15 Terribly Disastrous Pregnancy Announcements That We Need Answers To

First comes love…then comes marriage…but before the baby in the baby carriage, you have to send out pregnancy announcements, right?

First comes love…then comes marriage…but before the baby in the baby carriage, you have to send out pregnancy announcements, right? One of the most magical times in any couple’s lives is when they hear the big news: they’re expecting a baby! And all they want to do is share that news with the ones they love. Some people call their family members over and tell them all together. Others have a baby gender reveal party to share the special news with the ones they’re closest with. And then, there are couples that create memorable pictures to send out to family and friends to commemorate the occasion. Usually, the pictures are cute, cuddly and sentimental. But these 15 pregnancy announcements? They are so far from being any of those things.

15 Baby piercing

Via: TeamJimmyJoe.com

This photo starts off sweet. The couple is lovingly looking at one another in the background, sharing a moment with their hands over the pregnancy bump. They even choose a cornfield background to remind everyone who gets the picture that they live in a calm, rural area. It’s a great place for a child to grow up! He or she will have plenty of room to fun! The saying on the bottom of the picture is sweet, as well. Babies are only in the womb for nine months, but they live in a parent’s heart forever. We get all that. But, what’s up with the belly in the forefront? And why is it mangled with a piercing? Did anyone really need to see that? Please explain quickly!

14 Playboy mommy

Via: Pinterest.com

We’re all adults here. We know how babies are made. But, that doesn’t mean we want to imagine anything that happened in the bedroom when we get a pregnancy announcement in the mail. What’s happening in this picture? Is she going back to her old days as a Playboy playmate? Is she trying to show us how she attracted his attention in the first place? She’s pregnant, we understand that much, but the weird pregnancy bunny outfit isn’t doing her any favors. And think about the poor child! He’s going to see this in his baby book someday and realize his mom is more than he expected. Sign him up for therapy now, start making payments and then please explain this announcement for us. There’s too much going on for us to even imagine what was happening in their heads when they thought it was a good idea.

13 Deer mommy...

Via: TeamJimmyJoe.com

Being pregnant is such a special time in any woman’s life. The female body is an inspiring creation! Women, when pregnant, are actually forming another life with their bodies. The baby is growing and knitting together inside the womb. It’s magical, that time of creating life. Yes, magical...just like this picture of an expecting mother holding a dead deer. Wait, what? What’s going on here? Mom, just because you’re creating one life doesn’t mean you have to take another one. There’s enough room in this world for both the deer and the child you are about to have. There’s no need to trade a life for a life, in this scenario. Was there something about this shot she thought would look cute on a pregnancy announcement?!

12 Turning childbirth into manbirth

Via: Buzzfeed.com

Pregnancy announcements often feature the mother-to-be. Seeing a pregnancy belly is proof that she is indeed expecting—there’s no denying that! Most women tend to wear a maternity shirt of some kind. You can tell through any shirt that a woman is expecting a baby when she is far enough along. There are some women who are very proud of their pregnant forms and decide to forgo a loose-fitting shirt. They might wear something form-fitting to show off the belly further. This woman figured a tube top was enough. And that’s not the disturbing part. When we see a pregnant belly, we all know there’s a baby inside. So, why does she have the figure of a grown man painted on her tummy? Is that the father? Does she hope to give birth to a 30-year-old? What’s going on???

11 Illegal homerun

Via: ParentDish.co.uk

There’s nothing wrong with a couple that enjoys the sport of baseball. It gives them something in common to bond over. Watching games together, perhaps even joining a local team or cheering on the city team is a great way to spend time together. Couples who love baseball enough might even want to incorporate the game in their pregnancy pictures. So, they get out a little paint and place a baseball on the pregnant belly. That might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it works for them. That’s all fine and good, but when the dad then picks up a bat and pretends like he’s going to hit the “ball,” when really the ball is a baby forming inside the mom’s tummy, we have questions. And we’re worried for the child’s safety…

10 Dominating mom

Via: StrangeBeaver.com

Parents who have grown children like to think of their kids as adults who air on the innocent side. They like to see them in jeans and sweatshirts, living life in an average way. Kids like to see their parents in the same manner—nothing too fancy, nothing too small...just normal, everyday clothes. No one wants to see their parents or their children in the manner shown in this picture. So, why did this couple think everyone would want a copy of this type of pregnancy announcement? It’s nice of the father to give the mom-to-be a seat, but the idea that she dominates the relationship is a bit too straightforward to swallow. The parents of these two individuals had to have a jaw-dropping reaction when they saw this photo. And the soon-to-be child will never be the same after he or she sees it.

9 Zombie parents...before the birth!

Via: TeamJimmyJoe.com

So, how did this conversation go, exactly? Maybe it was something like this:

"You know what would by cool, honey? Let’s rub some dirt on our faces, put some fake cuts and blood on us, lift your shirt and take some pregnancy announcement photos."

"Great idea, dear, let’s go for it!"

