15 'Supernatural' Memes That Will Make Any Fan ROTF With Laughter

It's hard to believe that the show Supernatural has been around for 12 seasons (with a 13th season already approved), but fortunately, that means that the internet has had enough time to come up with some awesome memes about the show. Although the series is often serious, as it focuses on the relationship between the Winchester brothers, at the same time, it's also funny, as are the actors that appear on the series. Over the years, fans have laughed at jokes about pie, Castiel's lack of social skills and Sam and Dean's penchant for dying. Some fans create memes, and lucky for us, they get shared on the internet. We scoured the world wide web for some of the funniest Supernatural memes, and here's what we found.

15 It runs in the family

Although Supernatural is certainly a show about demons, angels, monsters and things that go bump in the night, the show's heart centers around the Winchester family. And although the series focuses mostly on Sam and Dean Winchester, fans have a real connection to others in that family, too including Mary and John, the boys' parents. Because of that, fans know just how exactly much Sam and Dean are like their parents, as this meme demonstrates. Look at these facial expressions! This is obviously something in the Winchester DNA. But there's also something else in the Winchester DNA, because one thing that the Winchesters are really good at isn't just hunting monsters: the Winchesters are also really good at dying. Even Sam and Dean have died multiple times on the series. Ouch.

14 Group project

Via Facebook

There are times that even Supernatural can remind of us our more mundane lives. Those who have ever been assigned a group project can relate to this meme. Because this speaks truth about what happens when there's a group project. Here, Sam represents that person who is always doing the brunt of the work. Dean represents that one person in the project who always freaks out that things won't get done on time. Then there's Castiel, who represents that one person who just sits back and takes a bunch of photos on their phone, but doesn't actually do any work. But you can bet when it comes time to take credit for the work, the Castiel of the group is the one you've got to look out for.

13 Life of Pie

Via Rebloggy

Supernatural fans understand one important concept about the show: there's only one thing that Dean loves as much as he loves his family. And that thing is pie. Dean spends a lot of his time on the series eating pie. He gets excited by the very concept of pie. He dreams about pie. Pie has become such an important part of the show that when you post on Facebook about the series (checking in with the show's official page), a pie emoji gets added to that post. That's what makes this poster so funny, because it's pretty much Dean's life summed up in one meme. If Dean had to go on a great adventure for pie, he would do it: this is what that journey would probably look like.

12 This song means bad things are coming

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"Carry on my wayward son. There'll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest. Don't you cry no more." Those are the lyrics to the song that acts as a sort of unofficial theme for Sam and Dean on Supernatural. There's just one problem: when an episode begins with that song, played with a recap from previous episodes, some serious stuff is about to go down: some serious bad stuff. Once that song starts playing, Supernatural fans strap themselves to their couch and start praying that their favorite characters make it out alive because that song might as well trigger the apocalypse (as it has in the past). Something bad is about to happen and there's nothing you can do about it.

11 Supernatural changes your perspective

Via Memebase

Supernatural is one of those shows that changes your perspective. Because it covers a lot of those things that terrify us: monsters, demons, werewolves, vampires and other horrific creatures, fans who watch the show regularly have a completely different take on the universe than those who don't. For example, take the flickering of a light in your house. Normally, a flicker would just mean, "Hey, I need to change that lightbulb." But if you watch Supernatural enough, that flickering light bulb suddenly triggers you into thinking that you need to go grab the salt, holy water, shotgun and iron fireplace poker, because on Supernatural, when lights start flickering, bad things are afoot. A flickering light is a sign that there's something scary waiting for you just around the corner.

10 The gate to Hell

Via Pinterest

As previously mentioned, Supernatural fans see the world in a completely different way. It's like living in a separate terrifying universe, where the gate to Hell is probably somewhere in Arizona (although, honestly, we might argue that it's probably in the Midwest). Someone mapped out all the locations of Outback Steakhouse in Phoenix, though, and then connected the dots: the lines form a pentagram. Well, that's not good, right? Supernatural fans, though, understand that there's something more going on, though: because we've learned that the center of that pentagram is the gate to Hell. So what lies in the center of this pentagram in Phoenix? That's right: our worst fear lies there, proving what many of us already know: the gate to hell is... a Walmart!!!

9 Safe Tuesdays

Via Supernatural Memes, Facebook

It isn't just fans that understand the ridiculous amount of times that the Winchesters have died on Supernatural. The actors also know that the show kills off one of the Winchesters at least once nearly every season. That's just sort of how things go. So they often joke about it in interviews. This is a meme that quotes the actors that play Sam and Dean, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, where they're talking about how many times their characters have died or almost died. "We've been tortured, possessed, beaten, poked, prodded and literally died almost every night of the week." However, after thinking about it, they decide that there's one day where they actually find some safety. It seems that Tuesdays are good days for the boys, because they haven't died on a Tuesday... yet.

