15 Teens Who Revealed Too Much With Their Parents On Social Media

Social media has indeed become a part of our everyday lives. Whether we admit it or not, most of us would not last a day without taking a peek on our social media accounts, writing some random status, sharing a funny meme, posting a picture and so on. Moreover, social media has become a connecting bridge between friends and family, all at a touch of a button and a few clicks here and there.

It's everyone’s right to post whatever they want on their respective social media accounts… albeit with some blunders along the way. At some point, we tend to forget that we publicly post things that everyone will see including our parents!

Here are 15 of the best (or worst, depending on how we view it) instances people forgot their parents have social media accounts and became humorously viral for the entire world to see!

15 Who’s cooler now?

Like women who love posting selfies on their social media accounts, men love to show off their fit frame—muscles and all. Some men love to post their ripped bodies as if to tell “I go to the gym every day, I lift weights and I religiously drink my protein shake and here are my six-pack abs for everyone would to love to have.”

On the other hand, some men just like to post photos of how cool and good-looking they are. After all, men can also be vain sometimes, right?

One black-striped shirt-wearing dude posted a mirror selfie, apparently trying to look “gangsta”—complete with a black cap worn backward, a close beard and his hands that appear to be clutching something.

Based on the photo’s background, it is taken in a restroom. The guy must have just taken that photo of him out of boredom and posted it on his social media page. At first look, it is just one of the many ordinary selfies many guys most probably took by random in front of the mirror.

Until his dad decided to post an exactly the same style of a selfie as his son, including the backward-worn cap and the hand-clutching gesture! The photo soon went viral. As we can see from the side-by-side photo above, who’s the cool guy now?

14 Who’s prettier now?

In general, women love to post the prettiest photos of themselves on their social media accounts. After all, we love to see that particular photo liked and left with nice comments by our friends and relatives.

Meanwhile, our dads can be our pillar of support for all of our dreams and aspirations in life, and perhaps even the “auto-liker” of our photos we post online. On the other hand, they can also be our worst nightmare.

Such is the case of a tattooed young teen featured in the The Daily Edge, who posted a pretty photo of her with a flower headdress filter and posted it on her social media page. Sure, the girl’s photo was indeed pretty and most probably received the likes and positive comments from her friends and admirers. However, her dad took it to the next level, by paying “homage” to her daughter’s flower headdress photo.

Instead of the flower filter, dad used real leaves and placed it on his head as a headdress. He completed the epic look with a duck face, an improvised tattoo that was drawn on his chest and cleavage in an attempt to imitate the original photo.

So, who’s more glam between the two? We'll let our readers be the judge.

13 Nope, no weekend party for you!

Ah, teens nowadays. They think they are “old” enough to do whatever they want, but still end up in trouble anyway. We don’t have to judge them, though. After all, we all had been teenagers once in our lives.

However, we can’t deny the fact that there are many teenagers who think they are cool enough to plan a house party while their parents are out of town for the weekend. Such is the case of one teen, who made a serious mistake of inviting his (or her) friends via Facebook.

The teen explains that their “parents are out of town” and then proceeds to invite friends for a “party at my house this weekend.”

However, the teen who posted the status apparently forgot that his or her parents are on Facebook, too—even if they are out of town for the weekend—and unfortunately read their child’s invite online. As expected, the enraged parent replied to the post with: “Are you crazy?!!!”

The teenager, who seemed to be butthurt with his or her mom’s interjection, pleaded to “stop ruining my social life.” To which the mom retorted: “I will ruin much more than that!”

That Facebook exchange has since gone viral, and the kid who posted that status should have learned his or her lesson after that hilarious social media incident.

12 TMI about the business

Some of us tend to post our daily activities, including which restaurant we ate at or exotic place where we had our out-of-town vacation. While it is OK to share that information with your friends, we should be reminded that a little too much information (TMI) can put your safety (and even your dignity) at risk.

