15 ‘Stranger Things 2’ Set Photos We Need To Talk About

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15 ‘Stranger Things 2’ Set Photos We Need To Talk About

Well, now that you’ve watched all of Stranger Things 2, what are you supposed to do with your life? How can anything possibly compare to the world of Demodogs, a Shadow Monster and the Upside down? It can’t, sorry to say.

While we wait at least another year (please don’t tell us it’ll be more than that) for nine more episodes of our beloved ’80s thriller, the cast and crew are sharing some interesting behind-the-scenes snaps. We really need to talk about these.

15. Steve’s prickly family

Steve’s nailed bats should have their own actor credit in Stanger Things 3 because we know they’ll be back. We can only imagine how scary those contract negotiations would be, though, since they could literally kill you over a bad offer. But we hope the Duffer Brothers, who created the show, will do whatever it takes to keep these props happy. At the least, the prop master needs a raise for bringing these lethal weapons into our lives.

Obviously Joe Keery (he plays Steve) wouldn’t feel whole without knowing at least one of them is around, so this is a serious business matter. We do need to chastise him for putting whichever bat is being used at the time in his trunk, though. That’s really not fatherly behavior, Joe.

14. The ladykillers

Via: Twitter.com

We really loved Steve and Dustin’s new friendship. They’re as unlikely a pair as Nancy and Jonathan, but once you see them together, you wonder why you didn’t realize how great they would be together. Since Gaten Matarazzo (he plays Dustin) and Joe had so many scenes together, it seems that a real-life relationship has bloomed.

We’re wondering if this means Joe has actually given Gaten advice about how to pick up girls and get his hair just right. Joe isn’t just playing a every girls’ crush, he actually is every girl’s crush, so we could imagine that if the cast needs any advice on talking to the ladies, they’ll go to him. We just hope he’s a little better at it than Steve, who’s wisdom was to just act like you don’t care. That only works when you’re gorgeous, Steve.

13. The life of the party

While we really loved that Snow Ball scene and have maybe watched it four or fives times since we finished the second season (don’t judge us), these photos don’t look like fun. Sure, Mike (played by Finn Wolfhard) and Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) were all smiles and adorable nervousness during that scene, but maybe it wasn’t as great between takes?

Millie looks very uncomfortable in the first photo and downright scary in the second. Finn, on the other hand, is standing stoically, like that farmer in the American Gothic painting. This is probably a representation of what teens are actually feeling at those dances when they plaster fake smiles on their face. We hope this was just a few silly photos and not a sign of a bad day on the set.

12. The new lovebirds

Via: Tumblr.com

No one can replace Eleven and Mike’s adorable romance in our hearts, but we are really loving the relationship that’s brewing between Lucas (played by Caleb McLaughlin) and Max (played by Sadie Sink). We weren’t sure if it would be Lucas or Dustin to catch her eye, but it was the former who really put in the effort to steal her heart.

It looks like the on-screen chemistry is thanks to a behind-the-scenes friendship. Sadie looks like she’s living in a dream, and she kind of is. We bet every child actor in Hollywood is vying for a spot on this show and Sadie landed the gig. It was definitely a role she proved that she deserved, with her cool girl attitude and willingness to risk her life for the “party.”

11. These heartbreaking snapshots

Via: Twitter.com

Shawn Levy has directed quite a few episodes of Stranger Things. He posts a lot of photos from the set on his Twitter page, so if you’re looking for a peek behind the curtain, you should really start there. While prepping for Season 2, he spotted this in Nancy’s bedroom.

A running theme in Stranger Things 2 is how much she misses her best friend, Barb. We only knew her for a couple of episodes, but we could tell they’d been friends for years. It looks like the girls had some amazing times together, which is probably why Nancy is taking this so hard. She’s not the only one, as many fans have expressed grief over Barb’s tragic death at the hands of the Demogorgon. The worst part for Nancy is that she dragged her best friend to that party and, ultimately, he death.

We’ll give you a second to cry. Alright, you good now? Let’s proceed.

10. The cool kids of AV Club

Via: Twitter.com

Unfortunately, we don’t spend too much time in the AV room. The characters are always talking about how they’re part of the club (and probably its only members), but between going to class and, you know, saving the town from monsters, they have a lot to worry about. It seems like AV Club has taken a bit of a backseat.

Whether they’re actively doing anything or not, they will have to pose for a yearbook photo at some point. We’d imagine a photo like this would give them some major cool points around the halls at school. Judging from their Halloween costume fiasco, they’ll probably take all of the help they can get in that department. Only Stranger Things could make kids who in AV Club seem cool. We bet a lot of bullies regret picking on them now.

9. Between the scenes

Via: Twitter.com

There were some very tense scenes between Hopper and Eleven in Season 2. A lot of people are giving Hopper flack, but he’s really trying his best. He already lost one daughter to circumstances he couldn’t control, so it’s no wonder that he’s so upset about losing another, especially when keeping her safe is actually in his control this time. Don’t forget that he feels like it’s his fault bad things happen to the people he love, so he has to be afraid all of the time. At least he’s trying, though.

You probably recall that knock down, drag out fight between Hopper and Eleven when she returned home after sneaking out to find Mike. It seems that it was such a tense scene the actors, Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) and David Harbour (Hopper) couldn’t shake those negative feelings between shoots. It probably helped to keep that tension, so they could jump back into it easily when the cameras were rolling again. We just bet it was a little awkward for some people on the set.

8. Hopper’s obvious love for Joyce

Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers) has been a Hollywood darling for decades. We first fell in love with after watching Edward Scissorhands for the first time. Then, we continue to watch it like every day for months and could probably still quote most of it to this day. That’s one of many iconic roles she played, captivating audiences and inspiring fashion trends throughout the ’80s and ’90s.

