15 Terrifying Halloween Makeup Transformations That Will Make You Scream

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15 Terrifying Halloween Makeup Transformations That Will Make You Scream

October doesn’t just usher in fall weather, it also marks the beginning of the spookiest time of the year—Halloween season! With that comes ghosts, goblins, witches, monsters and all kinds of creatures that only walk Earth this time of the year. We’re not talking about the supernatural, though: we’re talking about people of all ages celebrating the season in their best costumes and makeup. But some folks have taken their makeup skills to the next level for Halloween, creating creepy looks guaranteed to scare anyone who sees them.

We scoured Instagram for some of the best and most terrifying Halloween makeup transformations. Note: keep the lights on because these makeup jobs are Hollywood horror ready.

15. Nurse of the dead

Let’s just say that if you had to show up to the hospital after getting injured or becoming sick, this is not the kind of nurse you would want to have taking care of you. We love this spooky nurse look, though, especially since nurses normally get charged to take care of people. But this one wants to eat your soul and give you a shot of pure evil. She also looks like she’s seen better days. And is that a cockroach in her mouth and on her collar? This is an awesome Halloween makeup job that transformed a beautiful woman into something no one would want to meet in the dark. It’s also a nice use of some white contacts, too, that completes this horrifying look.

14. My, what a big mouth you have

The top of this photo features a glamorous woman in sexy makeup. But something terrifying happens below her nose: she has a massive mouth of sharp teeth that could eat a human being whole. We’re not sure what inspired this particular Halloween transformation, but it obviously comes from a dark and disturbing mind. The illusion here is stunning: a makeup artist somehow transformed this woman’s face, neck and chest into a large toothy demon mouth. And it looks so realistic that we’ll probably end up having nightmares about this super spooky creature. This is one of the most frightening looks we found on Instagram, so we had to share it with you. Enjoy, and be sure to keep your lights on tonight when you go to sleep.

13. The devil never looked so good

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There is a serious art to makeup when it’s applied for every day use, but when it comes to special effects work, there is an element of creativity and talent that surpasses even Picasso. This is an example of such a work of art. Using body paint, the makeup artist turned a woman into a devil. That’s not just it, though, because if you look at the chest, there is also a really cool effect that makes it seem like her human skin is coming off to reveal the devil underneath. And it’s done so perfectly that it seems very real. We also really like the horns that were so carefully placed on the forehead, as well as the highlighting and shading that gives everything a three-dimensional realistic look.

12. Smiley

In 2012, the horror movie Smiley came out, although it didn’t really get great reviews and there wasn’t a lot of buzz around it. It’s likely that most people haven’t even seen or heard of this film, but it obviously has some fans. A lot of makeup artists have recreated the creepy look of the main character, a seriously disturbed serial killer who only has a carved smile as a face. Yeah, that’s not scary at all. But here’s Smiley in all its makeup glory. This makeup artist decided to put her own take on the character: by making the eyes seem bruised and using a stitching makeup effect to make it seem that the mouth was hand-sewn shut. It gives us shivers just to look at it!

11. Third eye

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The best Halloween makeup jobs make everything seem real, even things drawn in two dimensions. That’s why we love this third-eye makeup job, because it looks like a real eye (although this one probably doesn’t blink). It’s a really cool effect, especially since the artist did a really good job of blending the rest of the face’s makeup into that one little creepy feature on her forehead. We also love the pairing with the dark feathered clothing and headpiece: it all works together to create one spooky looking lady. Is she a seer of some sort? An oracle? Or is she some creature come from the underworld to steal our soul by gazing upon us? Whatever the case, we wouldn’t want to run into her in the dark.

10. Corpse bride

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This isn’t exactly the corpse bride we’re all familiar with from the Tim Burton Disney movie, but it’s still an amazing portrayal of a bride who appears very corpse-like. We love the carefully crafted cracks on the skin around the eyes and mouth, as well as the skull-like nose peeking out from beneath. The meticulous shading on the cheeks and neck add an additional spooky effect. We also love that this makeup artist included a list of products used for this look in the description for anyone who might dare to try this out at home. Topping everything off is a long gray wig and bridal veil. We’re guessing this bride got stood up at the altar because she was just so freaking scary.

9. The Walking Dead

Thanks to shows such as The Walking Dead, zombies are more popular than ever. And even now, it doesn’t seem that pop culture has grown tired of them, although they are everywhere, especially around Halloween. Maybe it has something to do with our fascination with death and what happens after, or maybe it’s because zombies are still somewhat human. But they don’t really look human once their flesh begins to rot and peel off. This makeup effect shows off that side of zombie really well, and it’s honestly hard to look at for a very long period of time. This is one cool makeup job, though, and we especially like how she drew the skull teeth in to give the illusion that the skin had fallen off there.

8. Living voodoo doll

This was one of those Halloween transformation photos that nearly had us jumping out of our chairs when we first saw it. Don’t stare at it too long because it’s as if this painted voodoo doll has come to life. Actually, she has come to life thanks to an incredible special effects makeup job. Who did this? Who created this insane thing from our nightmares? Whatever the case, this is one of the spookiest things we’ve seen, but it’s also really cool, especially when you look at the details. We love that it seems that this thing was something that got pulled apart and stitched haphazardly back together. It’s also an original look, and it must come from the mind of a wonderfully demented person.

