15 Superheroes (And Villains) Reimagined As The Opposite Gender

Comic books, television shows and big theatrical releases all tell the stories of bold and brave superheroes that appeal to fans of all ages. From the action scenes that involve going up against villains to the moments of humor and romance that are added in, these tales are some of the most popular in the world. And while even those who are not 100% into superheroes still know the top names, such as Batman, Superman and Spider-Man, this list puts a twist on it all.

What if these known characters were the opposite gender? What if these men were women? And what if some of the leading ladies, such as Wonder Woman, Black Widow and Harley Quinn, were actually dudes? Thanks to the artists who are mentioned below, there are works of art that show these heroes in a whole new way...so enjoy imagining what could have been (or what could one day become)!

15 The Avengers

The Avengers are some of the most popular heroes out there, so many are familiar with Captain America, Thor and Iron Man; they star in big films together, and they all have their own flicks, as well. This piece, which is called avengerbend and is by kreugan, shows these three characters as ladies!

14 Wonder Woman

ZachArt created some images that feature female superheroes reimagined as muscular men, so while Wonder Woman may be brave and beautiful on her own, just see here here, in a whole new light! Her iconic outfit looks pretty good on this strapping young man, with his amazing shoulders and legs.

13 Harley Quinn

Another piece by ZachArt displays a villain that is pretty known and admired, Harley Quinn. She is known for her colored hair, chokers, baseball bat and "Daddy's Lil Monster" tee... and all of these clothing items are seen in a neat new way, on this guy who is pictured right here.

12 Spider-Man

Anyone could be hiding under that Spidey suit, so this Spider-girl commission by mhunt shows what would happen if the mask came off and revealed a woman. We must say… The short haircut is super cute and is probably really easy to manage while slinging around the city and saving the day!

11 Loki

This next piece - Loki: Summoning the ice giants by diablo - features another character who is seen in The Avengers and Thor’s movies. Seeing his iconic look made over for a female is so cool, and the horns on the head seem to look even better on this reimagined character.

10 Deadpool

Deadpool, a superhero who is played by actor Ryan Reynolds, is a fan favorite, but this is Lady Deadpool by FMCuonzo. She looks super fierce, with her high ponytail, and it would be fun to hear her humorous lines that these flicks are known for having amidst all the action.

9 The Flash

Another character in red who is also seen here rocking a pony is The Flash. This artwork was created by Anspire, and it shows that just a few tweaks can display a known hero in a new, exciting and awesome way. We would love to see the TV show starring this chick.

8 Robin

Not only does this next image show Robin as a female, but it shows him as a teenage female, as well! Created by TheMightFenek, it gives a glimpse into what life would be like if Batman’s sidekick was a young woman who talked about things such as the Jonas Brothers.

7 Winter Soldier

Someone else from Marvel is the Winter Soldier, and this gender-bending piece by Elenaldarine uses a digital photograph to give this hero a whole new look. The character is still strong, tough and iconic… There was just a makeover to show what could have been in all of those films!

6 Two-Face

Via: Pinterest

Here we have an awesome piece of art, thanks to an artist named Zack Brown, there is a gender-swapped Two-Face. This is another known villain who has been around forever, and this piece shows the world Lady Two-Face, who looks quite interesting, with half of her being professional and the other half giving off robotic vibes.

5 Scarlet Witch

Thanks to Clares Cojo, we have this gender swap, too: the Scarlet Witch as a dude. As another Marvel superhero, Scarlet Witch is seen going up against some really bad guys, and it would be neat to see a role reversal here, to enjoy this look and these powers in an additional way.

4 Black Widow

Via: WordPress

We can’t talk about the ladies of Marvel without mentioning Black Widow, and the artist behind Chibi Sketches has turned this character into a male. The same recognizable black outfit is there, the same determined look is seen, and the same hair color (just with a shorter cut) is pictured, as well.

3 Superman & Lois Lane

Via: Tumbral

Superman may be the most classic superhero of all time, and his story wouldn’t be complete without Lois Lane. What if the hero were to be a woman, though, and the supporting character, in love with the star, was a man? That is what bloodysart is showing off in this piece!

2 The Joker

Via: Pinterest

Here we have The Joker, reimagined by Kienan Lafferty. This character has been played by some big names in some popular movies (Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, to name a few), and it is fun to picture a female in this role, with that creepy makeup and purple costume.

1 Marvel

Another work that shows off several different stars who are known by many is this one, called marvel genderswap by taintedsilence. There is Thor, who is now the Goddess of Thunder, Stephanie Rogers as Captain America, Tony Stark as the Iron Maiden, Lauren as the Wolverine, and finally Penny Parker and Wendy Wilson as Deadpool.

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