15 Swoon-Worthy Celebrities Who Are Actually Terrible Kissers

We spend most of our time fantasizing about what it'd be like to kiss our favorite celebrities, so when one of their co-stars gets the chance to swap spit with them, we go into a full-on jealous rage. We always assume that those on-screen makeout scenes are as steamy as they look, but, apparently, we couldn't be more wrong.

Believe it or not... some of our biggest Hollywood crushes are actually horrible kissers! Tons of actors are coming forward to tell the truth about our favorite celebrities' complete lack of tonsil hockey skills, and even though we're still willing to hook up with these gorgeous stars so we can see for ourselves, their shocking confessions are pretty much shattering all of our dreams!

15 Rupert Grint

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We all absolutely lost it when Ron and Hermione finally locked lips in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2! We spent years shipping The Boy Who Lived's two best friends, and during the Battle of Hogwarts, they finally admitted their feeling for each other and kissed. The moment looked super romantic on the big screen and made us crush pretty hard on Rupert Grint, but, unfortunately, Emma Watson didn't quite share our enthusiasm. "Rupert was the weirdest. It was really hard," she told MTV News. In her desperation to just get the scripted kiss over with, she "ended up pouncing on Rupert." We know the two actors had been friends since they were little kids so there had to be some tension, but she really couldn't think of one nice thing to say about this iconic kiss?!

14 Robert Pattinson

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It's a good thing Emma Watson never had to kiss her other Harry Potter co-star, Robert Pattinson, because he's apparently a pretty bad kisser too! Reese Witherspoon, Robert's love interest in Water for Elephants, says that their makeout sessions for the film were outright disgusting. "He was literally snorting and snotting through every second of it, and it was not appealing. I'm talking green, infectious, disgusting—I'm not kidding!"

Okay, to be fair, Robert was reportedly extremely sick during his kissing scenes with Reese, so he couldn't really help it, but she also claims he continually wiped his stuffed up nose on her wig... and that's an image we'll never be able to unsee. Goodbye, childhood crush on Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen. We're definitely over Robert now.

13 Bradley Cooper

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Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have absolutely amazing chemistry together on screen, which is probably why they've been each other's love interest in several films now, despite Bradley being 15 years older than J-Law. We've found ourselves super jealous of Jennifer on a number of occasions because Bradley is like, ridiculously handsome and in perfect shape... so we're pretty shocked to discover that Jennifer is super turned off by her co-star and dreads kissing him. The first time they hooked up on camera, Jennifer outright told Bradley, "you're a wet kisser."

She made sure he knew that she meant it as an insult, and he's been self-conscious about his kissing abilities ever since. While he may be a bit too sloppy for Jen's tastes, we'd probably still be down to act as her body double for their next scripted hookup session!

12 Jennifer Lawrence

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It's possible that Bradley Cooper isn't actually as bad of a kisser as J-Law claims, because it turns out that several of her co-stars think she's a bit clueless in that department! BOTH of Jennifer's Hunger Games love interests have come forward to say that they dreaded their kissing scenes with her. Josh Hutcherson admits, "It was very slobbery. There was fluid here, fluid here and fluid here. And then when we kissed, it was just fluids." Okay, that just sounds nasty!

Liam Hemsworth's complaints were mostly about Jennifer's bad breath, and he's stated that he was "uncomfortable" kissing her because her saliva always tasted like either garlic or tuna fish. With so many of Jennifer's films winning awards and dominated the box office, you'd think she could afford an on-screen kissing coach... or at least some breath mints.

11 Shailene Woodley

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Our crush on Jennifer Lawrence has vanished now, but at least we still have our other favorite young adult novel-turned-film star Shailene Woodley, right? Wrong! The Divergent and The Spectacular Now actress might be an even more disgusting kisser than J-Law. "Before our first kissing scene, Shailene took these Chinese dirt supplements and shoved them in her mouth. It's like a dirt pouch, and it smells like crap," complained her co-star Miles Teller. "She always has a mason jar and 100% of the time it smells like crap."

What can possibly be worse than kissing someone whose breath is that rancid and whose saliva is filled with actual dirt? We never thought we'd feel bad for the actors who have to kiss Shailene, but wow.

10 Brad Pitt

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People of all ages have been drooling over Brad Pitt and his perfect jawline and flawless abs for over twenty years now. There's not much we wouldn't do for a chance to lock lips with the two-time People's Sexiest Man Alive winner, but according to Kirsten Dunst, Brad really isn't worth obsessing over. Kirsten got the chance to kiss Brad in 1994's Interview With a Vampire, but she's never had anything positive to say about the experience. "Everyone at the time was like, 'you're so lucky you kissed Brad Pitt,' but I thought it was disgusting," she told Bullett magazine.

It's possible that her distaste for the kiss was mostly a result of her being only 11 years old during filming, but we would have thought a kiss with Brad Pitt would be absolutely amazing at any age.

9 Angelina Jolie

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"Brangelina" is on hold right now as the couple tries to figure out whether or not they work together anymore, and we think we might have an idea of why they've been having some relationship issues lately—they're both terrible kissers!

According to Angelina's Wanted co-star James McAvoy, Angie really isn't an enjoyable person to mess around with on-screen: "I can tell you what it was like to kiss her on a film set. It was awkward, sweaty and not very nice." If both Brad and Angelina's movie love interests are complaining about kissing them because of their complete lack of skills, we can't imagine their makeout sessions with each other are that pleasant! They looked really sexy together in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but looks can be deceiving.

