15 Terrifying Halloween Pranks That Are Way Scarier Than Any Horror Movie

When people ring your doorbell on Halloween and say "trick or treat," they typically expect sugary candy treats and totally forget about the other option they've given you. This time of year is the perfect time to scare the living daylights out of your friends, family and neighbors, because you simply can't have All Hallows' Eve without throwing a few good tricks into the mix! If subjecting everyone to your favorite horror movies or ghost stories isn't giving them the nightmares that make this season so fun, you have to take matters into your own hands. Make Halloween scary again by trying some of these terrifying pranks—we're sure they'll fill your neighborhood with screams that would put even Pennywise the Dancing Clown to shame!

15 Dementor drone

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While quality, high-tech drones can cost up to a thousand dollars, you can find a few perfectly functional ones online for less than $50. This time of year, that investment can definitely pay off and allow you to stage the most terrifying Halloween prank ever! Someone on Twitter posted pictures of his evil uncle's diabolical invention—he attached what appears to be a Dementor from Harry Potter to his drone and flew it around town to scare the heck out of everyone. We never thought to do this, but there's no way we aren't trying it this year! During the daytime, the Dementor drone just looks silly... but come nightfall on All Hallows' Eve, we guarantee it'll be enough to make anyone who sees it nearly faint in terror.

14 Giving "blood bath" a new meaning

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People have praised the Friday the 13th, Carrie and Saw movies for being nightmare-inducing "blood baths," but those classic and gory horror films aren't half as frightening as being in an actual bath of blood! By merely putting a bit of Cherry Kool-Aid inside of your shower head, you can make it shoot out what appears to be bloody water all over your family or houseguests. As long as they don't open their mouths during their shower and realize that the "blood" raining down on them tastes absolutely delicious, this will definitely send them out of the bathroom screaming. Best of all, this prank costs less than a dollar to pull off, and while it'll take you 10 minutes to clean it up afterwards... it'll take your loved ones years to stop being traumatized from it!

13 Living scarecrow

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Some families either don't want to answer their doorbell on Halloween or can't because they're out trick-or-treating themselves, so they leave a bucket of candy in front of their door with a sign attached that says "please take one." Unfortunately, kids rarely listen to those signs, and merely see them as an opportunity to selfishly fill up their bags with the unsupervised candy. This horrifying prank will make them regret that decision! Turn off all the lights in your home so it looks like there's no one around, dress up as a menacing scarecrow, and sit in front of your house with a bucket of candy on your lap. Remain as lifeless as possible, and when some sweet-toothed kid inevitably tries taking more than their share, spring to life and scare the bajeezus out of them!

12 Every kid's worst nightmare

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When parents tell their kids not to trust homemade Halloween treats, it's typically because they're worried that strangers slipped razor blades or poison into the snacks. While this is fairly unlikely, it legitimately happens all over the world and is thus a real cause for concern. If that knowledge isn't enough to deter kids, however, this prank definitely will be! Teach trick-or-treaters a lesson by dipping some Brussel sprouts in chocolate and handing them out whenever you answer your doorbell on Halloween. They'll bite into them later than night expecting some gooey goodness inside, but absolutely freak out when the nasty vegetable hits their taste buds instead! This is basically every kid's nightmare and makes for the perfect trick if you're out to make people regret ever coming to your door.

11 Not even the refrigerator is safe!

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For some reason, nearly every dollar store in the country has a variety of plastic rats in their toy section. We never understood why anyone would ever want to buy them, but this picture changed all of that and we're now going to stock up on as many of these creepy toys as possible! This prank is simple enough, just take a few eggs out of the egg carton in your refrigerator, put a few of those lifelike rodents inside of it, and leave it cracked open just enough that their little heads are popping out. When someone in your house opens up the fridge for a late-night snack, they'll see these freaky critters and absolutely lose it! Some people think Halloween is all about monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein, but nothing is scarier than a family of rats.

10 Bathroom infestation

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While you're at the dollar store buying some plastic rats, you might as well spend a few extra bucks picking up a few of those equally bizarre packages of toy plastic roaches so you can recreate this panic-inducing prank for your family! Just glue a few dozen of them to your bathroom walls so it looks like they're crawling out of a vent and making their way around your house. They say that "when you've gotta go, you've gotta go," but we're sure your loved ones will make an exception to that if it looks like your bathroom is experiencing a major infestation of cockroaches! We can't even look at this picture without squirming, so we can only imagine how scary it'll be in real life.

9 Always watching you

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Does the person you've been hoping to scare have some woods outside of their bedroom window? Do you have a few bushes next to your front porch and are hoping to find a way to keep kids from being brave enough to knock on your door on Halloween? If so, we've got the perfect prank, and it won't take much time or money to pull off perfectly! Just cut some menacing eyes out of a used toilet paper roll, put a glow stick inside of it and tape the ends shut so the glow stick can't fall out. Then put that roll inside of some plant life so it looks like a pair of eyes is staring down whoever it is you're trying to frighten!

