15 Terrifying Things That Children Said To Their Parents

I’m just going to come right out and say it, kids are creepy. They are adorable and funny, but also very creepy. They seem to hear, see and know things that the rest of us don’t and for some reason they are never afraid to share it with us. A lot of people report seeing ghosts or having paranormal experiences. An alarming percentage of these people are children. Kids seem to see more ghosts than anyone and nobody knows why. In fact, kids who seem to have the ability to see and know things often lose that ability as they grow older. Is it just their imaginations and how a young brain makes sense of things or do children just have abilities that adults don’t? Ponder that question while reading these 15 terrifying things that children said to their parents. Still think having kids is such a great idea? Be prepared to deal with this creepy stuff.

15 That's Alarming

This little girl is either in need of some discipline or an exorcist. When toddlers are learning to communicate and voice frustrations, they can say some crazy things. Most of the time they have picked them up from their parents or a television show. Sometimes, they say things that are so crazy and bizarre that it floors parents and makes them wonder about their parenting skills. If my kid said something like this to me, we would be having a long talk and start attending church or a therapist. Are these the ramblings of an innocent child or a future serial killer? I guess only time will tell. I bet this mother slept with one eye open for a few nights. Can you imagine the things she will say to her mother when she is a teenager? Yikes!

14 Go To Sleep Little Creepy Girl

It’s cute when kids say things that they don’t understand the meaning of or use the wrong words or phrases, but this is a little creepy. Of course this little girl loves her mom and is just trying to find the words to express her love. Maybe this is similar to the saying that someone is so cute a person could just eat them up. Maybe she has an unhealthy obsession with her mother? I bet her mother doesn’t doubt how much her child loves her anymore. Maybe someone could teach her a new way to say, “I love you.” It may also be a good idea to just read her some stories to take her mind off the fact that she is a weirdo with unnatural thoughts. Hopefully she grows out of it.

13 Oh, That's Totally Normal

If your kids see something but can’t explain what it is, you can brush it off as nothing or blame his or her imagination. When your child sees something that shouldn’t be there and can tell you exactly what it is, you can go ahead and grab that kid and run out the door screaming. The fact that this child can see something his mother can’t see and calls it the “other mommy,” gives me chills. I’m so glad he didn’t go into detail about what it looks like. Does this creepy ghost mom tuck him in at night, read him stories or make him snacks? Why does he call her that? I’m sure that the mother has just as many questions as the rest of us, but she is probably just too afraid to ask him.

12 No More Bedtime Stories

Was she dreaming or did she have plans for this guy? You really never know what a kid is capable of until you catch it in the act, and if she had planned on putting this guy in a box, she may have had a way to make it happen. It might have involved ghosts or monsters or who knows what. There’s is always a chance that she was just talking in her sleep but the fact that she was staring straight at him makes me think she was being serious. Can you imagine not only waking up to a kid staring you right in the face but also hearing something that creepy? Umm no thanks! I’d put in my babysitting resignation ASAP. Let the mom deal with that stuff.

11 Someone Call The Ghostbusters

As a parent, it’s your job to protect your children. Most of the time it’s from things you can see. Sometimes, when things get a little spooky, you have to find a way to protect your kids from things you can’t see. I can’t imagine finding out that my child has been playing with a little ghost kid in the backyard. If it can get to the backyard, can it get in the house? Why is there a ghost on the property anyways? Was a child murdered there? More importantly, why is the kid blue and why isn’t the little girl scared. All we can do is hope that she is just hallucinating as a result of her fever. Maybe once she recovers she won’t see little blue ghosts kids in the backyard.

10 That Would Do It

Preschool is a way for little kids to learn manners and good behaviour before they start to attend real schools. It’s normal for kids to act up at times and do ornery things, but they usually don’t get too out of hand and learn to behave pretty quickly. Apparently that wasn’t the case for this kid. He knew exactly what to say to get himself a one way ticket straight home. He is probably sitting on the couch right now eating cereal and watching cartoons and thinking how all the other kids are still in class. Did he go too far? Probably. Is this more terrifying or hilarious? I can’t decide but i’m sure it sounded pretty scary at the time.

9 Time To Move Away

Most parents keep a close enough eye on their kids that they know what they watch and hear. Some things may slip through, but as long as kids don’t watch scary movies they shouldn’t have a concept of scary ghosts and paranormal ghouls right? Apparently not. This parent believes that her daughter only watches cartoons and children's shows, but either she has one hell of an imagination or she is actually being visited by some crazy ghost lady who likes to sleep on the ceiling and torment the poor kid while she watches movies. I think I would be doing a house cleansing or finding a new place to live. Why is this little girl so chill about it? That ain’t normal kid!

