15 Struggles That Will Only Make Sense To Girls With Fake Nails

Getting acrylic nails has been a thing since girls’ were tagging along with mommy to the nail salon. Back in the day, it was the easy press-on nails (that popped off within hours). Now, going to the salon is a vital part of many girls' self-care routine. Who doesn't love sitting back and relaxing while being taken care of? Your personal nail technician buffs, cleans, and massages away all your work troubles and man worries slip away. In that short hour and a half, she is your best friend.

However, as amazing as it may feel, getting that full set of beautifully designed tips can sometimes come with a few "ugh" moments that we all can't help but suffer through. Don't worry, ladies—we feel your pain. We understand the hardships that may come with the glossy (or matte) nails. They definitely get in the way sometimes, but we have to look cute, right? Of course! Here are a few of the struggles that the guys will never understand and we will forever have to deal with.

15 Choosing a nail shape

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The "square" nail is by far the most popular shape nail, practically the standard. Over the years, that clean square has become a little more curvy. Now, there are so many shapes to choose from: almond, oval, squoval, edge, you name it. It can get a little confusing. Some are still in love with the classic square (and we don't blame you) while others have come all the way to the present and rock the badass pointed "stiletto" tip. Finding your right shape is a bit of trial and error; you don’t really know what works for you until you’re out and about or trying on the variety of polishes. But when you know for sure what you don't like we promise, you won't even look in its direction again (we're talking to you, bubble nails).

14 Finding the right nail technician

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Listen, a woman's nail technician is as personal as a man and his barber. There is a special bond with the person who will be cleaning your cuticles, clipping your hangnails and giving you all the good advice on your relationship and how to combat workplace drama. The battle to find a good nail tech that has a decent schedule and availability is a triumph that so very few can tackle. First, finding a salon take a lot of word-of-mouth and hours of hours of yelp reviews before you sit in every chair in a shop. No one enjoys bouncing from one chair to the next, trying to find the best hands in the shop, but it has to get done. The horror stories that occur can get quite traumatizing.

13 Typing

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Almost everything you touch is a feat once you get your nails done. Going from typing with the tips of your fingers like a normal person to using your whole fingerprint is a stressful ordeal. It feels weird and awkward and the transition will definitely slow you down, but we all persevere. No one will stop women from being able to send 500 juicy texts per minute. Autocorrect and voice-to-text features have become our absolute best friends. As much as we hate adjusting, I can personally say the clicking of my nails against a screen or on my keyboard is so satisfying. Nothing beats hearing the rhythm of a fresh set of acrylics. If only we could type on a touch screen with our nails; technology is so far behind.

12 Breaking a nail

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There is nothing more frustrating than breaking an acrylic nail. When we break a nail, we only have two choices. The first is to get back into a salon as quickly as possible, run if you have to! No one wants to walk around with nine perfect nails and one lost finger. The second is to take all the rest off the very same day. If one breaks, all of them might as well be broken. It makes the entire hand look ugly and then the ugly just floods to the other hand. Can't get to a salon in time? Then it’s time to just pop all of them off. Some may say dramatic, we say making the best out of a bad situation. Can't save a burning house, you know?

11 Keeping up with the latest trends

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As much as we say trends come and go, we still want to keep up with them. The variety of nail shapes is not the only things growing, but so are the trends with nail polishes and design styles. You don't want to be caught in last season's clothing styles, do you? So why keep your nails in the past? Keeping up with the latest can sometimes be a hassle, especially when so many cute and new styles are constantly being found on Pinterest, Tumblr and every fashion magazine you see on the stands. Yesterday, it was matte nail polish; today it’s minimalist and geometric designs. Who knows what’s coming next. The fashionistas are always on the move and it’s our part to keep up with them.

10 Favourite nail tech is on vacation

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The horror story begins with you needing a fill-in ASAP and you walk into your nail salon, only to be told by the receptionist at the front that your tech is on vacation. Cue the dramatic, suspense music. This is the moment you want to cherish the relationship you have with your tech. If you’re as close as you should be, she will give you a heads up when she's going away and will tell you to come in before she leaves. But there are those moments when you don't get the memo and you're stuck walking into your nail salon with the blank stare or the, "who are you people and how long have you been working here?" It’s okay to ask the receptionist who else is a good choice in the shop, but do you really want to betray your tech’s trust? Choose wisely.

9 Banging your nail against anything

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A paper cut? Stepping on a Lego brick? Stumping your pinky toe? I’m sure you think you’ve felt worse pains, but very few things come close to bending your nail accidentally and it holding on for dear life. It’s worse than the whole nail just popping off. When it doesn’t break, it takes every nerve ending with it as it bends in whatever direction, and you feel it all through your entire hand. We've all done it, banged your nail into a door, desk, keyboard or even dropping something really heavy. Your nails are really troopers sometimes and as much as we love it, it can cause a gruesome pain and unwanted tears. Don't worry, though, once the pain is all over you're still cute and that's really what matters.