On the contrary, posting a little too much information about your everyday life can be hilarious and embarrassing at the same time—especially if you are not the one who posted it in the first place.

This is what happened to a guy named Ryan, who was accidentally exposed to his Facebook friends about his “dirty” business. As you can see in the screenshot above, Ryan’s father posted a rather public message for his son. While his dad said Ryan’s mom is “very sorry” for barging in while he was busy “taking care of business,” he advised his son “to finish in toilet paper and not dirty clothes” and that they “don’t have time to look for a new maid.”

You may already realize what “taking care of business” the dad is pertaining to; but if you are not sure, we will just leave it to your imagination—along with what happened between Ryan and his parents after that very public exposition.

11 The thug life didn’t choose you, unfortunately

At some point in our lives, we felt like untouchables, especially during our middle school and high school years. We thought we were so cool that nothing could put us down and nothing could scare us. That is, until our parents accidentally ruin that moment.

In the case of one girl, she posted a photo of hers along with a quote apparently originating from deceased rapper Tupac: “I didn’t choose the thug life; the thug life chose me.”

The caption does not really compliment the girl’s photo as she did not look like a thug in the first place, but she posted it anyway.

The girl’s parents did not seem to agree with her post, either. Her parents further explained how their daughter is in no way a “thug” in real life. Her dad said her daughter “can’t be a thug and scared of the dark.” Likewise, her mom also butted in, saying that she is “scared of taking a shower when no one else at home.”

We do not know what happened after that poor girl has been tag-teamed by her parents. Nevertheless, this social media gem has become viral and perhaps one of the things the girl will not forget on her entire life.

10 Chain mail alert

Chain mails have been in existence since the early days of Internet and emails. At one point, most of us have probably received one and passed it along. These chain emails will basically force you to “pass” the message to several people on your list at the threat of having bad luck for the rest of your life or being attacked by a crazy clown.

Surprisingly, chain mails are still existence nowadays, but instead of email you can find them circulating on social media sites. More surprisingly, many people still actually take the bait and pass it on to their contacts. Nevertheless, many people find such mails rather annoying, to say the least.

One such chain mail which made it to Facebook is connected to national-something awareness months, where users are instructed to post something that will make viewers either curious or misinterpret the entire post. In one case, it was the latter. A teen posted that she is “13 weeks and craving bubblegum."

The objective of the status is that when a person asks what the status is all about, the one who posted it will explain that it’s all for the awareness. However, the dad appeared aghast and thought his daughter was pregnant. He probably calmed down when she explained to him that her post is all about the National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Whew. We're sure he was ready to drive up to her boyfriend's house and have some words with him.

9 Right back at you, the kid who can not spell correctly

Some kids nowadays may have a love-hate relationship with their parents. Furthermore, it is already an accomplishment for married couples to last more than 10 years of marriage, given that divorce is also rampant as well. For young kids out there, this should be your future relationship goals.

Sadly, some kids do not realize how strong their family foundation is, given that their parents reached that certain point in their lives. After all, being married is a lifetime commitment of taking care of each other and building a family together “for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health."

However, one teen named Elizabeth seemed to be not impressed with her parent’s milestone.

She wrote: “My farents have been married for 27 years today. No big deal.”

In return, her dad wrote back: “27 years of marital bliss. 19 years of disappointment with a daughter who can’t spell “Parents”.

We cannot tell if Elizabeth posted it as a joke or as an indirect way of paying respect to her parents for reaching their 27th wedding anniversary. Still, dad apparently has channeled his inner Grammar Nazi and owned his daughter via a nasty comeback on social media.

8 This is my song

Most kids complain when they are asked by their parents to do household chores. On the other hand, parents complain because their kids complain when they ask them to do household chores. The cycle goes on and on; and more often than not, these kids will rant about it on their social media accounts.

