15 Stupid Men Who Are About To End Their Bloodlines Right This Moment

I wasn't really sure how to start this introduction, but after some thinking I decided to be honest and direct, so here it is: if any reader is a man, they're probably going to die earlier than, let's say their female co-worker. The point I'm trying to get across is that our sex is the main reason for that. If no one trusts me, here's what World Health Organization says on their website, "Wherever they live in the world, women live longer than men." So, why do women really live longer than men? Does it have to do with genes and hormones? Or is it something about their body parts that keeps them alive longer? The answer is simple: they're just not as dumb and reckless as men (I'm allowed to say this because I'm a man).

Take a look at these 15 photos and you'll see what I'm talking about!

15 Electrician? LOL No, I Can Do It Myself

Is there anything worse than being without electricity? Well, the obvious answer is "Yes, there is: death and illness." But don't be a know-it-all; you know what I mean! Living without electricity is really horrible. That means you don't have lights in your house, or internet, or TV, and come on, your phone's battery will die eventually! Doesn't all of that sound terrible? That is why the guy in the photo above decided to fix his own electricity. He didn't need any help, and he certainly didn't want to call the professionals because that's expensive AF! Of course, I don't really know whether he succeeded in fixing it, but I hope he did. No, wrong answer; I don't care whether he fixed it or not, I just hope he's still alive!

14 How NOT To Change A Light Bulb

How many "real" men does it take to change a light bulb? None! "Real" men aren't afraid of the dark... What we found out from this terrible light bulb joke is that the guy from the photo above is not a "real" man because he's changing a light bulb. But I'm not here to judge and discuss his masculinity. Nope, I'm here to discuss his ninja skills. Just look at him! I have so many questions to how he got up there. Like, why didn't he use a ladder? And, who taught him that? Also, is he still alive? This stunt looks very dangerous, and just one wrong move could leave him with broken bones. Oh, and one last question: when will men stop doing dangerous crap that can get them killed?

13 What The Heck Is Going On Here?

Men are a very interesting, and at the same time, very weird species. I often think about it... Why are we men so reckless? Why don't we use our brains a bit more? Come on guys, something needs to change, otherwise we'll face extrication if we keep dying this much. Look at this dude here. What the heck was he thinking? Did he really think this was a good idea? Well, it's not! I'm like, 90% sure this guy didn't make it. Something must have happened. There's no way that ladder or those wooden planks didn't collapse... I mean, it could be that the guy survived, but only with a lot of broken bones. Look at the photo once more... He was asking for it, wasn't he?

12 What Could Go Wrong Here?

One of the best things about having friends is that they're always there to help you out, either by talking and listening to you, or by helping you with some physical work. But, if those friends are men, then I'm afraid the chances are big that one of them (or even you) will die.

Take a look at the photo above this text. Now tell me, does this seem like a good idea? If your answer is "NO," then you're 100% right. If your answer is "YES," then you're probably a dude. Let me explain; the guys upstairs are carrying a couch, and if you look at their body language, you can see that the couch is super heavy and that they're obviously struggling with it. Oh, and they want to get the couch to the lower floor, by handing it over to the guys below. Now, do you think that those two guys alone can handle that couch without getting squashed like bugs?

11 This Dude Would Die For A Good Beach Body

Lately, it seems like all people post on their social media accounts are photos of them from the gym (or their perfect beach bodies). Seriously, if you went on Instagram right this second, you'd probably see several gym or body pics. Most of the times, those are gym mirror selfies, where people pose and look good. But what you won't see are photos of people in the middle of their workout, all sweaty and in pain. Look at the photo above and you'll know what I'm talking about. This is definitely not something you'd share on your social media page, right? But that's not the point! The point is that this new exercise is way too dangerous, and I feel like this dude's body will end up in a casket sooner than at a beach.

10 He Didn't Think This One Through

Remember that guy I wrote about earlier, the one who was drilling way too close to his crotch? Yeah, the guy who probably doesn't have most of his male parts now. Well, here we have someone who is as reckless as that guy. The guy from the photo above is also doing some handy work and, as you can tell, he's using a machine for that. However, this guy's bloodline is not safe either. His crotch is on fire. Should I call it a fire-crotch (I wonder if he has ginger colored hair)? What I'm wondering is, why didn't any of his co-workers—those who were present—say anything to him about the sparks going straight between his legs? No wonder men are dying out when they don't even want to help each other.

9 When The Temperature Outside Is Too High And Your AC Is Broken

To be quite honest, I can't say anything bad about this dude because I'm totally feeling him, and I'm on his side. I mean, imagine what it feels like living without an AC unit during these hot summer days? Or living with an AC that is broken? That must be terrible! So what did this brave guy do? He decided to fix it himself! He's a strong, independent guy, which means he doesn't have to pay anybody to fix the AC for him! No more long hot days, spent sitting in his sweaty clothes for him. Well, at least that's what I hope. He might even be dead, who knows? The good thing is that he looks pretty fit, so he has less change of dying. If he had a few more pounds, that AC wouldn't be able to hold him!

