15 Stupid People That Make Us Say, "That's Enough Internet For Today"

Back when the Internet was first invented, it was actually supposed to have a purpose (and it did). It was used as a way to connect regional academic and military networks. But now, the Internet is on a whole new level. Vines, memes, and tweets are one of the biggest reasons we use it. This is the fun side of the Internet. But, of course, there’s also the dumb side. Cringe-worthy tweets and inappropriate photos with not-so-bright captions are just some of the things you can find on this dumb side of the Internet. We’ve all seen these cringe-worthy yet hilarious posts online at least once. But there are thousands of fails on the Internet, and honestly, I can’t get enough of them.

So, here are 15 posts that show how dumb people of the Internet can really be!

15 America, Land Of The Free And Home Of The Dumb

Here we have an example of a typical American person. Not only do they not know anything about the rest of the world, but their knowledge of their own country is also pretty tragic. I mean, does this come as a surprise? Some of these people (16.4 million adult Americans) think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows...

Anyways, this poor thing got to go to New York (I assume for the first time ever), so she decided to share that with her Facebook friends. She updated her status, writing, "Goodbye America, Hello New York!" It is obvious that she skipped some of her geography classes, but luckily one of her Facebook friends gave her a crash course in geography and completely embarrassed her on Facebook. This will haunt her forever (just like it's haunting me).

14 We Can Assure You She Will Most Likely Be A Girl

Here we have another unfortunate soul who's not the brightest bulb in the box. I found this photo on Reddit and I knew I had to share it here (r/HumansBeingDumb, check it out, it'll make your day better) ASAP. As you can see from the photo above, this girl shared some of her hopes and dreams with her Twitter followers. But damn, I wish she didn't do that, because now all of her followers can tell she's not that bright (but hey, there's a lot of successful people out there who are not that smart. Everything is possible if you at least look good enough). And speaking of her future girl, well, I can tell with 85% accuracy that her first daughter will indeed be a girl.

13 That's Not How Biology Works

Here's a question for you: back in school, when you were still just a shy, innocent boy/girl, would you get all red in the face in biology class when the teacher would talk about human reproduction and genitals? That used to happen to me all the time. It was uncomfortable for everyone.

However, it seems that the person who tweeted this, skipped some of those biology classes they were supposed to take, because they obviously have no idea how reproduction works. I mean, come on, saying that you are scared to have triplets because you will carry them for 27 months (nine months for each baby) is definitely not something you should tweet, because people will literally laugh at you. But then again, it could be that this person is just being sarcastic, so we should probably give them the benefit of the doubt.

12 Seriously Though, Where Is The W?

Physics, sunlight, shadows — I have no idea how these things work, but luckily I'm not the only one! This one guy posted a photo of his badminton racket and its shadow. But he was rather confused when he realized the letter "W" on the racket was not showing as a part of the shadow.

But let's be honest here, he's probably not the only one who would take a double look and wonder where the letter was. I mean, I may or may not have looked at it for a few seconds too long myself. So, let's just put it this way, shall we? There's a little bit of Internet stupidity in all of us. It's just that some of us (not me) are brave enough to showcase that stupidity online, whereas the rest of us just quietly wonder.

11 Mother Nature Got Some Talent

For those who have no idea what they're looking at, it's Mount Rushmore! Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a HUGE sculpture of faces of four U.S. presidents, carved into Mount Rushmore. It took 14 years to complete it, and it cost nearly one million dollars.

So, to answer this question: no, sweet, dear Anthony, even though Mother Nature is talented AF when it comes to creating and designing stuff, this was not made by her. The faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln were NOT a natural occurrence. I can only imagine what else Anthony thinks Mother Nature created. The White House and the Washington Monument, perhaps? Yeah, he probably thinks that has nothing to do with humans. Wait until he finds out about Disneyland though...

10 OMG, No Way?

This Twitter user @Santachovies was SHOOKETH when he realized that everybody is celebrating their birthday this year! I know, right? How is that even possible? I can't wait to see his reaction next year, when the same thing happens again. Poor dude will think this is some kind of a collective conspiracy against him, I'm calling it now. Also, it makes me wonder, does he not celebrate his birthday every year? Did his parents tell him some lie about birthdays, so they don't have to spend money on it?

But hey, life really is crazy! I wonder how this poor soul even came about this information. If he's old enough to have his own Twitter profile, he should be old enough to know how birthdays work, for crying out loud.

9 There's No Way This Is Real, Right?

Via: thefw.com

Math sucks! That's a fact and don't come for me if you disagree! Someone coming after me would only mean that they're one of the few lucky ones who actually know how to do math! Trust me, the rest of the world is not as good with numbers and shapes as you are! Exhibit #1 is me! I have always sucked at math and I will continue sucking at it until the day I die. Exhibit #2, on the other hand, is this person who needed some help with converting minutes into seconds. Okay, I admit, I am not THIS bad at math, but I'm almost there. Come on, everybody knows that one minute is nothing else than 60 seconds. So just add 60 more seconds to that 43.13 and that's all! This little problem would have been so much easier if he just knew how many seconds were in a minute.

