15 Teenagers Who Won't Be Making 'Teacher's Pet' Anytime Soon

As the school year comes to a close, the stress levels are mounting. Who’s going to graduate? Who’s going to be held back for another year? The number of people who aren’t on track to graduate from high school or college is always shocking. Friends that we thought were ready to walk out into the world with us are all of a sudden staying put in their desks. People that never really got involved in the school are all of a sudden forced to be there another year, hoping that a victory lap is just what they need to make it onto college.

In some extreme cases, there are even the people who don’t get to move on at all. Whether this is because of behavior, grades or a basic lack of respect for the program is often unknown to outsiders. They’re the kids that get expelled and are forced to try again somewhere else. There are a few lucky ones who don’t get caught; these are the kids who seem to skate by, pulling through everything by the skin of their teeth. These are the ones we’re focusing on. We went through the internet and found 15 teenagers who really should be expelled.

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15 Expelled...Or given an A for ingenuity?

Let’s start with this undercover genius. How many times in our life have we fallen asleep in class only to wake up with a detention slip or a failed pop quiz in front of us? The answer is too many times. Going to school at 8:30 in the morning is ridiculous, and it’s only natural that kids want to stay asleep. This kid is doing what we only dreamed of when we were in school: not only are they getting to nap in class, but they’re going to avoid the dreaded judgmental-teacher-wake-up-yell.

By hiding a fake set of eyes in their glasses, they’re able to close their real eyes and fall into sweet, sweet desk slumber. While there’s a bit of a downside in the fact that they probably can’t see from behind the fake eyes, it’s worth it to catch a few extra Z’s. But wait! Should we really be supporting someone who’s sleeping in class? They could miss important information! Well, at any other time of the year we might agree. But when it’s so close to summer vacation there’s not much new being learned. School’s almost out, so we say “go ahead and nap” to all the desk-sleepers.

14 Maybe the teacher should be the one not passing

We have a theory that teachers are often just as tired as their students. Between marking papers and running after-school activities, there’s only so much they can do when it comes to keeping energy levels up in class. If a teacher sees someone (or something) sitting in a desk, they’re just going to give them work to do. Who knows how they got there, and who cares! They probably just want to make it through the day so they wrap up, go home and get back to bed. This student decided to run a little experiment to see just how much attention their teacher is willing to pay to the students.

The student decided to put a balloon inside of their sweatshirt and then positioned it to look like a sleeping student. The teacher apparently didn’t notice the missing legs on this student or the disproportionate size of their head to their “shoulders” as they gave balloon kid work to do. Luckily, the perpetrator of this experiment caught the whole thing on Snapchat, which has no doubt given the world an insight into just how exhausted teachers are. The other option? This teacher caught a glimpse of that bright yellow latex and just decided to play along.

13 The truth all students know

Remember when you felt like this? The only thing keeping you going was the drive to get an"A." You worked hard on all your PowerPoint presentations, trying again and again, to get the slides in that perfect order. You poured over your references and citations and worked tirelessly to make sure that all your claims were based on facts and truth. What did it get you? A lousy "C." Maybe a "C+" if the teacher was generous. While that’s not the worst thing in the world, it does get discouraging if it happens time and time again.

This student clearly felt that way and decided to take a stand with his presentation instead of doing yet another PowerPoint presentation about cell reproduction.

This student decided to yell his truth out at the front of the class, knowing that everyone else in the room was standing behind him in solidarity. Students are tired. Students are sad. Students are going to talk about that until something changes. Or until you give them an "A" on their project; whichever is easier. Hey, we’re convinced. If someone put in enough effort to actually build a whole presentation talking about how they’re so tired that they deserve an "A," we think the teacher should give it to them!

12 There's a time and a place for cat photos (essay submissions aren't one of them)

Everyone’s worst school nightmare is epitomized in this photo. Not only did this person attach the wrong file, but they attached a totally different type of file. This wasn’t a situation where the student sent their teacher an old draft of the proper essay or an essay that they handed in a month prior. This was the student actively clicking the wrong type of file. They attached a photo rather than a ".pdf" or ".docx," which makes us think that this student was absolutely exhausted when they finished this essay and went to send it in. It’s not even a relevant picture!

If they were doing an essay on the Sistine Chapel and accidentally sent a jpg of that, we would understand. But this ugly looking cat is definitely not relevant for any sort of essay. While we feel bad that this happened to the student, it’s hard to control our laughter. Who does this?! Obviously, someone who’s overworked, overtired and just waiting for the struggle of essay writing to end. The next time you’re submitting your essay, make sure to double and triple check that you’ve attached the right file. If you don’t, you might end up like this poor student.

11 Studying is hard, but chameleons are harder

What a good and productive use of time. No doubt someone who’s studying chameleons so hard is putting that same effort into studying their classwork...or not. This person is actively ignoring their classroom skills in favor of drawing chameleons by memory. Practice makes perfect, after all, as anyone who’s been in school knows. The more you study and drill the material, the more confident you’ll be on the tests and examinations.

