Era are well aware that this did in fact take place during Steph’s run as the GM while Cena grew to popularity with the audience. It just goes to show how much WWE invested in Cena, making him go through this segment.

14 Revealing Attire

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Sticking with the Ruthless Aggression Era, Stephanie not only wore edgy attire in her role as the acting GM but she did the same for her matches in the ring.

This is even borderline for the Attitude Era, surely we won’t see similar ring gear in the current PG product. Hopefully, the younger generation doesn’t dig this one up.

13 The Wedding Dress

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Ah yes, classic WWE weddings. Rarely do they ever go right – in truth, we haven’t seen one in quite some time.

This one didn’t turn out all that great either with Triple H pie-facing Stephanie and turning into a fan favorite in the process. Not only does Stephanie want us to forget about the segment because of that, but the same holds true due to her revealing outfit, one that was way too revealing.

12 Attacking Sable

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We’re accustomed to backstage attacks. Heck, Roman Reigns still cannot find the attacker over on SmackDown Live. These backstage segments take place as a fine way of storytelling.

However, in this case, the storytelling featured revealing clothing options for both Stephanie and Sable. It was a true cat-fight, exactly what WWE wants to get away from nowadays.

11 Getting In A Workout

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Stephanie in a bikini top... this is the type of photo we hardly see. You’ll be searching the web until the wee hours of the morning in order to find something similar.

This is definitely the type of photo Stephanie doesn’t want to show the younger fans, as clearly, it reveals too much. She’s a beast in the gym and her dedication needs to be celebrated, just perhaps with a picture that’s a little more family-friendly.

10 HLA

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We’re not entirely sure what WWE was thinking with this one. Eric Bischoff was the one in charge at the time, attempting to promote an edgier product. During his feud with the rival GM, Eric put Stephanie in an HLA segment.

Looking back, we can’t believe this took place. Thankfully, Stephanie didn’t go through with it.

9 Commentary Work

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We certainly don’t see Renee Young or Beth Phoenix rocking similar attire at the commentary desk. They keep it family-friendly, clearly, Stephanie didn’t get that memo back in the early 2000s wearing a revealing top as she served as a guest commentator.

According to the rumor mill, this took place after Stephanie got a certain surgery done.

8 Candid Legs

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Move over Stacy Keibler, Stephanie’s got legs too. This is a photo that is tame in comparison to the others, though it still gets our blood boiling for all the right reasons.

The candid pic shows Stephanie in a revealing dress. Maybe if Vince was around he would pull a Hulk Hogan and tweet out how wonderful his daughter’s legs look...

7 The Shortest Shorts

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During her time as the SmackDown GM, McMahon really pushed the envelope. With Paul Heyman in-charge behind the scenes back then, we all know he likes to push the boundaries.

That’s what he did with Steph’s character, putting a not so PG twist on just about everything, including her short skirts.

6 Malfunction With Her Man

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If she’s going to suffer a malfunction, at the very least it happened in between her husband’s legs, literally...

Stephanie suffered this malfunction while in a Pedigree position on the commentary booth. She would pop out of her attire just as Triple H hooked her arm in. Of course, fans caught every bit of the brief malfunction.

5 Backstage With Eric

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Stephanie herself would object to showing this photo to anyone, let alone the younger audience. McMahon went on the record calling this backstage segment the most regrettable act of her career.

Making matters that much worse, Bischoff rocked a Vince McMahon mask just prior to the kiss... Yikes.

4 RAW GM Attire

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She doesn’t wear edgy attire nowadays comparable to the Attitude or Ruthless Aggression eras. Nonetheless, Stephanie still gets our blood boiling today with such outfits.

This time, she’s on the top of RAW in the pic above – keeping things a lot more PG compared to her days on SD back in the early 2000s.

3 Blue Dress

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Stephanie making it in the business seemed like a long shot back in the day. According to Mick Foley, Stephanie was the girl with the shy smile behind the scenes.

That all changed, at least on-screen, once Vince Russo decided to put McMahon’s daughter in a storyline. She was a natural and today, probably still the best villain when it comes to communicating with the audience.

2 More Steamy Ring Gear

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Her journey in the ring is nothing to write home about. Though WWE likely wants us to forget that Stephanie did hold the Women’s Championship, at least briefly during the Attitude Era.

It wasn’t the title’s finest moment, though Stephanie would finally lose the belt a couple of months later. WWE rarely mentions this title victory.

1 Revealing Top

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We close off the list with yet another smoking hot Stephanie McMahon outfit from back in the earlier 2000s. She was working as a heel at this point, though seriously, when wasn’t McMahon a villain? We can count the months on our fingers in truth.

Nonetheless, it was hard to hate on Stephanie with such an ensemble...

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