8 These Two Are Giving Me Some Jon Snow And Daenerys Targaryen Realness

If you're a fan of Game of Thrones, then you'll love this one (or hate it, actually). As you can see, here we have an example of a nice father-daughter relationship... NOT! Commenting on your daughter's photo, showing excitment over her revealing photo! "That's more like it" is a something you would say to your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/hookup, as they're taking off their clothes before having sex with you.

We can all agree that Nicki dad's comment on her photo is a unsettling, right? I mean, he's her father, for Pete's sake! This is not Game of Thrones — incest is not an acceptable thing these days, and this looks very incest-y. Who knows, though, maybe that's not the case here. And that excuse, "I am a man, what do you expect," that's just wrong.

7 Lady Liberty Is Facepalming Herself Right Now

I know I'm about to come across as rude for saying this, but YOLO. I think that tourists are very annoying. I'm saying this because I know how damn annoying I am as a tourist, and I'm sure other people say the same thing about me.

One of the things that annoys me the most are those tourists who have absolutely no idea where they’re even going or what they’re strolling around to see. A perfect example of this is the Facebook user above. This girl took a selfie with the Eiffel Tower in the background. But she captioned the photo, "Selfie with the Statue of Liberty." Girl, please… This is General Knowledge 101: there’s no way you can’t know what and where the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty are! They're in two completely different countries!

6 OMG, They Really Do Look Alike

As you probably know, Dwayne Johnson and The Rock are the same person. "The Rock" is just a nickname from his WWE days (yes, he used to be a wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.). But it seems that a lot of people think The Rock and Dwayne Johnson are two different people. Some of those people even tweeted about how similar The Rock and Dwayne look. UGH, the youth.

Apparently, it all started with a photoshopped meme showing two Dwaynes, standing next to each other, with a caption, "Did you know? The Rock and Dwayne Johnson are twins!" And guess what? People actually fell for that! Twitter was flooded with tweets about this! That's just crazy, isn't it? Imagine the disappointment when they find out they were trolled!

5 She Can't Be Serious

There's nothing as thrilling as getting a new family member. The anticipation of whether it's a boy or a girl; the process of giving birth and seeing the baby for the first time; watching it grow up into an adult — those are just some of the perks of getting a new family member. However, this also has bad sides. First of all, money! Not everybody has enough money for a growing family, and getting a new family member definitely won't help with that. Second, some people are not meant to be good parents, or they simply don't like kids. That's why they decide not to have any. Just like the girl who tweeted the tweet above. She actually came up with a brilliant solution, and now she never has to worry whether she'll get pregnant (from swallowing, LOL) or not.

4 Yas, Ciara, You Look So Good!

For y'all who don't know, Ciara is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, model, and actress. Basically, she's one hella talented woman. I mean, have you ever heard her song "Like A Man"? Not only did Ciara basically invent feminism with that song, but she also threw some shade at men and society in general, all because of the double standards.

But Ciara has one other talent that a lot of people don't know about: photosynthesis! That's right! Ciara is very talented in turning light energy into chemical energy. Wait, that doesn't make sense... Oh, that's because the person who tweeted this wanted to say Ciara was photogenic, i.e. looking good in photos, and not photosynthesis! But hey, what else can you expect from somebody who has Nicki Minaj as their profile photo?

3 'Some Peeple R Soooooooo Stupid'

Ever since I was a kid I had always thought that astronomy is the most interesting natural science of them all. I mean, all those stars, planets, galaxies, celestial objects, and phenomena — just thinking about them makes me feel full of adrenaline! It also seems that the person who posted this Facebook status shares the same passion as I do. That is why they got so upset when they overheard someone saying that the Sun was a star. Let me repeat... someone called another person "dumb" for thinking that the sun was a star **crickets** THAT'S BECAUSE THE SUN IS A STAR.

But I can bet you one thing, the person who wrote this status is one of the people who think astronomy and astrology are the exact same thing.

2 The Great Wall of Michigan

Here we have another example of how painfully stupid people of the Internet really are. Peter commented on a photo that his Facebook friend posted. The photo was taken in China, at the Great Wall. However, it seems that Peter is not a fan of geography and/or history and doesn't know anything about the Wall, so he commented on the photo, asking whether it was taken in Michigan... I've never been to Michigan myself, but something tells me it doesn't really look like Ancient China.

To be honest, if one of my Facebook friends commented something like this dumb, I would delete them from my friend list and then block them. You know, just in case I don't accidentally stumble upon more of their stupidity.

1 Jack's Mom Should Definitely Check Whether He's Her Son

As a man, I think I'm allowed to say that most of men are dumb, reckless, and ignorant (no wonder women live longer than men, right?). One of those ignorant and dumb men happens to be this Twitter user named Jack. What makes him so dumb and ignorant, you might wonder? Well, for example, he asks very stupid questions, like, "Why do the women never have to take a DNA test to see if it's theirs?" I mean, is he for real or is he just messing with us? I have a feeling he's not joking at all, which is the sad part. But to answer his own question, the reason why women don't have to take a DNA test is because they carried the baby for nine long months in their bellies... the baby is CLEARLY theirs...

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