15 Stressful Images Of The Worst Things We've Ever Experienced

The school year is nearly over, and while that means it's almost time for summer vacation, it also means it's time for final exam season and the many frustrations that come with it. We have to worry about grades, unfinished assignments, registering for next year's classes and figuring out what on Earth we're going to do without our college friends over the next few months. Think that life can't possibly get more stressful than it is right now? Think again—these uncomfortable images capture some of the most cringe-worthy (and frustratingly relatable) disasters that can possibly happen to an individual, and they're making us squirm even more than that big essay we've been procrastinating on! Be sure to show these atrocities off to your friends, so they can join in on your extreme suffering.

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15 What sort of monster eats pizza this way?!

Via: pinterest.com

College students don't think to pack a pizza cutter with them when they go to school, so they're forced to use a knife and sort of mindlessly hack away at their pizzas. Their attempts at creating triangular slices are often epic fails, and they're instead left with messy blobs. Well, this person seems to have figured out how to cut out the perfect triangle, but they basically ruined the entire pizza for everyone else in doing so! We've all got a friend like this guy who just wants to see the world burn, so while this image is painfully hard to look at (especially if you have OCD), it's something we've all had to suffer through on countless occasions. Crust is great too, people, stop only going for the center!

14 You might as well just throw this juice out

Via: tumblr.com

This has happened to you at least a dozen times in your life, and each time, it was the worst thing you'd ever experienced. You went for a new gallon of water, juice or milk, grabbed the plastic tab to open it, and the tab just snapped off in your hand leaving you with pretty much no way to access your drink and quench your thirst. Thank goodness they started making twist top gallon jugs, because getting into a container after this tab broke off was basically as hard as breaking into a bank vault. The only solutions were to snap off a nail in your attempt to open the jug or hack away at the top with a knife until you produced a hole big enough to pour out of.

13 Maybe you shouldn't have quit the Boy Scouts

Via: pinterest.com

If you quit the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts growing up, you probably have regretted that decision at least once in your life. That one time was likely when you reached into your backpack or pocket to grab your headphones and found them wadded up in a knot so tight, only someone with a rope-tying merit badge could possibly untangle them. We don't know what curse Apple put on their headphones to make them always look like this whenever we need them, but we'd really appreciate it if they figured out a way to undo that black magic ASAP. We listen to music to de-stress, so we really don't appreciate the giant headache our headphone cords give us every single time we try to plug them in.

12 Goodbye, professionalism

Via: pinterest.com

If you have even just a mild case of OCD, it might take you several hours to do the tiniest bit of homework because you feel a need to rewrite your assignment every single time you make a mistake so it looks neat and professional. You misspelled a word or initially came to an incorrect conclusion? Crossing your mistake out and writing the correction next to your blunder looks sloppy, so you have to just redo everything. When you finally get everything right, you tear the paper out of your notebook along the perforation so you can hand it in, but then all hell breaks loose. The paper doesn't tear perfectly! You can't possibly give this sloppy monstrosity to your teacher, so you absolutely have to redo everything ... again. 

11 A cookie lover's worst nightmare

Via: buzzfeed.com

There are few things in life more pleasurable than dipping a warm chocolate chip cookie into a glass of cold milk and eating the resulting delicious creation. Sadly, this little miracle of life doesn't always play out as well as you'd have hoped. Some cookies are just too big for their cups! While we'd never dream of complaining that a cookie is too large, discovering that you're unable to dunk your cookie and will just have to settle for taking a bite of cookie and then sipping some milk afterwards is absolutely heartbreaking. Sure, you can just rip the cookie in half and then dunk it, but that takes more effort than cookie lovers hope to expend! We're more likely to just ditch the glass and use a bowl for dipping.

10 You now have one day to eat all of those bananas

Via: buzzfeed.com

Nothing in life is worse than getting a new bundle of bananas from the supermarket with the goal of being able to construct a well-balanced breakfast for the next week, only for the tops of the bananas to rip off during the walk from your car to your kitchen. There's just no saving your beloved fruit once that happens—the exposure to the air is going to turn those topless bananas brown and mushy, so if you want to enjoy them, you have to eat them within the next 24 hours or so while they're looking fresh and edible. You might as well give up on your dream of eating healthy in the morning and get the oven ready instead ... you're making banana bread tonight!

9 Eat with extreme caution

Via: tumblr.com

We wish we could agree with philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau and say that humans are inherently good, but this picture proves that our world is filled with seriously evil people who just want to create utter chaos. We've seen people mix Skittles and M&M's in candy bowls before to throw off their friends and we were completely disgusted by their actions, but someone had the audacity to add Reese's Pieces to the mixture to just completely traumatize all of his candy-loving friends. This is just unforgivable! When you're craving the sugary sweetness of an orange Skittle but wind up shocking your taste buds with a peanut butter-filled Reese's Piece instead, it's enough to ruin your entire day. We don't want to seem over-dramatic, but this might be the most evil picture to ever exist.

