15 Teens Who Definitely Need Some Guidance In Life

15 Teens Who Definitely Need Some Guidance In Life

As we move through life, we continue to grow. When we were children, we didn’t know much, so we turned to the older people in our life to teach us the things that we needed to know to survive. Our most important lessons came from those individuals who have been on this earth longer than us. But as we get older, there’s less that we have to learn. Because a lot of the important stuff is taught to us when we’re kids, we won’t need to find somebody to teach these vital wisdoms to us. But even though we know more than we did when we were younger, that doesn’t mean that we still won’t need help from time to time. Some of us will require it more than others. And clearly the teens on this list need the most assistance out of all of us.

15. It’s Just An Estimation

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When puberty hits, your body starts to change in ways that you didn’t expect. Suddenly you have hair in places that you never had hair before. Certain areas start to get bigger, and other parts start to get smellier. At a certain point in time everyone needs to wear deodorant. Even if you’re not literally running around all day, you will still start to smell if you don’t use this product. Luckily the creators of it try to make your experience as pleasant as possible. If you’re going to have to put on this stuff every day you should at least be able to have some options. For example, they come in different scents. If you want your aroma to be like a meadow then you can have that, or if you want to go with the non-scented type then you have that choice too. You can even decide between the roll on or the spray kind. Just know that if you choose the latter that the spraying distance they give is just an estimation. There’s no need for a ruler.

14. Facepalm

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This girl needs so much help. Everyone who uses condoms during sex has them to prevent STD’s and so that they don’t get pregnant. If it malfunctions during the act, most women will be running to the store to get the morning after pill ASAP because they don’t want to end up with a kid nine months down the road. Not to mention, if she’s having sexual relations with this boy and he knows that she wants to have a child then he is definitely going to be checking for any foul play. And then there’s the bit about her thinking that she’s ready to actually raise offspring. Someone needs to tell her that it takes much more than a part time job and a baby daddy with a car to be a good mother.

13. There Are So Many Things Wrong With This

Via: Seenox

One day this teenager woke up and decided that he was going to get drunk. Even though it’s not legal for people his age to do this, there are still plenty of teens out there who choose to drink. I accept that part. But then he got so wasted that he thought that it was a good idea to rob a gas station armed with a chainsaw while using a flower pot as a mask. He believed that he would actually get away with this kind of behavior and that’s what’s most concerning. If these are the type of decisions that he makes when he’s had too much alcohol in his system then it’s best for him to not be drinking in the first place.

12. Online Prom Dress Shopping

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Prom is a special time for many high school seniors. It’s the last dance that you’ll be able to experience with your friends and classmates before graduation, and for this reason many teens like to go all out for this. They’ll get a limo, they may have a pre party, and of course they have to find the perfect outfit. If you’re a guy this is a little bit easier, but girls have so many options that they might feel inclined to make their job simpler by buying a dress online. Doing this may seem like the smarter option. You won’t have to drive around from store to store and try on dozens of dresses until you find the right one. All you have to do is shop from the comfort of your room. But sometimes doing something the old fashioned way is the better way to go. This girl now knows this lesson.

11. Priorities

Via: QuizAi

It seems like the younger you are, the more social media is important to you. Your grandparents and parents use it, but not as much as young adults. And young adults may use it, but not as much as teens do. The obsession that teenagers have with these sites is unreal. Sometimes it appears that they spend more time interacting with their various online platforms than they do in the real world. This person was so obsessed that when their phone fell into their drink they actually took the time to find another device so that they could take a picture of the scene and post it on their account. That precious time could have been used to do something more important like trying to save their cell from complete destruction, but apparently taking the perfect photo was more important.

10. Embarrassing A Friend For Likes

Via: Hypefeeds

Whenever you venture outside of your home, you run the risk of ending up some place that doesn’t have a bathroom. If you’re lucky, you can run into a store or a restaurant and hope that they’ll let you use their facilities, but if not, you may find yourself doing what this girl had to do. Apparently she stepped into the one target in the world that doesn’t have a restroom because she resorted to relieving herself on the floor. And it’s embarrassing enough to pee inside of a dressing room of the shop that you’re trying clothes on in, but then her horrible friend decided that she wasn’t going to let her live it down. She took a photo of the incident and posted it on twitter for all to see just so that she could get a couple of likes.

9. He’s Lovin’ It

Via: E Online

People get tattoos all of the time of things that they care about. They might get their favorite sports team tatted. Or if they love a certain book or movie they may get something that reminds them of it. Throughout my time on this earth I’ve seen a lot of ink that have paid homage to a special aspect of a person’s life, but seeing someone get a McDonalds receipt inked is definitely a first. This kid was unable to say “no” to peer pressure, so he ended up with this as a result. And then to make matters worse he got a second tattoo of the receipt that he received after getting the first piece of body art. It’s just one good decision after the other.