Unfortunately, those study efforts aren’t paying off, as this chameleon looks more like an incomplete, skeptical potato.

We definitely see what they were going for! The spherical eyes of the chameleon are a little similar to what’s in the drawing. They definitely didn’t get anything else right about the drawing. Also, can we talk about the fact that this person started crying because they couldn’t draw a chameleon? We think it’s hilarious, even though it’s also a little sad. We’ve all been so stressed that the littlest things set us off. No doubt, this person couldn’t help but cry staring down at yet another personal failure. While this might not the worst thing in the world to be bad at, it’s clearly shaken this person to their core.

10 At least school taught them how to share

Students have to look out for each other. Whether you’re helping each other by handing over notes or picking up homework when one of you is “sick,” as students you have each other’s backs. When one of you is thinking “Hey, this lecture is really boring,” we’re willing to bet that another one of you is thinking the exact same thing. The proof is right here in this photo. Not only is this one kid proving that the lesson isn’t worth listening to, but the other kid’s text is corroborating evidence of the lecture's bore level. There’s only so much the kids can do when faced with a boring class.

They can either listen and try to stay awake, or they can fend for themselves and find something that will keep them from falling asleep. This is where cartoons come in! Thank goodness that the kid in the front brought his laptop to class. Not only would it be good for taking notes, but it’s also the saving grace in a boring lecture. The kid in the back was polite about asking if he can get in on the cartoon action, and we’re glad the first kid obliged. Like we said, students need to have each other’s backs. It’s the only way they’ll make it through boring lectures alive!

9 It's not just high school students that deserve to be expelled

Hands up if you ever tried to cook food in your dorm room. That’s what we thought; everyone who’s been to university has been desperate enough to try and make a meal in their dorm room. Eventually, your meal plan runs out and you’re stuck surviving off of whatever’s left of your scholarship or student loans. It can become pretty slim pickings when the semester is coming to an end as well, as this kid has demonstrated. Not only is it a makeshift grill, but he didn’t even spring for the hot dogs—he decided to cook spam! GROSS!

How desperate do you have to be to spend your last $1.30 of scholarship money on a tin of spam and some hand sanitizer?

We’re hoping that this kid got caught by his dorm advisor. While people often think that you can only get expelled from high school, that’s not true. Colleges and universities can also expel you if the crime is severe enough. While setting fire to your dorm room is pretty bad, we think this kid should be expelled on the grounds of eating spam. That’s truly the worst part about this. Also, for the record, we don’t really know if it’s safe to cook things over hand sanitizer.

8 The REAL reason teachers limit calculator use

From writing rude words with numbers to sending secret messages across the room, there’s no end to what calculators have done for students in math, chemistry and general science. While not everyone has a need for calculators in their life, especially after finishing school, those that do wouldn’t trade them for the world. They know just how important calculators are, and if you’ve ever taken a higher level math or science class, you would too. This kid is taking the calculator to a whole new level; step aside academia, because a new art form called calculator portraiture has arrived.

This is the practice of using hardcore calculator skills to craft a likeness of someone on a little screen. People might judge it, but we think it’s totally awesome. Not only did this person have to spend quite a bit of time figuring out how to craft the plot points needed to make the picture, but they also had to stare at their teacher long enough to get the picture right. Some might call it a waste of time, but we call it genius. No way should someone get expelled for this! This is art. Calculator portraiture will go down in history, just like how Jackson Pollock’s divisive painting style has.

7 Making it through the tough times...together

University has given us many fond memories. While sleeping on top of someone you don’t know isn’t always considered a positive, these two seem to be having a grand old time. At least, that’s what we’re assuming based on the cozy set up they’ve got. We’re glad that we got a good picture out of this one since it’s kind of the perfect example of university life. The caption says “finals week,” but this photo could represent any of us at any time. Those of us who have been through university or college know the struggle of the staying up late to finish projects and meet deadlines. When you throw parties into the mix it gets difficult to retain any sort of semblance of a proper sleep schedule.

Eventually, people are going to find you napping in the reference section of the library, or passing out on top of strangers during a practice exam.

Luckily, these two found each other, proving that the most stressful situations really do create the strongest bonds. After all, if these two can sleep on top of each other, they can make it through anything together. They just might not pass their exam. Oh well! Who needs good grades when you have friends?

6 Start your career job hunt early, they said...

Just in case you can’t read what’s on this kid’s computer screen, the headline of the article reads: “10 High-Paying Jobs for College Dropouts." Somebody is a little desperate, huh? We’ll admit, we don’t really know what differential equations are. We didn’t even take high school physics, let alone at the college or university level. At one point we considered it, but taking one look at the sheer size of the textbooks was enough to convince us that art, literature and drama were the ways to go.

