15 Talented Artists Drew Our Favorite Characters All Grown Up

Cartoons have a very strange hold in the minds of their viewers. Their personalities can seem so real and so lovable to us. As realistic as their personalities can appear to be, the characters don’t age, they never get jobs, and once the series ends and the episodes are no long renewed, that's it. Despite all of this, everyone has at least one cartoon character that they felt was a childhood companion of theirs–at least in spirit.

If you’re like me, you probably wondered what certain cartoon characters would be like if they actually did grow up alongside you. Many artists, too, have wondered which characters would become total hotties, and which ones would stay their awkwardly awesome selves. So, these 15 artists decided to imagine what their favorite childhood cartoons would look like as adults and they decided to share their creativity with the world. Here are 15 of our favorites!

15 Dee Dee From 'Dexter’s Lab'

DeviantArt user, Wickfield, wasn’t content just showing what Dexter’s annoying ballerina sister would be like in college. Instead, he decided to draw multiple representations of Dee Dee as she aged. As a college (?) student, Dee Dee slays it with her cute pink leggings and oddly adult white top.

But, apparently once she graduates, she becomes a superhero known as Action Dee Dee. Considering that her little brother is a boy genius, we could see how this would happen. But, still, it seems a bit strange, doesn’t it?

What isn’t strange, though, is the geriatric version of Dee Dee. She does seem like she’d age that way, don’t you agree? But then again, considering everything, we might just expect Dexter to turn her into a cyborg or something. It’s hard to tell.

14 The Gang From 'Scooby-Doo'


Back in the 1960s, a bunch of insane teenagers decided it was a smart idea to drop out of school and drive around in a hippie van while solving mysteries. BuzzFeed  posted an article wondering what these cartoon characters would be like if they were older, so they delivered a bunch of images of what the gang would look like 50+ years into the future (along with some fabulous backstories).

Unsurprisingly, Scooby didn’t live that long. However, Scrappy did. And he apparently became a really lonely pup. Among humans in the crew, Daphne ended up being a man-eater who currently lives with her third husband, Fred became a conservative financial advisor, Velma became a lesbian obsessed with “healing crystals,” and Shaggy doesn’t really seem to remember much of anything. #Shocker.

13 Tommy And Chucky From 'Rugrats'

Now, we all have seen the Rugrats gang grow up to their middle school and junior high years in the series Rugrats: All Grown Up. But, what happens after they wrap up their puberty years? Believe it or not, quite a few different artists have thought about it over the years. One of the artists who had thought about this was actually a storyboard artist on the original show!

Eric Molinsky stuck to his old storyboard drawing style and showed the entire crew as adults. Some were pretty predictable. Kimi turned into a punk, while Angelica and Susie both became power execs in their own companies. But, what about Tommy and Chuckie? Well, one looks like he probably has had a seat with Chris Hansen, and the other one looks seriously depressed.

12 'Ed, Edd, And Eddy' (And Their Kanker Sister Girlfriends)

In the '90s, the Eds were basically the perennial boys of summer. They were out to scam kids out of money so they could enjoy their precious, delicious, head-sized jawbreaker candy. Though most of us would never admit it, we totally have all wanted to have friends like the Eds.

As most know, the show took place in a time in their lives where girls were considered gross. And, no girls were grosser than the Kanker sisters; a trailer-park dwelling trio that had serious crushes on our quirky boyish protagonists. In the series, the boys avoided them like the plague. Somehow, though, we all surmised that they'd end up dating them once they got a little older.

DeviantArt user, andrahilde, nailed what the three couples would look like once they hit high school. Also, "Double D" definitely got way hotter as he aged, right?

11 The Cast Of 'Hey Arnold'

Hey Arnold! was one of those shows that just had a scarily realistic view on what being a kid was like. Taking place in a Brooklyn-like city filled with colorful personalities and a diverse group of people, it was a show that made you feel like you belonged to that group of kids.

And, most of us have wondered what it'd be like if Arnold and the rest of his friends ended up going to college and becoming adults. Fan art rockstar, Isaiah Stephens, decided to try his hand at giving us an idea of what the cast would be like if they were Millennials. Arnold apparently turned into a hipster, while Helga basically turned into her mom. Even so, what a good looking crowd!

10 Pepper Ann from 'Pepper Ann'

"Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, much too cool for 7th grade..." Okay, everyone has sang that song at least once in their middle school years! If you didn't, then you're totally missing out. With her poofy red hair, her Converse sneakers, and her sometimes-questionable yet totally '90s clothing choices, it's kind of hard to imagine Pepper Ann as an adult. Her look was just so middle school, you know?

Well, artist Celeste Pille had decided to try to figure out what the infamously awesome 7th grader would look like once she finished up college. In her renditions, Pepper Ann still retains a lot of that quirk and spunk. Even so, she still looks put together enough to look work appropriate in a more creative field. What do you think she'd do for a living anyways?

9 Blossom, Bubbles, And Buttercup From 'The Powerpuff Girls'

Via DevianArt

If there is one fan group in the world that has the most active imagination in terms of what these characters look as adults—it's The Powerpuff Girls fandom. Most of the time, artists make them into pinup-style ladies that usually leave little to the imagination. The three girls were so young in the TV show, that artists could seriously go in a variety of directions when it comes to their adult images.

DeviantArt user MaryNeim had decided to try a less pinup-styled approach and focused on a hyperrealistic approach on the subject. While they still have a lot of sexiness to them in this fan art piece, it's pretty clear that they also could probably kick your butt into oblivion if you tried something iffy on them. Well done, MaryNeim, well done!