8 What Could Go Wrong? Part II

Via: Pinterest

It sucks to be poor. After reading this you're probably thinking something like, "No sh*t, Sherlock!" Yeah, obviously it sucks to be poor. I mean, poverty can kill you in several ways. The first way is the obvious one: you don't have enough money for food, heating, electricity, health care etc.. And the outcome of that definitely can't be good. The other way poverty can be fatal is shown in the photo above. As you can see, this person has a car. Now, you'd think that they aren't poor, right? True, maybe they're not starving, but they at least have a car — even though they're struggling. I mean, it's not the best car in the world, but it's a car. This person can't afford to build a garage, or a decent parking spot, so they improvised. And you don't have to be a genius to figure out how this improvised parking spot can be fatal.

7 No, It Doesn't Look Dangerous At All

What you see in this photo is a truck. Not just any truck, though. It's one of those trucks that has a shredding machine attached to its back. If you like horror movies, then you definitely know how dangerous those trucks can be. There are so many movies where somebody gets chopped into pieces by it. And it looks like that's exactly what this dude is trying to do. I mean, if he wants to die, then he could have chosen some other ways to die; some ways that are not as messy as this one. But hey, that's a man right there, which means that he's using only one small part of his brain (that's one of the main reasons why the male population is dying, to be honest).

6 This Man Is About To End His Bloodline

Why hire a professional when you can do it yourself, right? At least that's how this self-proclaimed handyman likes to think. Take a look at the photo. Look at it once again, and think about it. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? This man is obviously an amateur. How do I know that? Well, he's not wearing a uniform, or any outfit whatsoever, so it's safe to assume he didn't come to somebody's apartment to fix something almost naked. Second, the way he's handling that drill is everything but professional. It's stupid, reckless, and dangerous. If you ask me, the drill is way to close too his private area, and just the slightest twitch will cause this poor man end his bloodline (and increase the mortality rate of the male population).

5 Just Men Having A Normal Break At Work

Via: imgur.com

These five guys, who are shown in the photo above, are some very hard-working and dedicated men. They all have families that they love — that's why they're working all the time; they want to provide for their families. They wake up early every single morning, they work for several hours, then they take a break. Usually, when they're taking a break, they apparently sit under a bulldozer. Yup, you read that right! These five men are literally risking their lives every day (knowingly or unknowingly, I really don't know). See, didn't I tell you men don't use their brains that much? Just a smallest bulldozer malfunction can end up with these men dead. And let's not even talk about what that would mean for their families...

4 Why Did He Think This Was A Good Idea?

I love animals. I'm not even exaggerating when I say I prefer them over humans. And there's nothing more I'd like to do than work with them, and working to help them and save them. Just imagine working at a vet clinic or even better, at an animal shelter! Seriously, that is every animal lover's dream come true! But what this guy in the photo above is doing, well, I wouldn't do that if my life depended on it. Come on, you get me, right? This is suicide. I'm very curious whether this guy loves these gators and his dangerous job, or does he despise it with all his heart and only does it because he has no other choice? Either way, he should start looking for another job.

3 Nothing Weird About This

What you'll see in this photo is some sort of a buffet. I know what you're thinking, and I'm thinking the same thing; it doesn't look to classy, but that's not important, as long as it tastes good, right? But please, take another look at this photo... Do you spot something unusual? Still nothing? Okay, here's a hint: check the wall... Not only is there a "No eating or drinking" sign, but there's also a huge "POISON" sign. It even has an effin' skull and crossbones symbol, but that's not stopping these men. Jeez, this level of recklessness is slowly killing me from the inside (mostly because people will think I'm stupid and reckless as well, because most men are). Why are they doing this to themselves?

2 Just Another Typical All-Men Barbecue

Everybody loves a good barbecue, isn't that right? There's nothing as relaxing as going somewhere with your friends, maybe near a lake or a river, and barbecuing there. Just imagine all that meat (or all of those soy products and veggies, in case you're a vegetarian), beer, small talk, and maybe even skinny dipping. It really does sound relaxing, doesn't it? And it is, unless you're going out with a bunch of men. In that case, you're up for a real nightmare. I'll be honest with you, nothing good can happen on a mostly-male barbecue; somebody will get hurt. If you need an example, just look above! Yes, that's what an all-male barbecue looks like. Now tell me, would you dare attending that? I know I definitely would not.

1 This Is Giving Me Such An Anxiety Attack

One of the latest activities men started taking is urban climbing. This activity includes climbing on buildings or other structures without ropes or any other protection. Yes, it looks cool, it's adrenaline-packed, and it's definitely one of those activities most of the people wouldn't even dare to try. But some people enjoy it very very much, even though it's dangerous and even though some climbers died while doing it (seriously, Google it and you'll find numerous articles about these tragic deaths). So yes, even though it's exciting and fun, urban climbing is another reason why women live longer than men — because they don't do urban climbing. Oh, and don't get me wrong, I'm not saying women aren't doing this because they're not as strong as men or something similar; they're not doing this because they're smarter!

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