15 Summer Problems All Girls Deal With That Are Annoying AF

Yes, ladies, summer is finally here and you'd think that we'd be happy about it. After all, it means pool parties, drinks, and a whole load of chilling on the beach. Nothing could be better. Sadly, it's not all ice creams and tanning... Oh no, the summer can be touchy at times, you know? There are actually a whole load of annoyances when the summer comes around especially for women.

The weather might be better than ever but all of a sudden, we have to deal with a whole load of nonsense, which means that life is suddenly very tricky. It's anything but fun. From having to shave (why?!) to getting seriously sweaty, there are some little things that we could totally do without. Here are just a few that you may have noticed yourself. Remember, girls, we are so not alone here!

15 When your makeup starts to melt off your face

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Whether you spend three hours doing your makeup or just ten minutes, you want it to look perfect. Making your face look model worthy is anything but easy. It takes years of practice and hours and hours of watching YouTube tutorials. Every girl knows that you can have 'good' makeup days and bad ones. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your makeup looks like a pile of stinky old rubbish. Why? Well, there's a very good reason... the sun!

The minute you step out there, all freshly done up, the sun laughs right in your face. It knows that this is game over for you. Because, of course, after about three minutes in the heat, your makeup starts to melt. Your eyeliner runs down your face like a tragic clown and your foundation just disappears. Boom... there goes your hot AF look.

14 Trying to find a summer dress that's flattering

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Once the summer season starts, the shops really do get on board with the whole 'new season, new you' vibe. Yes, there will be plenty of summer dresses scattered around the place from which you can choose. While most people just assume that women love shopping, it can be a seriously stressful activity at the best of times. Sure, we might adore it when we find the perfect dress to wear; the one of our dreams, but how likely is that to happen? I mean, seriously, when was the last time you tried on a dress that was just right? Never, Goldilocks, that's when!

Looking through thousands of strapless, backless, whatever-else-less dresses is nothing short of a nightmare. There's just no way that you'll find the one like that. Your dream dress is just that.

13 Your hair poofing up because of the humidity

Your hair might look super sleek and stunning for the rest of the year, but when summer comes around, you can kiss your perfect locks away for the season. Yes, the change in temperature isn't all you need to worry about. More heat generally seems to equal more humidity too, and you know what that means. It doesn't matter how long you spend trying to coiffe your hair to perfection. It just won't make a difference. You can straighten it, blow dry it, or even try to curl it. It's just a big old waste of your time and you know it.

That's because the minute that you step outside, you will be in for one hell of a shock. The weather will take your hair to new heights, literally, and it will poof up!

12 Having to finally shave your leg hair

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During the fall, winter, and even spring, you likely got away with the same old thing. You let your leg hair grow out and didn't give a single damn about it. (Side note: It's well within your rights not to care about shaving at any point during the year FYI. Your body... 100% your choice. Just saying.) If you are a lady who likes the shaven look, though, the minute the sun comes out, your heart sinks into your stomach. It's time to pull out that razor and get to it. Oh, joy!

There's nothing worse than having to shave your legs (and other regions of your body!) when you haven't done it for ages. It's almost like you forget how in the other seasons. So, there's every chance that you accidentally cut yourself and it kills.

11 Wearing a strapless bra (and it falling down)

If you happen to have a strapless dress (because it wouldn't be the summer without one), you will know that the struggle of finding a bra to fit it is real. After all, there are a whole bunch of strapless options out there, but not all of them are the right cut or size for every dress. Yikes. You can end up showing the entire world your bra in no time at all if you somehow manage to get this one wrong. Once you've got the right bra, though, things get even harder.

Trying to get one of these things to stay up is basically mission impossible. It doesn't matter how much you tug the material up and try to keep it in place, it will slip right back down. It's the actual worst thing ever.

10 Trying to find a swimsuit that's not hideous

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Let's face it, ladies, there's nothing harder in the world than trying to find a swimsuit that suits your body type. Sure, there are a whole load of articles out there on this fascinating topic, but that doesn't mean that they will help. In truth, finding the right suit is like finding a piece of $50 note on the street corner. It's very rare. It just does not happen every day no matter how much you hope that it might.

What's more, going shopping for a swim suit is a horrid experience. From the moment you walk into the store, you know that it's going to be absolutely no fun whatsoever. There's just no way that it can be. You grab a whole bunch of costumes and head for the changing room. Time to squeeze into these babies.

9 Oh, and having to go for a wax

You knew that this 'struggle' was coming, right? I would say that this is the number one problem for us ladies when the summer comes around. (Again, this only really applies if you want to remove the hair from your body. If not, you're all good to go!) When you finally get around to having that oh so special wax at this time of year, nothing can prepare you for the hell on earth that is coming your way.

People joke about how painful this thing is, but they don't even get it. Going through the whole waxing thing makes you appreciate all the times that you're not being waxed. It hurts more than you could imagine and each time you forget just how bad the last was. Now, let's all scream together on this one.