David Harbour has said that he was definitely a fan of hers before they worked together. They always say to never meet your heroes, but it seems like it worked out for David. He and Winona are thicker than thieves. He even referencing a tattoo that her most infamous ex, Johnny Depp, had on his arm back in the day, which read: “Winona Forever.” These two make us wonder if there’s more than just friendship there?

7. On-screen enemies & behind-the-scenes besties

Via: Twitter.com

It’s still a little strange to us that actors can make you think they hate on another’s guts when the cameras are rolling and be buddies as soon as someone yells “Cut!” It’s really the norm for things to be that way between people in television shows, especially. They have to spend a lot of time together, and it often results in years of seeing each other, so it’s better to be friendly than enemies.

We saw Steve and Billy (played by Dacre Montgomery) kick the crap out of each other at Will’s house. They also spent the entire season at each other’s throats. Once the cameras stopped rolling, it was all bromance between Joe, Dacre and their fabulously ’80s hairstyles. This photo looks like an ad for hairspray in a men’s magazine.

6. No animosity here

Via: Twitter.com

Here’s another duo who don’t have the best on-screen relationship. It’s not like Max has a problem with Eleven. On the contrary, she was intrigued the first time she heard her name and very excited when she finally had the chance to meet her. Unfortunately for her, Eleven is less happy with Max. She used her powers to throw the girl off of her skateboard and then completely ignored Max when she introduced herself. If she ever smiles at Mike again, there’s no telling what Eleven will do. Teenage hormones are so unpredictable.

Not surprisingly, it’s a totally different story behind the scenes. The girls seems to be getting along great. It can be hard to have a close-knit group and let other people in, but there didn’t seem to be any problems when Sadie was added to the cast. We’re sure Millie was happy to have another girl join them, adding more female power to the show.

5. Playing supernatural games on a supernatural show

?? w/ @gatenm123 #gatensteachingmemagic #expertintraining

A post shared by ?Noah Schnapp? (@noahschnapp) on

You think filming a supernatural show would make the cast want to shy away from anything supernatural in their spare time. They spend months immersed in the world of Demodogs, the Upside Down and whatever new horror the Duffer Brothers decide to cook up and add to our nightmares. Er, sorry, the show. We meant the show.

It looks like Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) and Gaten don’t have that problem. This photo shows them pretending to use magic wands on the set. You can see that they just picked up some sticks and starting playing around. This is so ’80s and done when the cameras weren’t rolling. Maybe the retro world of Hawkins is rubbing off on these adolescents? It would be ironic since, in reality, they were all born in the 2000s.

4. Holly questioning her life choices

Stranger Food. #strangerthings #holly #setlife #momlife @thepricetwins

A post shared by Cara Buono (@carabuono) on

We didn’t see a lot of Holly in this recent season. We’re sure she was around, though, walking through stranger’s homes and finding signs of monsters. Or maybe she was just staring at her the questionable food put in front of her, like in this snapshot.

We can only imagine what food used for scenes in TV shows looks like. There’s probably also a limited amount, so she may have been told to not eat it, lest they run out if too many retakes were required. Whatever is going on here, one thing is abundantly clear—she wants to be anywhere but here. Since she’s so small, it’s very likely this little actor just needs a nap. Thankfully, Holly is played by twins, so if one’s tired, they can just bring in the other one.

3. Parking lot pups

Via: Instagram.com

Actors often have time shooting between scenes, so they do what’s necessary to make it feel like home when they’re passing the time. It would be boring to just sit around in a trailer and stare at the walls until it was your turn to shoot. If you add the comforts of your home, then it’ll be a more relaxing and engaging place to pass the time.

Pets are a comfort from home that it’s probably nice to see during the down time at work. It looks like Joe and Finn both bring their four-legged pals to the office. But these pampered pooches don’t exactly look overjoyed to be in the lot with a bunch of trailers, especially Joe’s pup. We bet they’re missing the comforts of their manicured lawns and big comfy couches to nap on. It maybe a comfort for the actors to have they there, but it’s obviously not mutual for the dogs.

2. Mr. Wheeler in his natural habitat

The last two pringles, thanks for another empty can, Ted. #pringles #strangerthings

A post shared by Cara Buono (@carabuono) on

Mr. Wheeler (Joe Chrest) is the most worthless dad we’ve seen on a television show. He obviously just had a family because it was expected of him, since he does the bare minimum. You’d think a guy with a total babe at home like Mrs. Wheeler (three kids and her body is still snatched) would put in some effort to keep her. She could easily replace him with a wealthy billionaire who worships her and take the kids if she wanted. Mr. Wheeler is more interested in sleeping on the couch, however.

It seems like Joe may channel his character every once in a while. Cara Buono, who plays Mrs. Wheeler, posted this photo of him eating the last of the Pringles. Since she makes it clear that it’s not the first time he’s done this, he must have known she’d appreciate being offered a few chips before he finished the can. Jerk.

1. The Duffer Brothers looking pretty fine behind-the-scenes

We rarely have the chance to see the Duffer Brothers, but we definitely know exactly who they are. They’re the twins who turned our world upside down, pardon the pun. Anyone with an appreciation for the male form will enjoy seeing them in this photo. They’re looking mighty fine and totally in control. There’s just something sexy about a guy who runs things and there are two in this photograph.

Without them, we actually wouldn’t have any of the photos in this article. Whether you think they’re hot or not (we vote hot, by the way), you should take a moment to appreciate all they’ve done. At the least, they’ve given you a way to spend nine hours worry about something other than bills and work. That’s enough to warrant our gratitude.

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