15 Terrifying Confessions From People Who Experienced Something Paranormal

Ever had a paranormal experience? A lot of people have. Many are afraid to talk about it because they don’t want to look crazy. Others aren’t afraid to spill the beans about their ghostly encounters and hope that by doing so, they will find others who have had similar experiences or can explain the things they have seen. These people were happy to confess their scariest paranormal experiences and it opened the door for others to do the same. The best way to deal with something troubling is to talk about it and that’s what these people did. Ready to be scared? Check out these 15 terrifying confessions from people who experienced something paranormal. It may be a good idea to turn the light on before reading. Hopefully that will keep the ghosts away.

15 Hope He Isn't A Messy Cook

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Finding out you are living in a house or apartment where someone died, is pretty creepy. I mean the thought of living your life in a house where someone lost theirs is about as scary as it gets. When you actually have an encounter with a ghost in your home, things can get worse. While this girl didn’t actually see a ghost, she knows it is there. Hearing scary things in the middle of the night is almost more terrifying than seeing things. At least she has a helpful ghost though. I mean she could wake up to worse things going on in her house. Maybe she will get lucky one night and the ghost will have her breakfast ready in the morning. I wonder if he cleans up after himself when he is done using the kitchen? Probably not.

14 How Did She Ever Sleep Again?

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This is a person’s worst fear as a child. Bedtime isn’t always relaxing. Sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep and when your parents turn off your lights and confiscate your remote, the quietness can be terrifying. It gives your mind all kinds of chances to play tricks on you and if you aren’t careful, you can start seeing things. Staring at a closet door all night in the darkness is just setting yourself up for disaster. Did this girl really see her closet doorknob turn and the door crack open? Possibly. Strangers things have happened. It could have just as easily of been her imagination. At least she didn’t see a ghost. Either way it would be enough for me to sleep with the lights on or never sleep again.

13 Did They Both Imagine It?

It’s one thing to have a paranormal experience when you are alone and there is nobody there to back it up, but it’s another when two people experience it. If you are alone, you can always doubt yourself. If someone else witnesses it, it probably really happened. So what happened with this couple? Did a paranormal entity throw this lamp off a dresser and then put it back together while they slept? Did they both just hear the noise of it falling and assume it broke? How did it get down there if it didn’t fall? If it fell, why didn’t it break? If it didn’t break or fall, what is the noise that woke them both up? So many questions. I would be going crazy if this had happened to me.

12 She's Just Checking Up On You

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Is it comforting to know that dead loved ones are watching over us? Some may say yes, others may say no. When you are a child, these things don’t seem scary. Seeing a dead grandparent can be comforting. Kids don’t understand death and they just assume the person they are seeing is still around. When adult see their dead grandparents lingering around, they know something isn't right and it scares the shit out of them. Thinking back on a creepy childhood like that can’t be fun. At least it was his grandpa and not some ghostly stranger. It would be even scarier to see some random old man roaming around your house. I got goosebumps just thinking about it. No thank you! Keep your distance spooky ghost grandpas!

11 Don't Turn Around

For some reason, little ghost kids are a lot scarier than adult ghosts. Why is that? Few things can make your blood run cold as fast as hearing a kid cry in the middle of a night in a house where there are no kids. I’m surprised this guy was brave enough to try to track it down. I would be out the door the second I heard it. Since it decided to sneak up on him during his search, it must have been messing with him. Who knows if it really was even a little girl ghost. It could have just been a demon trying to act like a little girl ghost. Ugh! Which is worse? I bet those brothers didn’t play too many games of hide and seek in that creepy house.

10 This One Is A Little Sad

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They say a lot of ghosts haunt the places where they die. Perhaps this little girl died by falling down the stairs? Maybe she is trying to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to someone else. There is also a chance that she haunts the house because that is where she lives and feels safe. She seems pretty harmless. She isn’t trying to scare the family, she is just minding her own business and staying at a distance. She probably just watches their daily activities and wishes she could join in and have a real life herself. I agree that seeing a ghost girl on the stairs regularly would be scary, but for some reason this story is more sad than creepy.

9 Not So Crazy Now Is He?

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I would think that working in a mental institution would be pretty creepy anyways. Not only would it be hard to work with the patients, but big hospitals and institutions are always cold, dark and lonely. You know a lot of people die in them, so there are probably plenty of ghosts roaming the halls. Some people can see spirits and others can’t. If someone in a mental institution was seeing things, most staff members would just think their meds needed upped. If the staff members are seeing them too, they might think the patient’s crazy rubbed off on them. Do you think this girl told other people at work what she saw or kept it to herself? I would be looking for a new job if I saw something like that.

