15 Terrifying Trail Cam Photos That Are Sure To Give You Goosebumps

A lot of people like to put up trail cameras when they are hunting. Some even use them to monitor the local wildlife even if they aren’t hunting. Trail cams have been around for a while and can definitely come in handy. They are great at showing hunters how many deer or other animals are coming into the area and at what times they usually visit. They are also good at capturing insanely scary creatures. As more people are using trail cams, more scary trail cam photos are being shared. If you thought it was safe to go into the woods at night, think again. Regardless of whether they are doctored or not, these 15 terrifying trail cam photos will not only give you goosebumps, they will have you thinking twice about your next hike, campout or hunting trip.

15 That's Really Close And Scary

On second thought, if I was flipping through my trail cam photos and saw this I would probably drop my camera and run away as fast as I could. This thing is huge and it’s probably pretty hungry. Everything about this photo gives me goosebumps. Is it a bear? A gorilla? A sasquatch? Does it really matter? It’s big, it’s hairy and it’s really close to the camera. That’s enough for me. There are people who say Bigfoot doesn’t exist and those who swear they have seen him. Alleged evidence of the creature pops up all the time, but it usually turns out to be fake. Some evidence though, like photos and videos is hard to deny and just because nobody has been able to prove that bigfoot is real, doesn’t mean he isn't. If this was my trail cam, I’d definitely be moving it to a new place and likely give up my hobby of hunting. If it was in that area once, there’s a good chance it might be back.

14 Even The Deer Is Scared

Via ViralNova

Creepy little ghost kids are about as scary as it gets. Combine them with a dark forest, strange creatures and blurry footage and you have a recipe for complete chaos. Sure, some people will say that this photo is fake, but how do you explain the fact that the deer is also looking at the weird little ghost girl and probably also scared out of its mind? Sure it has its back to the camera, but i’m guessing the look on its face is saying WTF? Even if it isn’t a ghost, it’s not normal for little girls to be wandering the woods at night in their nightgowns and sneaking up on deer. Everything about this photo is terrifying. Go back home little ghost girl and stop scaring the wildlife and hunters. I bet the person who found this photo didn’t go back to that spot anymore. Can you imagine going in and out of the woods at dark, trying to get in your tree stand and hoping there isn’t a creepy ghost kid behind you? No thanks!

13 Umm, What Is That?

Sometimes things are scary because we just don’t know what they are. If you can identify something, you can learn about it and potentially outsmart or overpower it. So what is this thing? It appears to have long arms, and legs and a body covered in long, dark hair. It’s lacking a tail which rules out a lot of common forest dwelling animals. It’s not a bear. It’s not a monkey. It’s not a person. So what the heck is it? Scary; that’s what is is! It doesn’t belong in the forest so it just needs to take whatever it’s eating and go far, far away. I’d like to be able to unsee this, but I can’t so I guess we're all just left staring at it and wondering what it could be. For some reason, not knowing what this creature is, is scarier than knowing. I guess it’s because our minds can come up with all kinds of crazy guesses. I’d like to think it’s just a photo of a dog that was taken at a weird angle, but my brain keeps telling me it’s a ferocious man-eating creature that is looking for its next victim. Stop it brain! Just stop it!

12 Fast And Scary... No Thanks

Oh great. Here we have a creepy forest creature that isn’t only weird and scary, but also fast. It's zooming right past the camera at who knows what speed. That means it could probably chase and catch you pretty easily. But then again, maybe it’s a good thing it’s running. Maybe it’s a big baby that is scared of the noise the camera made and therefore also scared of other things like people. Yeah, that's it. It's just a big baby. Whatever we need to tell ourselves to deal with the fact that there are big, scary critters in the woods and running might not be the best way to save our sorry asses. Unless you're good at climbing trees. And by that I mean really good! I hope this thing just kept running; far, far away.

11 A Sabre-tooth Tiger And A Ghost? Oh Hell No

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong. How about neither of them belong. Seeing one of them on a trail cam would be scary enough, but both together? Oh hell no. I don’t know what forest this picture was taken in, but I’d like to find out so I can be sure to stay far away from it. Sabre-tooth tigers are supposed to have died out 12000 years ago! What the hell is one doing on camera? Also, ghosts shouldn’t be hanging around the woods and showing up in photos either. Why are they both together? This is definitely a creepy couple that you wouldn't want to meet on your way to your tree stand, or at all for that matter.

10 Don't Look Behind You

Via YouTube

There are a lot of creepy things in the woods. Most of them can be brushed off as misidentified animals or weird coincidences, but then you have this. What is this? Just a random creepy ghost guy taunting an innocent deer. I can only imagine what happened when this deer turned around. They say animals can sense things that people can’t but this deer isn’t doing a very good job of that. Or maybe that’s why it’s staring at the camera. It knows there is something back there, it’s just too scared to look. I remember feeling the same way about monsters under my bed. I feel ya, buddy. You’re better off just running for your life than turning around seeing a creepy ghost man laughing at you.

9 Is That A Fairy?

My first thought here is that this particular one has been photoshopped, but considering all the other weird things that have shown up in trail cams, why wouldn’t a fairy just be flying around in the forest, going about its business? It looks like a woman in a dress with wings and a wand, surrounded by a glowing halo of white light. That’s pretty much the definition of a fairy. And fairies live in forests, that's what books tell us, so maybe this isn’t so crazy after all. Just putting together the pieces of the puzzle here. I’d rather come across a harmless fairy in the forest than a ghost, bigfoot, or anything else freaky or ferocious. Unless it's an evil spirit... that's a whole other story.