7. Comic book zombie

Zombies are literally everywhere now. They’re on our television sets, in our movies and all over our Halloween decorations. Zombies have also always had a pretty strong presence in comic books, so this person decided to use that style of art and paint a comic book zombie effect on her face and body. We love the strong use of color here, and the truth is that we’ve honestly never seen anything like it. This is makeup artistry at its finest, but we also admire this person who must have spent hours and hours creating this effect with makeup to achieve this look. Everything about this is perfect, right down to the shading and the way the makeup artist created a huge mouth with teeth around her mouth.

6. Is it alien?

This was one of those Halloween transformation makeup effects that was so unique that we absolutely had to include it here. It’s not just monsters, demons, voodoo dolls and ghosts that are scary, after all. Aliens can also bring the chills and thrills, as demonstrated by this awesome alien makeup job. At least we think it’s an alien. It seems to also have gills, so it could double as some sort of intergalactic fish. There is a lot of wonderful makeup and prosthetics here, and it’s likely that this entire effect took a really long time to complete. It’s the perfect look for Halloween, though, and the final result is downright spooky, but in an ethereal kind of way. How could we resist sharing it?

5. Queen of hearts

This is not exactly the Queen of Hearts that Alice ran into in Wonderland, but it’s certainly a representation of that character done in a much more horrifying way. The White Rabbit would have run away screaming in terror from this particular version of the Queen of Hearts, wouldn’t he? We love the way that blood and gore got included here, right down to the effect of making it seem as if there was a Queen of Hearts playing card embedded in her forehead. The other details are also particularly nice, including the exposed heart (who even thought of that?) and the heart shape scar around one eye. A glittery red lipstick, mixed with blood, is the perfect shade for the lips and we also like her red hair.

4. Medusa

We are not going to lie: this photo makes us squirm uncomfortably every time we look at it. This is sort of like a Medusa thing, with a snake literally writhing its way through a woman’s face. Eep! It’s so terrifying that it is certain to make you cringe. It’s also one of the coolest makeup effects we saw on Instagram and perfect for Halloween. That said, we can imagine people running from this woman in terror when she shows up at the office Halloween party like this. The blood around the snake’s entry points in the face give this a realistic and three-dimensional effect, too. We also like the snakes crawling in her hair. (Well, we don’t like it, per se, but we admire the creativity)

3. Jigsaw

Even people who have never seen a single Saw film will often recognize the series’ main source of terror, a creepy puppet named Jigsaw who likes to put people in compromising positions and then torture them until they start sawing off arms and legs to escape from the prison that he keeps them in. This is the first time, though, that we’ve seen a human Jigsaw, and we must admit that it’s scarier than the puppet in the movie. This is an excellent makeup job that brings Jigsaw to terrifying life, right down to that stupid little bowtie he wears, which the artist painted on here. Let’s play a game? No, we don’t think so, but that’s what Jigsaw likes to do, whether you like it or not.

2. Kiss me

Many people have never seen a Purge movie, but if it looks like this, now we understand why. What the heck is this creature? This makeup job makes us want to hide under our covers and never leave our beds with all the lights in our house turned on. This is an incredible Halloween makeup transformation that turned an average human being into a creature straight out of everyone’s nightmares. The “Kiss Me” on the forehead is an especially nice touch, especially when considering that this thing seems to have a big mouth with lots of sharp and pointy teeth. The eyes are also particularly scary since they look as if they have sharp and pointy teeth. We’ll just be over here in the corner cowering in fear.

1. Evil Queen: witch version

WANTED! have you see this Witch? She's been charged with attempted murder ? VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/eVvJ0-rGxmw (also in my bio) • Social Media Links: Y O U T U B E : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNxdZ4eRZtKc2HuH-Fc9TFg F A C E B O O K : AJ Kane https://facebook.com/aj.kaneartistry I N S T A G R A M : @aj.kaneartistry https://www.instagram.com/aj.kaneartistry • #makeup #makeuplook #halloween #halloween2017 #halloweenmakeuptutorial #evilwitch #snowwhite #snowwhitecosplay #evilqueen #evilqueenmakeup #oldagemakeup #oldhag #redapple #sfxmakeup #theatricalmakeup #ajkaneartistry #ajkanehalloween #spooky #witch #witchmakeup #bewitching #bubblebubbletoilandtrouble #evilwitchmakeup #halloweencostume #31daysofhalloween

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Let’s face it: when we were kids, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was a really scary movie. The Evil Queen was bad enough, but when she became the witch who offered Snow White the poison apple, she looked freaking scary. That’s why we’ve included this makeup transformation here because it really is perfect for Halloween. What’s really impressive here is that the animated movie served as direct inspiration for the final look. Those eyes and eyebrows are absolutely perfect and identical to what the animated character looked like just before she poisoned the princess. We also love how this makeup artist shaded her face to give her that two-dimensional look, as if she just stepped right out of the movie to terrorize us all.

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