15 Things Even Blake Doesn't Know About Ryan Reynolds

With the release of Deadpool 2 last month, there has been a lot of talk about the star Ryan Reynolds. While anyone who follows him on social media knows how witty and funny he is, there are a ton of things that we don't know about him. Although he was not always the greatest actor (we will get to that below), he did start his acting career as early as 1991. Ryan was cast on a Nickelodeon show called Fifteen and in a Canadian teen soap opera called Hillside. Then at 22 years old, he went on to play a character named Michael Bergen on ABC's, Two Guys and a Girl.

Of course, as he started doing one comedy after another like Just Friends, his star began to rise and he was soon being cast in Marvel movies. While he's been in a slew of serious relationships, we all now recognize him for his marriage to Blake Lively and the playful relationship they have on social media. Although they seem to be extremely close, we may have found out some things about him that even she doesn't know.

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15 He was kicked out of school for stealing a teacher's car

Via: yahoo.com

Based on Ryan Reynolds history in school, it would appear that he was not the most studious individual. Instead, he was a bit of a prankster and rebellious by nature. According to Digital Spy, Ryan accidentally committed a felony while in high school, without even realizing it. When he appeared on the BBC show called Top Gear, Ryan addressed the time he got into serious trouble over a prank gone wrong.

Ryan revealed, "I was a bit of a pariah at school. I have three older brothers, all of whom were kicked out of this very same school, so from the moment I got there, I was a marked man. I was kicked out for something I think you'd appreciate. I was kicked out for stealing a car. But wait—I didn't actually steal a vehicle!"

Ryan says that there was this “awful” teacher who had a tiny Volkswagen, so on April Fool’s him and his friends picked it up and carried it down one block. He said he did it with a group of about eight guys but when the teacher discovered it, they learned that they had committed a felony. Ryan added, "In Canada, if you move it more than 10 feet, it's a felony. I didn't know that. One city block was 100% grand theft!"

14 He was injured during a crash

Ryan Reynolds was filming scenes for Deadpool in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2015 when he was involved in a hit-and-run incident with a paparazzi. Reynolds was walking in a parking garage in the Shangri-La hotel on a Friday night when a member of the paparazzi bumped into him. The paparazzi in question was named Rik Fedyck and, according to Global News, he fled the scene after hitting Ryan. He did not get very far though, as he was later arrested. Police held him on the charges of “intimidation,” but he was eventually released. An investigation revealed that the photographer engaged in a confrontation with Reynolds in the parking lot and after he drove off, he supposedly hit Reynolds with his car.

A spokesperson for Reynolds said that after being hit by a car, Reynolds was OK. Constable Brian Montague revealed that Reynolds only suffered “minor injuries to his knee and back.” Following the incident, Reynolds was in good spirits and even joked about it on Twitter. The Canadian criminal code states that a person “can be found guilty of intimidation if he or she persistently follows that person.” Given that the accident occurred when the paparazzi was following Ryan, it is possible to be charged with it. If the photographer was charged the maximum penalty, he could have faced five years in prison.

13 He never gave up Deadpool...even after it was rejected 47 times

If there is one thing nobody can say about Ryan Reynolds, it's that he is a quitter. According to the La Times, Ryan pitched the idea of turning the comic book anti-hero Deadpool into a movie 47 times before someone agreed. That’s right, it took 47 rejection letters and 11 years for Deadpool to be given the green light. Ryan says that the comic book was first put in front of him in 2005 and it was the first real introduction he had to the comic book world. After reading the Deadpool comics, he says that he really connected with the world and became the top supporter of getting it turned into a movie. Although this came with a lot of setbacks. The script for the movie was written five years before it was finally made and even that did not help with moving the process along.

Ryan refers to the process as the “worst relationship” he has ever been in due to all the yo-yoing.

In the end, it was worth it as the first Deadpool was released in 2015 to rave reviews and tons of money at the box office. So we suppose if at first, you don’t succeed, try again, and again and again. Eventually, someone will say yes.

