15 Struggles Only Forgetful People Will Understand

Those of us who are perpetually forgetful envy all of you who have keen memories. Whether we are constantly losing our keys, or misplacing our phone around the apartment, we wish we had a brain that came with a good memory. It doesn't matter if we take fish oil, or if we make billions of reminders on our calendars and smartphones – being forgetful is a daily struggle that impacts our lives in so many ways.

If you too have bad memory and are constantly losing items, then you'll probably relate to all 15 of these struggles that forgetful people experience.

15 If It's Not On Your Calendar, You Will Forget It

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We love whoever decided to put calendars into smartphones because it has saved our butts more than once. Before smartphones, we’d have to remember to write it down on the calendar and it was always iffy if we’d even recall what we had to jot down by the time we found a pen.

Thanks to the advent of modern technology, we can simply grab our phones, put down whatever we need to remember and set a reminder so that we won’t forget things such as a dentist’s appointment, our Grandma’s birthday and to take the dog for a walk. If we didn’t have such a handy-dandy calendar on our phones, our lives would be utter chaos. We wouldn’t be able to remember a blessed thing. We’d constantly be seconding-guessing ourself and calling doctors’ offices to confirm that we have an appointment the next day and we’d be given hell from our relatives because we kept forgetting when their birthday was.

14 Walking Into A Room To Get Something, Only To Not Pick Up Said Item

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One of the worst things about having no memory is the fact that we feel like we are constantly entering rooms to pick up an item, such as a book or our car keys, but we immediately forget what it was that we needed to do. It is like the moment we enter the room, our brain immediately blanks out in a fit of short-term memory loss. Sometimes we can’t help but wonder if like, aliens are tampering with our brains and that’s why we’re so damn forgetful. It is SO embarrassing to step into a room and then immediately forget WHY. Maybe we should get some Ginko Biloba; perhaps that will help sharpen our poor, tired brains so we can FINALLY remember WHY we entered a specific room and what it was that we were looking for or supposed to do. Then again, with our luck, our powers of forgetfulness are so vast that it would defeat the Ginko Biloba and not do a thing to help us.

13 You Have To Think Long And Hard When Someone Asks You, "How Old Are You?"

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It is utterly embarrassing to admit it, but sometimes when we’re asked how old we are, we have to think about it for a few minutes before answering the question. It is almost like our brains start throwing a temper tantrum when they are asked a question involving numbers and then decides “I hate math, so I will delete all memory of our age!”

Of course, our brain’s temper tantrum means that we’re left standing there trying desperately to recall what our exact age is and sometimes, it takes us five minutes to respond. It is NOT a good look for us. Thankfully, one of our friends or family members will see our deer-in-headlights look and either whisper our birth year in our ears or just tell the person who is asking about our age how old we are, so we don’t have to keep dealing with our brain’s lack of memory. Still, it’s one of the worst things about being forgetful and it makes us look so ridiculous.

12 The Constant Search For Lost Keys

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If we didn’t know any better, we’d swear that there was a ghost living in our house or our apartment that liked to troll us by stealing our keys. Whether it is our car keys or our house keys, these important items have a terrible habit of disappearing on us. Of course, this leads to a four-hour search party that ends with us tearing our hair out at the roots until we realize that they were in a pocket in our bag the entire time. D’oh!

Ghost jokes aside, if you too struggle with being perpetually forgetful, then you know the sheer panic that takes over your body when you can’t remember where you placed your keys. Of course, our mind starts racing and we become convinced that we’re going to be stuck inside our living quarters for all of eternity or that someone stole our car keys. Thankfully, we usually either remember that we put them in some place obvious (like a bag) or the keys turn up, eventually.

11 Having To Run To The Store To Buy Something You've Forgotten

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Going grocery shopping SHOULD easy. All you have to do is make a list, check off said items on the list, pay for them, and head home. What could be easier, right? WRONG! Unfortunately, grocery shopping is one of Dante’s circles of hell for those of us with terrible memories. Sure, we can write down a grocery list to help remind us of what we need to buy, but it’s a 50-50 shot as to whether or not we’re going to remember to actually bring it with us.