8 Board Up That Closet

Why do ghosts always seem to be in the creepiest places in the house. Is that where they choose to be so they can sneak around and scare everyone or is it all in our imagination and we assume they are in these places because they are strange and not places where we spend a lot of time? Would a small room under a staircase still be scary if there wasn’t a ghost under it? Probably so. To be fair, I would be just as scared if I saw a ghost sitting on my couch watching television in the middle of the day. The fact that little girl not only sees a little boy who isn’t there, but also acknowledges that he is dead, creeps me out big time. Why is she okay with talking to a dead kid anyway? Maybe her parents need to get her a puppy or a sibling or an exorcism. Whichever is easier.

7 Let's Hope It's Just His Imagination

A lot of people believe in reincarnation and some even believe that people have the ability to recall their past lives. Oddly enough, most of the people who have memories of their previous lives are children. Is it because they have so few memories of their young lives in the current world that there is room for these past memories or is it just their imaginations? There are reports of children talking about past events that they should have no knowledge of and being terrifyingly accurate about them. Is that what happened here or is this little boy just attempting to scare his mom? I dunno, but I’d probably be researching that shit. I would want to know if my toddler a reincarnation or just a stone cold weirdo.

6 Kids Are Just Creepy

Can kids see things that adults can? Are they more susceptible to messages from the great beyond? Are their tiny minds able to be penetrated by paranormal beings so they can be used as vessels? All sounds pretty scary right? Well, how else do you explain why so many kids have the ability to see and talk to what they believe are spirits? How else would this kids know about Mr. Peterson unless he really talks to him. Sure there is a chance this guy mentioned it to the kid before, but would have remembered that? At least this was a good message and not something threatening. I guess that still doesn’t make it any less scary. Thanks for the support Mr. Peterson now stop haunting this family.

5 I'd Be Less Scared Of The Wolves

Okay, first I'll acknowledge that the idea of a man crawling across a little kid's floor at night to watch them sleep is about as creepy as it gets. I have a lot of questions about this and I imagine the parents did too. Is the man real? Is he a ghost? What does he look like? Does he say or do anything to the child? I also can’t help but wonder why in the world the little girl thinks the water pipes are white wolves. That’s a pretty specific thing to be afraid of and there has to be a reason for it. Instead of telling here they are friendly wolves, why not just tell her they aren’t wolves at all. No wonder this kid sees creepy things in her bedroom, her mom just lets her think its normal.

4 Maybe Some Therapy For This One?

Most kids are happy to get a new sibling. They may be jealous at first, but they soon adjust and learn to love the new baby. This little girl may take a little longer to adjust than most and after a comment like this, I don’t think I would ever trust her alone with the baby for even a minute. It’s scary to think that such a young child could have thoughts like this. It makes you wonder if she was just saying it for a reaction or for some attention or if she really doesn’t like the baby. I think her parents need to have a long talk with her, consider taking her to therapy and maybe stop letting her watch so many scary movies.

3 Just Wall Off The Entire Room

It seems like ghosts are always ending up where they shouldn’t be. It’s almost like they are attracted to scary and creepy places. Most of the are in the attic or the basement, an abandoned house, a boarded up room or closet. Will someone explain that to me? This guy did the right thing by boarding up the creepy space in his home, but it didn’t seem to help. The ghost still found a way out and is terrorizing his children at night. Here’s an idea, if you find a creepy little door in a room in your house, maybe don’t put your young children in that room. Now Cedric has to walk through walls to get out of his little hiding spot. Should have just left it alone.

2 Every Parent's Worst Fear

Why is it that kids seem to know the worst and creepiest things to say right before bed. Either they hear a noise or see a spirit or predict their own deaths. As a parent, hearing your child say he or she won’t be waking up in the morning is the worst fear there is. This little kid probably didn’t mean anything by it, but he sure did scare the hell out of his dad. Maybe he just got confused about when to say goodnight and when to say goodbye. Get it right kid, before you give your parents a heart attack. I would have probably let him sleep in my bed that night if I were that kid’s parents.

1 Let Him Sleep With Mommy

If you heard your kid say something like this wouldn’t you at least stay in their room one night to make sure nothing is happening? I mean sure it couldn't be nothing, but what if something is going on? The kid is obviously scared of something if it’s keeping him awake, so why wouldn’t these parents be a little more concerned. Maybe he is sleepwalking, maybe he is time traveling, maybe he is just lucid dreaming, but there has to be a reason this kids thinks he is going into the walls at night and is terrified of falling asleep. If I thought something like that was happening to me, I wouldn’t want to go to sleep either. It’s scary to even think about. I hope this poor kid got some help and was able to get back on a normal sleep schedule.

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