15 Things Every Person In A Relationship Does (But Won't Admit To Doing)

Relationships are the best. I know there are some haters amongst us who keep saying they don't need a man, or they don't need a woman to hold 'em down, but let's stop lying to ourselves. Having a significant other is so much fun. You're always going to have a partner in crime, you're always going to have a booty call that's no long called a booty call, and  over all, you're going to have someone who cares about you unconditionally, Being in love (as well as "in like") is an amazing feeling that varies from person to person. But, as we all know, love comes with some heavy moments, and one of those moments is becoming comfortable with that person. 

The tricky thing about comfortability is that this means your significant other is going to see the real you sooner than you expected. This means they're going to know your bathroom habits, they're going to see that you sleep eat, and they're gonna have to accept that you eat off their plate when they're not looking. Love is tough, and it makes us do some crazy things. Check out the list below and slowly accept the fact that you probably do at least 10 out of the 15 things.

15 You Steal Food Off Their Plate

After you've been with someone for a long time, you're so comfortable with one another that you do the unthinkable: you sneak a few bites of food from their plates. I don't think there's a person in this world who enjoys when other people take food of their plate. It's just one of those annoying habits that some people get themselves into. Instead of enjoying the food on your OWN plate, you decide to dive into a few French fries on your significant other's plate. Like, hot damn. When you're first dating, your partner is most likely like "of course, take what you want!" But after a couple years, they turn into Joey from Friends. The moral of the story here is to keep your fingers to your own plate... and wait for them to walk away before sneaking more fries off their plate...

14 You Pee In Front Of Each Other

This is going to be a TMI situation, but hey, there's worse stories on the Internet. I remember peeing in front of my fiancé for the first time and he just kind of looked at me, cocked his head to the side, and says "I've never seen this before." I practically died laughing because it was just second nature to me. Why do guys feel the acceptance to pee anywhere they damn well please, but women have to feel dainty and insecure when they have to pee? Hell naw. So although some couples claim they never pee in front of their significant other or have never peed in the shower, they're liars. We've all done it, and if you haven't done it, you will...soon.

13 Stare Someone Down For Staring At Your Lover

If there's one thing I am, it's over protective. After being with my man for almost five years, if another woman eyes him in a flirtatious way — I stare them down for a solid five minutes until they get the picture. However, we have been together for a long time, so that sassiness has thankfully faded (a majority of it at least).

However, I know I'm not the only one who doesn't appreciate flirtatious glances towards my person. No matter how comfortable you are in your relationship or how much you trust your lover, no on f*cking likes when someone else makes a move on your person. OH HELL NAW. Not happening — not up in here! You're never "too mature" to not protect what's yours, so why do people act morally superior and that they don't care if someone tries to hit on their significant other? They care — they're just not saying anything,

12 You Subtly Get Ready Before A FaceTime Date

Whether you're FaceTiming your man, woman, or pet, we all get ready for this type of phone call. Especially if you're doing long distance or haven't seem them in a long time. We "act" like we just got done working out, eating dinner, or took a shower, but in real life, it took us at least 20 minutes to get ready for this FaceTime date. We find the perfect position to sit in and make sure we're in a relaxed area where we look like a filter from Snapchat. It's not like we're not confident in our looks, but when all we have is FacetTime, we put in a little extra effort to look our best. No matter how "natural" we say we are, we all know the work we put in.

11 You Stare At Them While They're Sleeping

Sometimes, when our significant other is sleeping, it makes you realize how vulnerable and trusting they really are to just fall asleep next to you. For that brief amount of time, their guards are down, their breath is slow, and they were so comfortable with us, that they fell asleep next to us. It's a small moment that we take for granted, but when we think about it, it's actually a beautiful part of any relationship. However, when we take a step back to look at ourselves STARING endlessly at our lover sleeping, we can't help how CRAZY we look. Like, I will legit just look at my fiancé sleeping, and try to count his eyelashes before he wakes up from feeling my intense glare on him. #Whoops. Whoever says they don't stare at their person when they're sleeping, they're lying.

10 You Pass Gas And Blame It On Them

Listen, these kinds of conversations make me uncomfortable AF, but it's something that happens in every long-term relationship. Going to the bathroom and passing gas is a part of life. Our bodies literally need to relieve themselves every day to function properly. So this strange rumor that was started hundreds of years ago, that men fart and women don't, is a whole bunch of bologna. Since the topic is such taboo, though, women still won't admit to farting when they're with their person. This can obviously get weird when it's just the two of you and you let one rip. You obviously can't blame it on the other person, because it's a little obvious that they would know whether they did or not. But sense we live in this "secret no-farting" society, we blame it on the other person nine times out of ten.

9 You Probably Have Stalked Their Social Media Page

YAS! The best part about dating someone new is finding their social media pages and stalking the sh*t out of it. You find out where they went to school, who their friends are, what their exes names are, and if they're close to their parents. With the help of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, it's easy to find out if you're dating someone genuine or low-key psycho path. However, since our stalking capabilities are so grand (see number three), this can take away some of the fun of dating. Nothing they say is really that surprising any more. They can tell you about their family and you're like "Yeah, doesn't your aunt Susan have a hose in Jersey?" Meanwhile, they're just kind of looking at you like you're crazy as sh*t, but at the same time, they also did the same thing with you. No one admits it, though, of course.