Nine times out of 10, we’re lucky if we remember to bring the stupid list. Even if we do remember to bring our grocery list, without fail, we ALWAYS forget to buy something. Sadly, we usually remember when we get home and we often have to rush back to the store or head down to our local bodega in order to pick up stuff like peanut butter or toilet paper.

10 Freaking Out Because Your Phone Is Missing, AGAIN

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It shouldn’t be that hard to lose a phone, especially a smartphone. The latest iterations of items such as the iPhone are pretty big, so it should be easier to keep track of.

Unfortunately, losing smartphones is our special superpower. Without fail, we ALWAYS lose our phones and we’re constantly freaking out that they are gone forever. Whenever we can’t find our cell, we instantly start worrying that someone might have stolen them or they are somehow misplaced and will get crushed by a falling object. Needless to say, there’s always a few minutes of panic that we will have to shell out a lot of money in order to either get our phones repaired or get purchase a new one.

Thankfully, we can usually find our cell phone after we use our home phone or a friend’s cell to call ours. In rare cases, we bust out the “Find My Phone” app, but usually all it takes to ease our anxiety is calling our own phone and realizing it is still in our bag or under a pillow on the sofa.

9 Losing Heirloom Jewelry

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One of the worst things about being perpetually forgetful is that we’re always afraid that if we wear a beloved piece of heirloom jewelry and then take it off at night, we’re going to wind up losing it forever.

Unfortunately, unless we write a note to ourselves to put our heirloom jewelry back into a safe space, without fail, we wind up misplacing it. Of course, we start tearing our apartment or house apart in a frantic search because we’re terrified that our grandma’s diamond ring is now gone. Thankfully, we usually are able to find it or remember that we put it on the soap dish before taking a shower.

Given the amount of times we lose a piece of heirloom jewelry, we’re starting to wonder if we should train our pooch to find it. Goodness knows our dogs would probably be able to sniff it out a lot faster, and we wouldn’t have to tear our living quarters apart to find the jewelry.

8 Even If You Devise A Way To Remind Yourself To Do X,Y, And Z, You Forget About Them

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We constantly praise the name of Arthur Fry, who was the inventor of sticky notes. If we didn’t have post-it notes and a pen around our house or apartment, we would never be able to remember anything. Whether it is a quick jotted note to print out our resume before a job interview in the morning or a written reminder to brush our dog’s teeth before we go to bed, sticky notes help us remember the important things in life... if we remember to glance at them.

Sometimes, cell phones do a better job since we are constantly checking Facebook and Instagram anyway. This only works as far as reminding us to do something that we should immediately do (like take your birth control pill). The moment we decide to ignore the alarm and do something else before getting to the reminded task, we know we will never get it done until it is too late.

7 Taking Forever To Email/Text/Message Back

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One of the most embarrassing things about being perpetually forgetful is that we take forever to respond to things like text messages, phone calls, emails, and social media messages. It’s not that we’re ignoring you—we swear that we are not! Instead, it is usually because we read your message, start a response, get distracted by something else and then forget all about the fact that we still need to get back to you.

Sometimes it takes us hours or even days to remember that we didn’t email or call someone back, which is totally embarrassing. We feel terrible whenever we forget to respond to our friend or relative because we look like total flakes, but we honestly didn’t mean to ignore you. It is just that our memories are absolutely ABYSMAL and the minute we get distracted by something, whatever we were typing totally goes out of the window.

6 Passwords Are The Bane Of Our Existence

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Anyone who is perpetually forgetful will agree with us when we say that remembering all of our passwords are the bane of our existence. We can never remember if our email password is a combination of our birthday and the birthday of our significant other’s, or if it is our cat’s name and age.

Don’t even get us started on the sites where our password has to include a capital letter, eight million lower case letters, 10 symbols and a partridge in a pear tree. Just…WHY?!! We can barely remember a simply password, let alone something that complex. Who thought coming up with a long password like that is a good thing?! Ironically enough, it is usually the job boards that have ridiculous password requirements. Listen up bud, we hate to break it to you, but we doubt that anyone would try to hack into our job board profile. Why can’t your just make it easier on our poor memories and just have simple password requirements?!

