15 Superheroes So Powerful That They're Boring

While there are a lot of reasons why superheroes are so popular these days, there is no doubt that one of the biggest is the excitement people feel when super powered beings clash with one another. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that superheroes have in general trended towards becoming more powerful over the years.

No matter how much the masses enjoy seeing superheroes unleash their powers, there is one thing that writers need to remember more often, the importance of stakes. After all, if a superhero is so powerful that it becomes nearly impossible to feel like they are in any peril then why should anyone care about them? With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 15 superheroes that are so powerful that they’ve become boring.

15 Sentry

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Back when Sentry first debuted it seemed like he had a lot of potential. After all, it was interesting to imagine what could be done with a character whose power level is compared to Superman but he was unstable.

Unfortunately, Sentry’s evil side, The Void, has come out so rarely that we stopped looking forward to it which means we were just left with his nearly limitless powers which gets old fast.

14 Martian Manhunter

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Even though Martian Manhunter is one of the best-known members of the Justice League, we question why he ever felt the need to join that group. After all, he is blessed with super strength, durability, flight, telepathy, telekinesis, shape-shifting, invisibility, regeneration, and “Martian vision”, among other powers. Who needs help to take on villains when they are that powerful?

13 Black Bolt

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Definitely, among the most boring characters included in this list, not only is Black Bolt wildly overpowered but his abilities keep him from communicating for the most part, too. Able to unleash untold damage with nothing more than a whisper, when Black Bolt speaks he causes mass devastation. As a result, he rarely uses his powers, which is boring and when he does it takes all the stakes out of the danger he is in.

12 Franklin Richards

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As the son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, it isn’t overly surprising that Franklin Richards is powerful even as a child. However, his abilities are so over the top that he can literally remake reality on a whim if he so chooses and he has even created pocket universes. That could be interesting, depending on how Franklin handled his powers but there are only so many times we can be interested in seeing his parents keep Franklin under control.

11 Green Lantern

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Not only has DC introduced one character whose power ring makes them so powerful that only their imagination limits their abilities, but there have been several Green Lanterns. Don’t get us wrong, we like these characters for the most part but knowing that aside from the need to recharge their rings they essentially have limitless power makes them a lot more boring.

10 Scarlet Witch

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The perfect example of a character whose abilities only become more powerful as the years go by, when Scarlet Witch debuted she was handy in a fight but she is so much more than that now. Able to change existence anyway she sees fit whenever she wants, Wanda has become so wildly powerful that she can’t be included in most storylines as she would ruin them.

9 Wonder Woman

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Easily able to hold her own with Superman on numerous occasions, Wonder Woman’s strength level is off the chart due to her connection to the Earth itself. Then there is her trusty lasso of truth, her ability to fly, super healing, animal empathy, and super breath. Evidently, all of that is not enough though, as she also proven to be able to telepathically communicate with or control millions of minds all at the same time.

8 Odin

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While putting this list together, several Asgardians were in the running only to barely be left out. Considering how powerful beings like Thor, Loki, and Hela are, the fact that Odin can outdo them all says an awful lot. Able to do things like strike his enemies from far away, teleport the entire human race to another dimension at the same time, and beat up Galactus, Odin is capable of doing just about anything.

7 Wolverine

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Arguably the single most popular Marvel comics characters, Wolverine has all the potential in the world and has been a fascinating character throughout much of his time in the comics. Unfortunately, most of the love the character gets is based on the past since he now is so overpowered that it has become ridiculous. Shown to be able to survive an atomic explosion that destroyed his body, he has reformed himself from a single cell which ruins the core of the character.

6 Superman

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Definitely, the character that came to mind first when we sat down to put together this list, to say that Superman is overpowered is a huge understatement. Blessed with virtually every power comic book writers have ever dreamed up at one time or another, Supes’ powers are mind blowing.

Of course, we all know about his main weakness but how many times can we see someone pull out Kryptonite before it gets boring?

5 Apollo

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One of many comic book superheroes that were other company’s attempts to have their own version of Superman, Apollo is now part of the DC Universe but he began as a Wildstorm character. Given most of the Man of Steel’s most famous abilities, he also gets his powers from absorbing the sun’s energy so the only way to weaken Apollo is to keep him in the dark.

4 The Flash

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As the TV’s The Flash has certainly proven, it can be a whole lot of fun to watch someone save the day with super speed. However, in the comics they have gone so far with The Flash’s powers that it has simply become ludicrous. Able to run so fast that he can transverse time and dimensions, The Flash can even move by the attosecond. For those that are unaware, a goliath.com article explained that “an attosecond is to one second what one second is to roughly 31.71 billion years”.

3 Phoenix

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Already a powerful character in her own right, Jean Grey’s abilities have been off the chart ever since she got involved with the Phoenix Force. Powerful enough that she can fly freely through the galaxy when she becomes the Phoenix, she also can enter the core of a star, resurrect life, and destroy planets on a whim.

2 Supergirl

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Considering that we included Superman on this list, there was no way his cousin Supergirl could be left out as that would make no sense. After all, she possesses all the same powers as Kal-El and according to some villains that have fought both Kryptonians, she is the slightly stronger one of the two.

1 The Spectre

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Actually spawned from the Presence, the entity that created the DC universe itself, it is nearly impossible to overstate just how powerful The Spectre can be. Known to have done things like warp reality, control time, and obliterate entire universes instantly in the past, The Spectre could literally take on every other DC hero at the same time and still prevail.

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