15 Supermodels Share Their Morning Routines

Supermodels. Their perfect hair. Their toned, cut bodies, Their perfect skin. We see them on the covers of our favorite magazines, walking down the runways, or starring in commercials, and we all strive to look like them. You would think that it would take a whole lot of effort to look the way they do, such as having to workout seven times a week for five hours straight, eating nothing but almonds and kale, and spending a gazillion dollars a month on skin care products. But, that is not quite the case. Their morning diet, workouts and skin regimens are pretty normal, believe it or not. There is some working out, some avocado on toast, a whole lot of protein shakes, but overall, it's all doable. Here are the morning routines of 15 supermodels.

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15 Miranda Kerr

Via: pinterest.com

She's one of the world's second richest models, she runs her own company, and she has a five-year-old. She is one busy momma, but she always looks flawless. So, how does she do it?

In a blog post for her company, Kora Organics, she says, “I usually have very little time in the mornings, especially with a toddler, so with these simple skin and beauty steps I can get out the door in 15 minutes.”

15 minutes? I can commit to that. Spill your secrets.

“I drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half an organic lemon each morning. Warm lemon water in the morning helps kick start the digestion process for the rest of the day.”

After her lemon water, she takes a shower and uses a body brush, which she says is one of the most important parts of her morning routine. “It’s a great way to get the circulation going, remove dead skin cells, aid lymphatic drainage, detoxify your system and keep your skin smooth all over. I start with my feet and legs and work my way up in quick gentle strokes…it needn’t be too time consuming and just takes a few minutes before jumping into the shower.”

14 Lindsay Ellingson

Via: wall.alphacoders.com

Lindsay Ellingson has modelled for Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Christian Dior, and she was a Victoria's Secret Angel. In an interview with Byrdie, Lindsay Ellingson revealed what a typical morning on a day off looks like. She loves to start her morning in her sweats, drinking a cup of Kusmi Detox Tea while reading The Broadsheet, a column in Fortune, highlighting the world’s most powerful women.

She loves to eat Greek yogurt with raw honey and berries. “Not only is the yogurt packed with protein to keep you energized in the morning, but the berries provide antioxidants, which are great for your skin!”

Then, after taking her cockapoo, Carly for a walk around town, Lindsay will hit up some hot yoga. “I’ve been practicing for the last few years, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in not only my body, but also my mind. Yoga has taught me the correct way to breathe, which is so useful in stressful or nervous situations; it gives you a sense of peace and calm.”

13 Devon Windsor


Devon, originally from St. Louis, modelled locally and then moved to LA to shoot for Roxy. Since then, she made her big break in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. She loves to start her morning off by washing her face with the Clarisonic spin brush. “I swear by it because I used to have bad skin and would break out all the time. Then I started using the brush and it's been great. I get makeup caked on every day for my job, so it's impossible to have good skin, but this has helped.”

Before leaving the house, Devon will use Clinique's toning lotion and Chanel Hydra Crème moisturizer before applying her makeup and perfume. And right before walking out the door, she checks her purse to make sure she has a few essentials. “My main things are lip balm and lotion. I have to have both with me at all times or else I feel uncomfortable.”

12 Grace Mahary


This Canadian supermodel is a badass and loves to start her morning with a super early workout. She loves pilates, yoga, and spinning. Even when staying in a hotel room, she will find a way to get her morning workout in with burpees, squats, and planks. After her workout, she will “indulge” in a smoothie with a protein powder.

As for her beauty routine, she washes her face with Bioderma and then uses a homemade scrub, which is a mixture of sugar, oil, and lemon once a week. Then, to moisturize, she will put on Embroyolisse lotion or she will use coconut oil.

If she wakes up with bags under her eyes from a late night of traveling, she will hold cold beer or Red Bull cans against her eyes to help the swelling before using a concealer.