8 The dreaded "k" response

Via: facebook.com

Anyone who has ever sent an important text message to a friend, family member, significant other or crush knows the rage that can boil up inside of you when you receive nothing but a "k" in response. That's why this picture is so insanely triggering. Some poor guy finally built up the courage to tell his lifelong crush Christina how he felt about her, and let her know that he's thought she was the prettiest girl in the world ever since he first saw her in second grade, but she barely even acknowledged his heartfelt message. Luckily, he didn't take her "k" lying down—he told her to shove her insensitive response up her butt. Way to go dude, don't let the Christinas of the world push you over anymore!

7 When pizza rolls become miniature grenades

Via: tumblr.com

We sadly can't afford to order in pizza every day, and that's why the angels at Totino's created pizza rolls. They're like miniature pizza packages, and they're as delicious as they are inexpensive. Sadly, it's nearly impossible to heat them up just right. If you don't leave them in the oven long enough, the outer bread shell will be nice and hot, but the inside will still taste cold. Overheating them turns them into tiny sauce and cheese grenades, as the contents of the pizza rolls explode out of their casing. There's nothing worse than opening up your oven to find your pizza rolls like this—sure, they're still edible, but now they're drained off all the deliciousness that was meant to be inside of them!

6 Middle school-level "vaguebooking"

Via: facebook.com

"Vaguebooking" is the practice of posting extremely dramatic Facebook statuses for the sole purpose of garnering sympathy or receiving attention from your friends. It used to be a method solely used by middle school girls, but immature attention-seekers of all ages seem to be doing it now, and it's so annoying. "I'm so depressed right now" isn't a proper status update—if something or someone is bothering you, just say it! Your real friends will have an easier time helping you through stuff if you actually tell them what's going on. If the stuff that's stressing you out is "too private" to talk about online ... just don't post a status that'll make people try to invade your privacy! We promise, it really is that easy.

5 Cursed by the vending machine gods

Via: facebook.com

Vending machines are more often than not both a blessing and a curse. When you're having some serious junk food cravings but feeling too lazy to journey to the nearest convenience store, it can be amazing to be able to just walk around your hotel or dormitory and grab some snacks from a vending machine. If you buy something from an actual store, however, you're guaranteed to walk away with it ... the same can't be said for vending machines! Too often, they start to operate and dispense the candy bar of your choice, but then the treat somehow gets stuck and you're down to your only dollar. There's nothing more embarrassing than having someone walk by as you're desperately kicking or shaking a vending machine in hopes of freeing your treat.

4 Adult diapers are sounding pretty great right now

Via: pinterest.com

We all hated it when our parents forced us to take naps when we were kids, because we just wanted to run around and play all day. Now that we're older, we can't ever seem to get enough sleep! Bedtime is basically our favorite time, and we sneak a nap in between all of our classes. Unfortunately, our bladders don't always cooperate with our love for snoozing. Too often, we settle in under our sheets, find the perfect position to lay in, only to realize that we have to pee and won't be able to doze off until we do. The thought of using adult diapers is kind of nasty, but there are definitely some times where we can see how beneficial they might be.

3 '90s kids will never forget this struggle

Via: pinterest.com

Back in the '90s, schools didn't offer students soda at lunchtime. If you wanted something to drink, you either purchased a water bottle or one of these tiny cartons of milk. The boxes were a definite upgrade from the plastic pouches that would make a huge mess every time you stuck a straw in them, but these things were nearly impossible to open correctly. We always followed the directions on how to open them; it just never played out as advertised! If you messed the opening process up and created a situation like the one depicted here, you were basically screwed and had to play with the carton for the majority of your lunch break to finally create a hole big enough to drink out of.

2 Time to become a carpenter

Via: buzzfeed.com

You'd think using a pencil sharpener correctly would be as easy as inserting your pencil and simply turning the handle, but far too often, your efforts result in abominations like this where the lead is only accessible on one side! When this happens, you have no choice but to give up on paying attention in class and instead focus on your temporary new career as a carpenter. The only way to salvage your poor pencil is to hack away at one side to free up the lead, and as you likely didn't pack any carpentry tools in your backpack, it's a task that will likely force you to break a nail. We hate using pens because they don't let us simply erase mistakes when we make them, but at least pens never ruin our day like this!

1 Just when you thought you'd get some pain relief

Via: tumblr.com

Okay, we don't want to admit that this picture makes us feel a bit of schadenfreude (that's pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune), but we sort of have to. This poor guy went to Walmart to buy some ThermaCare to help him with his extreme back pain. He lucked out because he came in time to purchase the last item, but his good luck immediately vanished—he dropped the ThermaCare wrap, and the only way he can get the back support he needs is by grabbing it off the ground. It's a definite catch-22—he needs the ThermaCare to allow him to bend down, but he can't get the ThermaCare without bending down! This image and the tragic situation it captures is awful for sure, but it's also slightly hilarious.

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