15 Tattoo "Fixes" That Are Not Fixes At All

Tattoos are forever (mostly). That's why it's highly encouraged that people do their research before getting inked. It's always best to do research on tattoo studios, artists and their portfolios so people know exactly what they're getting. Of course, they should also think long and hard about what they’re going to have tattooed on their skin because once it’s tattooed, it can be quite difficult and expensive to completely remove.

Those who do not have the means to have their existing tattoos removed just go the cheaper route and have their ink covered up by another piece of art. Unfortunately, not all cover-ups are pieces of art. In fact, many of them are worse than the original.

Here are 15 people who probably regretted getting their tattoos “fixed.”

15 Fill it in

Via: wykop.pls

This was one tattoo she clearly regretted. It's possible that it was a photo of an old lover, whom she probably broke up with. Sadly, she had to get a cover-up done, but it seems that the artist had run out of creative ideas on how to draw over the existing tattoo. He opted to go for a minimalist design that does the job pretty well. He went ahead and literally just drew a square over the existing design and filled it in with black ink. Now she has a huge black square covering up her old tattoo on her shoulder. We wonder, how would she respond if someone asked her what her tattoo means? Would she talk about covering up a tattoo of an ex-lover or make something about about it representing her dark soul?

14 The haunting

Via: looktattoo.ru

It's common for people to honor their loved ones, especially those who have passed away, through tattoos. Sometimes, they get a photo or a name of a family member inked on their skin. Some more clever ideas include the sound waves of the person's voice or their handwriting. Some people even get their children's drawings tattooed on them. This man decided to honor his family by getting a tattoo of a heart with a banner with the word "family" in it, but it didn't come out so great. So, he decided to get a cover-up tattoo of a photo of what looks like a young girl. Unfortunately, even the cover-up is very questionable, as the girl looks a bit sinister, like a villain from a horror video game.

13 Artistic scribbles

Via: chaostrophic.com

There are some tattoos that are inspired by characters from other languages, from Chinese to Japanese and sometimes, ancient typography. It seems like this person first got a tattoo of a quote in a different language and based on how blurry the old tattoo is now, it seems like it was done years ago. Outgrowing the said tattoo, he decided to cover the original tattoo by having an artist draw over it. The cover-up wasn't much of a cover-up, though, as it looked like someone merely scribbled all over his existing tattoo. Upon closer inspection, it looks like it could be another quote written in someone’s unique handwriting, but no words can be deciphered from the scribbles. It must mean something to him though, right?

12 Andy who?

Via: tattoodo.com

We're not here to judge whoever gets a tattoo of their significant other's name, but a word of caution to those who are considering it: make sure you stick together. One of the more famous people who did get a tattoo of their lover is Johnny Depp, who had "Winona Forever" tattooed on himself. Unfortunately for him, they broke up. So later he had the tattoo changed to “Wino Forever.” When he split up with ex-wife Amber Heard, he also changed his tattoo for her from “Slim” to “Scum.” This girl, however, wasn’t so lucky as her original tattoo reads “Andy.” At a loss for creative ideas, the artist just tattooed a huge x-mark over the name and wrote “Screw you” underneath, which pretty much sums up this girl’s feelings.

11 Got a long list of ex-lovers...

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You’d think that one would refrain from tattooing himself with his new girlfriend’s name after breaking up with an old girlfriend whose name was tattooed on his arm. But this man got pretty creative with his tattoo choices and now have several names of his exes tattooed on his arm. First, there was Anna, who was probably a simple girl who never wanted her name tattooed on her boyfriend. Then came Rosalie, who was probably glad to have her named inked on him. When they broke up, there was Jessica, who oddly enough agreed to this, and Tina, who literally saw three names on his arm and yet let him do it again. At least now we know he's with Laura, after striking out four girls' names on his arm.

10 Could you?

Via: oddee.com

The general mindset of those who bravely dive into the world of body modification is “We only live once” or YOLO for the younger generations. So when this girl went out to get her tattoo, she decided to have her motto inked on her. She believed that "We could die tomorrow," which means that we should live life to the fullest. Unfortunately, her tattoo artist couldn't spell "could" properly, resulting in a horrible typo that read "coluld.” To correct the misspelled word, she had three stars drawn over the word and the correct "could" written right beside it, because who wants a tattoo with a misspelled word, right? And if you look closely, you’ll see “tomorrow” was spelled “tommorow” too. Looks like the artist needs spelling lessons.

9 Bye, Jamie

Via: wowphotos.com

This girl may be one of the unfortunate people who have gone through a very bad break-up with a certain Jamie. In the photo, you could clearly see that the name "Jamie" was tattooed on, with a date that probably indicates the day they officially became a couple, or worse, the day they got engaged. Clearly, the relationship went sour as this girl decided to creatively cover up the "Jamie" tattoo with something else. Her new tattoo now reads "Family" and covers up the date right below Jamie's name. It's a nice touch but her previous tattoo is still very much visible even with the cover-up ink. It's highly likely that she'll get another cover-up to cover up her cover-up tattoo, if that makes sense.