8 You Wake Them Up Because YOU Can't Sleep

A lot of couples have hectic schedules. Some people work weekends, others work nights, some may work in retail — we get busy, and that's okay. However, sense we are so busy, sometimes this leaves our partner falling asleep while we're still awake. You could be on Twitter or watching a movie, and then all of a sudden, your person is snoring away in dream land. "WTF, why are you sleeping?!" We start whispering their name to see if they stir a bit — but nothing happens. This is when we bring in the big guns: we poke the sh*t out of them until they open those eyes and you can say "Wake up, I'm bored." Does this tactic work? Rarely, but it's always worth a shot.

7 Sometimes We Act Like Siblings

Oh wow, I can talk about this segment for a half hour. Sense I work at home, and my fiancé plays a professional sport, we're both at home together for LONG periods of time. Being together for 24 hours our of the day doesn't really drive us crazy, but it does pay a toll on us at times. We're human beings and small things can tick us off. Rather instead of starting an argument, we'll just kind of pick on each other instead. This leads to wrestling matches, tongues sticking out, and kicking each other's shins other the dinner table when they say something dumb. It's in these shining moments that I realize HOW much we act like siblings at times other than people in a loving relationship. No one really admits this part of their relationship, but it's very much true. #SMH.

6 You Hide The Remote From Them So You Can Watch Your Show

Spending time together is what makes a relationship thrive and grow. These days couples like to spend the night in and watch Netflix or choose a movie on FX they can watch together. But what happens when you want to watch Real Housewives of New York, and they want to watch SNL? Instead of accepting your fate and getting stuck watching a comedy sketch you weren't pumped to watch, you simply take the remote and hide it from your partner! You either sit on the remote saying you have "no idea where it could be" OR you can take the batteries out and simply say it's busted, "sorry!" BOOM — conflict resolved. Most people won't admit to being as childish as this, but I'm not afraid to say that I've pulled this move more than once (and it worked).

5 You Set Their Face As Your Phone's Background

I don't understand why some people make fun of a couple for having their significant other as their background on their phone. UM, sorry for loving my partner and wanting their face on my screen? Like, I never understood this. It's my phone. If I want my man's face on phone, I'm going to do it, and it shouldn't bother anyone else in the slightest. There shouldn't be any shame in your game. If you wanna show your lover off to the world, by all means, go for it! Take some notes from Victoria Beckham here. She's in her 40's and is proud to have her man as her background as he lays in bed shirtless. No secrets here (and honestly why would there be, David is one hot DILF).

4 We Sometimes Pick Fights Just To See If They Care

After being with someone for so long, things tend to get a little stale. Sure, you guys still love each other but the passion that was once constant, is now just a small flame in the distance. **Sigh** So, in order to flare up some feelings, sometimes we'll stir the pot a bit. Maybe we'll name drop a few names that make our partner jealous so to get a reaction — and that's okay. It's normal! The only problem is that no one admits to doing these things. No one wants to admit that relationships are hard and they take work. I know we see couples on Facebook every single day that seem like they're living in ecstasy, but it's all an act. When we're feeling lonely and unloved, picking a fight is the next best option to get the reaction you're looking for.

3 You Stalk The Sh*t Out Of Their Friends' Social Media Accounts After A Night Out

We all have contrasting feelings when it comes to personal social media accounts. We love showing off our life and being creative with pictures — we even love seeing what our friends and loved ones are up to. But it SUCKS when our loved one goes out for a night on the town. Because instead of saying "Have a good time, I'll see you when you're home," you go ahead and stalk the sh*t out of your lover's friends pages to see where they are, what they're doing, and who they're with. You might have told your person that you're going to bed, but you're actually sitting straight up in bed trying to figure out what kinds of people your significant other is hanging out with. It's a double edged sword, I swear to God.  

2 We Pretend To Be Interested In The Same Hobbies

In the first six first months of a relationship, everything is so new and refreshing. They could literally burp the alphabet, and you would tell your friends they were "educated and creative" (when in actuality, it's repulsive AF). They tell you they're obsessed with fishing—and what do you know—you've all of a sudden become a fishing professional! They say they're favorite sport is basketball and BOOM! You're a fan of LeBron James!

Why do we tell these little white lies? Because we want this person we're digging so much to think we're as cool as we think THEY are. If they're a fan of sports, by all means, call us a sports fan! But after a year in the relationship, these lies wither away. When they're pumped to watch basketball, you now say "ugh not again, I'm going to of watch The Kardashians." People will lie and say they've never lied about what they like, but I call BS.

1 We Drop Hints Like CRAZY, Hoping They notice

My favorite part about relationships is the hints we drop. But honestly, should we even call them hints? We're pretty much spelling out what we want to them. For example, after four years of dating, I was no longer hinting to my (now) fiancé that I wanted to be engaged. I was legitimately showing him what rings I liked on Pinterest. SO when he finally proposed to me, my ring was not some kind of "surprise." I knew exactly what my future ring would look like. People were telling him "great job!" on the ring, but like, let's be real — I f*cking showed him every single ring I liked. Honey, at that point, it's no longer a hint. That's just me saying what I like and my awesome fiancé being a great listener.

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