15 Surprising Facts About ‘Supernatural' Most Fans Don't Know

Supernatural is hands-down one of the longest-running and most popular TV series on television, and if you still haven’t given it a try, then you should do that ASAP.

It’s a show about two brothers who are following their father’s footsteps as “hunters,” fighting against all kinds of supernatural creatures and forces. Come on, is that not convincing enough? Plus, with 13 seasons so far and an upcoming spin off, there's a lot of material to watch (or rewatch the show). The good thing about being a fan of this show is that, even when you think you know everything about it, some unnoticed Easter eggs and unknown facts are discovered. And that is why I made this list with some of the most interesting facts about Supernatural that you probably didn't know.

15 In The First Draft, This Show Had A Different Name

One of the most important and most recognized features of this show is its name! I mean, it's the same with other TV shows as well — the name has to be unique and appealing, otherwise, there would be no interest from the viewers. What you probably didn't know until now, however, is that in the first draft the show was supposed to be officially called Unnatural. However, after some time, when the show was about to start filming, the writers decided to change the name, and that's how we got the current name. If you ask me, it's a good thing they changed the name because when you hear "supernatural" you instantly think of powers, witches, demons, and supernatural beings, which is not the situation with the word "unnatural". That could mean, well, literally anything, e.g. a person getting married to a tree is unnatural, but not supernatural right?

14 The First Season's Budget Was Super Low

If you've seen this TV show, then you know how well-filmed it was. Costumes, special effects, props etc., they are all pretty good, and they only get better with each season. It makes you think that the budget for the show is pretty big, right? Well, it wasn't like that in the beginning. 

Back in 2005, when the show premiered, the budget for Supernatural was only $20,000. And guys, that was for the whole season! And those 20,000 dollars included money for set, costumes, and wages. To do the math for you, that's a bit over 9,000 dollars per episode. When you think about it, that's nothing in Hollywood. Taking that into consideration and looking back at season one, do you think it was well done?

13 Misha Collins Thought He Would Be Playing A Demon

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Back when Castiel first appeared on Supernatural we had no idea how crucial his role would be (and neither did he). He became one of the most popular characters of the show, and was spared twice from the writers' plan to kill him off permanently. Anyhow, as you can tell from the headline, Misha didn't know he would be playing an angel; he actually auditioned for a role of a demon.

He said: "I came across it when my agent sent me an audition for a demon on Supernatural earlier this summer. I had an episode of Supernatural Tivo-ed and I watched it and I saw a demon and I saw that he was kind of snarky and nasty, as we would expect a demon to be.

So, I went in and I auditioned for Eric Kripke and I gave him a very nasty and snarky performance. He said 'Great work, except, we are trying to hide from the fans that we're introducing an angel to the show, so we sent out the audition material as a demon, so it's actually an angel."

12 Castiel Was Named Thanks To A Google Search

Speaking of our favorite angel, here's another unknown fact about Castiel: he was given his name thanks to a Google search. I know, that sounds ridiculous, but it's true. Eric Kripke revealed this little fact on Twitter a few years ago. According to his tweet, he needed a new character name, so he Googled "Angel of Thursday" and he got Castiel. Why "Angel of Thursday"? It's simple, the show aired on Thursdays back then.

Oh, and I tried Googling "angel of Thursday" and the first result was a Wikipedia page for angel Cassiel (it's not a typo, this is how it's spelled). Thank God that Google search didn't give some random names as a result. That would have sucked For real, imagine Castiel's name was Mahanaim or Zehanpuryu, or something else that is even more complicated to pronounce.

11 Jensen Ackles Didn't Audition For The Role of Dean Winchester

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Jensen Ackles, who is most known for his role of Dean Winchester, ironically didn't audition for that role. Yup, you read that right. Jensen had his eyes on the role of Sam Winchester. I know! Just imagine Jensen playing Sam Winchester, and somebody else playing Dean; that would be like a whole new TV show. The thing is, not only did he audition for that role, but he almost got it! The producers liked him in the role of Sam, and he would have gotten it if Jared Padalecki hadn't auditioned.