Is this couple trying to tell us they have created a zombie in the mother’s womb? Do they already know what parenting is like and they decided to forgo fakeness and get the rough and tumble look going, before the birth? There are too many questions and too few answers. Children sometimes like to have pictures of their parents before their birth. It’s fun to see what mom and dad looked like before they came along. In this instance, it might be better if they didn’t have such a picture.

8 Paint yourself like a...cat?

Via: TeamJimmyJoe.com

Now, this picture took some serious preparations. It wasn’t an impromptu pregnancy picture. They had to spend hours painting each other (or getting painted by an artist) before they posed for this picture. In all that time, they never stopped to think that it was a bad idea? Or, that it might be strange to look like large cats in their pregnancy picture? Or, that the child might be scarred for life looking at it later? And then, there's the mess they had to deal with after the pictures were taken. Hopefully, it was washable paint, otherwise she might still have cat-like stripes on her tummy when she goes into labor. Now, that would be hard to explain to the doctor. Hopefully, he got a pregnancy announcement, so he already knows what’s up.

7 The dog baby

Via: StrangeBeaver.com

Many times when a couple marries, they don’t embark upon parenthood right away. They take a few years to enjoy being married, travel and just be alone. Some couples test out what it might be like to be a parent by getting a dog. The added responsibility helps prepare them for what being a mom or dad will be like someday. And then there are the couples that make the mistake of treating the dog like a baby. You know the type: the dog goes with them everywhere, has pillows like this one to sit on and eats at the table. The dog is so involved in the relationship, she even takes center stage in the pregnancy announcement photos. What? Did the dog have anything to do with this pregnancy?

6 A family affair

Via: Pinterest.com

When you receive a pregnancy announcement, you smile and think about how beautiful the baby will be and how much joy he or she will bring to the parents. You think about your own pregnancy and you smile about the end result. What you don’t want to do is think about the birth aspect. It’s messy, it can be painful and it’s a private process that even family members and friends aren’t usually involved in. That’s not the case with this announcement! The dad and sister are up close and personal with what’s going on here and because they took a picture, everyone else gets in on it as well. Instead of the visual of a sweet baby coming from the pregnancy, now all we get is the idea that the mom will have to grunt the child out.

5 The Mexican wrestlers down the street

Via: Pinterest.com

There are all sorts of family hobbies in the world. Who are we to judge what people are into? Wrestling is an age-old sport. WWF-style wrestling is highly popular. Wearing Mexican wrestling masks at home? Well, that’s a little strange. It’s great that this family has something in common, but using masks in the pregnancy photo is a bit odd. Do they not want the recipients to know who they are? Are they such big fans that this is the only way they could think to portray their excitement? Do they think the baby will come out looking like this too? Or, maybe this is how they eat breakfast every day. We don’t know, we aren’t them…maybe they wake up looking rather rough and do this to protect one another! Answers would be helpful!

4 Barbie and Ken are expecting

Via: TalkSweetly.com

Perhaps the drink choices and the fact that both bottles are empty explain this picture well enough, but we’d still like to ask a few more questions. Is there any tackier way to announce a pregnancy? Probably, but this comes pretty close to taking the prize. When there are Barbies in the house, there are generally kids around. What if they were to walk in on this debacle? And then, what if they were to take this “play” away from them and act it out next time they’re at a friend’s house? Oops. We can’t imagine getting this announcement in the mail. Hopefully, it at least went in a sealed envelope to protect as many eyes along the way as possible. Any explanations we can get would be helpful.

3 The condom dilemma

Via: Buzzfeed.com

Wow, just wow. No one wants to think of pregnancy as an accident. We’d much rather think of it as something that happens between two loving people. Creating a child is a big deal! A mom admitting to the accident portion of the process in such a crass manner is downright...well, it brings up a lot of questions, that’s for sure. Does she not know who the dad is? Why is he not in the picture? Why did she save the condom? Did it break or is she just befuddled as to how to use it? You can only imagine the type of responses she would get to this pregnancy announcement. She gets credit for honesty, with no regard for sugar-coating in any way at all.

2 Someone's not happy

Via: Smosh.com

When a woman pees on a stick and then reveals that it says pregnant, she is hoping her partner is happy. It appears as if she is! In order to commemorate the joyous occasion, she decides to set the positive test up and take a picture with her partner, so they will always remember how they felt the moment they found out they had created a new life. And it looks as if they have different feelings. The scowl on his face says it all. Is this going to be their announcement? Because it looks as if he is announcing that he is so out of here, like, pronto! Perhaps, she will notice when the picture is blown up a bit larger, so she’s not surprised later…

1 Overprotective dad

Via: Grabberwocky.com

We’re having a baby! Aren’t you excited for us! Look, here’s the pregnant woman’s belly to prove it. And her loving…wait, is that man holding a gun? It he pointing it straight at us? Okay, now we’re just frightened (for ourselves…for the woman…for the soon-to-be child). We get that dads have a protective streak in them, but the baby isn’t even born yet. Is there really a reason to point a gun at an unwitting photographer? The woman looks happy enough or else we might think she was being taken hostage. Would someone please tell that man that we’re not here to harm the baby? Perhaps, they found out the baby is a girl and he’s practicing for when she invites boys over in the future…

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