12 He didn't pass drama class

Although Ryan Reynolds may be recognized for his acting abilities today, there was a time when they were not as appreciated. Namely, when Ryan was attending Kitsilano Secondary School and failed to impress his drama teacher. According to Refinery 29, Ryan failed his drama class in high school. After winning an award for acting, Ryan was quoted as saying, "Ryan Reynolds here....how could a guy, who failed his high school drama class be this talented? I have no answer for that. But to quote my favorite actor, in the world, the great Australian Hugh Jackman, who, by the way, was People's Sexiest Man Slive way before me, Americans are the most generous country on the planet."

Ryan also struggled with his ability to do math. In a Variety Actors on Actors interview with actress Taraji P. Henson, the pair bonded over the fact that they both failed math. Ryan says that he was in remedial 10th grade math...when he was in the 12th grade. According to this interview on YouTube, Ryan says that that other kid's in the 10th grade math class would judge him everytime he was there. He said they would look at him like, “Do you know how to put your pants on?” That had to sting.

11 He used to ride the wrong school bus to get a girl's attention

If there is one thing we would have never guess about Ryan Reynolds, it is that he was not always smooth when it came to picking up girls. In fact, he would get creative in trying to get their attention, almost to a fault at times. According to Glamour Magazine, when Ryan was just a kid and he developed his first crush, he thought outside of the box to get her attention.

Every day, he would get on the bus that was going the opposite direction of his home just so he could sit next to his crush, Fiona.

Speaking on the memory, Ryan recalled, “She used to take the bus the opposite way of my actual home," he said. "I would get on the bus just to sit next to her for 45 minutes the wrong way!” And while that may seem like a lot of effort for some, Ryan revealed that he just did not have it as easy with the girls when he was growing up. In fact, he added that he was a super late bloomer, which did not help with him trying to get a date. When Ryan was on the Graham Norton Show, he said, "I went through puberty at like 27," Reynolds joked. "It was a freak thing—yeah, it was not good!"

10 He left college to pursue acting without telling his family

Via: msn.com

Despite his alleged shortcomings in the acting department while attending Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver, Ryan Reynolds did not let that get in the way of his ambition to become an actor. According to Looper, Ryan got his first gig at just 13 years old on a Nickelodeon show called Fifteen. Ryan reveals that he had to deceive his family when auditioning because they did not understand the world of acting. Once Ryan got the part, he convinced his parents to let him do it by saying it was a Christian Reform camp that was also a television show. He added that the fact that he beat out 4,000 other kids to get the role, which appealed to his dad also. Eventually, his family agreed to let him be on the show.

However, when Ryan was on the series, it was not all it was cut out to be. He was only being paid $200-300 a week. Despite the experience, Ryan went on to audition for more shows. Eventually, when he was 19 years old and attending Kwantlen College in Vancouver, he dropped out to pursue acting full-time. Given his family's history of being wary of his ambitions to be an actor in his teenage years, Ryan did not tell his family he quit school. Instead, he waited until he was in Los Angeles already to break the news.

9 He once hurt his neck on a movie set

Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to injuries and he once separated his shoulders on a movie set while filming some stunt scenes. According to Cinema Blend, he has also broken some of the vertebrae in his neck. When speaking on the subject, Ryan said “I've had some bad injuries doing stunts. I broke a couple of vertebrae in my neck. It was a bad situation. I remember the doctor sitting in the office - it was about the seventh time I had been there that year - and he writes on a prescription pad, rips off the note and it reads 'Stuntman'. Point taken. So now I use four different guys that come with me."

"Thankfully nothing scary happened on this one.”

He also revealed that he is not as young as he once was so his body feels the stunts a lot more now. Ryan said “I’m not 22 anymore,” he tells Men’s Health magazine. “When I jump off a building and hit the cement, it’s not hilarious anymore: it hurts…So I’m dealing with a ton of nagging injuries. After 15 years of intermittent action movies, you get your butt kicked. I’ve broken my neck; I’ve separated both my shoulders and I’ve got a wrecked disc in my back.”