11 Jacquelyn Jablonski

Via: weheartit.com

When model and Victoria Secret angel, Jacquelyn, washes her face in the morning, she uses a natural wash. “I've been experimenting with different ones but the most recent one I got is from Florida and it contains aloe.” Then, she applies a hydrating serum that she found at Whole Foods. “I have sensitive skin so I don't use anything too harsh.”

For her hair, she loves Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and Oribe Thickening Spray. “My hair is flat and it works wonders.”

If she is flying a lot, she will make sure to stretch to ‘get the blood flowing.' And when she is not working, she loves to treat herself to a hot shower, followed by a nice facial treatment that includes hydrating serum, moisturizer, and an eye cream.

10 Iman


Iman sure knows how to take care of her skin in the morning. "I love to use Fresh Sugar Face Polish on my body. I'm also obsessed with Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Body Moisturizer; I mix it with a bit of Neroli Portofino Body Oil," Iman says of her morning beauty routine.

As for her morning wear, you will probably find her in pants. "My wardrobe depends on what I have to do that day, but it almost always consists of pants — either 7 for All Mankind or J Brand jeans, or something tailored. I live in Rachel Zoe pants; I have numerous pairs."

And what is for breakfast? She loves to have a David Kirsch Vanilla Protein Plus shake with strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries or an Organic Avenue green coco juice for working out.

9 Alessandra Ambrosio

Via: weheartit.com

In 2014, this supermodel launched her swim collection, Ále by Alessandra, so saying that she is busy, is an understatement. “I love what I do, and if I'm organized, there's time for it all."

She is up every morning before seven a.m. and the first thing she does is make eggs and fruit for her kids. She then gets them off to a playdate, and tries to get a quick workout in before having to leave the house. If she has more time, she will do yoga, pilates or the Bar Method. For her, working out is extremely important. “I stay motivated by making workouts part of my routine—I just do it!"

She is most productive in the morning and makes most of the important decisions in her life early on in the day, including food shopping. "I grocery shop in the morning. I like to make decisions for my line then, too. My mind is fresh."

As for her morning makeup routine, "I wear minimal makeup but always use creamy blush."

8 Karlie Kloss


Karlie Kloss is always late, but she is working on it. If she has to be at work at 7:00 a.m., she will get up at 6:15 a.m., jump in the shower, throw on some clothes, grab a shake, and run out the door. If she is home in New York, sleeping in her own bed, she will wake up and loves to make protein shakes with chocolate protein powder, almond milk, and banana or blackberries.

She is a fan of coffee, and will always make it a point to stop at Mojo Coffee, a little coffee shop in the West Village, close to where she lives. What is her drink of choice? An almond milk cappuccino.

On days that she doesn’t have to work, she will sleep in and then make her shake, hit the gym, and then devour some egg whites swimming in Cholula hot sauce or ketchup.

7 Chrissy Teigen


According to Chrissy, her and hubby John Legend eat the same thing every morning.

“We eat the same breakfast every day. We are like robots. I always do two eggs over easy with turkey bacon–we enjoy the taste of it more than pork–and avocado. I carve it all up into a bowl so it’s like a slop, and I load it with salt and pepper and Cholula.”

But you won’t find the two getting their caffeine fix in the morning.

“We don’t drink coffee. It makes me nauseous and doesn’t wake me up. I can’t think of a time we’ve drank coffee together in seven years.” They really are robots!

Because she loves salt and a cocktail, she usually has to do some damage control in the morning when it comes to the bags under her eyes.

“My beauty tricks revolve around eyes. For the early morning shoots, I pop eye pads in the freezer the night before and when I take them out in the morning they are already cold and active and are great under my eyes. I keep my eye pads right next to my red velvet Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer.”

