15 Things Girls Do That Nail Technicians Can't Stand

Lots of people visit nail salons all the time. It’s pretty fun and relaxing, and getting to walk out with beautiful nails is great as well.

But, there are lots of things their nail technician probably won’t talk to them about. For example, sometimes clients are charged hidden fees when they get their nails done.

Sometimes when a person gets their nails done, their nail technician gives them a base coat, as well as a nail strengthener, and then the polish comes next. According to healthyway.com, there are some manicurists who charge for each of those things separately, so that’s definitely something clients will want to keep in mind.

There are some other things manicurists usually don’t mention to their clients as well, such as the fact that there are things they wish they wouldn’t do. Here are some things people do that nail technicians are not big fans of.

15 They Use Hand Cream Before Appointments


According to irishexaminer.com, anyone who is going to get their nails done needs to skip the hand cream before their appointment starts. Hand cream is awesome because it makes skin softer, but it also makes things a little too slick for the manicurist, which makes their job harder. That also means they are much more likely to have an accident.

14  They Don't Want Their Clients Bringing Their Own Tools


The idea of going to a salon can be a bit daunting for some people, since they don’t like the idea of possibly coming into contact with tools that have not been cleaned properly. So, sometimes they bring their own tools because they are more familiar with those.

But according to womansday.com, nail technicians don’t want their clients to do this. In most cases, the tools at nail salons are much safer before they are cleaned and stored properly.

13 Don't Have Long Phone Conversations


 Manicurists usually don’t mind if their clients have to speak on the phone during their appointment, but they do wish they would keep those conversations short. According to womansday.com, people who are having long and dramatic conversations on their cell phones can be distracting to other customers at a salon.

12 They Show Up Sick


Nobody wants to get sick, and nail technicians are not any different. According to irishexaminer.com, men and women who find themselves feeling a bit poorly the day of their appointment should just stay home and reschedule it for a time when they are likely to feel better. Manicurists get very close to their clients, so the chances of them catching an illness from one of them if they are sick are pretty high.

11 Nail Technicians Don't Want Their Clients Offering To Help


 Offering to help someone is always a nice thing to do, but there are times when it really isn’t needed, and this is one of them. According to nailsmag.com, nail technicians really don’t want their clients to do this. They just want them to keep their hands (or feet) still while they are working so that nothing gets messed up, and the client walks out with gorgeous nails.

10 Cutting Their Own Cuticles


 Some people think that they are saving time and making their manicurist's job easier by cutting their own cuticles before they go to their appointment. However, manicurists actually don’t like that. According to irishexaminer.com, this is a very hard thing to do, and it should always be left for a professional to do.

9 Leave Hangnails Alone


 Hangnails are not fun to look at, so those who have them might want to get rid of them before their next manicure appointment. But according to cbsnews.com, they shouldn’t do that. Instead, they should talk to their manicurist about trimming them.

But on the other hand, those who don’t have a manicurist should not worry. There are some safe ways to get rid of them.

8 They Don't Want Their Clients Gluing Their Nails Back Together


 Breaking nails is not fun, but nail technicians don’t think anyone should glue their nails back together after that happens. When this happens, it is better to schedule a manicure as soon as possible, according to nailsmag.com. Furthermore, those who don’t have the time for that should just file the nail down.

7 They Forget To Take Their Vitamins


 There is a direct connection between a person’s physical health and the health of their nails. According to candymag.com, that is why manicurists are not happy when they find out that a client of theirs has been skipping their vitamins. Vitamins help people remain healthy, so even those who don’t get their nails done regularly need to take them.

6 They Don't Give Their Nails A Break From Polish


 People need to breathe, and the same is true for their nails. According to candymag.com, nail technicians wish their clients would keep that in mind and take a break from wearing nail polish every once in a while. If a person wears polish too long, it can dry their nails out by soaking into the nails’ top layers.

5 Tense Up Their Hands


 Nail technicians need to be able to concentrate on what they are doing, so they are not happy when their clients start tensing up their hands, or just moving them too much in general. According to theodysseyonline.com, manicurists just want their clients to relax while they are getting their nails done, which makes their job a lot easier.

4 Change Their Mind A Lot


 Deciding on a nail polish color is not always easy, so nail technicians totally get it when their clients have a difficult time picking one color. But it’s not cool for the client to change their mind once their manicure it halfway done, according to self.com. This means that the nail technician has to take off any colored polish they have already used, which is wasteful, and it’s also something they might not have time for.

3 Pick Or Bite Their Nails


 Nail-biting is a habit a lot of people have. They usually do it during particularly stressful times, like when they are under a great deal of pressure. But according to candymag.com, this is another thing nail technicians really would like their clients to stop doing. People who bite their nails can try asking for polish during their next appointment since it will likely keep them from biting their nails.

2 Avoiding The Rubber Gloves When They Clean The House


 Anyone who wants to maintain a nice manicure should wear a pair of gloves when they clean their home, according to irishexaminer.com. Nail technicians will definitely appreciate it. Those who don’t wear rubber gloves while they are doing their housework will almost always chip their polish or break their nails.

1 Peel Gel Polish Off


 According to irishexaminer.com, a nail technician’s biggest pet peeve is someone who has a habit of picking the polish off of their nails. This doesn’t sound like a very big deal, but that is because most people don’t seem to realize that they are weakening their fingernails every time they do this.

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