15 Things Girls Do On Snapchat That They Will Never Admit To Doing

The wonderful world of Snapchat seems so transparent. A person takes a video or photo of their day, their night, or an event, and it gives us a glimpse into their daily life. The beauty of Snapchat is its limited viewing time, which also adds to this supposed transparency.

As a girl, I can confidently say I know how many of us work. I understand the pressures and needs of a typical girl in this day and age. And when it comes to girls who use Snapchat, we all have little tricks of the trade that gets our message across without physically or vocally saying it. And the funny thing is, we all know why we're posting a particular image, it's just never vocally said. So enough with the secrets, let's be real with each other. We don't always look like a glowing goddess, that's just a filter. And we aren't always having the craziest time in the bar, that's just what we're making you think. And in actuality, aside from the obvious downfalls of Snapchat, it's also a great app for those who need a little confidence boost. Thanks to the filters and fun ways to engage with people, it's another positive way to gain attention and meet new people. So get ready for some truth bombs because these are 15 things Snapchat-obsessed girls do but won't admit to doing.

15 Goodnight Snap = "Don't I Look Great Before Bed?"

Snapchat Life: Picture of you laying on a fluffy down feather pillow. You have a full face of makeup on, your hair is perfectly brushed to the side, and your push-up bra is still on. The lights might be dimmed and you might even have a glass of wine in hand.

Reality: In reality, we always wash our war paint off before bed, apply a load of moisturizer, and our hair ends up looking like a birds nest. Heck we probably even have a retainer in and zit cream on as well. But we can't let our crush or random followers know that REAL us quite yet, so for now, we'll let them think we fall asleep looking flawlessly fresh in matching PJ's. But you better believe once we post this "goodnight" snap, we're watching that face off and finding the closest bath robe around. 

14 Single Ladies Night = "I'm Single And Going Out"

Snapchat Life: Your squad takes a solid group photo together and captions it “girls night!” Everyone is dressed perfectly and you’re probably one of the best looking girl groups in the area.

Reality: There is a strong chance your friends in the group know who you're crushing on. So they're going to make sure you look good in the group photo so you can post it specifically for the guy/girl you're eyeing. You might as well change the caption to “SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE.” It may just look like a quick group picture, but it actually look five tries, a whole tube of lip gloss, and was purposefully taken for a specific person. It's also always a treat to get together with your girlfriends, so why not show off a bit and show those followers of yours that your group still has it all going on.

13 No Makeup On = "A Friendly Reminder That I'm Naturally Gorgeous"

Snapchat Life: When we take a selfie that is captioned "No Makeup On" or "All Natural" it's because we think we look good with little to no make up on and want you to know how flawless we look naturally. Not only do we look gorgeous all dressed up, but we're hot when we're just chilling at home too.

Reality: HA! To post a "No Makeup On" Snapchat, we actually took the selfie up to 20 times from four different angles. We switched our hair around, found some good lighting, and if you think we literally have zero makeup on, then you're a fool. We most likely have tinted moisturizer on, maybe some mascara, some Chapstick, and our eyebrows are at least groomed. If a girl took a selfie five minutes after waking up from a slumber or right out of the shower, the chances are we look more hungover than effortless. Don't get me wrong, we all look gorgeous without makeup on. Perfections make us individuals - we don't need to have makeup on all the time to determine if we're beautiful or not. But the "no makeup" selfie is a classic snap to showcase our "effortless" beauty. Although there was most likely a lot of effort behind it.

12 Look At My Necklace = "I Have Great Cleavage Today"

Snapchat: Maybe we got a new choker or some necklace that we want to show off, so we'll wear a low-cut top so you can view our cute new accessory that we're showcasing. We might even "@" the store that we bought it from incase our followers are interested in where to find it.

Reality: "Yes, my necklace is super cute, but take a look at my cleavage!" is what we're really saying behind this snap. Low cut shirts always make our breasts look perky and bigger than they normally are. And sometimes good cleavage days are hard to come by. So when that cleavage is working for you, throw on that new necklace and "act" like you're pumped about wearing it that day. Although, we all know you're just posting the picture because your twins look amazing. And hey, no shame in your game - show 'em off.

11 Selfie With A Pet = "I Look Cute & I'm Using My Pet As a Prop"

If you're around a dog or a cat, they are most likely going to be the stars of your Snapchat. Pets are adorable at all times of day and they do the silliest things. And who in their right mind would bypass a Snapchat with a cute animal in it anyway!?

