15 Terrifying Baby Monitor Moments That Will Give Every Parent Nightmares

Parents are supposed to keep their children safe and most go above and beyond to ensure that they do it. Baby monitors are great tools that make this task easier. Baby monitors have come a long way over the years and it is now possible to not only hear a baby in the next room, but watch its every move as well. Baby monitor cameras are great at capturing all the adorable moments parents don’t want to miss, but they can also capture some terrifying moments that no parent ever wants to see. When the lights go out and baby goes to sleep, the creeps and ghouls come out to play. Mom and Dad may not be in the same room as the baby, but if they keep track of that monitor, they can see some of the awful things that go bump in the night. Check out these 15 frightening moments captured on baby monitors that will give every parent nightmares. Feel free to leave the lights on in the baby's room tonight. Nobody will blame you.

15 That's Pretty Terrifying

What would you do if you looked on your baby monitor screen in the middle of the night and saw this? I would like to think I would go running in to save my baby but I’m afraid I might go running out of the house instead. This appears to be a ghostly woman bending over the cradle to comfort the baby. At least I hope she is trying to comfort it. She could be harming it for all I know. Is it a good thing that she is interested in the baby? If she isn’t hurting it then maybe she could take care of it without appearing to the adults. The baby might not know to be scared but its parents are probably terrified. These people have a serious ghost problem.

14 That Kid Has No Idea

This looks like an adorable moment caught on camera that shows the family cat bonding with the new baby. That it, until you realize this family doesn’t have a cat. I guess now they do. Either they have a stray that sneaks in at night to sleep with their baby or they have a ghost cat that only appears on camera. It’s kind of hard to tell if its real or not, but the baby doesn’t seem to be scared. In fact, it doesn’t even seem to realize there is a cat beside it. I guess that settles it, ghost cat. Now, how do you get rid of it? Get a ghost dog? Maybe just take the baby and move far, far away from the creepy pet cemetery house.

13 Don't Jump Kid

The only thing worse than seeing a ghost or a creep on your baby monitor screen is not being able to see it but knowing that it is there. This little toddler is clearly reacting to something. He is standing on his crib rails with his hands stretched out as if he is waiting on someone to take him. He looks like he may be considering jumping out of the crib also. What is he interacting with and why is it trying to make him jump from his crib? Could it be an evil spirit trying to talk the baby into harming himself? If I were his parents, he would be sleeping with me for the next 18 years. They are lucky he didn't get hurt.

12 Mommy's Little Zombie

Via ViralNova

This photo may not be that creepy if the kid didn’t have demon eyes. I would probably think my child was just flipping around and trying to wear himself out before bed if it didn’t have such an evil aspect to it. Instead of seeing a kid doing some harmless flips, now all I see is a possessed devil baby who is contorting his body into all different shapes in an attempt to draw out the evil inside him. I’m just waiting for the next picture that shows his head turned all the way round and green vomit spewing from his mouth. Not such a cute trick, now is it? Yeah, I didn’t think so. How do you make a zombie baby go to sleep?

11 Is That An Alien?

So that is clearly an alien. I am not sure why an alien would want to creep on a baby or why it is outside this home, but everything about it makes me want to scream. Its large oblong head, tiny body, those arms. I can’t think of anything else it might be. I wonder if this family ever slept again after seeing this? Where there are aliens there are UFOs so maybe some people saw those in the sky that night too. Is this how alien abductions happen? I would be putting my house up on the market real fast and making some tin foil thoughts so they couldn’t read my mind. I would probably be getting a big watch dog too.

10 Just An Evil Twin

This photo my look like two little boys just playing together nicely, but there is only supposed to be one child in the room. So where did his kid come from? The child’s parents noticed the doppelganger on the monitor but when they went into the room there was only one child there, as there should have been. The toddler didn’t seem to notice he had an evil twin playing with his toys and possibly preparing to steal his soul. I guess he as too busy playing with that creepy stuffed animal on his bed. What the hell is that? Why would you give that to your child? I’m more scared of it than the little ghost boy minding his own business in the corner of the room.

9 Is It Really A Ghost Though?

Via DailyStar

These parents are convinced that they not only have their own child sleeping in a crib at night, but a little ghost baby as well. They found several shots on their baby monitor cameras that look like this and they claim it is the image of a ghost child. While it does look like it has the outline of a small human, it’s pretty blurry so it could really be anything. I happen to think the parents are seeing a mobile hanging over the side of the bed and the shape is simply distorted by the poor lighting and photo quality. I need to know more about this ghostly nighttime visitor though before I make any kind of claim as to what it really is. If I saw this on my camera, I would probably be scared too. Maybe there is a reasonable explanation behind it.