Kids also channel their frustration through various things, including listening to their favorite songs and artists. They can relate to some of the songs and even feel such songs to be the “story of their life.” At some point, we have felt the same way, too—and may have even shed a tear because it did strike our hearts with those heartfelt lyrics.

Perhaps one teenager felt the exact way. Apparently, she claimed that “Taylor Swift writes her songs based on my life.” Obviously, she is a Swiftie, given how much her songs must have affected this teenage girl and whatever she is going through.

However, her dad did not sympathize with her daughter. Instead, he claimed he “just heard the ‘Empty the Dishwasher & The Cat Box Every Night Without [Complaining] About It’. Catchy tune.” We now wonder if that track will be a worldwide hit anytime soon.

7 My mom is an advocate

As they say, “boys will always be boys.” It is only natural for some boys and men to admire the opposite gender, especially if the girl is pretty or has a curvaceous body. Physical traits aside, some men are more attracted with a woman’s intellect—how they carry a conversation and generally how they carry themselves. Most of the time, however, it’s all about the looks, whether we admit it or not.

One of the physical characteristics men often find appealing at first is the size of a woman’s bosoms. Many men would agree. In relation to this, one dude named Michael posted that it would be nicer if it is all-natural.

One female friend commented that two natural "girls" are nicer, though. To which Michael responded likewise.

Suddenly, this exchange was in interrupted by Michael’s mom—much to his embarrassment.

According to Michael’s mom, the last bosom he has touched was hers when she was breastfeeding him as a baby. The above Facebook post has also since become viral and was undoubtedly one of the most hilarious FB post blunders ever. On second thought, Michael’s mom was probably proud of herself for advocating breastfeeding to his friends.

6 Dad knows where we can learn things more than just staring at the ceiling

Life is indeed complicated. At some point in our lives, we have probably questioned the things around us—why and how did it exist. More often than not, these existential thoughts have most probably randomly popped out when we are showering, riding the train or bus while staring at the window, or when we are alone in our room.

For some reason, we also tend to think about random things when we are in the middle of a class or an important meeting. While such thoughts are inevitable, it can be a distraction, especially if you need to study for an important exam or to prepare for a business presentation.

The lesson of the day: Random thought can help provoke critical thinking and improve your brain, but do not forget to read your school books, too.

One student apparently felt philosophical and posted in his status that “it is fascinating how much we can learn only by staring at random things.” Sure, this statement is true. As mentioned earlier, life is so complicated that we cannot help but to question the origin of things around us.

However, that thought-provoking moment was ruined by the user’s dad, and replied to the post: “Have you considered staring at one of your textbooks?” Whoops.

5 My washer and dryer have a name

Doing laundry is perhaps one of those household chores many people dread to do. That is why our moms are there to save the day and your dirty clothes. Usually, our moms would do the laundry back when we were children, and some would still willingly do laundry even when their kids are already grown-ups.

Technology has given birth to washing machines and spin dryers which made laundry easier.

These have enabled us to do our own laundry without pretty much relying on our moms anymore. Plus, doing laundry has also become more accessible through neighborhood laundry shops. Still, nothing beats getting our clothes washed by our mom’s loving hands.

One Facebook user who was obviously away from his hometown posted about missing “my washer and dryer at home.” At first look, the person is assumed to be missing doing his own laundry at home.

However, the person’s mom replied instead: “I have a name.”

This goes to show that his or her mom is the one doing the laundry at home, which she assumes her child pertains to as “washer and dryer at home.”

Kids, be thankful to our moms for endlessly washing your clothes. Pretty soon she will get old and arthritic and will not be able to do loads of laundry for you anymore. Better yet, learn to do your own laundry next time or get humiliated by your own mom on social media.

4 That unforgettable ride

Some parents are not only on Facebook now, but on other social media sites, such as Instagram, and many kids fail to realize that. After all, Instagram is one social media platform where you can express your artistic side through photos. So is one young lady who went on a Jet Ski ride with a guy (assumed to be her boyfriend).