8 It's Not Grandma

It’s gotta be rough to see a ghost and have nobody else see it or believe that you saw it. This poor guy was probably scared for his brother and himself. Grandma took too long to get to their room and didn’t even get to see the weird ghostly lady. Nice job Grandma! Good thing it wasn’t a serious emergency. Wait, can it get more serious than seeing a ghost? Grandma probably wouldn’t have been much help anyways. Even if she would have seen it, what difference would it have made? The least she could have done it let the kids sleep with her that night. Wonder what the ghost lady wanted and why she was warning the kid to be quiet? I guess we will never know.

7 Time For New Carpet

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Call me crazy, but if I kept waking up to find creepy messages written in my carpet, I think I would rip up that carpet and replace it. Better yet, I might just choose some new flooring all together. What kind of creepy weirdo ghosts chooses to communicate with people by writing message in carpet? Maybe it wasn’t a ghost at all. Maybe it was one of the family members playing a joke. It was apparently a damn good joke because they seemed to be pretty scared. I wish he would have shared what the messages said. I feel like I would be a lot more scared if I knew what it was saying. Maybe if the family would have bought a ouija board, the ghost would have stopped with the carpet.

6 Stop Showering At Night

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Nothing good ever happens at 2am. The only people awake are insomniacs, third shift workers and drunk people. Oh yeah, and ghosts! If I told my family I saw a ghost in the bathroom they would probably tell me to go to bed. If I did see a ghost in my bathroom, I don’t think I could go weeks without telling anyone. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have to tell anyone because I would have just ran out of the bathroom naked, wet and screaming. I wonder if that’s what happened with this guy anyway? It looks like this little girl ghost isn’t just a bathroom creeper, she also likes to scare the crap out of dad when he gets home from a long day at work and is trying to relax and watch some TV. Way to be a jerk little ghost girl!

5 She Was Just Being Protective

A lot of people believe that ghosts show up to warn us about things. They may not always be able to communicate with us, or maybe it’s just that we can’t understand them, but they appear for a reason. It looks like this ghost just wanted to warn this kid of the dangers of drowning. Perhaps she had a child who accidentally drowned in a bathtub in that house or maybe she herself drowned. There has to be some connection and she wasn’t just trying to make sure nobody else suffered the way she did. I can’t imagine being a parent and hearing your child tell you this story. How do you even handle something like this? Make up a perfectly believable explanation and hope its goes away?

4 What If It's Not

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When most of us think of ghosts, we think of people. Why is it we never think animals can be ghosts too? There are thousands of reports of ghostly animals being seen or heard. Why would an animal want to haunt someone? Who knows? Maybe they are still hoping to get fed and petted. Maybe they don’t know they are dead. Maybe they just want to curl up in their favorite spot on the foot of the bed and enjoy the afterlife. The thought of a ghostly cat really makes me shiver, especially when I think about how sneaky and sassy live cats are. I bet ghost cats are real assholes. I can still think of a lot of ghost animals that would be scarier though. I hope one never finds its way to my house.

3 What A Creepy Story

If I smelled embalming fluid on my infants, I think I'd be pretty terrified and possibly take her to a doctor. Sure it’s a nice story that helps us all believe that the people who pass on before us are always with us and always watching, but it’s also pretty creepy. Also, why would a ghost smell like embalming fluid? Isn’t a ghost supposed to be the spirit of the person from when they were still alive? But who am I to poke hole in this girl’s story? I am definitely no ghost expert. Maybe people do visit us from the dead. I just hope I never see or smell a ghost anywhere near my children. At least these people were able to take something scary and turn it around to make it a positive thing.

2 I Would Have Done The Same Thing

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Why is it that when people hear or see a ghost, they always want to grab a weapon to protect themselves? Ghosts are dead. They don’t have feelings so that bad isn’t going to help you out much. I would probably do the same thing, that is if I could stop myself from running out the door first. Why are ghostly kid sounds so creepy? What is it with these ghost kids just creeping around in houses. If I was a ghost kid and had the entire world to haunt, I’d pick Disney World or some place fun to haunt. I mean I guess it would be fun to scare people to death in the middle of the night just by laughing, but it has to get old sometime right?

1 Enough Is Right

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The thought of this one gives me chills. I can’t imagine hearing something not whisper, not talk, but scream at me. This just goes to show that ghosts aren’t just residual hauntings or leftover energy. They can hear and interact and apparently get pissed off. Now, I'll admit that listening to two teen girls argue would probably drive me insane enough to yell too; even if I was a ghost. Poor lady can’t even get any peace in the afterlife. She would probably rather pass on to the next plane of existence instead of listening to them talk about stickers and boys and lip gloss all night. That’s what teenage girls talk about right? I bet they still didn’t shut up even after hearing her yell.

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