15 'Stranger Things' Posts That'll Send You Straight Into The Upside Down

If you haven't been caught up on the newest season of Stranger Things yet, I have two questions for you. The first is, how? The second is, why? And if you're one of those poor unfortunate souls that haven't even watched the first season... are you okay? It's the show that all of us have laughed over and cried about, but mostly loved and binge-watched every episode. But it's also the show that all of us have seen memes for. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The only problem is when some of them just go a little too far and teeter on the edge of gross, or just plain wrong. We went ahead and collected these memes for you so you don't have to.

15 Paint some happy little demodogs

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Poor Will. Not only did he have to spend a good chunk of last year in the cold dark world that is the Upside Down, but now he's seeing it in his memories vividly enough to be able to paint out of whole map of the town the monster has access to. I think they're the last thing he would want to be painting, too, all things considered. His skills might not be the same as Bob Ross, but maybe it's because while Bob Ross was painting happy little trees while Will had to paint the very thing that was torturing him and killing him, hellbent on taking over the world. He could probably benefit from watching a soothing episode or two of his show.

14 But we already caught him?

Does this meme mean that Ted Cruz is finally off the hook? Maybe not. Even with that striking resemblance (that left us in stitches), I can't imagine that Mike and Nancy's dad ever gets out of his big comfy chair long enough to do anything other than make it to the dinner table where he chows down on his meatloaf. If this is the turn that his character arc is going to take next season, I can't say I won't be happy about it. Anything is going to be better than the bland mashed potato of a man sitting and mindlessly humming while his wife and children talk about their day. It'll be a different route for Stranger Things, but El is up to it.

13 Just telling it like it is

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Every time Nancy makes a stupid decision on this show, I'm hoping she'll learn her lesson since everyone else gets that redemption. But nope, not for the eldest of the Wheeler children. Season one she ran off with Jonathan (you know, the boy who took pictures of her undressing without her knowledge and consent and then was totally forgiven?) to go fight the demogorgon, but this season she runs off with him to go take down the facility that let it out in the first place. Not only does she enjoy running off with a total creep, but she likes leaving her boyfriend to watch all of the neighborhood kids without her. We're just going to take a moment of silence in hopes that Steve is able to find a better girlfriend next season.

12 All nine lives gone

How could you do that to us, Dustin? How could you do that to your friends, your mom, and more importantly to Mews, the cat that none of us knew for long enough? If only you had kept up with the motto that your friend group tries to keep, "Friends don't lie", then your mom's cat would still be here today and you wouldn't have had to give all your nougat to the demodog in the Upside Down tunnels. Let this be a lesson for next time: Don't keep bloodthirsty Upside Down monsters a secret from your friends (or don't keep those bloodthirsty monsters in general – there's plenty of cute normal animals to keep as pets). Now we're going to have a moment of silence for Mews, may his soul meow in peace.

11 Like looking into the future

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We're speechless. Absolutely speechless over how scarily accurate this is. If you didn't tell me that these two people weren't the same people or weren't at the very least related, I wouldn't have known. From her hair to her clothes, and even her glasses, did they raid the old film set closets to make this movie? It's almost like they styled her everything off of Mrs. Doubtfire since they figured that she would be just as lovable, and they weren't wrong. This also got us thinking.. Maybe since Barb was such a fan favorite and plenty of people would enjoy to have her back, we could do it this way? Maybe she can play her grandma who comes to town to kick butt and take names.

10 That's wildly inappropriate, Mike

So if Eleven is going to be able to go to school like a normal kid next year, then she'll probably become Jane Hopper. How are they going to handle their teacher thinking that she's Mike's cousin? I guess they could pass with the fact that he really only met her once, and she's going to have her cute curly brown hair instead of that blonde wig, but if we don't get at least one scene with their teacher questioning it or saying she looks familiar, I'm going to be severely disappointed. I'm not saying they have to keep up the charade forever, I wouldn't expect them to if El and Mike are going to be running around being cute and holding hands like I need them to, but give me one funny scene addressing this, please.

9 That's fine, just break my heart

Okay, so this one isn't as inappropriate as it is traumatizing and heartbreaking. Not many people would pick up on the fact that he was reading the same book to his daughter in the first season that he then turned around and read to his new kind-of daughter in the second. There's a lot of Hopper and El moments that really hit us in the feelings, and this one was one was sweet... Until this meme pointed out how actually devastating it was. We're just glad that despite all the horrible things that they've been through, they were able to find love and comfort with each other. If there's one thing that we need from season three it's way more of those familial moments between them.