Through the girl’s Instagram account, she posted a photo of her with a guy, both riding a Jet Ski, along with a caption that read:

“The Jet Ski wasn’t the only thing I rode that day.”

Unfortunately, it seems that she forgot her mom has an Instagram account and got a direct message from her shortly after the girl posted that photo. Apparently, her mom reminded her daughter that she is on Instagram, too. Her daughter is witty enough to reply that aside from the Jet Ski, she “also rode the waves.” Quick thinking right there.

Young ladies out there, a gentle reminder: avoid posting “naughty” captions along with your photo. Otherwise, your parents might see it and get a good scolding from them. You are quite lucky if you could quickly think of a good excuse, like this young lady.

3 The son with a headache

When we were kids, our parents would often rush in and take care of us when we are sick. Most often, a bowl of hot chicken soup and a Tylenol will take the pain away, and soon enough, we feel better. As adults, we are left to take care of ourselves and rely on over-the-counter medicine to get rid of our headaches and fever. But admit it or not, we still miss our mom’s chicken soup whenever we get sick.

One guy named James seemed to be in pain that he posted how his headache hurt so much, on his social media account, along with expletives.

His mom, who was obviously worried, also scolded her son for using expletives on his status. In addition, he advised his son James to “go take some Advil.”

Lesson: don’t take your parents’ concern for granted because they really do, or get hilariously owned in public, just like James.

James appeared to be indifferent to his mom, and retorted that he “can say whatever I want on here.”

His dad, however, suddenly stepped in and made a turn on the building tension between James and mom. Daddy Tom, who appeared to be responding to Mommy Debra’s comment, said that their son appears to be “on his period,” hence his behavior. Daddy Tom even suggested she give his son “some of your Midol.”

2 Lost under the pile of dirty socks

It is normal to forget where we have put our keys, wallet, cell phone, or whatever—no matter what age. Sometimes, we also find things in places where we least expect it to be. Nevertheless, trying to find an item that is deemed to be lost for eternity can be frustrating and disappointing.

For some reason, our moms have that magical ability to find things when we can't.

Just when we thought we can’t find that other pair of socks, our moms will suddenly find and flash it on our faces. “You are not just looking too hard,” she would say.

However, one young man named Joe believes that “nothing is lost until your mom can’t find it.” When one of his friends commented on something Joe hasn't quite lost yet (we'll give you a hint—it usually involves the backseat of someone's car). Joe’s mom replied: “in his bedroom, under the pile of dirty socks.” Joe was instantly owned by his mom right there.

How to avoid losing things and forgetting about it? Make sure to place them in their proper containers. Moreover, do not always rely on your mother to look for your lost things—she can forget things too, you know.

As for Joe, we do not know if he has already lost his V-card that his mom cannot find it anymore. Furthermore, perhaps he may have to clean up his dirty socks in his bedroom and might find things he thought he had lost forever.

1 Perfect shot!

Teens love to pose and look “too cool for school” on their photos. In the first place, who does not like to look nice in their photos? Today, photos can now be enhanced with the help of filters and make your photos more artistically done. With a few swipes, you can look like a goddess, a cat, a panda or whatever filter you choose.

With all the filters available on Instagram or Snapchat, a classic black-and-white photo is still considered a classic, and can still make a simple picture appear professionally-taken. In the photo above, two young couple (left) posed to make themselves look cool, complete with a black-and-white filter.

Sure, the photo does look cool enough that they deserve more likes until their parents sideswiped them.

The girls' parents decided to pose as the same photo as the young couple—complete with the choice of clothes and the black-and-white photo filter. Basically, the parents got it all right.

We assume that this post garnered thousands of likes both from their followers and their kids’ followers as well. And, we are not sure if she gave them the seal of approval. Most probably she did not, assuming that this photo is taken to surprise her and her partner. Nevertheless, this is one winning family picture right here.

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