15 Surprising Costars Who Actually Despised Each Other IRL

Costars have to spend an absurd number of hours together during projects. The result often tends to be that they either become best friends or swore enemies. Most of us want to see our favorite on-screen couples, siblings, and friends carry on these relationships off-screen, but sometimes this just isn’t the reality. Below are a number of costars that endured tense feuds according to sources. Be warned; despite the subtweets, side-eye, and undeniable shade, the majority of celebrities refuse to own up to their feuds. So we present to you the evidence. Make of it what you will. If you want to live in denial and pretend your favorite fictional couples also love each other in real life, be our guest. We won’t judge.

15 Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling

We know, we’re just as shocked as you are, but they always say there’s a fine line between love and hate. According to Nick Cassavetes, the director of The Notebook, Ryan and Rachel did not get along on set. Things got so bad that Ryan approached Cassavetes as they were about to film a big scene one day and proposed he bring in another actress to replace Rachel. “I can’t do it with her,” he said, “I’m not getting anything from this.” How could you Noah?! Thankfully, Cassavetes ignored Gosling’s request, and instead let the two hash it out in a room alone. If only walls could talk…

Apparently, that was what the two needed to settle their differences. After their release, the two were ready to get back to work. And as we know, they went on to fall madly in love both on and off screen. God bless Cassavetes. Also, can we give it up for Ryan and Rachel’s acting skills? They certainly had us fooled.

14 Lea Michele and Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera is one of the few celebrities that has been candid about her feud with her costar. With the recent release of her memoir, Sorry, Not Sorry we’ve gotten to learn even more about what lead to the stars’ falling out on the Glee set. Basically, Naya says that she and Lea were too much alike. She describes both of them as “strong willed and competitive” and says that Lea did not like sharing the spotlight after Naya’s character began to get more screen time. The conflict between the two continued to grow, and according to her, eventually they completely stopped talking to each other. It must be pretty hard ignoring someone you spend sixteen hour days with, but not everyone is destined to get along we suppose. Anyway despite the conflict, Naya insists that she and Lea’s feud was “blown out of proportion.”

13 Vin Diesel and The Rock

Are we the only ones that confuse these two? In fact, for a moment there we thought The Rock was feuding with himself. Ooh, some ice for that burn Diesel? We certainly don't know all the details of this feud, but The Rock has a reputation for being a gentle giant so it makes us wonder how anyone could have a problem with him.

Nevertheless, the world was alerted to this feud when he posted an Instagram video calling out some of his male costars in the new Fast and Furious film. Sources suggests that tension has been building up between them long before the rant however. While some claim issues arose from The Rock being late often, others suggest Diesel has the one showcasing diva behavior, holding up production by hauling up in his trailer for hours and having fights with studio execs. Word on the interweb is that the two eventually hashed out their differences, and The Rock returned to his normal positive self by deleting his Instagram post and posting a message thanking the entire Fast and Furious team.

12 Terrence Howard and Robert Downey Jr.

Love how he says "the person I helped become Iron Man" as if that offered any sort of anonymity. Hmmm, we wonder who he's talking about. For those of you nor privy to superhero film drama, he's a brief history: Terrence Howard was replaced by Don Cheadle in Iron Man II and the world wanted to know what happened. The end.

And now that you've heard Terrence's side of the story, you can here Downey's. When asked about the black guy switcharoo in an interview, Downey said "I had nothing to do with that decision. I love Terrence very very much. " Juicy stuff, right? Robert's never really said anything worthwhile about the controversy, and meanwhile, other sources suggest that Terrence was replaced because he was difficult to work with, and that the studio wanted out of their wonky contract, which had led to Terrence being the highest-paid actor in the first film. Needless to say, this was one misguided, one-sided feud.

The good news is that Terrence posted a picture of he and Downey at a friends' wedding a few months ago, hashtaged #lifestooshort and #allgood. So we guess this strange feud is finally over.

11 Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty

We loved the strong sisterhood that existed between the power of three in Charmed, so it’s a shame to learn it didn’t carry on into real life. The feud between Alyssa Milano and Shannon was so bad it led to Shannon’s television death *spoiler alert.* But to be fair, Shannon had a long reputation for being difficult to work with. Rumor has it she also feuded with costar Jennie Garth on the set of 90210, another show she was fired from. Luckily for Charmed, it was smoother sailing once Shannon was replaced by Rose McGowan. Whose character we admittedly preferred.

