15 Things Men Just Don't Get About Pregnancy

Pregnancy . . . some women love it and some hate it. Either way, it’s something they all have to go through in order to birth a child. While many men are excited about fatherhood and love their wives dearly, most of them seem baffled by the 40 or so weeks between conception and delivery. There are a few things men just don’t get about pregnancy, but it would really help their wives if they did.

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15 Her sense of smell is heightened

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There comes a time in every pregnancy (usually early on) when a woman’s sense of smell is so heightened, it feels like a sixth sense. Unless she can secure a job moonlighting as a drug dog with the local narcotics force, she will probably not see any advantages to this. Instead, she will be plagued with smelling all sorts of scents for miles away, which will likely add to any sickness she is already experiencing.

14 Morning sickness can happen any time

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Speaking of sickness, morning sickness is a total myth. The sickness part is totally real, but the morning part is BS. Some women escape this symptom, but far too many get sick at any and all parts of the day. Not only that, but there’s no guarantee it will pass with the first trimester.

13 Body parts start swelling and hurting

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Some lucky women slide through all 40 weeks without swelling ankles, feet, and hands. However, most women's boobs swell up like balloons and feel as if they will pop any minute. Less attractive areas swell as well, like other lady parts and even her nose. While some parts may look better than ever (like boobs), they are very sore. What looks like luscious melons ripe for the picking to a man are actually heavy and hard as bowling balls to his preggo wife.

12 Her cravings are for real

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Everyone jokes about pregnant women's crazy cravings for pickles and ice cream. It’s true that there’s no excuse or reason to eat the whole house while pregnant, but that doesn’t mean your hormones won’t make you crave crazy combinations. Pregnant women often find themselves craving certain foods they wouldn’t normally eat, which make them sick to their stomachs again shortly after they give birth.

11 Her pregnancy brain is also real

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She put the milk carton in the pantry, lost her sunglasses . . . on her head, and left the car running for half an hour. This may sound like the acts of someone insane, but it’s really just someone pregnant. Hormones, lack of sleep, and a myriad of other factors are thought to cause forgetfulness in pregnant women. Luckily for her (and dad) this gets better after the birth—though the lack of sleep will last a bit longer.

10 She can never sleep comfortably

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Trouble sleeping is one of the biggest problems during pregnancy. Women are supposed to sleep on their sides when pregnant, which can naturally feel uncomfortable to anyone who prefers sleeping on their back or stomach. On top of that, she will have a big belly in her way, need to get up in the night to pee, have a baby kicking her from the inside, and may experience restlessness. Need we say more? The best thing you can do for a pregnant woman is to make sure she has plenty of pillows and to keep the thermostat to her liking.

9 She feels tired all the time

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Aside from trouble sleeping, she feels tired all the time. Carrying a baby is hard work and even if she catches up on sleep, which is highly unlikely, she will feel physically exhausted. There may be a spurt of energy in the second trimester, but even so, it won’t last long.

8 Everything makes her have to pee

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You just thought your wife had to pee a lot before. Now that she’s pregnant, there’s a growing, kicking human on her bladder 24/7. If you want to try and imagine what that’s like, set a dumbbell in your lap and hold it there all day. Then every few weeks, increase the size of the dumbbell. Oh yeah, and you can’t just pull over and find a nice tree or hide behind a building, because you’re a woman. Plus, if she did pee outside in a desperate circumstance, she would be too pregnant to get up from squatting.

7 She can't always control her mood

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Pregnant women don’t always mean to be mean. Sometimes it just happens. Hormones change like the weather, and her body can experience several seasons in one day. All of that estrogen and testosterone mixing around inside of her makes her one big ball of emotions. It’s important to not take any mood swings of hers personally (even though you are the one who made her that way!).

6 Her sex drive is hit or miss

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Some women get extra horny during the second trimester, and others experience ups and downs in their sex drive all throughout. A woman who’s sick a lot may find it hard to get in the mood, and sometimes body insecurities of a growing belly (and other parts) can make sex feel awkward for her. Don’t expect her to be a certain way no matter what you hear. All pregnant women are different, and her feelings of sex while pregnant are not a reflection of her feelings for you.

5 She feels gross all the time

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Even women who say they feel sexy during pregnancy still experience feeling gross. She may love her bigger boobs and actually embrace that so-called “pregnancy glow,” but there are other factors at play. Aches, pains, lack of energy, sickness, and eating odd foods are enough reasons to make anyone feel a little gross. Not only that, but she’s peeing all the time and finding herself spread eagle at the doctor at least once a month.

4 She needs compliments

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With all the changes that go on in a woman’s body, both external and internal, she needs to know that you still love her and find her attractive. Compliment your wife for not only her outward beauty but also for the sheer fact that she’s bringing your offspring into the world. She needs to know how much you appreciate this sacrifice and that you love her now more than ever.

3 She’s really nervous about everything

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Even medical professionals and nursery workers get nervous when it comes to their own kids. Especially if this is her first pregnancy, she’s going to be nervous about all the decisions she has to make as well as every decision she can’t make. She can’t help but worry about the things that could go wrong during the pregnancy and labor, regardless of whether she puts on a strong face.

2 Her whole life is different right now

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She can’t just go anywhere or do anything she wants right now. She can’t have alcohol or caffeine, and her doctor may even put her on a special diet. Active recreation and some exercises may be out of the question, and at the very worst, she could be on bed rest. Think about this before you pop open a beer in front of her, and try not to get too excited about a day of water skiing on the lake.

1 She needs you now more than ever

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At times, you will feel like there is nothing you can do to help her, but you can. Even if it’s just rubbing her sore feet or fixing her favorite meal. She will appreciate the extra help around the house and with the other kids since she’s feeling so tired. Most women don’t like to be fussed over and waited on hand and foot, but they do appreciate a helpful husband who is willing to make pregnancy a little easier.

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