15 Strange Unsolved Mysteries That Will Leave You Trembling

From unsolved murder cases to ghost ships and alien signals, the world we live in is a crazy place.

Sometimes we get caught up in the humdrum of life and forget that there are some crazy mysteries in the world that are still unsolved. A lot of these mysteries are actually pretty strange and some are even terrifying. From unsolved murder cases to ghost ships and alien signals, the world we live in is a crazy place and just when we think we have it all figured out, the universe throws something at us to prove us wrong. Curious about some of the most famous and well known unsolved mysteries in the world? Lock the windows and doors and leave the lights on, because here are 15 strange unsolved mysteries that will leave you trembling.

15 I Guess There Are Worse Things Than Yetis

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is about as creepy as it gets. A group of nine experienced hikers and skiers went into the Ural Mountains in 1959 with the intention of having a good time. Instead, disaster struck and every single person in the group was found dead a few weeks later. The group had ripped open their tent from the inside and run away from it without clothing or shoes. When the bodies were discovered, it was determined that six of them had died from hypothermia. One had died from a fractured skull, another had died from internal injuries, including brain trauma with no signs of physical trauma, and the third was missing her tongue and eyeballs. Experts determined that the internal trauma was so severe that it could not have been caused by another human and although the internal injuries were so bad, there were no physical marks on the body that would suggest how such injuries occurred. There have been many theories that have attempted to explain the injuries such as UFOs, military weapons tests, Yeti attacks and avalanches, but all have been disproven. To this day, nobody knows what happened to the group of hikers.

14 Think About This The Next Time You Order A Glass Of Water

Via BurialDay

Elisa Lam was a Canadian student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver who went missing while staying at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California in 2013. Her body was found in a water tank on top of the hotel several weeks after she first went missing. When the hotel offered up footage of her the night she went missing, things got really creepy. She can be seen in an elevator acting strangely. Her arms and body are moving strangely and she appears to be playing a game with someone in the hallway. She hops in and out of the elevator several times, presses all the buttons and even seems to be hiding in it at times. For some reason, the elevator doesn’t seem to be working properly either. It is unclear where she went after the got off the elevator, or how she died and ended up in the water tank. The the Los Angeles County Coroner ruled her death an accident and suggested that she climbed into the water tank herself and accidentally drowned. The lids to the water tank however, are very heavy and the small girl would not have been able to lift them on her own. No signs of foul play were found and tests found no abnormal drug or alcohol levels. Oh yeah, what makes this story even creepier, is that the hotel guests had been drinking and using water from the tank where her body had been decaying for weeks. Pretty awful right?

13 I Got A Headache Just Looking At The Picture

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The Patomskiy crater is a strange rock formation in Siberia. Not only is it odd looking, but it also seems to have a strange effect on anyone who comes near it. Many people who are investigating or photographing the strange crater have reported feeling sick and it is even rumored that people who have gotten too close to the crater have disappeared. Animals that live in the forest around the crater will not venture close to it and there is evidence that it was once a highly radioactive area. Still, nobody knows how the crater was made. Some believe it may have been created when a meteorite hit earth and others blame it on UFOs. Here’s an idea, why don’t we all just stay away from it and forget it exists and there won’t be anything to worry about.

12 Dear Diary

If your college textbooks freak you out, wait until you get a look at the Voynich Manuscript. This mysterious book has been carbon dated back to the 15th century, but nobody knows who made it or where it came from. It has been passed through the hands of many people over the years and can now be found at Yale University. Even stranger than its origins are its contents. There are over 200 pages of random drawings, codes, recipes and notes. They are written in no known language and many of the photos are of flowers and creatures that do not exist. Dozens of people have tried to decipher the meaning of the Voynich Manuscript but none have been successful. Some people believe it’s written in a secret language, others believe it was written by a lost civilization and of course, there are always those who credit aliens with its creation.