Despite the amount of time that has passed, Alyssa still doesn’t not reflect happily on her time on set with Shannon. During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Milano revealed that the dynamic on set felt “a lot like high school.” Both Shannon and Holly Marie Combs responded to the interview and were clearly less than ecstatic with Milano’s remark. So far from being resolved, it sounds like we’re adding another player to this conflict? Oh, dear.

10 James Franco and Tyrese Gibson

Franco and Gibson worked together on the 2006 film Annapolis, which you’ve probably never heard of for good reason. Honestly, both the men are still trying to forget about it. On top of the film’s disappointing reaction from both critics and audiences alike, the men clearly did not enjoy working with each other. Gibson has said that he never wants to work with Franco again. Their issues apparently stemmed from the fact that Franco is a method actor, and Gibson felt he took it too far. We could see how this could be an issue, since the two played boxers in the film. After all, in character or not, it was Gibson’s (beautiful) face that Franco was hitting. Gibson explains, “…the dude was full-on hitting me. It felt very personal. It was f**ked up.” For his part, Franco has admitted that he probably did get a little carried away. Probably not a great idea for these two to work together again, but we suppose that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends…alright. Friendly?

9 Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio

Something about playing lovers onscreen must really drive actors to hate each other offscreen. Either that or all this fighting is just a result of built up sexual tension. Hey, that was the case for Ryan and Rachel. Danes and DiCaprio played another classic couple when they costared in Baz Luhrman’s adaption of Romeo and Juliet together. Apparently Danes found DiCaprio to be immature, as he often pulled pranks on set. Considering she was 16 at the time and he was 22, this seems to confirm the old wives tale that boys just take longer to mature. Yet, as a counter, DiCaprio reportedly found Danes too uptight so we can’t say who was “the problem” here. Either way, it seems the stars have long since moved past their on-set drama. When asked whether she though DiCaprio had a good chance of winning prior to this year’s Oscars, Claire responded with an enthusiastic “Absolutely!” and even went on to call him a “genius.”

8 Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey

If case you didn’t watch American Idol’s five-hundredth season, we’re here to tell you what you missed: Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj’s not-so-subtle feud. Carey called being a judge on Idol “the worst experience” of her life. She has also said that she and Minaj’s feud was fake, a ploy created by producers to increase interest in the show. Our guess is that the truth is somewhere in between. Though many of Minaj and Carey’s arguments on the show seemed a little too ridiculous to be real, at the time TMZ also released a video of an argument between the two during an audition taping that definitely looked real. This infamous tape seemed to cement their feud, and led to allegations that Minaj threatened Carey with a gun, which were guessing was just a result of people trying to make things more dramatic. Minaj has said she was told Carey didn’t want her on the Idol panel, and said that put her off before they even begin working together on the show. Though these two clearly have their differences, it sounds to us like their feud wouldn’t have been so heated if there hadn’t been instigators there to egg them on.

7 Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande

These two were costars on the popular Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat and actually seemed to be friends in the beginning. But just as we’ve seen with name celeb feuds before, things change when one person’s career skyrockets, and the other’s stays the same. Jeanette and Ariana have both been quoted denying the feud, which if we’re being honest, happens so often it feels like confirmation.

After Sam and Cat’s abrupt ending, rumors spread that fighting between the costars was the reason. Jennette denied this rumor, and insisted the two are friends, saying; “She just gave me a book recommendation…we text probably like once a week.” Yet, something seems strange about the way she’s so insistent that things are fine between them. On top of that, one of the major sparks that propelled feuding rumors has Jennete’s own diss. Her webshow What’s Next For Sarah? featured an obnoxious, superficial character named Gloriana that was clearly meant to be a spoof of Ariana. Last time we checked, friends don’t spoof friends. But maybe they do when they’re famous and need to blow off some steam? Whatever may have happened between these two, we hope they really have gotten past it.

6 Will Smith and Aunt Viv

We’re sure you all remember that famous switcharoo they pulled with Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but do you know why it happened? You guessed it! Celebrity feud number 10 between the immortal Will Smith and Janet Hubert (a.k.a. Aunt Viv #1) led to the actress being fired. Hubert has criticized Will for failing to help the cast negotiate for raises way back in 19-something or other. She has continued to call him a slew of names, everything from an “egomaniac” to “an a**hole.” And was once quoted saying "I've been in the business for 10 years and this snotty-nosed punk comes along and gets a show.” Sounds a bit bitter if you ask us. Hubert even she made headlines in February of this year for criticizing Jada Pinkett’s Oscar boycott and reigniting the old feud. Oh. You know it’s serious when you start getting the whole family involved.