Snapchat: "Here is a selfie of me and my dog, aren't we the cutest!?"

Reality: When it comes to animals, we usually just film them doing funny things or take pictures of them sleeping. So when we're having a good hair day or maybe our makeup is simply on point - we're grabbing the dog to use as a prop for a shameless selfie. Maybe you're just not comfortable taking a selfie alone but you look hot, what do you do? Grab the dog. Sending snaps of you and a cute animal is endearing and fun. No one can hate on an animal, and then you're looking fresh next to your pet, then that's a win-win my friends.

10 Home Cooked Meal = "I'm Talented In Every Aspect Of My Life"

Cooking gets different reviews depending on who you speak to. Some people love to whip up new concoctions in the kitchen, whereas others would rather order take-out. And to each their own!

Snapchat Life: "Dinner is served!" The picture or video usually consists of a tasty meal with a cute table setting or maybe some colorful ingredients that was used in the process

Reality: Do people actually care what you're eating? No, we really don't. Unless you're a dietician, a chef, or someone who is producing recipes, we don't typically care what our friends or crush are eating that day. But us girls aren't posting the picture to tell you our calorie content. No, we're post that picture of a stuffed pepper to let you know we're not only driven at work, but at home too. Someone who can look good, is educated, and can cook. We have it all, and if you're cool enough, you might even get a home cooked meal out of it. (The hilarious part is, sometimes we hate to cook or barely made it out of that kitchen alive. We just want to portray ourselves as someone who can do it all.)

9 Working Hard In The Gym = "Doesn't My A** Look Great In These Workout Pants?"

Snapchat Life: "At the gym working on my fitness." (Typically followed by a muscle arm or sweat emoji.)

Reality: Working out not only helps us look good, but we feel good doing it. Whether it's during or after your workout, those endorphins are making you feel increasingly more confident. So why not post a little Snapchat that we're at the gym working hard? However, in reality, our hair is still perfectly pinned back and our makeup is still perfectly applied. If we truly took a picture of what we looked like after a hard workout, we would be covered in perspiration and would look like a raccoon from our dripping mascara. (Even though that mascara was supposed to be waterproof!) Why do we even post a picture to begin with, you ask? Because we got new workout clothes that actually match and lift our glutes from the floor to the heavens. It's the perfect opportunity to take a picture of your workout progress without flat out saying "I love my a** in this picture, don't you?"

If you ask me, I feel like you'd get more feedback by being honest about how good your backside looks, but hey, do what you gotta do boo.

8 Picture With A Male Friend = "I'm Trying To Make You Jealous"

I know what you're thinking. As women, we can be friends with whoever we want – men included. But we also have to be truthful here and be blunt by saying, sometimes the only way to get another man's or woman's attention is to post an attractive picture of you with another attractive person.

Snapchat Life: "With the best person everrrrr" (followed by a heart emoji or maybe the beer emoticon.)

Reality: The guy (or girl) in the picture is a friend from work. Heck, a friend that you're not even remotely interested in, however, they're handsome and could be the perfect bait to get your crush's attention. Maybe seeing you with another man will light a fire under his butt to get the balls to ask you out or text you for your evening plans. It's the perfect underlying message to let your crush know that you're sought after and time is of the essence. And guys who are reading this, don't shake your heads. We all know you have done this too. #BoyBye

7 Cute Puppy Snapchat Filter = "I Can Wear Whatever I Want And Get Away With It Because I Have Puppy Ears"

Snapchat Life: You post  a scandalous picture of you at the beach. You're tan, oiled up, and looking effortlessly beach-y. You decide to take a modest selfie of this moment, but you add the puppy filter for effect.

Reality: The puppy filter is similar to Halloween; you can wear whatever the heck you want, dress as skimpy as want, and it's okay because "you're a puppy." It's similar to the classic Mean Girls line; "I'm a mouse - duh." As long as you have some kind of silly and cute animal mask on, no one could ever say an insulting thing about the way you look or your actions at the club or on the beach. Because who their right mind would hate on a puppy? No one! And for some weird reason, we all look adorably cute with that little puppy nose and long tongue. It's all very confusing.

6 Cute Fall Filter = "I Used This Filter Because It Matched My Outfit"

Snapchat Life: "11:11 Make a wish! Don't these butterflies match my hair? lol"

Reality: One of the best parts about Snapchat is its lineup of filters. From dogs, to skeletons, to old ladies - we could spend an hour trying on these different characters and sending them to friends. So when we find an appealing filter that makes us look like an actual living and breathing angel - you better believe we're going to post it. And when it matches our outfit, what's not to love about it!? These butterflies literally match Paris Hilton's hair. We kind of wish we could walk around with these filters all day. Whatever Snapchat does to make our completions seamless and our hair glossy, it's working and we want more. But in real life, not just through a phone screen.

