15 Teachers Who Should Get A Raise For Their Hilarity

When you factor in the amount of pay, the annoyances of kids, and the hours put in planning and prepping lessons, teaching is possibly one of the toughest jobs anyone could have. So, if you plan on teaching for many years and want to keep your sanity intact until summer rolls around, it’s best that you develop a healthy sense of humor. Not only will doing so help you cut back on stress, but it could also motivate the students to pay more attention as it keeps them on their toes. Just in case you’re doing research on hilarious ways to engage (or infuriate) students, we have compiled a list of some of the more humorous acts teachers have done. And in case any educational professionals are reading, these 15 teachers definitely deserve a raise for their hilarity.

15 No terrorizing the teacher

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Terrorism is always frowned upon, especially in school environments, and even among stick people. That was the lesson this student learned when he or she decided to bribe the teacher into giving a bonus point by threatening the life of a stick figure with another stick figure who was holding up a gun. The teacher let that student know right away that no bonus would be given on the grounds that the teacher does not negotiate with terrorists. It’s this kind of boldness that we could use in the White House. Maybe this teacher should leave the education profession for government work. He or she would probably make more money. Until then, we can all agree that this teacher definitely deserves a raise, or at least a bonus (pun intended), for taking such a patriotic stance against terrorism.

14 Homework we'd like to try

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How would you like that for homework? No writing papers or studying required. Well, except that you might have to study your nemesis in order to complete number five on the list. This teacher gave students the chance to do something totally awesome. Hello, end world hunger! There were also plenty of silly assignments to choose from. Other assignments actually made a very valid point. Who hasn’t wondered what would happen if you used conditioner before shampoo in the shower? Most likely, you would just get confused and reapply conditioner after the shampoo. It still would be cool to try it out, though. Not only did this teacher give a nice variety of assignments to choose from, but all seem rather interesting. Admit it: you can’t wait to jump in the shower and switch up your shampoo and conditioner.

13 Using Justin to get justice

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Why is it that the same people who never seem to have their own pencil are the ones who always keep the pencils they borrow? If only there was a way to stop this crazy cycle! One teacher just might have found the perfect solution to this pestering pencil problem. What if you ordered a bunch of personalized pencils? Instead of using your name though, what if you had the pencils personalized with an embarrassing message? “I heart Justin Bieber.” Yeah, that should work. One teacher actually put this hypothesis to the test, and the findings were phenomenal. Not only were all the pencils miraculously returned as soon as the class ended, but students also started bringing their own pencils to class. Imagine that, and all thanks to Justin Bieber.

12 Crotch watch

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Regardless of what students think, teachers are not stupid. Sure, there’s that old saying, “those who can’t teach,” but we all know better. Most of the time, the stupidest thing a teacher has done is, well, decide to become a teacher. They may choose to be overstressed and underpaid, but other than that, they are not naive. Teachers know that their students text during class, and they also know precisely when students text. Just in case you’re wondering how teachers know when you’re texting, this teacher laid it all out in bold serif font in the middle of his presentation. He chose the overhead projector to help him bring to light the fact that people just don’t look at their crotch and smile. Now here’s to the brave student who chose to take this photo and text it to all of his or her friends during this teacher’s class.

11 What’s not to like about physics?

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It’s more common than you think for a student to draw something sarcastic or just plain desperate on a test paper. For example, the student who threatened the life of a stick figure in vain effort to gain a bonus point. This student thought an appropriate expression of his or her frustration would be to draw the mad little meme guy at the bottom of a physics quiz. The student probably thought the teacher would get the point that he or she was frustrated, yet have no idea about the character that was drawn. The joke was on the student though when the teacher decided to sarcastically caption the illustration with “Y U No Like Physics?!?!?” This teacher just won the internet without even going online. Only a hilarious person could create such a funny handwritten meme!

10 The ties that bind

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Teachers have always had to fight against students falling asleep in their classes. Some teachers reprimand the students as they catch them falling asleep, while others let them fall asleep only to wake them up to the harsh reality that everyone in class has eyes on them snoring and drooling. Other teachers simply do nothing and let the student's ill choice of nap time show up in their final grades. This teacher, however, came up with a rather unique solution to one of his student’s sleepy problem. Rather than let this young man get the best of him, this history teacher stopped teaching class, got down in the floor, and tied the guy’s shoes together. The best part about this clever prank is that the student will not know what hit him until he stands up and hits the floor.

9 Shoulda put a name on it

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Another age-old problem teachers have to deal with is students turning in papers without their names on them. This causes a lot of confusion when a teacher starts to grade papers, especially when multiple classes take the same test. Although teachers drive the point home every time they give a test, there is usually at least one student who neglects to leave a name on his or her paper before turning it in. One teacher decided to skip the chit-chat and instead post this comical poster that featured Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, and the cast from SNL who helped to parody "Single Ladies," along with a little caption that explained why some students got a big fat zero: “If ya wanted a grade, ya shoulda put ya name on it.”

