15 Struggles Everyone Went Through During Puberty

Going through puberty is like flying headfirst through a tunnel with no idea what is on the other end. One day, you feel like you are an adult. The next day, all you want to do is eat cereal and cuddle with mommy. Puberty is a life transition you'll never forget. We all go through it. Don't believe me?

Check out these 15 struggles of going through puberty that everyone has gone through and prepare to be glad that it's over.

12 Who am I?

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You realize that you're not a child anymore. You also realize that you are not fully an adult. Everywhere you go, you are bombarded by images of people who seem to be a part of something. You have an idea of who you want to be, but you're not so sure yet. You feel like you need to decide so that you can get a head start on being a success, but you don't know. You just don't know.

Due to this, you dabble in different looks. One day you might try the goth look by dying your hair black, listening to screamo music, and proclaiming that "no one understands you!" And then in a few months, the dust might settle and you start to become accustomed to maybe not yet who you are, but who you're becoming. And that's pretty powerful.

11 Why doesn't anyone see me?

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What does a B+ really mean? Why is it not a A? What is this teacher trying to say? Are you 'almost' perfect? What is wrong with you? Who told Jennifer to be partners with the guy you like? I thought we were friends. Why is it that every time your baby brother goes to the potty by himself, he gets a party while you've been working your behind off at band practice to learn these scales and your parents barely even notice?

You feel like Samantha Baker in Sixteen Candles where you feel entirely invisible not only to your families, but to your classmates and your crush. This can cause a lot of teenage angst, which can drive you a little mad. Just breathe, stay positive, and believe that the people who care most are looking even when you think they're not.

10 What's happening to my breasts?

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Yes! Your boobs are finally growing. But, why is one bigger than the other? Will this madness ever STOP? Why can't anything ever be normal? And to top it off, now you have to hit the nearest Victoria Secret. You go with your mom (you begged her to just give you the money and stay home) and instead of going straight for all the lacy, pretty kinds that Victoria Secret angels wear, your mother and the sales girl direct you to the training bra-looking type section.

Ugh. Your boobs are growing, but not at the pace you want, so you scour the internet for tips and tricks and even spend your allowance money on this breast enhancer pump that promises you'll go up a size in no time! But do you? Nope. Waste. Of. Money.

9 I have hair down there

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Wow. You have hair down there. Should you shave it? Is that normal? Will it make you smell funny? This is embarrassing. Thoughts of laying half-naked awkwardly in a room with a stranger to get a bikini wax fills your mind. Oh, the horror. Will you have to make small talk? What if she's never seen so much hair before?

So, you go for the next best thing: shaving. That is, until you end up nipping and cutting yourself here and there, so much that you look more like Carrie during the shower scene from the movie, Carrie, than like a smooth goddess as you hoped.

8 Now there's hair under my arms.

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You feel like a hairy monkey. You should shave it, but do you even know how to use a razor? Do you have to ask mom? You really don't want to do that... talk about awkward.

You've already been through the bikini line debacle (the cuts are still healing), but there's no way you can go to gym class without shaving your hairy pits first. You remember the time that Sally Winston forgot and she was teased for a week. Not happening. So you muster up the strength again and this time, you learn from your mistakes. Hey, you tell yourself, this ain't so bad. That is, until you wake up the next morning and stubbles of hair is already back and you realize that you have to do it all over again.

7 What is going on with my body?

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You don't feel any bigger, but those jeans you've had for two years are telling a different story. Why is everyone else shorter than you are? Why do you still feel like the same person but with a bigger everything?

Your body is changing at a rapid rate. Sure, there's positives, like your breasts are growing and your hips and booty are filling out nicely, but then there's other awkward growths like being too tall for all your favourite jeans or having man shoulders fit for a football player all a sudden.

6 Did I just get my period?

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Oh, no. You're bleeding. This is awful. You have to tell mom. She's going to make this a big deal. Will people be able to tell? Do you need to wear all black? Do you have to wear those tampons that mom wears? Do you even have a hole down there? When is this going to stop?

The day has come: you awkwardly head to the pharmacy and scour the tampon aisle looking for a box that looks the least non-threatening. Once armed with the box under your arm and a magazine to shield your purchase, you head to the checkout line and pray that there isn't that cute guy working. And what do you see? Mr. Hottie! In a moment of terror, you panic so much that you turn around suddenly, trying to get away, only to knock into the old lady behind you and drop your box of tampons onto the ground. Now everyone, including the hot guy, is staring. Great.

5 What is happening to my face?

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There's a bump on your chin. It looks like the tip of mountain. You should pop it. Wait. Christy said she popped hers and it left a scar and now she has to cover it up with makeup. Will that happen to you, too? What's wrong with you? Is this some kind of punishment? Why won't these things go away? Ugh!

Skin problems are common during puberty and they vary from person to person. Take solace in the fact that no one's skin is perfect during this time, and if it is, then grab a load of that magical potion they're clearly drinking.

4 My voice sounds weird.

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Whoa. What happened? You just got over a sore throat and all of a sudden, you went from having a cute girl's voice to sounding like freaking Morgan Freeman. Soon, all your friends are going to want you to narrate their lives. And don't even get us started on the fact that you feel totally repulsive to guys now, even more so than you already did.

You can kiss making friends goodbye since you plan on spending the next few years without saying a peep. There's no way that you're going to unleash your man voice to the world, not even if you encounter your favourite singer and absolutely want to scream.

3 I don't want to be left out.

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Everyone is skipping school today, but you don't think you should. You know your mom will be upset and you don't want to get in trouble, but what are you going to do if they all leave you at school by yourself? They are going to get high. You know it. You don't want to, but you don't want to be seen as the lame one either. Maybe you should just pretend you're sick and stay home.

You experience a serious case of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). You experienced it when you had strep throat and had to miss the party of the year, and also when your grandma made you promise to visit right when your crush was finally free to hang out. And now, you experience it as you rush to make it to third period math for a test when all you're really thinking about is how much you're missing out.

2 When is the right time to do it?

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Everyone is either doing it or thinking about doing it. You feel like you don't want to do it, but then again sometimes you just want to get it over with. You like him and sometimes you think about it, but you don't know how far you should go.

It doesn't help that all of your friends are experimenting, leading you to believe that you're the odd man out. Your boyfriend had tried to push the limits before, but each time, you stopped him. Enough romance novels and movies have taught you that when it's the right time and the right person, you'll just know.

1 Any place will be better than being here.

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You need to leave. You don't belong here. Everything you do is wrong. Sometimes you think you're not from this planet, much less from this family. You don't know what you are going to do with your future. You don't know what you are going to do tomorrow. You’ve written pages and pages of dark poetry and just can’t quite shake the feeling like you don’t belong anywhere. You're thinking you should run away. Anywhere would be better than here. Anywhere!

But alas, you're stuck. You picture your life in a few years time: you're older, gorgeous, and totally fiercely independent. You can do what you want, when you want. But until then, you'll just have to suck it up and keep the hope that freedom is near.

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