8 Leonardo DiCaprio

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This one absolutely breaks our heart to discover. Leonardo DiCaprio has been at the very top of our crush list ever since we first saw him as Jack Dawson in Titanic, but three years after that iconic film was released, he starred in a lesser-known movie called The Beach opposite Virginie Ledoyen, and she had nothing but unflattering things to say about kissing him. "I think Leonardo is nice guy. But I don't want him as a lover. There was no honest passion. No real sensitivity in our love scenes," said Ledoyen. "In our underwater love scenes, all I could think of was not drowning. I can't even remember his kiss."

Hopefully the lack of chemistry and passion was just because Leo wasn't that into Virginie.

7 Jason Segel

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How I Met Your Mother's Marshall and Lily are of of our all-time favorite television couples. They were playful and adorable, and every time they kissed, we found ourselves hoping to find a love like theirs someday. Unfortunately, Alyson Hannigan didn't like kissing Jason Segel as much as Lily liked kissing Marshall! In fact, she was so disgusted by Jason that she repeatedly asked the writers and directors of the show to keep the couple from having to kiss. What was so wrong with Jason? Well, he was apparently such a nicotine addict that he always wreaked of cigarette smoke. Jason eventually kicked the habit, so their kisses towards the end of the series were a lot more genuine than the ones in the first few seasons!

6 Matt Lanter

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The CW always seems to find the hottest young stars in Hollywood for their shows, and 90210's Matt Lanter has to be one of the most attractive guys the network has ever discovered! We loved seeing his character Liam flirt and hook-up with AnnaLynne McCord's Naomi (even though we were super envious of her), but their chemistry on the show was apparently all just an act—AnnaLynne absolutely hated kissing him! "You know, he actually is a really bad kisser, so it kind of sucks," she accidentally admitted at the Hollywood Domino benefit at Bar 210.

She immediately backtracked and clarified that she really enjoys working with Matt, but how much can you possibly enjoy playing tonsil hockey with someone who doesn't know what he's doing?!

5 Kate Hudson

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Kate Hudson is one of the all-time romantic-comedy greats, so she's kissed countless guys in her films over the course of her impressive career. You'd think all of that experience would help her perfect her kissing form... but you'd be wrong. Dane Cook, Kate's love interest in My Best Friend's Girl, didn't exactly enjoy their kissing scenes and he says that it's entirely her fault. "I think she purposely ate like a feast of onions before our scene. I had to burn her on that one!"

Nobody wants to swap spit with someone that tastes and smells like onions, but Dane Cook has a reputation for being a bit gross himself and we wouldn't blame Kate if she did intentionally feast on some onions in an attempt to keep him away.

4 Tom Cruise

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There was a time where people would have lined up for a chance to kiss Tom Cruise. Back before he became the celebrity face of Scientology and scared everyone (including his wife, Katie Holmes) away, Tom was considered to be quite the hunk! That doesn't mean he's ever been a good kisser, though—his Mission Impossible co-star Thandie Newton says that their romantic scenes together in the film were completely dreadful. "Kissing Tom was slightly icky and sort of wet," she said. "I'd really go home at the end of the day actually moaning about how many times we had to do it."

Perfect hair and a body that doesn't seem capable of aging can get you pretty far, but nothing makes up for being an "icky" kisser, Tom!

3 James Franco

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James Franco is one of the most praised method actors in Hollywood, and is known for fully immersing himself into every role he takes. We really hope that's why his Spring Breakers co-star Vanessa Hudgens hated kissing him—his character, Alien, was supposed to be really creepy and disgusting. Vanessa says that she would "rather kiss a girl" than kiss James ever again, and admitted that the more she worked with him, the more she dreaded their make-out scene.  "I was like, 'Ugh, eww, I don't want to kiss James.'"

Vanessa's harsh evaluation also might be slightly unfair to James because she was used to kissing Zac Efron on and off screen, and let's be real... no one on Earth can really compare to him.

2 Orlando Bloom

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Pirates of the Caribbean fans, if you were disappointed that Elizabeth Swann chose Will Turner over Captain Jack Sparrow, you're not alone—even Keira Knightley would have preferred to end up with the iconic rum-loving pirate! She's tried to stay low-key abut her preference for Johnny Depp by saying that he "certainly wasn't bad" to kiss, but her desire to kiss him instead of Orlando Bloom was made pretty clear when the best she could say about Orlando's kissing technique was that it is "peculiar."

This is made especially awkward by the constant praise Orlando has always given Keira for her lip-locking skills. Could the tension between those two be the real reason Keira was only invited to be in the very last scene of the latest Pirates film?!

1 Harrison Ford

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Han Solo and Indiana Jones are two of the most dashing and crush-worthy characters in film history, so it's no big surprise that so many people have drooled over Harrison Ford for the past several decades. Helen Mirren, Harrison's co-star from 1986's The Mosquito Coast, thinks he's not quite worthy of all of the attention because he doesn't have any idea how to kiss. "Harrison is the nicest, sweetest guy you could want to meet. But he can't kiss—he finds it impossible to kiss on-screen. He's probably not very good off-screen either."

Helen added that other actresses who have swapped spit with Harrison have agreed with her, saying, "whenever we get chatting off-screen and we get around to talking, we come to the same conclusion." Yikes!

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