8 Ahh Get It!

Is this a real baby or a ghost baby? It’s pretty hard to tell since it looks so creepy. I get that baby monitors don’t offer the best quality of photos, but why is this baby so distorted? Why does she have strange lines on her face and ghostly glowing eyes? I can’t imagine rolling over during a good night’s sleep and thinking about checking in on my sweet little innocent baby girl only to find this monster baby staring right back at me. I think I would just turn the monitor screen off, roll back over and forget I ever saw anything. The again I don’t know if I could go back to sleep after seeing something like that. The initial shock might be too much for them to handle.

7 This Kid Is So Creepy

Via Dumpaday

Hello creepy little ghost kid. If you could stop standing there and staring into oblivion, that would be great. Is this toddler the ghost or is it a real child staring at one? I’m not really sure but I do know that nothing good can come from a photo like this. Why would a kid be up in the middle of the night, standing in an empty, dark room, staring into space? Maybe he is sleep walking or maybe he is being pulled by an unseen hand that wants to take over his body or pull him into the spirit world. It sounds extreme, but stranger things have happened. If I saw this on my baby monitor, I’d be calling in a priest to do a house blessing. From the look on this kid's face though, it might already be too late for that.

6 Just Stop It Already

Via Babygaga

This one may not be paranormal, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t creepy as hell. Why do these kids have to stand right in front of the monitor and look back at their parents? Do they know somehow that they are being watched? This little girl probably just had a bad dream and wandered out of bed in the middle of the night to get a glass of water, but she still managed to scare the crap out of her parents in the process. What if she isn’t a real little girl and is actually a ghost girl? What other weird things could be looking at the camera from the other side? Why even have baby monitors if you are just going to see scary things like this? Are they even worth it?

5 He Shouldn't Be There

Wouldn’t it be awful to be scrolling back through your baby monitor camera footage and find something like this? This guy is obviously not supposed to be there and is doing a good job of attempting to hide. It’s not clear what his intentions are, but they can’t be good. What if he were to hurt their baby while they slept? He looks entirely dressed in black and kind of looks like he's just leaning in on the crib. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare to think that someone was so close to their child and they didn’t even know it. This guy could have been a serial killer. Hopefully this baby and the family was okay and the footage from the baby monitor helped them catch this guy.

4 What The Heck Is That?

A lot of people believe that spirits of deceased loved ones will come back and visit babies and even protect them. Since it takes a lot of energy to form into a complete ghost, many of them just present themselves as orbs. Nobody can really explain what an orb is. It is usually a ball of light that changes direction and moves around in a way that lets you know it’s somewhat human. These parents kept picking up orbs on their baby monitor and while they were worried that something paranormal might be happening to their child, the baby was never harmed or upset and eventually they learned to accept that someone was just watching over it.

3 Just Another Creeper

If there is one thing that is scarier than seeing a ghost in your baby’s room, it’s seeing a real person who shouldn’t be there. This creepy guy does not belong in the baby’s room or in the house. So who is he? Is he an intruder? Is he trying to kidnap the baby? Did he break into the home to try to steal things? Or is it a ghost? It’s so hard to tell due to the poor lighting and bad photo quality. I wonder I these parents saw this video as it was happening or the next day? Wouldn’t it be scary to find out that someone was in your home and in your child’s room at night and you didn’t even know it? How do they know he isn’t still in the house?

2 Please Let This Just Be A Bug

Via HowTrend

You wouldn’t normally hope to see a bug in your baby’s room, but when you are watching a baby monitor in the middle of the night and see something like this on it, you might change your mind. I mean it could pretty much be anything flying around the room and in front of the camera, but why does it have a light on it and why is it so big. It also appears to be hovering over the baby. I would snatch my baby out of that bed so fast that she wouldn’t know what happened. Bug or ghost, ain’t nobody got time for that! Especially two tired parents who are already up all night with a crying baby most nights.

1 I'll Never Sleep Again

There are some things you just don’t want to see creeping around your house when you aren’t there, or even if you are there. A creepy ghost figure is one of them. I am not sure what this is, but it doesn’t look human. If I had to describe a ghost, I would say it looks just like this. Why is it creeping around the living room where all the kid’s toys are? Why is it so small? Is it the ghost of a kid? For some reason, that makes it all the scarier. What would you do if you saw this on your baby monitor camera? Maybe it’s just looking for someone to play with or some parents to call its own. I think I would start sleeping with the lights on.

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