Perhaps this kid is feeling the same way. Instead of changing his major, he’s thinking of straight-up dropping out. Kudos to him for deciding to look at other options, and to figure out exactly how and why he’s going to make the switch from academia to... whatever this list suggests he does. Despite what people seem to think, you can make a life for yourself without a university education. College and trade schools are totally viable, stable options that give you a career path which likely are always going to be hiring. Don’t be scared to do it, kid! We hope he does take the plunge and drop out if that’s what his heart is telling him.

5 If parents knew how we actually studied, we'd all be expelled

Let’s be real, there’s no way that this girl is going to admit to her mom what she’s actually Googling. That’s one of the things we just won’t tell our parents about. While they might want to know about our relationships, our grades, and what we’re doing for work, what we’re searching on Google is confidential knowledge. It’s not that we don’t trust them; we love our parents and want them to know what’s going on in our life. But the Google is a different story. Google is meant for the questions we’re too scared to ask our folks. It tells us the secrets of the universe and the answers nobody wants else knows. Plus, her mother would probably be disappointed if she knew that instead of studying her baby was playing therapist to cats and dogs.

This girl is right; it really does sum up the university experience for anyone who's felt overworked and unimpressed with the academic world.

It’s not for everyone, but luckily there’s Google to help us find our way. Maybe she should ask the guy in the photo above for the link to that list for college dropouts. Or, maybe she should just buckle down, do the work and make mom proud.

4 It's okay, we're worried for you too

We’re worried too. Not only did this guy send this message to his professor, but now he’s going to have to send a follow-up message explaining what happened. It’s almost more embarrassing taking ownership of your mistakes rather than making the mistake in the first place. While the internet is a great place to take off our masks and be who we truly are, the anonymity is only available on certain platforms. Email isn’t anonymous, even though you two are separated by screens and cyberspace. This professor knows who this kid is, and this kid is going to have to face the professor in class the next day.

What’s a poor, embarrassed soul to do? If it was up to us we would see if the email carrier has an unsend button. If there isn’t an unsend option, then the next best thing would be to reply to that email, send it to the professor, and write out the whole message. That way the professor will click on the newest email rather than seeing the older message. Plus, it won’t crowd the professor’s inbox. We hope this guy has learned to double check his messages before sending them. Another failsafe: waiting until he’s actually written the message before typing in the professor’s address.

3 When the teacher is better at trolling than the students

This kid might not be getting expelled, but he’s certainly getting a face full of floor. In some ways that’s actually better! Not only did the teacher decide to get some sweet payback on him, but he also taught this kid a valuable lesson. Being tired is a problem that plagues almost every student. We’re betting that this class isn’t the only one that this kid is nodding off in. Whether it’s because of parties, homework, stress or the internet doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fact that students aren’t getting enough sleep. When that happens their studies suffer, as does their mental health; we’ve certainly been there. You might not understand unless you’ve experienced it first hand, which some people haven’t.

Trust us when we say that this student is probably dealing with a lot if they’re falling asleep during class.

While it might have been nice of the teacher to have some compassion, teaching students is ultimately their goal. What better way to teach than to tie this kid’s laces together and have him fall over when he tries to leave? It might be vicious, but at least it’s effective! We’re betting that this kid tried hard to get his sleep schedule under control after this one.

2 Some people just can't be taught

What a lovely picture of two girls in health science class. Learning how to take your own temperature is a valuable life skill. While your parents might have taught you about it when you were a kid, relearning skills as an adult is very important. Knowing how to do important, self-care based things is one of the easiest ways to feel like you’re succeeding as an adult. You need to be able to care for yourself, even when you’re sick. Plus, health science class has always seemed like one of the easier courses; definitely easier than physics! Unfortunately, these two girls seem to have much more to learn.

The comment underneath reminds the two of them that those are rectal thermometers (AKA the thermometer that doesn’t go in your mouth). While it was definitely too late for these two girls, hopefully, another student saw the comment and decided against putting the thermometer in their mouth. The only thing we’re left wondering is why the teacher didn’t stop them from taking this selfie. Not only is it unhygienic, but these two shouldn’t be taking selfies in class anyway! Paying attention is the only way to succeed (and to make sure you’re putting the thermometer in the right end).

1 The stroke of luck every student wishes for

Sometimes it feels like we’re living our lives this way. Two mistakes happen and all of a sudden, you’re doing something right. You cancel plans right before you have to reschedule something, and the only time available is during your cancelled plans slot. Silly little coincidences like that can really make you feel like you’ve done something right. This is especially true in the case of math class.

While we never managed to get past Math Foundations 11, we definitely understand the sheer luck involved at having this happen.

Any math whiz will tell you that it’s super unlikely to have a situation like this happen. This photo sums up this list well, as it proves just how lucky some of these kids are. We don’t know if any of them were actually expelled, but we’re guessing that it’s likely they weren’t. None of these things are really that bad (except for spam guy). What is likely is the fact that they all learned a lesson. These kids might deserve to be expelled, but they’ve pulled through. They’re managing just fine in school by utilizing cartoons, balloons, and Google searches. Hopefully, you’ve gotten a laugh out of it; if not, these poor kids messed up their school careers for nothing.

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