8 Getting weird AF tan lines everywhere

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When the sun comes out, there are many ladies out there who like to catch a few rays. I mean, what could be better than getting that tan you've been dreaming about all winter long, eh? There's just one tiny problem, though, and we all know it all too well. You see, tans don't always pan out quite how you imagine they will. Oh no, there are some things about them that you have no way on this planet of controlling. Yikes.

For example, when you start getting ready for a day out in the sun, you may not consider what you're wearing. Accidentally wear a criss-cross design top and you will end up withs one seriously weird tan lines in no time at all. What's more, there's no way on this planet you can 'even them out'.

7 The serious pain of bra straps on sunburn

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As if that weren't bad enough, when you actually get burned (ouch!), there's more pain to come your way. When guys get sun burned, they have the luxury of being able to walk around topless for a while until the whole thing gets less painful. We would get some seriously odd looks (and probably in a load of trouble too) if we did that. So, instead, we have to wear everything we usually do... and that include a damn tight bra.

Once those straps start digging into you, there's not a whole load you can do about it. It hurts more than most of us care to admit. We might walk around with smiles on our faces pretending it's all okay, but on the inside, we're screaming in nothing short of agony! Somebody help us out here! These straps are killing us with their tightness. Make it stop, yeah?!

6 Dealing with nasty pit stains

While, of course, we all know that every human being on the planet sweats, there's something stressful about when it happens to us. It will always happen at the most inconvenient time. For example, you could have a massive meeting lined up that day or a hot date waiting to meet you. You know the drill. When something important is coming up, the sweat under your arms will start gushing out. (Okay, maybe not 'gushing' but you kind of get the idea.) Plus, there's not a whole load you can do about it.

Aside from running home to change your clothes, you're all out of options. And, if you can't do that right now, you just need to go through the day with massive pit stains under your arms. It just doesn't seem fair, right?

5 Under-boob sweat (oh yeah, it's real!)

Oh, and let's talk about the other annoying AF area where we all sweat. If you happen to have 'larger' boobs, you will know what problem I'm talking about right here. The minute you go out into the sun for a walk or a jog, the very worst thing possible happens. You feel it a little at first... it's a kind of dampness... but before you know it, it gets seriously bad, seriously fast.

Under boob sweat is not just annoying as hell, but it's also seriously embarrassing and awkward too. When people see it, they just don't know where to look. (And the last thing that they want is to sit there staring at your chest!) Plus, there's no way that you can get rid of this one. You just have to deal with it until you can get home, jump in the shower, and finally feel clean again.

4 The way that sandals kill your feet

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Why on earth did anyone invent the sandal, eh? And why do we women think that they are a good idea to wear? Those are two questions that most of us have wondered in the past, and yet few of us are able to answer them with any real certainty. Here's the thing — every damn summer, we all go out there and buy a new pair (or even a few pairs) of sandals. We try them on in the store. They don't hurt too bad there. So we buy them. We take them home. And then, we start wearing them every single day.

Only to quickly realize that sandals are the most uncomfortable thing on the planet. They rub in areas you never thought possible and make your feet swell up like two little watermelons.

3 Three words: Inner thigh chafing

You will never truly know pain until you feel your inner thighs chafe against one another. When the summer comes around, there's no way of avoiding this tricky little problem. Unless you wear jeans (good move), you will feel your two thighs rub against each other as you walk. For example, this is most likely to happen if you're wearing a skirt, dress, or even shorts! At first, it won't feel so bad. Sure, there will be a little chafing but nothing to write home about. Then the change will come.

Your inner thighs will start to get red, raw and sore. The more you walk, the more they will start to hurt. By this point, it's too late. There's no going back. Before you know it, you will be in total agony and you will need to scream.

2 Sticking to seats when you sit down

Along with the hot weather, comes a stickiness on your skin that you just can't get rid of. When you sit on a plastic seat, you will notice this in a way that you'll wish you never had. The moment your skin touches the plastic, a reaction happens. Your skin sticks firmly to the seat and there's not a whole load you can do about it. You know that eventually, you will need to get up and move on with your life. But you dread that time coming. You put it off and pretend that you're 'comfortable' right where you are.

Standing off is like ripping off the biggest bandaid in the world. It hurts like hell for at least a few seconds. Plus, people give you really weird looks when you scream about it.

1 And finally, sweating on the back of your neck

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Finally, can we take a moment to talk about back of the neck sweat? If you happen to have long hair, you will know just what I'm talking about. When you go out in the summer, this happens and it's so darn uncomfortable. Most of us just don't even know what to do about it. The heat makes the back of your neck sweaty and sticky. Before you know it, the hair is sticking to the back of your neck in the most horrible way. You can feel it all stuck there and there's no way you can make the irritating feeling stop!

But, hey, as bad as this one is at least you can take solace in the fact that you're not alone. It might be awful, but it's happened to the very best of us out there.

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