After Jared got the role of Sam, the producers called Jensen to check whether he wanted the role of Dean, and he did. (Yay for us!) We fans love seeing Jensen as Dean, and there's no one who would be able to portray Dean that good.

10 Sam And Dean's Father Is ActuallyPretty Young

Sam and Dean's dad, John Winchester, is portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an American actor who is best known for his role of Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy and Negan on The Walking Dead. The interesting thing about this actor is that he is 51 years old. Now think about that. And just so you can compare, Jensen and Jared are 39 and 35 years old, respectively. That's 12 years difference between Jeffrey and Jensen, so how does it make sense for Morgan to play the father? That would mean he was 12 years old when he had his first kid. And yes, I do know this a TV show, but things like this bother me.

Also, there's another fun fact about their father: do you know that scene in the pilot episode when Mary, Sam, and Dean's mom is burning on the ceiling? That was supposed to be John, but the writers changed their mind in the end.

9 Some Of Jensen's Family Members Appeared On 'Supernatural'

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Have you ever wondered where Jensen got his acting skills from? Let me just say, it runs in the family! You see, both, Jensen’s father and sister are actors, and both of them appeared on Supernatural.

His father, Alan Ackles, appeared on the third episode of the eighth season, titled “Heartache,” while his sister, Mackenzie, appeared in two episodes, “Bloodlust” (episode four of season two) and “Slash Fiction” (episode six of season seven). But that’s not all —his mother was an extra in one of the episodes, as well! So yeah, we’ve literally seen almost his whole family on Supernatural.

Oh yeah, and this doesn't have anything to do with Jensen, but do you remember Ruby, the demon? Well, in season four she was played by Genevieve Padalecki, née Cortese, who is Jared's wife IRL.

8 Dean Winchester Was Supposed To Be Covered With Tattoos

For my daughter JJ. Aka J-Bird or simply “Birdie”.

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Do you remember when I discussed the show's low budget at the beginning of this article? So, Dean Winchester was supposed to be covered in tattoos in the original script, but due to the low budget, the show couldn't afford it. Too bad! Dean would look even more bada** covered with tattoos. He does have one tattoo, though; The anti-possession tattoo. But a few more would have been even better. Oh, and speaking of tattoos, last October Jensen got inked for the first time IRL. As his first real tattoo, he chose a bird, and he dedicated it to his older daughter Justice Jay. He posted a photo of the tattoo on his Instagram and captioned it, "For my daughter JJ. Aka J-Bird or simply 'Birdie.'" How adorable!

7 There's Something Interesting About Sam And Dean's F.B.I. Badges

Do you remember any of the episodes where Sam and Dean lie about being FBI agents in order to solve crime and defeat evil? I mean, that's basically every other episode. Anyway, next time one of those episodes are on, pay special attention to Sam and Dean's badges. Here's why: the FBI, as you hopefully already know, stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation, but in the show, the badges belong to the Federal Bureau of Justice, United States Department of Investigation. Well, that is not accidental. The reason behind this is the fact that it's illegal to impersonate a federal agent — even if it's for TV purposes. That is why the badges had to be changed, so "Federal Bureau of Investigation" is not written on them.

6 'Supernatural' Is Getting A Spin-Off

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We all know Supernatural is one of the most popular TV shows in its genre, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the network wanted to expand the Supernatural universe.

In 2013, the CW said they were planning a Supernatural spin-off, titled Supernatural: Bloodlines, however the show wasn't picked up by the CW in the end. Then, last year, the CW announced that a new Supernatural spin-off was being developed, titled Wayward Sisters. Coincidental or not, but prior to the announcement of the spin-off, fans and female cast members had been petitioning for a female-centered spin-off titled, Wayward Daughters. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the title is derived from a song "Carry on Wayward Son," which is something like a theme song of Supernatural, but not really.