8 He has been engaged three times

Via: zimbio.com

Although today we all know Ryan Reynolds as the devoted hubby to actress Blake Lively, there was a time when he was another woman’s husband and another woman’s fiancé. If there is one thing we can take away from Reynolds’s dating history, it is that he does not shy away from proposing to a woman he is in a serious relationship with. According to She Knows, it all started in 2002 when Ryan Reynolds was introduced to fellow Canadian Alanis Morissette at Drew Barrymore’s birthday party. The two hit it off and started dating quite seriously. By 2004, Ryan had proposed to Alanis, however, the two never made it down the aisle.

The pair split in 2007 and shortly after Ryan began dating actress Scarlett Johansson. Ryan proposed to Scarlett a mere year into the relationship in 2008. The pair then tied the knot later that year. However, once again it did not last for Reynolds and the two split up in 2010. A year after his divorce, Ryan met Blake Lively on the set of Green Lantern. The two started their relationship as friends. They even went on a double date with other people at one point. However, during that date, the two realized their feelings for each other weren't just platonic. The two are now married with two little girls.

7 He offered Brad Pitt a latte to star in Deadpool 2

For anyone that has not seen Deadpool 2 yet, but plans on it, we apologize in advance if you did not know that Brad Pitt makes a cameo appearance in the movie. Albeit the appearance is very brief and if you blink you may miss him, he is in there during a scene where he passes away. So, how did Ryan Reynolds manage to get arguably one of the world’s biggest actors to play such a brief role? Well, apparently he did so without even paying him. According to Empire Online, Ryan sent a letter to Brad Pitt simply asking him to do it. In the letter Ryan said, “Look we have this completely stupid role of this guy who's invisible and wordless, says nothing in the entire movie, he's invisible, we all jump out of an airplane and the only time we see him is eight frames of footage when he's electrocuted, suddenly and quite unexpectedly."

"And we think it would be really hilarious if that was the biggest movie star in the world.”

As it turns out, Brad Pitt has a great sense of humor and he laughed about it and said, “I’ll do it for a latte,” to which Ryan responded, “I’ll bring you a Starbucks." Pitt came on set to the Fox Studios lot for a whole seven minutes in which they shot the whole scene.

6 He is the voice for Juggernaut

Sometimes when you are filming action films, the budget gets eaten up rather quickly so you have to get creative. Although the comic book character Juggernaut was portrayed by actor Vinnie Jones in X-Men: The Last Stand, he did not portray him in Deadpool 2. Instead, to cut costs, Ryan Reynolds provided his voice for the character. This time around, no one physically played Juggernaut, but instead, the whole thing was done in CGI.

According to Empire Online, Ryan said, "As with every movie you want to finish on budget and on time, which we did, but barely – so we couldn't even afford a voice for Juggernaut. The voice for Juggernaut is me. I just did it as a kind of temp, it was this sort of Brooklyn brawler voice that we modulated in post, and cranked up and gave it all this bass and reverberation. We didn't settle on that just because it was quality, we settled on that because we just didn't have any more budget left for other actors to jump in." For anyone, who has seen the film, Ryan does a really great job portraying the voice and if we were not told it was him, maybe we would not even be able to tell.

5 His parachute didn't open on the first attempt when skydiving

Ryan admitted that he has a fear of flying after a skydiving trip almost ended in disaster. According to Glamour Magazine, Reynold’s had a near experience when his parachute did not open during a skydiving jump. When he was just 17 years old, Ryan’s primary parachute did not open after he jumped out of the plane. Ryan recalled, "I'm falling to the ground thinking that it was great and then I pulled my cord and, nothing. Then I remember that I have to try to release the reserve shoot. This might sound odd but when you're falling like that you just can't bring yourself to do it.”

Ryan added that at that moment he was scared to find out if his backup shoot would work or not work so he didn't pull the cord right away.

He added, “I'm up there thinking when I pull this reserve and nothing happens, that's it - I'm still alive but I'm already gone. Physically I cannot release that reserve because I don't want to find out if it's going to work or not." Eventually, Ryan built up the courage to pull the backup parachute, which opened successfully, to his relief. There is no word if Reynolds has been skydiving since the incident.