8 Your mother

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It’s no secret or surprise by now that students give sarcastic answers when they get in a bind. Instead of frowning on such sarcasm, this teacher decided to join the crowd and get ahead of the game by adding in some sarcastic answers. When it comes to sharing, this teacher planned on sharing more than just sarcasm, though. Just take a look at the final correct answer to the question, “Which of the following are instances of ‘shared data?'” Your mother. Yep. You read that right. Whether the students thought this was funny or just plain wrong, you’ve got to give the teacher credit for pulling a classic joke in the most unlikely of places. Maybe your mother will also share a little money with the teacher in case the administration doesn’t appreciate the humor and decides to give him or her a raise.

7 Welcome to Meth 101

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OK, first of all, is it even legal to teach this in a classroom? Now, if we can put the sheer shock of this subject aside, we will see that this teacher has created one hilarious scenario. Not only is this chemistry teacher instructing his students on the methods of making methamphetamine, but he could not have dressed better for the part. Anyone vaguely familiar with the hit TV cult classic Breaking Bad can clearly see that this teacher is dressed like none other than Walter White, a desperate chemistry teacher who decides to start making meth in order to pay off his family’s looming medical debt. If the students have not paid attention in this man’s class before, they should now. Someone needs to give this guy a raise before he becomes even more like Walter, if you know what we mean.

6 Go to Helen Waite

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After turning test papers in, students show little patience when waiting for the teacher to grade them in order to know if they passed. This is especially the case for any students who find themselves flirting with the line of failure to the point that they resort to drawing little characters begging for extra credit. No doubt, teachers get tired of this harassment and want to put a stop to such impatience. One of those teachers would be the one who posted this little piece of paper, who is also obviously advanced in the art of sarcasm. This is one of those messages that sneaks up on you as you’re reading it. The teacher cleverly disguised the phrase “go to hell and wait” in the form of a woman’s name with a little letter shifting and capitalization.

5 A picture’s worth a thousand words

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In today’s world of technology, phones and tablets are becoming more accepted in class, with some schools even incorporating them into the lessons. That doesn’t change the fact that devices can still be big distractions during class. Many teachers have no choice other than to confiscate their students phones while they are teaching.

Of course, they eventually give the phones back. That is where the funny comes in on this one. Apparently, this teacher had a little fun taking selfies with his teaching buddies before handing back one student’s phone. He even went the extra mile by saving his favorite shot of the three of them as the phone’s screensaver. There is a good chance this student will think twice before using his or her phone in this teacher’s class again.

4 Talk to the doll hand

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Especially in higher grades and college, it is common for teachers to keep certain “office hours” in which students can go to them for help. That means, unless something catastrophic happens, students can drop by during those designated times and expect their teachers to be there. Most teachers would just leave a note on the door if they have to be out, but not this teacher. Maybe the choice in creating a weird fake person was the result of the teacher feeling bad about sneaking out of the office. Still, nobody is buying it. Come on, a cardboard face in a hoodie with creepy doll arms? Though, the iced drink and keys laid out were a nice touch. The teacher couldn’t have gone far without keys, right? Regardless of how ridiculous this façade looks, you have to give the teacher credit for creativity.

3 Only in the science department

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There is no denying that you have to be a trooper to deal with a bunch of students all day. And if you’re going to be a trooper, you may as well go all out and be a Stormtrooper. That is what this teacher did. While we appreciate the stance, we’re not quite sure of his reason for wearing a Stormtrooper helmet in the school’s yearbook. Maybe he wanted to promote the fiction part of science, or maybe he was too bashful to show his real face. He may have wanted to keep his true identity secret in case he is a real mad scientist . . . or perhaps the same guy who decided to teach his students how to manufacture methamphetamine. Whatever his reasoning, we’re glad he decided to do this. More science teachers should step up to the plate and own their geekiness.

2 #McDonalds

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Many students take the risk of writing in bogus answers or drawing little doodles of apology in a desperate attempt to try and get a passing grade. Then, there are some students who literally have no clue and leave a few of the answers blank. Finally, there is one student who took the bravest approach of all. While leaving all of the answers blank, this student went even further by adding in a big fat #Yolo next to one of the blanks. The teacher took a nice sarcastic, humorous, and brutally honest approach to answering this student’s choice of test answers. There is no better way to respond to a hashtag than with a hashtag. Even better is when you use hashtags to point out that a failing student is destined for making #minimumwage in the #future at #McDonalds.

1 Always proofread profanity

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A good teacher is always teaching, even in the most extreme situations. Take, for example, this teacher who took the time to proofread a hate letter she found taped to her classroom door. One student seemed to think it would be funny to leave a letter full of profanity about how bad he or she hated English IV. The teacher was the one who made it funny, however, by using a bright red marker to proofread every little error. Then, she left a finishing touch by noting at the top that profanity should not be used in a formal letter, and noting at the bottom that taking a few minutes to proofread your writing will keep you from looking stupid. We’re guessing that student felt pretty stupid when he or she saw this teacher’s response.

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