15 Supernatural Tumblr Posts That Gave Us All The Feels

Got some spare feels that need to be used up before they expire? Not to worry, fam. We've been in the same position, and we know just what to do about it. We highly recommend flipping over to Netflix and binge-watching a neat little show called Supernatural. We guarantee that all of those extra feels will be used up in no time at all.

Supernatural has got everything a fan could ever want: angels, demons, monsters, plot twists, mystery and intrigue, hot men wearing plaid, daddy issues, emotional suppression—we could go on, but we don't want to let any spoilers slip. So, if anybody here hasn't seen the show, go watch all eleven seasons then come back here and it will be easy to see why these 15 Supernatural Tumblr posts give us all of the feels.

15 That was below the belt

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Now, you look here! Our feels never did nothin' to nobody, and they do not deserve to be abused in this insensitive manner. This is a totally unwarranted cruel and unusual punishment, and we are not going to stand for it—mostly because we, too, are in the fetal position on the floor of our bedroom. So you just take out that checkbook of yours and get ready to fork over some damages. We're going to need to be compensated for the injuries we took to our feels.

Look, we're only going to say this once. We all know that Mary Winchester died in a fiery blaze on the ceiling of Sam's bedroom directly above his face when he was nothing more than a baby. We don't need to make reference to it all of the time, alright?

14 The amazing larping fireflies

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The similarities between this family of fireflies and the Winchester family are astounding. So much so that we're beginning to think that these fireflies have a tiny television sets with access to cable. This coincidence is so coincidental that we bet these fireflies were actually live action role-playing (also called larping). It's the only explanation for this.

Or maybe, it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Maybe the firefly Winchester family was doomed to be split down the middle when these two siblings named them Sam, Dean and John. Whatever caused these glowing bugs to want to go their separate ways, we still think that they're fans of the show. We also think that they deserve their own web series. We would love to follow the insect antics of firefly Sam and Dean Winchester.

13 We need a band-aid for our feels

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It's always a good idea to know what you're going to do with your life. You don't want to mooch off of other people. You've got to plan, you know? You've got to consider your finances and your living arrangements and how to care for your family when you're gone. There are a lot of things to think about. Fortunately for us, we don't have to worry about any of those things anymore, because we finally figured out what we're going to be doing for the rest of our lives: crying about this Supernatural post. It's time-consuming and the emotional damage is probably irreversible, but, hey, at least the pay is great non-existent!

The life of a Supernatural fan is not an easy one. But it's all worth it because... *sobs uncontrollably*

12 A+ usage of a GIF

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We can all learn a few things from this post. For instance, it proves that Supernatural fans are a cruel and sadistic people who have no chill. Another thing that's worth observing in this Tumblr exchange is the A+ usage of a GIF. In fact, it's actually a little ironic that someone would post a GIF to a Supernatural post, considering the Supernatural fandom is notorious throughout Tumblr for hijacking posts by adding their own Supernatural-related GIFs to them. You win this round, Tumblr user hauntedmilk. Well played.

Even still, the A+ usage of a GIF does not change our minds about wishing that this post didn't exist. This was like a knife to the feels. It's just so damn painful, and that's probably because it's just so damn true.

11 This Tumblr post sponsored by Kansas

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Ah, here we go. What great timing! This is exactly what we were talking about just a second ago. See? Here's a perfectly normal Tumblr post that was commandeered by the Supernatural fandom the minute after the original blogger posted it. You might find the Supernatural fandom's post stealing antics frustrating, but you have to admit, our vigilance is admirable. Our hearts might be broken and our feels might be circling the drain, but we're tenacious little devils. We have to be because tenacity is all we have.

The band Kansas really loves this Tumblr post. In fact, they really love the entire Supernatural fandom! Supernatural fans are like free advertising for them. We're always singing "Carry on My Wayward Son," and posting the lyrics to otherwise irrelevant Tumblr posts.

10 Poor Moose

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As Dean Winchester says in season 4 episode 10, titled "Heaven and Hell," we wish we couldn't feel a damn thing, because then we wouldn't be so upset by this Tumblr post. As it is, well, we're going to have to run to the drug store to pick up some more Kleenex with lotion. We've already made our way through two boxes of tissues, and it doesn't look like the tears are going to be stopping any time soon.

Poor Moose! He didn't ask to have demon blood, and he didn't deserve Cas's angelic reprimand. On the bright side, Sam and Cas are good friends now! 'Course, that's in no small part because of their mutual love for Dean, but whatever. We're just glad that they're one big happy family (minus the "happy" part).

9 The truth hurts

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Give us a minute, guys. We need to read this Tumblr post.

Update: We read the Tumblr post, and now we have a hole in the wall of our living room. See, after reading this post, we had so much pent up emotion that we had to let it out somehow. That's when we decided to put our fist through the wall. Unfortunately, we hit a stud and broke our hand. We spent four hours in the emergency room getting it patched up. But, when we got back home, we were still having violent feels. So we shoved our other hand through the wall. This time we missed the studs, and we now have a softball sized hole in the wall. On the plus side, though, we're feeling a lot better about this Supernatural post! Just kidding. We lied. No, we're not.

