15 Things Fans Choose To Ignore About Lori Loughlin’s Marriage

Lori Loughlin rose to fame in the '90s thanks to her portrayal of Aunt Becky in the family-friendly sitcom Full House. She’s also had a variety of notable roles in Hallmark productions as well as in the reboot of 90210. However, her acting credits aren’t the reason Lori has made headlines recently.

This past March, the actress and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, were charged after it was revealed they paid over $500,000 to ensure their two daughters, Olivia and Isabella, gained admissions to USC. The parents are part of an ongoing investigation and trial that has also brought charges against other celebrities, including Felicity Huffman. Since the onset of the drama, many eyebrow-raising facts about Lori and Mossimo’s marriage have come to light.

Continue reading to see 15 things many fans choose to ignore about their relationship.

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15 The Admissions Drama Put Their Marriage On The Rocks

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Recent reports have suggested that Lori and Mossimo’s marriage may be taking a sharp turn following the drama surrounding their involvement in the college admissions drama.

“She’s telling friends that her marriage is in trouble,” an insider told InTouch. “[It] was the last straw. Lori blames Mossimo for a lot of their current issues.

14 They’re Facing A New Charge For Money Laundering

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This past April, it was revealed Lori and Mossimo are facing another charge in connection to the admissions drama. Originally, the pair were facing time for desire to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud, People confirms.

But since they rejected their plea deal (which would’ve got them 18 to 24 months behind bars), the DA tacked on new charges for money laundering.

13 They Could Both Spend 20 Years Behind Bars

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Now that Lori and Mossimo have rejected their initial plea deal, it remains to be determined how much time they may spend in the slammer. But if one thing is clear, it’s likely to be a long time.

People reports that the DA is estimating the spouses could each serve upward of 20 years. We bet Lori is regretting not taking the plea!

12 Lori Blames Her Husband For Their Legal Issues

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Even though Lori and Mossimo are both being charged for offering bribes in exchange for their daughters’ college admissions, it sounds like Lori thinks her husband is more at fault - and her friends are on her side.

"Everyone feels bad for her. They think the situation was something concocted by her husband," an insider told Us Weekly. "Her friends don’t like him."

11 And They Can’t Stop Fighting About It

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It’s to be expected that the whole college admissions drama put a strain on Lori and Mossimo’s relationship. The same source told Us Weekly that the long-time partners can’t stop arguing. Perhaps they can’t agree on whether to plead guilty or not!

"Lori is constantly arguing with Mossimo because she is beginning to grasp that they are in very serious jeopardy," the insider explained.

10 Their Daughters Aren’t Speaking To Them

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Even though Lori and Mossimo did what they did for the sake of their daughters, it’s clearly backfired. Recent reports state their two girls are refusing to talk to them.

"[Olivia is] not talking to her parents right now,” a source told Us Weekly. “She is completely in hiding right now."

9 They Almost Got Divorced Three Years Ago

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It sounds like there’s been trouble in paradise for a while now. The same source told InTouch the famous couple has considered divorce in the past.

“Lori and Mossimo had some major issues in their marriage about three years ago,” the insider divulged. “That almost ended the marriage, they ended up working it out, but it was never the same.”

8 Their Daughter Admitted Mossimo 'Faked' His Way Through College

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Like father, like daughter? Over a year ago, the couple’s daughter Olivia Jade revealed in a YouTube video that her dad took advantage of his college years.

“I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this, sorry, Dad! But he wasn’t ever, like, ‘enrolled’ in college, but he, like, faked his way through it,” the influencer told her followers, People reports.

7 The Admissions Drama Cost Lori Her Job

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One thing that’s likely putting a strain on Lori and Mossimo’s relationship is the fact that the actress recently lost her job following the college admissions drama. Not only was she axed from Fuller House, but Hallmark has confirmed she’s been fired from all of their projects.

“[We] have stopped development of all productions that air on the Crown Media Family Network channels involving Lori Loughlin,” the company said in March, as New York Times reports.

6 They Forced Their Daughters To Go To College

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Lori and Mossimo’s daughter Olivia has made headlines for previously stating online that she doesn’t care about school. She once even admitted that her parents “made” her attend college.

“I’m so happy they made me go,” she said in a video posted on social media. “That sounds so terrible. They didn’t make me.”

5 They Eloped While Wearing Sweatpants

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lori and Mossimo opted out of the traditional wedding attire when they tied the knot. The couple eloped in 1997 while wearing sweatpants and ski hats. Um, casual?

"Moss and I had both been married before, so we thought, 'Well, it didn't really work out well for us the first time around, so maybe we'll elope and see how it goes and tell people,'" Lori told Entertainment Tonight of their decision.

4 They Celebrated The Wrong Anniversary For Years

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Most spouses would be enraged if their partner forgot their wedding anniversary - but it turns out Mossimo and Lori had the date wrong for decades.

According to Nicki Swift, their marriage license said they were wed on November 25, 1997, but their actual wedding was two days later.

"I called my husband, and I'm like, 'Oh my goodness, we have been celebrating two days early!'" Lori told Entertainment Tonight. "I think we're going to make [our anniversary] a three-day festival now."

3 Lori Almost Ended Up With John Stamos

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The chemistry between John Stamos and Lori Loughlin was undeniable during their time on Full House, though the two never go together since they were always in other relationships. Since then, John has actually hinted he has regrets.

"We did have some off timing, but no disrespect to her family and her husband now, I would say that she could be the one that got away," he said in an interview with HuffPost Live.

2 And Her Husband Says She Should’ve Married Him

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Now this is strange! Evidently, Mossimo can see what a good match Lori and John would’ve been as he’s actually told his wife that she should’ve gone for him.

"What's even funnier though, is sometimes my husband will comment back and say, 'Yeah, you should have [married Stamos]!' or something funny like that. Like, he'll just pop off," the actress shared with Entertainment Tonight.

1 They Don’t Understand That What They Did Is Wrong

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It sounds like Lori and Mossimo are struggling to understand the gravity of their current situation - or even that what they did is against the law. "It’s just taking some time for it to sink in that what she was... doing could be considered illegal," one source told People.

However, it’s hard to believe the parents didn’t know what they were doing was unfair.

Sources: InTouch, People, Us Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Tonight, Nicki Swift

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