15 Things Kylie Doesn't Allow Stormi To Do (5 She's Totally Cool With)

Stormi Webster is currently probably the most famous one-year-old on the planet which means that we always want to know more about her. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's adorable daughter has been the center of attention pretty much since the day she was born. Today, we wanted to take a glimpse into Stormi's life and see how strict her mother Kylie is. Considering Kylie is a quite young mother (as she's only 22), we're not surprised to see that she definitely isn't the strictest mom out there. However, she does have certain rules that are there to keep Stormi safe and healthy, and that is something that every parent can relate to. Some rules, on the other hand, are rather strange and certainly seem unnecessary, but hey — Kylie will raise Stormi the way she thinks is best!

Alright, here they are — 15 things Kylie doesn't allow Stormi and 5 she's totally cool with!

20 Stormi Isn't Allowed To Be Shown Much On Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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For the longest time, Stormi wasn't allowed to be shown on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kylie told Interview Magazine that she is going to wait until Stormi is old enough to make that decision for herself. However, anyone who follows the reality show knows that in the last season we got a few glimpses of Stormi!

19 And She's Not Allowed To Watch TV


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According to an interview that Travis Scott did with Rolling Stone, Stormi isn't allowed to watch TV — mainly because Travis and Kylie want her to enjoy life to the fullest. And while it may seem a bit weird, especially considering that Kylie owes her fame to television, we do agree that too much screentime is bad for children!

18 Stormi Can't Have Her Photo Taken By Strangers

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Judging from the fact that Kylie tends to cover Stormi's face every time the paparazzi try to take a picture of her, it's pretty safe to say that the young mother doesn't want strangers taking photos of her child. And honestly, we completely understand that and paparazzi should respect it as well.

17 And She Can't Have Vistors Before Kylie Approves Them

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According to US Weekly, the young reality star and makeup mogul seems to be very strict when it comes to who gets to see and hang out with Stormi. They even claim that Kylie has a specific guest list — meaning that if you're not on the list then you probably won't get to see the little star!

16 Stormi Can't Be Outdoors Too Much

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A rather odd thing that Kylie seems to also be strict about is Stormi's outdoor time. Amo Media writes how the 22-year-old mother tries to keep her daughter away from the eyes of the public as much as possible, which unfortunately often means that Stormi gets to spend her days indoors.

15 And She Can't Be Exposed To Germs

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True Kylie fans might already know that Kylie is a pretty big germaphobe — which is why we're not really surprised that she tries to keep Stormi as germ-free as possible. Hollywood Life writes how Kylie even keeps masks around the house just in case she feels like somebody needs to wear one.

14 Bad Hair Days Are Also A No-Go

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If you follow Kylie's social media platforms you definitely noticed that Stormi's hair always looks perfectly put-together. And in the pics above you can see that Kylie loves doing Stormi's hair herself as that is something the two can bond over. Personally, we think little Stormi looks adorable, regardless of whether her hair is done or not.

13 So Is Boring Baby Clothing

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Stormi Webster is definitely a little fashionista, and once she grows up she will certainly be a major trendsetter. Every time Kylie posts a new photo of Stormi on her social media we end up wondering how come that a one-year-old girl has way better style than all of us.

12 And Twinning With Mom Kylie Means That Stormi Isn't Allowed To Pick Her Own Clothes

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Besides being a little fashionista, Stormi is also often twinning with mommy Kylie which tends to look pretty incredible. The little lady already gets a bunch of custom-made clothing (which is often a mini version of her mom's look) — but unfortunately, something tells us that Kylie doesn't let Stormi pick her own outfits just yet.

11 Stormi Can't Hang Out With Kids A Lot — We Mainly See Her With Grown-Ups

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Another thing we noticed is that Stormi seems to be spending most of her time with grown-ups. Of course, grown-ups are the ones who take care of her, but we would love to see Stormi spend more time with other toddlers. We do have to keep in mind though that Kylie doesn't share every single moment with her fans, so who knows — maybe Stormi has toddler parties every week!

10 And It Seems As If Stormi Doesn't Meet Other Kids Unless They're Family

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While most pics of Stormi are with grown-ups, we do occasionally see the one-year-old hang out with her cousins — especially with Kim's daughter Chicago and Khloe's daughter True. The three of them are only a couple of months apart in age which makes us believe that growing up the three will be inseparable!

9 Stormi Can't Have Only A Few Toys

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Are we even surprised that Stormi pretty much has a whole toy store at her disposal? Now, while we do understand that a lot of those toys are probably gifts, we still believe that Kylie should give some of those to charity as Stormi certainly doesn't need all of that!

8 Or Know What It's Like To Have A Normal Childhood

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With flying on private jets and spending her vacations on luxurious yachts it will be very difficult for Stormi to experience a regular childhood. Granted, Kylie didn't have one either, as she was only 10 years old when the first episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired back in 2007.

7 Stormi Can't Be Without Kylie For More Than A Day

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According to E News, Kylie never leaves Stormi for more than 24 hours which — considering she's running a makeup empire and travels a lot — can't be too easy. Of course, Kylie does have a private jet at her disposal, so coming home after a day of work isn't all that difficult!

6 Kylie Won't Let Stormi Grow Up Without Her Dad

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In case you've been living under a rock these past few weeks and didn't realize — Kylie Jenner and her baby daddy Travis Scott have decided to split. However, according to Metro, the two are still planning on fully co-parenting Stormi meaning that Kylie wants her baby girl to have a great relationship with her father!

5 She Let's Stormi Play Around With Make-Up

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One thing Kylie does let Stormi do is to play with makeup. Honestly, considering Kylie built an empire with Kylie Cosmetics, we're not too surprised to see her support her daughter's makeup ambitions. Stormi might not know how to do a cat-eye yet, but you best believe that once she grows up she will!

4 And With Snapchat Filters

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Kylie and Travis may not let their daughter watch television, but they certainly let her play around with phones — in particular, with funky face filters. Honestly, as bad as it is to let your child play with technology so early on — we can't help but adore just how cute Stormi looks in these pics!

3 She Lets Stormi Eat M&M's

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During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kylie shared that her daughter loves munching on M&Ms. Kylie, of course, lets Stormi do that, but isn't too fond of her little bundle of joy melting the M&M's in her hands and then staining her (probably way too expensive) white couch.

2 And She Takes Her To Red Carpets

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Considering that Kylie doesn't want Stormi to be on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and always covers her face in front of paparazzi, we were genuinely surprised to see that Kylie and Travis brought Stormi to the red carpet premiere of Travis' documentary Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly.

1 Lastly, Stormi Is Living A Luxurious Life

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Since Kylie can afford the best for her daughter — who can blame her for actually doing it. Little Stormi will grow up in a very luxurious setting, eating the fanciest foods (M&M's aside), and traveling to the most beautiful places. Every parent on this planet would love to provide that for their child, so we can't hate on Kylie for actually doing it!

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