8 The source of all of the daddy issues

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If you don't think the Winchester brothers had one of the saddest backstories in the history of television, then GTFO of our face. You are dead wrong. Look at this post. Look at it! John Winchester never told his kids that he was proud of them. Not when Dean saved his baby brother from that ceiling fire, not when they went into the family business, not even when they saved the effing world. John Winchester you are the biggest piece of sh*t we've ever seen and we're glad you're dead!

Oh. Oh, it hurts so much! And the worst part about this is that last part of the post. The part where Tumblr reminded us that Dean realized that his Dad was actually a demon when he told him he was proud of him. Ouch.

7 The "cure" for all of the daddy issues

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John Winchester is the source of all of Sam and Dean's daddy issues, and here we have the "cure" for all of Sam and Dean's daddy issues. Nothing like 1.75 liters of straight bourbon whiskey to forget that you were basically a disappointment to your father, even though you always did exactly what he asked of you and you are better man than he could ever be. Pop that top and drown all of that weighty emotional baggage in a pool of hard liquor, Sam and Dean. You boys have earned it.

The Winchester brothers aren't the only ones who need to get sh*tfaced. If everyone in the fandom starts drinking this stuff right now, maybe we'll forget about all of the suffering we've endured since Supernatural started back in 2005. It's worth a shot.

6 NO

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We expect to see emotionally charged Tumblr posts about Sam and Dean. We knew that that was our fate when we joined this forsaken fandom. But don't you dare bring Adam into this! We have gotten no real closure on that subject, and we are definitely not over it! Oh, sure. The running fan theory is that Adam is actually dead; that he's not really trapped in the cage anymore. And, yes, we'll concede that that seems like a valid, well thought out argument. But it's not good enough.

We're not saying that we care for Adam more than we do for Sam or Dean. That's not the case. We're just saying that you have no chill for making jokes about a plot line that the writers have yet to formally tie up.


Via: imgrum.net

Aw! Look, you guys, the Supernatural fandom of Tumblr wrote a couple of poems for us! This is so romantic—and unexpected! We had no idea that we had an admirer. We must say, we are so flattered and... oh. Never mind. They weren't trying to convey to us how much they like us via the use of romantic prose. They were just trying to take advantage of our vulnerable feels again.

We've got two words for the Supernatural fandom: STAHP IT. This is not okay! People are getting hurt, and it's all your fault. How many more feels have to be felt before you put a stop to your heart breaking ways? Your hands are drenched in the blood of your victims. You've become one of the monsters that Sam and Dean hunt!

4 The King of Hell is so adorable

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If you had asked us twelve years ago if we would ever have intense feels for the King of Hell, we would have said, "Hell no," then laughed at our own clever little pun. But we guess it's actually a good thing that you never asked us that question, because now we would be forced to eat our words. We do care. We care a lot about the King of Hell. How could we not? Look at this adorable demonic cinnamon roll, too precious, too evil for this world.

All Crowley wanted was for demon Dean to be his best friend. A perfectly reasonable request. But, of course, the writers put a stop to that. And now we have to endure these intense feels because of Crowley's pouty frownie face.

3 We'd like to salt and burn this post

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Pie. The most beloved of fruit-filled, crust-covered desserts. Oh, it was a close race. Cobbler almost had it for awhile there, but in the end it just couldn't compete. Everybody loves pie. But nobody loves it more than Dean Winchester. Can you even imagine if cemeteries had pie bakeries built right in? Dean would never leave! He'd probably want to have his body stuffed and propped up at the counter with a fork in his hand after he died, the pastry-loving bastard.

Anyway, we're kind of ignoring the main issue with this post, and that's the "all his friends are dead" line. Who asked you, desmond-the-moon-bear, if that even is your real name? We bet you're a real hoot at parties. Just kidding! Like anybody would want to be friends with your joy-killing ass.

2 This fandom is killing our heart

Via: funsubstance.com, aceshowbiz.com

The Supernatural fandom sure does have a weird definition of "friendly." In fact, it doesn't even look like they know what that word means at all. It seems like they've got "friendly" confused with "incredibly painful, good grief, grab the first aid kit, we're dying over here!" An honest mistake, we're sure.

Or is it? As notorious as the Supernatural fandom is for hijacking Tumblr posts, they're just as guilty of cruelly inciting unnecessarily painful feels. They like it when other bloggers suffer, because it means they don't have to be alone in their misery. So, they run around the site like mad men waving torches, trying to set fire to any post they can, just because they enjoy watching it go up in flames. The Supernatural fandom is sick, man.

1 Lucifer is fed up with this sh*t

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Oh, snap. Here comes Lucifer to tell you that you're way out of bounds. It's never a good thing when the devil has to ascend all nine levels of hell just to hand your ass to you. Usually Satan outsources that kind of stuff to his minions. Gets his demons to deal with the bad people. So, if you see the man goat himself approaching you, that's when you can be certain that you screwed up big time.

After looking at this Tumblr exchange, it's easy to see why the devil got involved. That was over the line. Both the original and the second poster need to spend some time on the naughty step. They need to think about what they've done. As for us? We think we'll give that Winchester straight bourbon whiskey a shot.

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