5 Smiling Selfie In Bed = "I'm Also Sending Pictures Of My Double Chin To My Girlfriends"

Snapchat Life: "Relaxing in bed with some Pinot Grigio"

Reality: We all have those days where we're bored AF. Everybody is busy, the weather is too lousy to go outside, and now we're all dolled up with nowhere to go. So as we're posting a smiling selfie of us relaxing with a nice glass of white wine, we're also sending the most repulsive photos imaginable to our girlfriends. Double chins, cross eyes, zits - you name it, we're bored and sending it. Why don't we send these snaps to everyone? Because their simply too heinous to send to anyone in the actual public except our girls who know us best and are reciprocating in the whole "hideous selfie" thing. What better way to pass time and laugh then making fun of ourselves? And thanks to all the amazing filters Snapchat offers us, we're able to look like completely different people. And that's the beauty of Snapchat. It allows you to choose who sees your life and who doesn't.

4 Saying They Have A "Food Baby" = "I'm Bloated But Still Have a 6-Pack."

Snapchat Life: We're at Chipotle eating a burrito. For whatever unimaginable reason, we decided to wear a crop top. Unexpectedly, we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the window and we don't look as bloated as we actually feel. In fact, our stomach looks better than we thought and we must give ourselves a pat on the back by posting a picture of our stomach next to the burrito, saying "food baby" or "fluffy."

Reality: On the inside, we're crying because we ate so much. But our physical appearance tells a different story. For whatever reason, it doesn't look like we just ate a 2,000 calorie burrito at all. If anything, our abs are showing now, more than ever. To show off our fast metabolism and how great we look, regardless of what we eat, we posted the picture. Now, our crush and all of our friends will see how skinny and in shape we are regardless of what eat. All we have to do now is sit back and enjoy the jealousy and praise by our followers.

On a side note, does this girl seriously think she's "fluffy" in this snap!? I could wash clothes on her abs.

3 I Placed A Caption Over My Face = "I Have A Zit and Don't Want You To See It"

Snapchat Life: The picture is taken from a weird angle and you throw an emoji or a random caption over your face. Almost making your face undetectable.

Reality: There are days we're not feeling or looking so hot. But, we're addicted to the Snapchat life and have the urge to post. Instead of putting on a full face of makeup or covering up that cluster of pimples that came uninvited over night, we'll just add a huge distraction over the undesirable area. This way, we're still being active and engaging with people without them seeing our blemishes. Is this extreme? In a way yes, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. And just so you know, no, not all people do this. Just because you see the time or a heart emoji over someone's forehead does not mean they have a rash or a blemish. Maybe they thought that's where the heart looked best - who knows.

2 A Video Or Picture Of Your City's Skyline = "I Live In A Better City Than You Do."

Snapchat Life: A picture of your city's skyline, professional sporting event, or some kind of bar-scene event.

Reality: These weekly scenes from our city is just a simple reminder of how proud we are of the city we live in. We wouldn't showcase it so much if we didn't think it was cool. And we also want you to know how much fun we're having and there is always something to do. Hence the constant Snapchats of various locations. Whether you live in Toronto, Buffalo, or Philadelphia, a city is only as good as you make it. Plus, every city is cooler when there's professional sport teams or large universities. This way there's always some game to go to or a killer tailgate to attend for some drinks and fried food. The secret to our madness is half the time we're bored AF and always on the prowl for things to do. But we can't possibly let our followers know we're miserable, so let's put on a show and showcase our skyline. 

1 Look At My Perfect Life! = "I've Had The Worst Day But I Want People To Think I Have It All"

Snapchat Life: Most snaps are post-work happy hours, expensive client dinners, wild weekends, and a big group of friends.

Reality: Our lives are way more exciting through the eyes of Snapchat than they are in real life. It's all about selling your lifestyle and your story, regardless how true it is or not. Sure, you may go to happy hour every week and take a picture of your wine glass, but you fail to mention you're there because you had the day from hell. You post videos of you at the bar every weekend but in reality, you're back in bed by 10pm and didn't want to go out to begin with. In the grand scheme of things, Snapchat stories are a business, and you're just doing your best to sell your personal product; your life.

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