8 Steven And Connie From 'Steven Universe'

Okay, fans of the show are allowed to squeal now! This has to be the cutest grown up couple you could draw in the entire Delmarva region! Connie looks incredibly strong in this picture, especially when you take a look at the nice detail of having her legs wrapped up. Steven? Well, he looks like a total hottie. Just look at those biceps! Actually, yeah, they both look incredible when they're in their twenties. Somehow, we feel like they would probably end up being showstoppers at one of Sour Cream's raves later on - even when they don't have to fuse into Stevonnie to get in.

This amazing piece of artwork was done by Yarvenclog on Tumblr, so if you love this, definitely check out more of the artist's other work.

7 The Squad From 'Codename: Kids Next Door'

Via Blogspot

Let's just be honest for a second. If you watched Kids Next Door growing up, you have wished that you were a part of the squad at least once. You know you wanted to give that crazy "2 by 4 technology" they always talked about a spin, and you totally would have fought the adults. Spankula was the lamest villain, and you would have probably been one of those people who would have made fun of him while on duty.

Truthfully, it's hard to imagine the Kids Next Door ever growing up, but one anonymous artist definitely did. Apparently, everyone by Nigel Uno ended up getting older. Wallaby Beatles looks a bit angry these days, while Kuki definitely seems like she's been climbing the corporate ladder. Do you think this is on point?

6 Huey And Jasmine From 'The Boondocks'

When Huey and Jasmine were kids, they both had their own way of doing things. Jasmine was a budding entrepreneur who was taken advantage by Wuncler, while Huey was working on trying to focus on bringing civil rights into the public eye once more. Both of them were smart and had their own way of trying to make things work. Despite having run-ins with the law, crazy school systems, and of course, Uncle Ruckus, the two seemed like they would eventually make a difference in the world.

DeviantArt user JosyLenny  had decided to take a look into the future to see where all the characters in the show would end up. Huey still retains his angst, while Jasmine seems to have inherited her father's professional, clean-cut image. Do you think that it's a pretty accurate estimate? Or, do you think it'd be a bit more extreme? Either way, it's good fanart.

5 Daria, Trent, Quinn, and Jane From 'Daria'

Via BuzzFeed

When we first met Daria, she was a disaffected teen who was in the same class as Beavis and Butt-head. But, then she got her own spinoff show and we fell in love with her angsty yet surprisingly level-headed, adult way of looking at the world. Though she was pretty close to being fully grown in the series, the fact is that there was still just a bit of growing she needed to do.

This image from BuzzFeed totally nailed what the main four characters would look like if they were to get coffee during a break at college. Trent looks like he may have gotten a job in the music biz, while Jane is still rocking her Hot Topic-esque clothing like many other artists out there. Meanwhile, it's nearly impossible to tell what Quinn's been up to. What do you think?

4 Archie From 'Archie'

This is another grown up depiction that shows a cartoon character all grown up. Even better, is it was done by people who are in charge of illustrating the comic book series! It's a bit different than other images we've seen on the Internet, but it's still a job well done.

In one special series that was released by the publisher, two different outcomes to America's oldest teen gang were given. In one ending, Archie married Betty. In the other, he married Veronica. And, as you can see in this comic panel, things actually get dark and Archie does his best to defend his Riverdale friends from an attacker. (Sadly, he doesn't make it.) That being said, it's a pretty dark end to Archie. But chances are that there's going to be some comic book magic done to resurrect him eventually. After all, they can't keep the main character dead, can they? Oh, wait, that's only one Archie-verse. He's also been a zombie in another universe, so it's not like there's reason to worry.

3  Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake

To make things clear, these two '80s kids television icons never actually met in a show. But, even so, it's hard not to see why a lot of people could see them becoming best friends. They love color, yummy stuff, and spread joy wherever they went. So, we'd imagine that they 'd end up crossing paths eventually.

DeviantArt user Avarts74 decided to show what the two would look like while hanging out together. And the final result is that they'd probably end up being ravers. (I mean, come on, with those knee-high socks and the colorful getups, it'd just have to happen.) We're totally cool with this, too, since both '80s ladies seem to be perfectly capable of rocking small outfits with the best of them. You go, girls!

2 The Peanuts Gang

Via DevianArt

Good grief, Charlie Brown! He's the kid who was emo before emo was even a thing. And, since his comic panel was one of the oldest and longest running in history, Charlie Brown has become somewhat of a symbol of American youth life. As such, watching Peanuts reruns can feel like getting reacquainted with an old friend that your entire family knew growing up.

One DeviantArt poster by the name of Techgnotic, delved into what the gang would look like once they hit adulthood. It seems like the kids all turned out alright. Peppermint Patty and Marcy ended up together, while Linus still seems to have some connection to Sally. the only one showing salt here is Lucy...but somehow, we all guessed that would happen, right?

1 The Teen Titans From 'Teen Titans'

Back before the absolute travesty that is Teen Titans Go!, there was a show that many teenagers and younger kids fell in love with called Teen Titans. And, they actually acted like teenagers who were coming of age, rather than overgrown babies. And we all kind of wondered what they'd look like once they reached their early twenties.

Artist, Phil Cho had taken a try at trying to depict what the squad would be like when they were finally old enough to drink. Starfire looks hot, Beast Boy looks like a literal party animal, Nightwing looks intimidating, Cyborg looks like he got some upgrades, and Raven? Well, Raven just looks friggin' terrifying. But hey, overall, we're pretty satisfied with the way the gang turned out. It's like running into old friends.

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