But you can take Hubert’s words with a grain of salt. Fellow Fresh Prince cast members have regularly defended Will and agreed that Hubert was difficult to work with. Regardless of Hubert’s experience with Will, it seems like career suicide to bad-mouth one of the most successful actors of our time. In fact, it is, and the actress isn’t too proud to admit she’s felt the burn.

5 Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray

Sophia and Chad’s personal history is almost as dramatic as that of their One Tree Hill characters. When these two tied the knot in April of 2005, they seemed madly in love. You can even find their adorable proposal story on Youtube. *Warning, this video was filmed on a potato.*

Sweet, right? Not so much. These two separated after five months of marriage, with Sophia seeking an annulment and citing fraud. Now this may seem much harsher than the standard “irreconcilable differences” excuse, but word on the interweb is that Chad cheated on Sophia with Paris Hilton, so it seems justified.

Unfortunately for Sophia, she was forced to keep working with Chad for four more years on OTH after their split. Things were only made more awkward when Chad began dating one of the show’s extras, Kenzie Dalton. More than seven years after Chad left the show, it’s apparent these he and Sophia are still not friends–which must make all those OTH reunions really awkward. Still, Sophia has never publicly bad mouthed him, and both the actors showed off their professionalism by continuing to work together despite the awkwardness. That’s gotta warrant some kind of award.

4 Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan

So admittedly, we don’t normally wake up early enough to watch Live with Kelly and [Michael] but hearing about the onset drama certainly intrigued us. Ripa and Strahan’s differences became apparent after it was revealed that after four years, Strahan was leaving Live With Kelly and Michael for a full time position at Good Morning America. Kelly disappeared from the show for a few days after, and there were reports that she hadn’t been made aware of Strahan’s decision until the day of the public announcement. Since then, some have suggested that Ripa and Strahan had been feuding for a long time before the incident but Michael insists they were friends “at one point.” He suggests that things were not so great towards the end, but has been adamant that he gave fair warning about his departure. Overall, tension between these two seems to have risen from this isolated occasion, which makes us very hopeful that they’ll eventually kiss and makeup.

3 Bette Davis and Joan Crawford

Yes this one’s old, but it’s probably the most dramatic on this list. A dose of unrequited love and sexual uncertainty, a dash of sabotage, and a failed reunion can do that. Davis and Crawford played aging sisters in the 1962 horror film, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? a film that turned out to be very successful, but cemented their lifelong feud. Some say the conflict between them arose over a man whom both were romantically interested in, actor Franchot Tone. Others say that Crawford, who was believed to be bisexual, was romantically interested in Davis, and was made unhappy by her rejection. No wonder people have remained so intrigued by their feud! It’s hard to say which of the rumors are true, if any, but overall it seems that a mixture of professional competition, romantic woes, and personality differences were to blame for these legendary ladies’ rivalry. Cheers, to a feud so infamous that its inspired a T.V. show.

2 Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson

Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham has suggested in a few interviews that she’s not very fond of Scott Patterson, who plays Luke on the soon-to-be revived show. During a TV Guide interview back in ’05, Graham was questioned about her relationship with Scott. She responded, “It’s fine…We’re not intimates.” When asked whether they were best friends, she simply said, “No.” We can’t really see a problem with that, especially since we were more Lorelei and Christopher shippers anyway. Controversial. Some believe that the feud is the reason Graham also admitted to being more of a Lortopher–we just made that up–shipper, a claim she denies.

Now other costars have described Patterson as being difficult to work with so we’re inclined to think he was the issue. The bright side is that these two’s feud wasn’t significant enough to discourage either of them from partaking in the Gilmore Girls revival, and for that we thank our lucky stars.

1 Bea Arthur and Betty and Rue

Many feuding costars have eventually gone on to settle their differences, citing increased maturity and the realization that life is short. Funny, age seemed to have no effect on Golden Girl Bea Miller, who was disliked by both of her famous costars. According to Betty White and Rue McClanahan however, she was the one that disliked them. Apparently a drunken Arthur even called White a “c–t” once at a lifetime achievement award ceremony. The good natured White seemed to take the on-set tension in stride, and has said, “It was my positive attitude-that made Bea mad sometimes.” Miller’s own son has suggested that she didn’t like a lot of people. We guess White and McClanahan can be comforted by the fact that Miller’s dislike was more of a reflection on her than them. Still, it kinda sucks that our dreams of these three having Golden Girl’s Night’s outside of the show was never reality.

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