8 Hollywood-quality ghost

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Believe it or not, the terrifyingly realistic ghost in this picture isn't some Hollywood CGI creation... someone made it in their home out of clear packing tape and some LED lights. It's a bit more time-consuming to recreate this prank than some of the others on our list, but just look at how amazing the finished product is! All you have to do is find a mannequin or willing assistant, wrap your chosen model with packing tape sticky side out first, then separate the tape from the model. Clear plastic bags can be added to the creation afterwards if you want to add a dress or hair to your ghost. Then, put the lights inside and your translucent spirit will be free to haunt anyone you desire!

7 Taking their pumpkin obsession to the next level

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We all have that one person in our lives that is just way too obsessed with pumpkins this time of year. She saw the arrival of Autumn as an excuse to make dozens of pumpkin pies, and she can't seem to function without a pumpkin spice latte in her hand (and a picture of it on her Instagram profile). Well, here's a prank that may make her rethink her annoying fixation with the bright orange squashes! Just swing by your local supermarket or pumpkin patch, buy their entire supply of pumpkins and fill your overly "basic" buddy's car with them. Just imagine her humiliation as she has to explain to her boss that she was late to work because she had to remove a dozen pumpkins from her car before she could even get inside of it!

6 Now this is just twisted...

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Sometimes, the best prank is the simplest one. If pop-out scares aren't really your style, you can traumatize your Halloween guests by letting them grab a handful of candy from this seemingly innocent bowl of rainbow-colored treats. They'll probably expect it to consist of either M&Ms or Skittles, but it actually contains M&Ms and Skittles, with some Reese's Pieces thrown in for extra confusion! People hoping for something fruity will have their taste buds shocked with chocolate and peanut butter, people hoping for chocolate will taste lemon and lime... it's just an absolutely twisted recipe for disaster! Just make sure no one at your party has allergies that could make this prank end with a surprise trip to the emergency room. That'd be too scary.

5 Even scarier than 'It'

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He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake. No, we're not talking about Santa Clause, we're talking about the absolutely horrifying clown who has been watching your every move! Halloween prop company Scary Peepers makes a variety of these guys to simulate a Peeping Tom looking in from your window. They cost around $50, but that's a small price to pay when it comes to freaking all of your family and friends out every time they open their curtains and blinds to find this clown waiting for them outside! If your loved ones thought Pennywise was creepy AF in the latest remake of Stephen King's It, this disturbing prop will definitely give them all a scare that they'll never forget.

4 Making every day Friday the 13th

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Scaring innocent bystanders as classic horror villains like Freddy Krueger or Pennywise requires a decent amount of acting, but if you're not so good at that... just freak people out as Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th! For whatever reason, he is able to absolutely terrify everyone he comes across without ever having to speak a single word! All you have to do for this prank is dress in an all-black outfit, grab a plastic machete from any of your local Halloween prop stores, and throw on that iconic hockey mask. Once you've got the costume on, swing by your local park or beach and give some happy, unsuspecting couples (or a group of little kids, if you're really sadistic) the fright of their lives!

3 Make them regret their sweet tooth

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If you don't want to prank the young trick-or-treaters who come to your door on Halloween night because you only enjoy picking on people your own size, just host an All Hallows' Eve party and mess with all of your friends instead! Start the party out serving a variety of delicious, completely normal desserts so they won't think you're up to anything. Then sneak off into the kitchen and grab a plate of tasty Hostess Cup Cakes... that you diabolically inserted mustard into via a small hole you made at the bottom of the snack earlier that night! Everyone will absolutely gag when they taste the mustard instead of the expected vanilla cream filling. You might want to have a vomit bucket handy for this one, just in case.

2 Start the morning with a scare

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Most people think that the creepy masks they buy for Halloween are only really good for one night out of the entire year, but this prank proves that you can get some good use out of those horrifying plastic faces any time you want! Just put your mask right next to your sleeping child's face, so when he wakes up in the morning, it'll be the very first thing he sees! Kids expect to be frightened on Halloween, but their guards are down in the days leading up to the holiday. Make them regret that and teach them that Halloween is an entire season, not just a single-night affair! Bonus points if you use a freakishly realistic mask like the one in this picture... that's one scary-looking grandpa.

1 Hiding the evidence

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If you aren't afraid of your neighbors (or even your own family) calling the cops on you, this is the most effective and horrifying prank that you could possibly pull off... and all you need to recreate it is a garbage bag and the contents of your recycling bin! Just fill the garbage bag with a bunch of cans, plastic containers and milk jugs, and use tape to hold everything together in the shape of a body bag. Then throw your homemade body bag into or next to your garbage can so people will think you're a murderer lazily trying to hide the evidence of your latest kill. Bonus points if you dump some ketchup or red paint on and around your creation so it looks even more realistic.

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