11 This Is Why You Always Investigate Those Bumps In The Night

The Hinterkaifeck murders are considered by many to be the most mysterious murders to have ever occurred. The crime took place in a small Bavarian community on a farm called Hinterkaifeck. Six people were killed, but nobody knows who did it. Not only is the murderer a mystery, but exactly how he or she was able to kill all six people and slip away into the night is also a mystery. A few days before the crime, one of the victims had told his neighbors that he saw footprints in the snow that led from the tree line to his home. Strangely, there were no footprints going back to the trees. He had also heard footsteps in his attic and found a newspaper in the home that he did not recognize. The keys to his home were also mysteriously missing. For some reason, he never reported any of these strange events to the police. Some members of the family believed the events were the result of a haunting and the maid who had worked for the family for years had left the home a few months before the murders because she was convinced there was an unfriendly presence in the home.

The new maid arrived the same night she and the family members were murdered. Three of the victims were found in the barn and it is believed they were lured from the home in the middle of the night by the killer. A two-year-old child and the maid were killed inside the home where they slept. Even stranger, neighbors didn't discover the victims until over a week later but had seen smoke coming from the chimney of the home the day before the bodies were found. The cows in the barn had been fed and there had been meals prepared and eaten in the home. Still, the decomposition of the bodies suggested they had been dead for at least a week. Why would someone murder an entire family and then stay at the home alongside the dead bodies for days? Nobody knows.

10 Are We Keeping Things In Or Out?

We all know vampires and zombies aren’t real right? So why are there so many graves with cages around them? Sure you might think it’s to keep grave robbers out, but what if the cages are more elaborate than necessary to serve that purpose? In Catawissa, Pennsylvania there are two graves with thick wrought iron cages around them. They belong to two women, Asenath Thomas and her sister-in-law Sarah Ann Boone. The women died within a few days of each other. Nobody knows why there were cages built around their graves or how they died, but it is rumored that they were thought to be vampires and the cages were designed to keep them in their graves. Of course there are other, simpler explanations for the cages too. Some people think they are simply decorative and others believe they were made to help keep the graves safe. Nobody knows the real reason. I like the idea that it’s decorative. I can do without all that vampire and zombie stuff.

9 That's Pretty Nasty

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Can you imagine walking outside your home and having a big blob of goo drop down on your head? That is exactly what happened to the residents of Oakville, Washington in 1994. It started when the rain changed to slime and covered a square 20 miles radius. The strange slime could not be explained and continues to rain down on the area for three weeks. It rained blobs at least six times. Many people, including police officers, examined the blobs and tried to figure out what they could be. They all became ill after touching or coming into close contact with them. The daughter of one of the sick women who had touched the blobs collected a sample and sent it off to be tested. Human white blood cells were found as well as Eukaryotic cells, which meant the blobs had once been alive. Some people think it may be human waste that fell from an airplane, others think it may have come from a military experiment gone wrong. Nobody was ever able to identify exactly what the blobs were made of and there are no samples in existence today. Umm gross!

8 I Wonder What Brand Of Moisturizer He Uses

Have you ever seen someone from high school and noticed that they don’t look like they have aged at all? Well that happened to Saint Germain for centuries. He is believed to have been born in the 1600’s, but he has been spotted as recently as the 1970s and he is always around 45 years old. He has made friends with several notable people in history, including Casanova, Catherine The Great and King Louis XV. So how is this possible? Nobody knows duh! Of the many things known about him, none of them explain how he could live for hundreds of years and never age. He was an alchemist, a musician, a painter, and he had ties to many secret societies. He also had a lot of money. He had a habit of disappearing for years and then showing up in random places out of nowhere with no explanation. I wish I knew his secret.

7 I Would Run Away Too

It’s always scary and sad when a person disappears and is never found, but what about an entire colony? How often does that happen? It has happened at least once. Maybe you have heard of the lost colony of Roanoke? The group set out to colonize North America and disappeared during the Anglo-Spanish War. The colony had requested help but when help arrived after many delays, everyone was gone. There was simply no trace of them or a clue as to what may have happened to them. The entire village was empty and there was no sign of a struggle. The only clue was the word Croatoan written on a fence post outside the village. They had also taken the time to dismantle their homes so it was clear that they had not been in a hurry to leave. They had agreed to leave a symbol if they were attacked and forced from the village, but the symbol was also never found. To this day, nobody knows what happened to the colony. Did they integrate with local tribes? Were they slaughtered? Did a natural disaster kill them all? We may never know.