8 Angel Soft

Via iFunny.co

This meme is so wrong, but we had to share it because it's also so right. On Supernatural, Misha Collins plays Castiel, an angel who has come to Earth and is now living in a host human body. So because Castiel is an angel, someone decided to Photoshop his face on an ad for Angel Soft, the toilet paper, and now we can't unsee this. Castiel is easily one of the most popular characters on the show, thanks to Collins' deadpan way of delivering hilarious lines, so he is almost a Winchester himself: he certainly is family to Sam and Dean, regardless of blood. So yeah, Angel Soft toilet paper with Castiel is so much better than the little cherub the company uses on most of its advertising.

7 The cast as animals

Via Pinterest

What would the Supernatural characters look like as animals? Well, leave it to the internet to try and imagine just that. And the result is pretty funny. Obviously, Sam is a puppy dog: look at those eyes! In fact, those puppy dog eyes get mentioned a lot on the show. Castiel, though, is more like a cat: he lacks a sense of humor, is awkward in social situations and looks at the world with a lot of curiosity. But then there's Dean, who doesn't just love pie, but adores pretty much all kinds of junk food, from burgers to waffles and everything in between. So Dean usually has something in his mouth, just like the rodent pictured here, which has a more than passing resemblance to him.

6 Getting salty

Via Supernatural Memes, Facebook

The yelling Gordon Ramsay memes are pretty much all over the internet, thanks to the chef spending a lot of time on his reality show yelling at other chefs that what they're doing is completely wrong. But this one has a Supernatural theme, because it mentions Sam and Dean. So what's with the salt reference? Fans know that when it comes to demons, salt is a hunter's number one defense. Salt left around doorways and windows can keep demons from entering a house and a shotgun shell filled with salt can stop a demon cold in its tracks (it doesn't kill it, but it will stun a demon long enough to get close enough to kill it). So this meme nails the sentiment behind Ramsay's threat here.

5 Now that's scary

Sam and Dean spend a lot of time looking in closets and lockers and everywhere else, carefully, because they know that some crazy demon or monster can pop out at a moment's notice. This meme shows that scenario, where they're carefully approaching a locker in a situation where they're not sure what they'll find in there. So they cautiously reach for the door and then quickly sling it open where they find something far scarier than anything they have ever faced before: Miley Cyrus, and her tongue! Cue the next image, which is of Dean screaming like a little girl (and he actually does this on occasion, although he would never admit it). It reminds us of that time Dean got super scared of a cat.

4 Cards Against Humanity sums up Supernatural

Via Tumblr

Who doesn't love a fun game of Cards Against Humanity? The beauty of the game is that its humor often easily correlates with pop culture, and sometimes that even includes one of our favorite shows. So here is a case of when the perfect cards got played (and obviously, these are from Supernatural fans). "My life is ruled by a vicious cycle of..." reads the first card. But then the next two cards sum up the plot of Supernatural as a whole: "demonic possession" and "daddy issues." That pretty much tells us exactly what the show is all about because the boys spend a lot of time battling demonic possessions while still trying to live up to their dead father's legacy as a hunter. Well played, Cards Against Humanity.

3 Get along shirt

Via Supernatural Memes, Facebook

This is a case of Photoshop done right. We've seen the meme of the two kids sharing a t-shirt that says "Our Get Along Shirt," right? Well, someone Photoshopped Sam and Dean's heads onto those kids and made the perfect meme. The Winchesters spend a lot of time not getting along, and are usually arguing about how to approach particular cases. Sometimes, they're mad at each other for choices they made (choices that often have far-reaching consequences, like destroying the world) and sometimes, they're mad at each other because they love each other so much and have plans to die to save the world and each other. They're always bickering, so we can imagine Castiel making them put on the "Get Along shirt" in a future episode. And that's funny.

2 Only Sam and Dean can save this kitty

The internet loves a good cat meme, because cats pretty much power the internet (and the world), don't they? So when someone does a meme where cats meet Supernatural, we get even more excited, because it's both adorable and funny while referencing our favorite show. In this meme, the poor cat seems like it's dying because it says that the hell hounds are after it. Supernatural fans get that mention immediately, because there were many episodes where the hounds of hell were after the Winchesters. So this meme is awesome because the cat starts asking for Sam and Dean to interfere and help, because that's what you do when the hell hounds are going to kill you. Cats plus Supernatural equals a huge win for everyone.

1 When your guardian angel is a drunk

Via Pinterest

Some people are just more lucky than others. And some just have no luck at all, and it feels like we don't even have a guardian angel looking over us, or that our guardian angel has serious issues. Maybe it's because our guardian angel has a drinking problem? It's highly likely if our guardian angel is actually Castiel from Supernatural. Anyone familiar with the character knows that if that's your guardian angel, you are in serious trouble. But this meme is funny because it shows Castiel drinking (and as an angel who doesn't understand the limitations of a human body, he's a lightweight) and it would make sense that this is what many of our guardian angels look like: they're a drunken Castiel. That explains so much.

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