4 He’s naturally slender

Although Blake Lively has only really known Ryan Reynolds as the muscular guy we see on our screens today, it was not always that way. According to Looper, his natural build is rather slender. In fact, Ryan says he did not begin to bulk up until he got the role as Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity. It was the third film in the Wesley Snipes Blade franchise and Ryan had six months to muscle up for it. Ryan says that he worked out for six solid months in advance and “did everything they told me to.” He also added, that after filming he did begin to lose the muscle mass again, but that the muscle memory remained so that it was easier to bulk up again when he needed to.

He revealed, “I could do it again if I needed to. I have a discipline that has served me very well in my career and in my personal life, and that’s gotten stronger as I’ve gotten older.” When Deadpool was picked up and slated to start filming, Ryan had to get back to the gym, but admits that it was not as successful at first as he had hoped. Ryan threw his back out the first day of training and says he had to crawl home on all fours. As you can see in the first movie, it didn't stop him from nailing the role.

3 He left filming once to woo a girl in London

Via: zimbio.com

Before Ryan was with Blake, Scarlett and Alanis Morissette, there was another girl that caught his eye—'90s teen sweetheart Rachael Leigh Cook (of She’s All That fame). While we know Ryan has been a hopeless romantic since he was a kid and on got on the wrong bus for a girl, we did not know he would go to even greater lengths as an adult. In 2001, according to Movie Fone, Ryan met actress Rachael Leigh Cook and he almost instantly had a crush on her. So when the pair started to casually date and Rachael had to fly to London for a movie, Ryan wanted to make sure did not forget him.

Even though Ryan was filming in the United States at the same time, he left his film set to surprise her.

Rachael was filming the movie Blow Dry when Ryan shows up in London to spend some time with her. Although this instance and the school bus instance, were very romantic, Ryan admits that he did not have it as together in his teens. In fact, Ryan admits that his first kiss was behind a dumpster at the age of 13. Not exactly the location everyone dreams of for their first kiss.

2 Ryan is claustrophobic

For anyone who has seen Ryan Reynolds in the film Buried, this little fact does not come as too much of a surprise. During the filming of the movie, Ryan’s character was trapped inside a coffin with nothing but a lighter and a cellphone. While filming, Ryan had to remain in the confined space for hours on end for 17 days straight. According to Parade, Ryan not only developed claustrophobia during filming but also some bruises, scrapes and a bald patch. Speaking about the experience, Ryan said, “All of the physical injuries are like souvenirs. But the emotional stuff is harder. When you’re spending 17 straight days in a heightened state of anxiety and panic, it’s not very good for your nervous system, so you walk away pretty jittery.”

Ryan added that he also struggled with insomnia after he was done the filming. He also said that he had a newfound appreciation for people who suffer from claustrophobia. We imagine anyone would develop a fear of confined spaces after being trapped in a box for hours on end. Looking back on the experience, Ryan says the filming of Buried now feels like a dream. Adding that he only remembers bits and pieces of filming.

1 The age gap contributed to his split from Scarlett Johansson

When Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds first started dating, the pair appeared inseparable and got married just a year later in 2008. However, by 2010, their marriage fell apart and the two got a divorce. According to Nicki Swift, Johansson later revealed that their age difference may have played a role in their divorce. She was 23 years old, while Reynolds was 31 years old at the time. On her former marriage, Scarlett said, "I feel I know now more of what I need in a relationship, what I want in a relationship. And I know I have more tools to communicate, not just with my partner, but with myself. That's not necessarily any reflection of who I was married to or what was happening in my marriage, but really where I was in my life."

The couple was also apparently polar opposites, which caused issues in the long run. Whereas Scarlett was more independent, Ryan was more traditional. Seemingly, in the end, it worked out for both of them as Ryan went on to marry Blake Lively and have two daughters. Meanwhile, Scarlett married a French journalist and had a daughter with him before divorcing in 2017. She is currently dating SNL’s, Colin Jost.

References: Nicki Swift, Parade, Movie Fone, Empire Online, She Knows, Refinery 29, Glamour Magazine

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