6 This Is Why I Don't Fly

One of the most recent and most baffling mysteries is that of Malaysia Airline Flight 370 which disappeared in 2017 and still has not been found. Planes go down and disappear from time to time, but debris usually shows up a few days later. That isn't the case for this one. Some debris have been found that experts say may have belonged to the plane, but it had not been confirmed. If the plane did crash, it is unknown where or why. The disappearance is still under investigation, but so far there have been no clues as to what happened to the missing plane. Possible explanations include terrorist hijacking, crew involved accident or a simple malfunction that caused the plane to go down. Will we ever know what happened to the missing passenger plane?

5 Sure, Blame It On The Cow

You probably already know about the Great Chicago Fire that destroyed much of the city in 1871, but did you know that what caused it is still a mystery? The fire destroyed over three square miles of the city and killed over 300 people. It also left over 100,000 people without homes and destroyed many businesses. There have been many theories about what started the devastating fire ranging from a cow kicking over a lantern to a comet hitting the barn and catching it on fire. Authorities were able to determine that the fire started in a barn, but to this day, nobody knows what caused the fire that is considered one of the worst disasters of the 19th century.

4 Just Give Us The Answer

Via Deskarati

On the grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency in Virginia, there is an impressive sculpture that was created by artist Jim Sanborn. The sculpture bears four coded messages and all but one have been decoded. Although many people have tried to decode it, none have done so. The artist mentioned that the other three solved messages hold clues for the fourth one and even hinted that the message could be related to a clock in Berlin. While those attempting to solve the puzzle were excited for the clue at first, their bubbles were quickly busted when they couldn’t find the connection. Who will solve the secret code and is there really any reason to solve it other than for fun?

3 Georgia Guide Stones

Sure Stonehenge is mysterious, but it’s also a little overdone. If you want a real mystery, head on down to Georgia and check out the Georgia Guidestones. They were erected in 1980 and there are 10 guidelines inscribed on them. The inscriptions are in four different ancient languages including : Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian hieroglyphs. There are a lot of questions about the monument. Nobody knows who designed it or why it was made. The man who requested to have it built used a pseudonym when he hired the company to build it. He explained that a group of people had been planning to build the stone for many years and wanted to remain anonymous. He requested that the stones be able to withstand catastrophic events. Many people believe they were created to act as instructions for survivors or a natural disaster or destructive event. Nobody has ever come forward to take responsibility for the design of the stones.

2 I Would Say Wow Too

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What would you say if you found out we had made contact with something else in space? The Wow! Signal was received by the by Ohio State University's Big Ear radio telescope in 1977. It is a signal sequence that lasts for 72 seconds and is believed to be an alien radio transmission signal. It is called the Wow! signal because astronomer Jerry R. Ehman who discovered the signal wrote Wow! beside it. While most people accept that the signal did come from an alien radio transmission, not everyone is convinced. Some believe the signal could have bounced off of a satellite and simply have been a transmission from earth. The team who discovered the signal searched for it again and hoped to find it, but the signal has not been repeated or picked up by the telescope. Researchers still hope to find the signal again so they can determine where it comes from. Until then, the Wow! Signal remains a mystery.

1 SS Ourang Medan

What’s creepier or more mysterious than a ghost ship with everyone on board dead? Umm nothing! The SS Ourang Medan sent out a distress signal picked up by the American ships in 1948. The signal explained that everyone on the ship was dead and at the end of the signal the messenger even sent out the code for “I Die.” This was the last signal received from the ship. When rescuers boarded the ship they found the crew just as described, dead. Each one had an awful grimace on his face that suggested they all died in a terrifying or painful way. There was nothing to suggest how they all died. Theories range from improperly contained chemical onboard to an alien attack. Nobody knows exactly how they died, but whatever happened to them must have been awful.

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15 Strange Unsolved Mysteries That Will Leave You Trembling