6 Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell has her morning routine down! She broke it down, step-by-step, in a 2014 interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

“I don't like alarms. I don't like really sudden, loud noises; they make me jump. I wake up on my own. When I've had to put on an alarm, I always anticipate it, and I wake up before. The first thing I do is have hot water with lemon and probiotics. I've never drunk coffee; I don't like the smell. I'm a tea drinker. If I need it I will have one cup of green tea. I'm more into herbal tea. After that I get up, take a shower, and then I have another set of drinks—one for the immune system and one with aloe. Then I do yoga or Pilates, and after, a big glass of green juice. In the shower I only use baby soap. I don't like too many perfumed shower gels. I use Biofirm Lift cream, and I use eye cream. I moisturize my skin constantly, my whole body, and I use moisture serums for my face these days. I think all the makeup and heavy moisturizers just clog the pores. It doesn't take me long to get dressed—I'm quick.”

Did you get all of that?

5 Kate Upton

Via: weheartit.com

Last year, supermodel Kate Upton shared her regular diet routine in an interview with the the Evening Standard. She revealed that she starts her day off with two scrambled eggs, one white and one whole and some green tea. She also loves to work out. Not only to keep fit, but also to relieve stress. "I love going to the gym. I try to go three times a week. I live a very stressful lifestyle, so it's good for me to work all that stress out."

She also loves a green juice to keep her energized throughout the day. "Kale, cucumber, ginger, apple and celery is my favourite juice," she said. "I'm lucky because I genuinely prefer healthy treats like shakes, smoothies and juices. I feel better when I'm drinking them; my body feels better and I'm more awake."

4 Behati Prinsloo


Behati Prinsloo, is a longtime Victoria’s Secret model and natural beauty advocate. When she first wakes up, she washes her face using Luzern Pure Cleansing Creme. She likes this brand because their ingredients are cultivated in the Swiss Alps, so it's organic and won’t dry the skin. She then uses Georgia Louise's Hydrating Rose Water, and moisturizes with Luzern lotion. Before exposing her skin to the sun, she always makes sure to use sunscreen that’s not too oily with SPF 50. For her hair, she keeps it simple, either down or in a ponytail and if it’s dry, she will use a tiny bit of Moroccan Oil.

As for working out, she tries to workout four to five times a week, doing yoga with a personal instructor, pilates, strength training, and some hiking.

3 Christie Brinkley


What is the secret to looking like that at 62? Hitting the snooze button!

“I wake up and then I say, ‘five more minutes!’ and then I go downstairs and have my warm water and lemon. Then I have my cappuccino, then I come upstairs and I’ll exercise in some way—do some sort of thing. I like variety: it’s the spice of life.”

As for exercise, she will do some sun salutations, use a Total Gym machine, or she will go for a run. Her cooldown? Instagram!

“After I finish exercising, I’m usually bright red for the next half an hour, forty minutes, so I do phone calls and catch up on Instagram. I check on my kids, for starters. You learn so much about them [laughs]. And I always check in with friends and family."

2 Stella Maxwell 


The first few things Stella Maxwell does when she wakes up? She checks her phone, hits the shower, and has her coffee.

“I shower every morning. It wakes me up, refreshes me and gets me ready for my day. I moisturize, put on some lip balm, brush my hair. Coffee in the morning is essential. I like tea too, but I do coffee in the morning—usually, an almond latte. Then I get dressed and get going.”

As for breakfast, she is pretty basic. “I love to eat avocado and toast in the mornings with a little bit of chile and lemon.”

And while she loves to workout, she doesn’t put too much pressure on it.

“If I have a day off, I’ll go mid-day and not try to stress myself out getting up too early. Not too late because then I’ve lost my momentum. If I’m shooting, I work out before or after.”

1 Candice Swanepoel

Via; speakercorner.me

This South African beauty loves starting off her day by drinking coconut water, taking fish oil, and having a smoothie filled with veggies, fruits, and good carbohydrates. For her face, she uses a natural face wash with green tea in it.

“I’m pretty neurotic about keeping my skin clean. In the morning I wash with rosewater spray and I use a rich moisturizer and sunscreen every day.”

As for a diet routine, she is a little more relaxed, just as long as it’s healthy. “I eat whatever I want, but to me it needs to be healthy – I always think about what sort of vitamins are in the food and what it’s giving my body… I make sure I eat a lot of protein, carbohydrates, good sugars and good fats, like avocado.”

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