8 Finding the right length

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Finding the perfect length is really a mystery. It all comes down to what works for your hands, but still it’s another battle of trial and error. Too short and you look like a preteen with press-ons (and we know how embarrassing those were), too long and your hands are practically useless for any daily function. Finding what works for you is such a mission. It can also make or break a design and/or shape. It’s true, most designs look best on longer nails, but long nails also look much longer than they are on more slender fingers. You have to weigh your options. Paying attention to your nail tech as she begins to cut will pay off in the long run, but sometimes you have to test out different lengths as well. We’re clearly all about the risk here.

7 Wanting gel but not wanting to spend the extra time (or money) for it

I'm sure you've read all of the articles like we did about how acrylic is horrible for your natural nails and gel is much better. Even with this in mind, sometimes you have to debate if you're really willing to sit that extra hour to have each nail built one by one. It feels luxurious and more special having each finger catered to with such precision, but the time can really be a killer. Sure, it looks amazing and lasts much longer, but our inner lazy can set in and choose for us. Also, let’s not forget how much more expensive gel is to your average acrylic. If you have, flaunt it, but some of us are ballin’ on a budget here. We say, weigh your options. What’s more important: stronger nails or a week’s worth of Starbucks? (Yes, the cost really does balance out).

6 Hearing "claws" all day, every day

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We get it, stilettos are long and pointy therefor they look like claws. Haha. Now can we move on to something that's actually more entertaining? There's nothing more annoying than having every other person you meet say, "Your nails look like claws" or ask, "How do you wipe your butt with those?" It's just such a boring joke and honestly, we're tired of it. Maybe those stiletto nails give the women who choose to wear them an extra boost of confidence. Nothing says “boss” like a set of nails that can slice through paper. The stiletto nail is fierce, edgy and badass. When a women wear a stiletto nail, she’s telling the world, “Don’t worry, I got this." The wise cracks are lame, but they come with territory unfortunately.

5 Removing your nails with...anything, really

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So it's time to let your real nails breathe, but the fakes are stuck on tight. While you can do the patient (and probably safer) method of soaking them off with acetone (nail remover), some resort to snatching them off with the jaws of life! We’ve all at least attempted, some more successful than others, but it’s a task that has to get done. Anything that can form a wedge between the fake nail and the real one becomes a weapon of mass acrylic destruction. Whether it’s a needle, a credit card, or even thinner, a metro card, the simplest of things can be given a whole new purpose in life. Women are pretty resourceful beings, we get the job done *Rosie The Riveter voice*!

4 Longer, weaker nails

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It's frustrating to know that once your acrylics come off, you'll have weaker nails underneath. Some women purposely use the fake nails to help grow their real nails (for instance, it help stop nail biting), but there's no use if they come back weaker than before. Many choose to get their nails wrapped afterward to avoid that breakage, or using biotin (hair, skin, and nail vitamins) to give their nails a chance to come back a little strong. Whatever methods we may use to fix the after effects, it’s guaranteed your natural nails will need a little TLC after being hiding for months on end. Fortunately, there are many sites and blogs that are dedicated to helping out with this issue. We suggest visiting some helpful sites to get your natural nail game up to speed.

3 Opening soda cans? HA!

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Our nails may be strong, but let's not push our luck. Even the toughest of nails will snap off with the weakest of attempts. We're not being snobby or "girly" when we don't want to open cans or list heavy objects—it's an investment. These nails are not built for immense levels of pressure of weight. Even if they were, we don't want to chip our nail polish. No matter how careful we may be, we have all felt what could happen if we did one of these unnecessary acts of strength. If you have an amazing nail tech, she probably made your ails feel like steel. There are just too many negatives to these simple acts of labor. As much as we want to help and not have these moments of uselessness (no one likes to feel helpless), let’s not risk it.

2 Accidentally scratching yourself (and others)

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Purposely scratching yourself in the right place feels like heaven, but accidentally, feels like death and embarrassment. Give us a break, women work hard and we make mistakes, too. As often as some of us get our nails done (some every two weeks regliously), it’s still a bit of adjustment realizing our fingers are three inches longer than we’re used to. Let's not mention the worst, which is scratching someone else. They will never let you hear the end of it. Our nails may be a little sharp (yes, even the square-shaped sets), but it’s really difficult to break skin. It’s uncomfortable for use when we scratch ourselves so we can only imagine what it’s like being scratched (unprovoked of course).

1 Glitter. Just glitter

Honestly, who thought glitter nail polish was going to be the next big thing? We're just going to save you the trouble with a solid NO. Those who are fortunate enough to avoid the glitter massacres will never understand the struggle of getting glitter fully off of acrylic. There is an unlimited amount of acetone needed to defuse that level of bondage. We can almost smell the gallons of remover and feel the tears just thinking of the glittery mess. As pretty and shiny and oh, so mesmerizing it may be, it is just the worst. No one enjoys scrubbing away for hours, only to still have glitter everywhere. If you are brave enough to battle the glitter goblin, just remove the entire nail and start from scratch because it is truly a war that is not worth the risk. Save yourself and each other.

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