15 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Mysterio

For several decades now, Mysterio has been one of Spider-Man’s most notable foes. That said, with his big screen debut in Spider-Man Far From Home, the character’s profile is higher than ever. Thankfully, Mysterio has always been a highly entertaining bad guy so his theatrics are only bound to make him even more popular now that he is under a brighter spotlight.

As the name of this character is meant to imply, Mysterio does everything he can to seem enigmatic. Given how much Mysterio likes to keep his enemies guessing, it seems like the character would be delighted to learn that your average person in the real world has some misconceptions about him. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 15 things everyone gets wrong about Mysterio.

15 More than One Character Has Gone by the Name Mysterio

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As one of Spider-Man’s most popular enemies, Mysterio is a big enough deal that many non-comic book readers are aware of him due to the character’s appearances in several TV shows. However, due to the fact that those folks don’t read comics, they have no idea that in that medium two other characters named Francis Klum and Daniel Berkhart have taken over the Mysterio persona.

14 The Original Mysterio Has Actually Gone By Other Names

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In addition to the fact that other characters have adopted the Mysterio persona over the years, the man who created that character in the comics, Quentin Beck, has gone by other names too. For example, during one of Beck’s early attempts at fooling others, he masqueraded as Dr. Ludwig Rinehart and tried to convince Peter Parker he was losing his mind

13 The Original Mysterio Actually Tried to Give Up Villainy for a Time

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Due to the fact that readers were first introduced to Mysterio back in 1964, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the character has undergone a lot of changes over the years. Still, longtime fans of the villain were surprised when he announced that he was going to give up his life of crime and move to Las Vegas in order to retire during the aftermath of the “Secret Wars” storyline.

12 Stan Lee Didn't Work Alone During Mysterio's Creation

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Due to Stan Lee’s involvement in the creation of many of the most beloved comics characters of all-time, he absolutely deserves to be celebrated by the world. However, other people deserve a lot of credit too. For example, Steve Ditko co-created Mysterio with Lee, Gerry Conway and Ross Andru came up with the 2nd version of the character, and famed director Kevin Smith created the 3rd alongside Terry Dodson.

11 Mysterio Can Dampen Some of Spider-Man's Abilities

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For the most part, when Mysterio has fought Spider-Man in the TV cartoons he has relied on his ability to create illusions that throw his foe off his guard to prevail. For that reason, many fans of both characters have no idea that Mysterio can dull Parker’s Spidey Sense by releasing gas and his costume can emit a chemical that eats through the hero’s webbing.

10 His Villainy Hasn’t Been Limited to a Single Universe

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After the huge success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, many people are aware that many versions of the hero exist throughout a wide array of realities, including Miles Morales. Just like the best-known version of Peter Parker, Morales has fought Mysterio. Amazingly enough, it turns out that Morales’ version of Mysterio is a robot that is controlled by main Marvel universe’s Mysterio.

9 The Second Person to Be Mysterio Wasn’t Loyal to that Persona

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As we touched on earlier in this list, after Quentin Beck ceased being Mysterio for a while, a new character named Daniel Berkhart took over the persona. Evidently not content to battle Spidey as Mysterio alone, Berkhart went on to continue his villainous ways under the names Jack O’Lantern and Mad Jack.

8 Mysterio Had a Benefactor At One Time

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Despite the fact that many characters have fought as Mysterio throughout Marvel Comics history, stepping into those footsteps isn’t an easy task. In fact, the only reason why Daniel Berkhart could afford to fight as Mysterio, since the persona relies on loads of expensive technology, is J. Jonah Jameson paid him to be the bad guy at first.

7 Mysterio Has a History of Pretending to be a Hero

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When the trailers for Spider-Man: Far From Home first debuted, they confused some fans as it seemed like Mysterio was being portrayed as a hero despite being one of the web slinger’s best villains. However, that is nothing new as Mysterio debuted in the 1963 comic book Spider-Man # 2 and in that issue he pretended to be a hero in order to frame Spider-Man as a thief.

6 Mysterio’s Fish Bowl Head Serves a Purpose Beyond The Superficial

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While Mysterio is a fan favorite character for a lot of reasons, there is no doubt that his awesome look which includes wearing a reflective fishbowl helmet has helped to make him so popular. On top of looking simply fantastic, the helmet serves a purpose in the comic books as it contains a breathing system that allows him to use gases against his foes without hurting himself.

5 Mysterio Doesn’t Work Alone Often

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When most people think about Mysterio, an image of him surrounded by smoke of some kind is likely to be what comes to mind. However, throughout many of his appearances in the comic books, he found himself standing alongside several of his peers. This is the case because he was a founding member of the Sinister Six, a team that was made up of Spider-Man’s foes.

4 Prior to Far From Home’s Production, There Were Other Plans for Mysterio’s Movie Debut

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With the release of 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, fans will get to see Mysterio on the big screen for the first time. Remarkably enough, however, there is strong evidence that if Sam Raimi had made Spider-Man 4, Bruce Campbell would have played Mysterio in that film. On top of that, before Sony gave up on the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, a Sinister Six film that would have featured the character was in the works.

3 Mysterio Doesn’t Have Any Actual Superpowers

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When you watch the trailers for Spider-Man: Far From Home, it seems to be very clear that Mysterio has superpowers that may derive from some kind of magic. Despite that, throughout the character’s history, it has been made very clear that he doesn’t possess any powers of his own. Instead, this bad guy has a history of creating amazing technology that helps him do incredible things.

2 His Backstory Is Inconsistent

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Due to the fact that Mysterio debuted in the ‘60s and continues to exist in the comics to this day, some aspects of his backstory have been changed. For example, originally this former stuntman and special effects expert was inspired by the work of Ray Harryhausen. Since that is now seen as a dated reference, his current backstory involves looking up to the effects seen in the movie Splash as a youngster instead.

1 Mysterio Has Grappled With Superheroes Other Than Spider-Man

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When it comes to the vast majority of Mysterio’s high profile appearances in film and television, the character has been closely associated with his main foe Spider-Man. Despite that, Mysterio has grappled with many Marvel heroes in the comic books including the likes of Wolverine, Captain America, and most notably Daredevil.

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