5 The Phone Numbers They Would Dial In The Show Were Not Fake

You know how phone numbers in movies and TV shows usually start with 555? Well, that's for a reason. Numbers that start with 555 are used in order to prevent trolls, jokers, and super-fans from bothering real people by dialing a phone number from the movies or TV shows. So, calling a 555-number will not connect you to a real person, just an FYI, in case you ever wanted to try that.

Now, back to Supernatural.

In one episode, Supernatural used a real phone number instead of a fake one. Of course, a lot of people started dialing that number, and that's when they would hear Jensen's voice saying, "This is Dean Winchester, if this is an emergency, please leave a message. If you are calling about 11-2-83, page me with your coordinates." The message was later changed to "Dad? We really need to hear from you. Leave me a message, text me, check your jwinchester1246 email. Anything. We have new info."

4 Urban Legends Were The Inspiration For 'Supernatural'

One of my favorite parts of Supernatural are all the supernatural beings, regardless whether they are good or evil. During each episode I watch, I always Google the creature that appeared in that show, because I really love reading and learning more about their background and mythology. And as much as I love learning more about the stuff I already know, I also love when a new, not-so-popular supernatural being appears. And that is exactly what happens in this show. It's not only about angels, demons, witches, and demons – it also shows beings or creatures from urban legends.

That was actually the whole idea behind the show. Supernatural’s creator, Eric Kripke, said in an interview: "For me, the core notion behind Supernatural was to make a series about urban legends. I think they’re this incredibly rich mythology about the United States, and no one had really tapped into that, so when I started as a writer, one of the first ideas I ever pitched was an urban legend show."

3 Jensen Ackles Declined A Role In Marvel Cinematic Universe Because Of The Show

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Unless you’re a huge fan of either Jensen Ackles or Marvel, you probably had no idea that he auditioned for the role of Captain America. And according to many websites, he was shortlisted for superhero. Different sources, on the other hand, claim that Marvel really wanted Jensen to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that they offered him the role Hawkeye, instead. But, fortunately for all Supernatural fans, Jensen declined this offer because he loves the show too much and he’s fully devoted to it. Obviously, being a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe would have done wonders for Jensen's career (not saying that his career is bad), but accepting that offer would have probably been the end of Supernatural, so, yeah, he made a good choice.

2 Sam Spent Season 10 In A Sling For A Reason

If you're a regular watcher of the show, then you know that Sam and Dean get a lot of injuries. The brothers get stabbed, sliced, cut, bitten, scratched, shot, possessed, and even died in many episodes. I mean, that's what you get when your job is hunting evil supernatural beings, right? That being said, fans were still surprised when Sam suddenly started wearing an arming sling in a few episodes of season 10.

Of course, fans immediately assumed the arm sling was there because Sam injured himself while fighting a demon or some other creature, but they were wrong. The truth is that Jared Padalecki was messing around with Osric Chau (who plays Kevin in Supernatural) in the green room at a convention. They started play-fighting and wrestling, which resulted in Jared Padalecki dislocating his shoulder.

1 Misha Collins Regretted Speaking In Such A Deep Voice For His Role

Back to Misha Collins, yay! In case you didn't know, Castiel was supposed to be nothing more than a six-episode role, which luckily got extended indefinitely. However, back in the day, Misha didn't know he would stay in the show this long, otherwise he wouldn't have spoken in such a deep voice.

"I thought I should give him a really commanding, powerful voice — something I now regret because I've been doing it for six years and there are definitely times when I have to go home and drink hot lemon water and have a sore throat," said Misha during an Entertainment Tonight's exclusive clip from Supernatural: The Complete Eighth Season DVD. 

I totally understand what he's talking about, but I couldn't imagine Cas being any different than he is now, regardless of how small the change is.

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