8. Promposal

Via: Seventeen

Promposals weren’t a thing when I was in high school, but they definitely are now. Students will think of these elaborate ways to ask someone to prom, and there have definitely been some pretty big ones out there. I actually read about a kid who decided to ask the question while sky diving. These kids are getting creative, and if they go through this much trouble for a dance then I can only imagine what they’ll expect for a marriage proposal. That being said, even if the skydiver had ended up getting a “no” for an answer, at least he could move on from it. The boy in this picture actually thought it was a good idea to get his promposal inked onto his body. It’s clear from the picture that she said yes, but I’d be willing to bet that they won’t be getting married. Ten years from now this tattoo will just be a reminder of senior year girlfriend.

7. He’s Lucky He Only Hit A Car

Via: Acid Cow

If anyone ever wondered why teenage boys cost more on car insurance this is why. It’s bad enough that he decided that he was going to drink and drive, but then he posted that he was doing it on social media. He wasn’t ashamed that he put everyone’s life at risk that was driving or walking near where he was behind the wheel. His only concern was bragging about his stupid decision online. He probably thought that people would think that it was cool that he was operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. And then he also believed that someone might think it’s funny that he doesn’t really care that he hit another car. I just hope that he learned his lesson after getting arrested for this act of pure and utter stupidity.

6. What’s The Appeal Here?

Via: QuizAi

This girl isn’t quite on the same level as James is, but she’s pretty damn close. I don’t understand why someone would think that it’s cool to actually drive with their eyes closed. What good can come from doing a thing like this? This girl was so desperate for some likes that she shut the most important body part that she needs to drive and then she took a picture of it. The only reason that she’s not as bad as Mr. Cox-Brown is because I’m guessing that she opened them at some point. If she didn’t then I’m sure we would have heard a news story about a teen who killed dozens of people because she wanted to do something that would make herself more “popular” on social media.

5. So Much Pain From Such A Small Person

Via: Imgur

Everyone remembers their first heartbreak. When you fell in love with someone and they decided to play with your heart like a toy you feel a pain like you’ve never felt before. It’s a type of hurt that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. But even if you wanted to wish this type of heartache on them, you wouldn’t have to because they’ve definitely experienced it before. Even the young ones do. This kid’s been there. I don’t know who Emma is, but she clearly did a number on this boy. He looks unbelievably distraught. He was crying and screaming for the one that got away. He probably should have talked to someone before he decided to go and put this online because she had probably moved on by this point, but we all feel his pain.

4. We’ve All Considered This One

Via: E Online

Finals are hard and they come at a time in the year when everyone is absolutely over school. You’ve just spent months learning all of this new information, and then the teachers from all of your classes want you to recall all of this information at the same time. We don’t want to have to deal with stress of these tests, but we do it anyway because we don’t really have another choice, unless you’re one of these two people. They were so desperate to get out of taking their exam that they actually went on Craigslist and posted an ad so that they could find someone to hit them with a car. They didn’t want to die, they just needed an excuse not to come into class to take their examinations, and this was the best way they could think of doing that.

3. Fire Spray Challenge

Via: Daily Mail

Last year a craze hit the teenagers of the world where they decided that it would be a good idea to take a can of aerosol spray and spray it over an open flame in order to create bigger flames. The kids who participated in this challenge were clearly never taught that it is a bad idea to play with fire. When you choose to do that, you can seriously hurt yourself, other people, or the things around you. And even though some of them were able to make it out unharmed, there are tons of these children who did end up getting themselves hurt because of this stupid trend. This shows us that there are a significant number of teens out there who are willing to do whatever it takes to become internet famous.

2. #TransformationTuesday

Via: E Online

When you’re in a relationship, you may want to get out of it, but you don’t want to necessarily go through the act of breaking up. You know from past experience that the person at the receiving end of it isn’t going to be too happy. That’s why you try and practice a gentle way to break the news to them. This guy didn’t care about being kind, he just wanted out, so he went with the quickest way possible. Because his girlfriend followed him on Instagram he knew that she would see this post. By cutting her out of this picture he was essentially cutting her out of his life. It was definitely a brutal way to go, and it probably ended up backfiring on him. He still had to see this girl at school, so you know that she gave him hell for it. Not to mention there were probably very few girls who would want to go out with someone who is willing to end things via social media.

1. The Obsession Is Real

Via: Natural Fan Girl

Everyone has a celebrity crush. We constantly dream about running into them some place and then having a conversation with them that’s so great that they actually want to go out on a date with us. And then eventually the two of you will end up in a relationship, and one day you’ll actually get married. This is ideal, but stories like this rarely happen. So if you want to end up with them more or less, you may have to take matters into your own hands. This girl wanted Harry Styles bad, so she got a cardboard cutout of him and tied the knot with him. He proposed to her and then she planned a wedding and her friends even came together to bear witness to her special day. From this one act she was able to take her obsession to a whole new level.

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