8 Trash looking at trash

You know, I'm glad that Billy loves himself, because at this point we think that he's the only one that does. He's the ultimate douchebag -- he's racist, and abusive to his little sister. On top of all of that he was ready and willing to beat up a young kid because he has severe anger issues that he probably got from his father. Of course he has girls hanging all over him at school, that was clear from the first scene that we saw him, but hopefully they learn about what an awful, mean person he is next season and his character has the redemption arc that everyone seems to think Steve's has had this season. Would we be willing to forgive him though? I guess it depends on how far he's willing to go to make amends. Don't aspire to be like Billy, or compare anyone you want to look at you to him.

7 We're not ready for this

It was one thing when it happened to Will in the first season. We knew he would be okay (and even if he wasn't, we didn't know him so did we care?) but when Hopper went missing in season two, the panic alarms started ringing for all of us. There had been leaks and spoilers since before the season even premiered on Netflix that one of the main characters wasn't going to make it to season three, so when the vines started to take Hop down, I think there was a moment for all of us when we thought that it was going to be him. And this meme is still too fresh for our anxiety-ridden hearts. Let's keep our fingers crossed that one of our other faves won't be put in such a situation next season too.

6 Have higher standards please

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We admit that this scene was probably one of the funniest of the season. We could put aside our hate for Billy for a few seconds to enjoy the cheesy lines that he and Mrs.Wheeler shared. The steam from her bath, his twinkling smile, the corny '80s love ballad playing in the background. It was fun. But what's not fun is forgetting that this is Nancy and Mike's mom and the new high school bully (who is a teenager, by the way). There's no way that this could be #RelationshipGoals in any sense of it. The only thing that might be goals here is both of their amazing hairdos, I mean seriously when are we going to get a how-to for pulling off those bodacious styles?

5 Find this is in the snack aisle

This one is as disturbing as it is disgusting... As it is hilarious. The thing is, though, I just don’t know what I’m grossed out more by – the idea of a ketchup nosebleed squeezing all over my food, or the fact that this the food that’s being drenched with ketchup is waffles. We get the reference that's being made here, and if there was syrup it might be cute(probably not though, let's be real, it'll still be from El's nose) but when you're going to just throw in some ketchup'd waffles for the sake of an eggo, I have an issue. Pull out a plate of french fries, I promise the fans will still be amused by this. There's just no way that everyone is going to agree with your 11/10 using it for everything assessment. Totally not okay!

4 Do they not have hairstylists in the upside down?

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It's the hairstyle and the character comparison that none of us wanted to see, we didn't ask for this. Seriously, what's next? Hopper as Shrek? Maybe Joyce as Fiona? We're going to stop everyone right here and put an end to this hairstyle madness before it goes too far. Who did this to his boy? You would think that with a performance like that they wouldn't be styling his hair to look like like your Aunt Sally you haven't seen since you were 7, but in 2017, just about anything is possible. We're just glad that this isn't the hairstyle that they used for him in the show, some things are too dated to make a nostalgic appearance and this might have been too much of a distraction.

3 Who lives in the upside down under the sea?

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If there's anything more scary than a 100-foot Upside Down monster, it's a giant Squidward monster. Is it possible that the nagging villainous friend of Spongebob could be the one terrorizing the kids of Hawkins, Indiana? Definitely not. But would it be horrifying to hear his clarinet ringing out as the demogorgon warning cry? Absolutely. Maybe the Duffer Brothers will take a turn for a more under the sea approach for next season; what a surprise that would be. Not to mention how scary it would be if the demogorgon actually had those long squid tentacles to reach down and grab you with. Either way we know that we would just have to call Spongebob and Sandy to come handle him for us with their karate moves.

2 Be good.. But not too good

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If there's a life lesson that Stranger Things has taught me, it's that you can be a good person, but if you're too good of a person, they'll kill you off before we even get to really know you. All of these characters were ones that I was excited to see in the show, and then they were killed off before the season was over (and in the case of the chef, before he even got a full episode). We're used to characters being killed off in shows; Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Eead and so on. But in those shows you're kind of expecting random people to get brutally murdered every time you plug in. Stranger Things wasn't supposed to do us so wrong, but you can't trust anyone nowadays.

1 Please don't be over

This might not be Stranger Things specific, but with only nine episodes in this newest season, we can't think of a show that this meme better suits. Was it some sort of sick joke that Netflix and the Duffer brothers were playing on us when they decided to make our favorite show so short? Is this one of those half seasons that Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead has taken a liking to? I feel like I've got something I didn't even know that I had, and I'm looking under the couch to find it, when all it is is the last few episodes of Stranger Things that were held out from us. At least this Will Ferrell understands our pain, I doubt the demogorgon does.

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