5 Forgetting What We Were About To Say

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We’re constantly embarrassed because without fail, whenever we enter a conversation, we always forget what we were about to say next. We won’t lie, sometimes this occurs because we started to daydream in the middle of a conversation or we started to think about all the things we need to do that day.

However, most of the time we forget what we were about to say next because our brain invariably short circuits and like an archaic computer that is forced beyond its capacity, our memory ceases to work for a short period of time. Thankfully, our family and friends are used to our constant brain farts and give us all the time we need to try and figure out what we were going to say next. Unfortunately, every once in a while our brain freezes up when we are in the middle of an important meeting at work and it is SO embarrassing when we have to scramble for words because our memory failed us for the umpteenth time.

4 The Sheer Panic When We Hope That We Turned Off The Stove

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One of the worst things about cooking when you have an absolutely abysmal memory is the sheer terror when you start to wonder if you turned off your stove.

Seriously, there have been days where we panicked because we couldn’t remember if our stove was off and we were terrified that we had condemned our beloved pets and roommates to death via carbon monoxide poisoning. We become wracked with guilt until we remember that yes, we turned the stove off and no, our roommates and pets are alive and well.

Honestly, why doesn’t someone invent a stove for the constantly forgetful? It could have a very loud and obnoxious alarm that goes off if you don’t remember to turn the stove off all the way. If anyone invented a stove like that, they would probably make a fortune. Given how stressful cooking is when you have a terrible memory, it is no wonder why we prefer take-out!

3 Leaving Lunch At Home

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One of the worst things about having a terrible memory is when we forget our delicious lunch at home. Of course, it happens when we spent all night concocting a meal that will not only keep our stomach from rumbling at work, but that is healthy and nutritious too.

Needless to say, despite our sticky notes, phone reminders and emails to ourself, sometimes our terrible memories get the better of us and our yummy lunch is left sitting all by its lonesome in our refrigerator, even though we worked hard at cooking it the night before. When we have days like that, the only thing we can do is silently curse out our brain for having such an awful short-term memory and suck it up and purchase something on our lunch break. Sure, sometimes it is nice to have a cheat day and buy a burger from a nearby diner or grab a sandwich from the bodega down the street, but it gets tiring when that’s all we eat for lunch day in and day out because we can never remember to bring the one we made.

2 Accidentally Making Plans With Two People At The Same Time

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We won’t lie, sometimes we avoid making plans because it is stressful and we have to be very careful that we didn’t already make plans with someone else for the exact same day.

All those who are perpetually forgetful will know the feeling of shame when you agree to meet up with your BFF for brunch, only to realize at the last minute that you double-booked yourself and you were supposed to meet up with your mother for brunch at the same time. Now THAT is embarrassing!

Scenarios like that—which we’ve gotten stuck in FAR, FAR too frequently, are why we are obsessive with our calendar and constantly check and re-check it after we make plans just to make sure that we didn’t already make plans with someone else and forgot all about them. It is too embarrassing and anxiety-inducing to have to keep picking who to hang out with, and who to disappoint, so we’ve trained ourselves to constantly rely on our calendar.

1 Forgetting To Set The Alarm Clock

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We’ve gotten into the habit of constantly making sure that a) we set our alarm clock and b) we set multiple alarms on different devices, just to make sure that we get up on time.

If we didn’t remember to set our alarm(s), we’d constantly be late to work—sometimes by hours. One of the downsides to being perpetually forgetful is that there have been times when we thought we set our alarm, but didn’t. Sometimes our memory of not setting the alarm would come rushing back to us and we wake up out of a deep sleep in the wee hours of the morning, only to set our alarm and struggle to go back to sleep. Other times we didn’t remember at all, and we were only woken up in the nick of time by our roommate, significant other, or pet. Of course, this led to a whirlwind of activity where we tried to eat breakfast, get ready and leave for work without being terribly late.

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