8 Written on my neck

Via: someecards.com

Neck tattoos can be sexy and unique. After all, majority of people opt to have their tattoos on their torso, back or arms. But the neck tattoo is often reserved for names of loved ones. Just take this man who tattooed the name of his lover on his neck. However, it seems that the relationship didn't last as long as the tattoo, as he had to have it covered up. But instead of having a design drawn over it, he decided that it would be enough for the tattoo artist to draw a huge black "x" mark over the name and write, just below, "My big mistake." This tattoo fix is one of many regretful tattoos that serve as a reminder to think carefully before getting any tattoo.

7 From Megan to Hollie

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Inking one's skin with the name of one's lover may be considered romantic and hopeful; hopeful because the person is positive that the relationship will last as long as the tattoo. But we can never tell how long relationships will last, which is why it's very puzzling that people still do ink themselves with their lover’s name. At some point, this man was very much in love with a girl named Megan but the relationship eventually ended, which is why he had to cover up her name on his arm. He luckily found love again in the form of Hollie, whose name he decided to get a tattoo of. Speak about making the same mistake twice. The cover-up was also questionable, as it read, "Oops, I meant Hollie."

6 Transforming sailor

Via: collegehumor.com

This case of a tattoo cover-up is rather interesting, as there is not one, but six stages to it. The original tattoo was that of a blonde sailor. The man decided he no longer wanted to keep it and so he went to get it covered up. First, he got a black mustache tattooed on the blonde sailor. Perhaps dissatisfied by how it looked, he got another cover-up which was thick black eyebrows and more facial hair. Still not satisfied, he later asked for a full beard. The fourth cover-up then involved a unibrow and a much longer beard. And the last one? Well it now looks like a Muslim woman in a sailor suit with a hijab. It was a long journey; we hope it was worth it.

5 Corrections

Via: boredpanda.com

Some tattoo fixes are so impressive that you can't even see the original tattoo. Some very talented artists go the extra mile to deliver designs that make the person feel better about covering up previous tattoo mistakes. But there are also artists who are clever at making use of what's already there and making it more bearable and at times, even humorous. That's the kind of artist this man hired whose tattoo is a quote with not one, but two misspelled words. To make things better, the tattoo artist decided to draw around and over the quote to conserve it and point out, rather than cover up, the blatant mistakes. He even "corrected" them using red ink, just like an English teacher would. This guy's professor must be very proud.

4 Ralph...Lauren?

Via: guff.com

To cover up tattoos that one regrets, one needs to be extra creative, especially if he or she wants to use the art that's already there. This guy had his ex-girlfriend's name tattooed on his wrist and it read "Lauren." So when the time came for him to move on from the relationship that seems to have ended badly, he had to cover up the tattoo. And what better way to cover it up than to actually not cover it up and instead add a humorous twist to it? His cover-up tattoo is the Ralph Lauren logo with the brand name, so the artist didn't have to write over "Lauren." It's a clever way of transforming the existing tattoo, but we're wondering if he's really that obsessed with the clothing brand.

3 Null and void

Via: thesun.co.uk

An easier way of getting rid of lover tattoos that no longer hold meaning is to simply cover it up with an x-mark or any sign that indicates that the relationship with this person whose name is tattooed is definitely over. Here we see a man with the name Tracy etched on his skin right over his heart. When that relationship ended sourly, he decided to go for a cover-up that is not at all subtle. He had the word "VOID" written in bold, red letters and enclosed in a box that looks like a stamp. It's a creative way to go about a cover-up tattoo, but it's definitely one that teaches a lesson: don't tattoo your boyfriend, girlfriend or even your spouse’s name on your skin!

2 The devil in me

Via: firerank.com

Tattoos are more than just art on skin. They tell stories and hold meaning to those who have it. For this lady, the story probably went something like this. She once had someone named Jeffrey who meant a lot to her. The bear holding a jar of honey above his name on her arm probably signified this man and their love for each other. But seeing as the relationship didn’t last, this lady had to get her two tattoos covered up. That's when she headed to an artist who thought it might be a good idea to cover up her tattoo with something different. Like a devil. The new tattoo is a stark contrast from the original, seemingly innocent bear that's holding a jar of honey.

1 Block it out

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This girl had a lower back tattoo that read "Edwin," which was most likely the name of her boyfriend at the time she bravely had this inked on her skin. But as time passed, the relationship unfortunately met its ending, so she wanted to remove all traces of him from her life, including this tattoo. However, the artist couldn't come up with a better way to cover up his name and instead just drew on a huge block and arrow over it. The result of the cover-up is a weird cross-arrow hybrid decorated with some stars and curly decor. Very odd, indeed. Again, don't tattoo your significant other's name on your body.

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