8 Nothing To See Here Just A Gargoyle Chasing A Deer

There are definitely some strange creatures that live in the woods, but most of them are just as afraid of people as we are of them, and usually keep their distance. We can also usually identify most wildlife, which makes it somewhat less creepy. So what exactly is going on in this photo? Looks to me like it’s a gargoyle chasing a deer. Pretty sure gargoyles don’t exist, or at least they shouldn’t. What else could this creature be? Creepy face, wings, big eyes..it’s a damn gargoyle. If there are gargoyles in the woods, what else could be lurking in there? Don’t think I'll be taking any night hikes any time soon. Maybe some day they will call it open season on gargoyles and the woods will be safe again.

7 Pretty Sure That's A Sasquatch

If there is one creature that people fear running into in the woods, it’s the mythical and dreaded Bigfoot. I mean the thing is terrifying. It’s big, hairy, and strong yet has the ability to hide from thousands of people who have been searching for it for decades. How is this possible? Sure there are people who say it doesn’t exist, but there are too many sightings, photos and even attacks that prove otherwise. This photo clearly shows a large, hairy beast walking through the woods. I don’t know about you, but to me that looks like a bigfoot, or at least a very good impersonation of the mythical creature. Wonder how fast the hunters booked it out of the woods once they saw this photo?

6 Just Three Creepy Friends Hanging Out In The Woods At Night

Via PicPhotos

You know what is worse than finding one creepy monster on your trail cam? Finding three creepy monsters on your trail cam. This trail cam photo shows three spooks just doing what they do best; scaring the crap out of everyone. How would you like to walk up on this little party in the woods? Are they ghosts? Is it just a glitch in the camera? Are these real people just trying to scare away the hunters? They look like they're just walking around aimlessly in the dark! We may never know exactly what we are seeing, but that might be for the best. I’m not sure I could handle knowing anymore about these creatures or learning what kind of terrifying purpose they may have.

5 Scariest Photobomb Ever

Via Godubois

At first glance this looks like a normal trail cam photo. Sure coyotes are a little scary; but they are also shy and tend to avoid people, so there is really nothing to worry about. So what's so scary about this photo? Well if you look to the right, you might notice a creepy little photo bomber. What is that? It looks like a witch or a female frankenstein or something else equally as terrifying. Why would this be in the woods? Glitch in the camera? Not likely. It’s clearly a person staring right at the trail cam. Since the coyotes are completely oblivious to it, it must not be a real person either. Just a creepy ghost hanging out in the woods; totally normal.

4 This Might Be Normal If The Trail Camera Was In Africa

Via Pic2Fly

Okay, at least this one is a familiar animal. The only problem is, this trail cam wasn’t in Africa and Hyenas don’t belong anywhere else except in Africa. This photo raises a lot of questions. How did it get here? Would it attack a human? How does it survive? Hyenas may be known as scavengers, but they are actually successful hunters that are capable of taking down large prey. They also have, pound for pound, the strongest jaw of all mammals. They could easily kill a person. Still think this photo is one of the least scary on the list? Think again. Can you imagine tracking a deer through the woods and finding it at the same time as this hyena? Pretty sure you wouldn’t be taking that deer home.

3 Creepy Clown In The Forest.. Enough Said

Via PinStopin

Clowns are meant to be funny; but let’s be honest, they are scarier than hell. Seriously when is the last time you saw a clown and smiled? Now that clowns are out roaming the streets and killing people randomly, they are all the more terrifying. Combine a crazy clown and a trail cam out in the middle of nowhere, and you get serious terror. I would almost rather encounter a bigfoot in the woods than a clown. I mean at least you know a bigfoot is probably up to no good, clowns aren’t so predictable. Why would a clown be out in the woods anyway? He is either plotting his next attack or hiding out because of a previous one. I hope this was just someone playing a joke on this hunter and there really aren’t clowns hiding out in the woods.

2 I Just Peed My Pants

Via QuoteImg

Please let this just be grandma in her nightgown. Please let this be grandma in her night gown.... Nope, it’s another spook out roaming the woods at night, looking for someone to scare. What is it with ghosts and ghouls that makes them so eager to be caught on film? There are so many better places to hang out. Why would they choose to roam the dark woods? This one is either a person in a costume or the ghost of an elderly person in a robe. It doesn’t appear to notice the camera or maybe it just doesn’t care. It also seems to have a strange posture and may even be dragging something behind it. The weird orb around it could be the light from the camera or just a ghostly haze. Just another reason to stay the hell out of the woods at night and choose your hunting spots wisely. Why do things like this have to exist? Why cant they just stay hidden? We don't need photo evidence.

1 And Now I'll Never Go Into The Woods Ever Again

If you are brave enough to go into the woods at night, this photo should change your mind. Believe it or not, this scary ass creature has a name. It’s called a rake. Rakes are terrifying creatures that stalk and kill people. If you search online, you will find a lot of people who have claimed to have encountered a rake creature. There are probably even more people who encountered these monsters and didn’t live to tell about it. Catching one on film is pretty unlikely, but this trail cam seems to have done so. Then again, it could just be a fake. I really hope it’s a fake, because not only do I not want to be in the woods with something like this, I don’t even want to be on the same planet as this creature. If I had an encounter with a rake, I would probably be the easiest meal it ever had because I'd just fall dead in my tracks from fear.

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