15 Things Most People Don’t Know About Miley Cyrus

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15 Things Most People Don’t Know About Miley Cyrus

You know her and you either love her or hate her with a burning passion. The only, the only, Miley Ray Cyrus! Miley has been a prominent figure in our lives since her Hannah Montana days. Since then she has grown to proportions that no one imagined back in 2006 – from starring as double-life preteen to being a twerk queen sensation. Hey guys, cmon, she’s just being Miley! She’s had her ups and downs, but despite setbacks, Miley has come out strong. These days, she has a more relaxed path, being a judge on The Voice and speaking out on important issues. Seriously, a lot has happened in between all that. If you have not been an avid Miley Cyrus fan since the Miley Stewart days, you might have missed a few things about her life.

16. Tim Burton Graced Us With Miley For The First Time

Woah, hold your horses there. We do not mean that Miley’s big screen debut was running around as a little cartoon skeleton of death. While that would have been really sick, she did have a live action role in a Tim Burton film. She had a short scene in the 2003 award-winning feature length film, Big Fish. Miley was only eight years old when she captured our hearts as Ruthie, a childhood friend of the protagonist, Edward Bloom. She had been graced with a star-studded cast for her first role. Some of her costars included Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange, Robert Guillaume, Helena Bonham Carter, Marion Cotillard, Steve Buscemi, and Danny Devito. How’s that for starting off with a strong resume?

15. She Has A Half Sibling That’s Not In The Picture


Say what? Yes, indeed, Miley has a half sibling that’s not in the public eye at all. All her other siblings we at least know their names, and some of them have made names for themselves in the music world. Her oldest brother Trace Cyrus was the lead guitarist for our fave punk band of the mid-2000s, Metro Station! He also has an on-off relationship with the Tipton’s finest, Brenda Song. Miley’s youngest sibling, Noah Cyrus, is currently taking her turn at the music scene. She turned 17 in early January and put out a single “Make Me (Cry)” which is the leading single to her upcoming album NC-17. Then there’s Braison and Brandi, we’re not really sure what they do, but Miley’s often hanging with them. But what about Christopher Cody Cyrus?!

Going by Cody now, he is the son of Billy Ray Cyrus and Kristen Luckey, who was a waitress in South Carolina. When Billy and Tish were planning on having their first child, Miley, Kristin was giving birth to Cody. Cody has not been included in the Cyrus family, which upsets him, but he has no hard feelings for Miley. He says he is very proud of her. Poor Cody works in an electronic store for 7.50 an hour, while Miley is out making millions. Come on Miley, at least hit him up with a text back. 

14. Her Relationship With Justin Gaston Was Pretty Much Illegal


We often forgot about Miley’s romantic times between childhood boo Nick Jonas and the current period that has been Liam Hemsworth-centric. Can we just talk a minute about her relationship with Justin Gaston? He was an underwear model at the time. Really cute. Nice abs. Oh yeah, and he was 20 years old. While she was 15. Can we talk about creepy, and technically illegal – f they were having sex, which is like, come on. It was the Miley who was about to put out “Can’t Be Tamed”. Poor Miley was vulnerable after getting over Nick Jonas, and probably just starting to get her period; she didn’t need some weird underwear model preying on her. Oh, did we mention he was an aspiring musician? If that doesn’t scream “looking for a way into the spotlight by dating a 15-year-old pop star”, we don’t know what does.

13. Miley & Mandy vs. Selena & Demi Was The Feud That Rocked 2008

Back when YouTube was at its peak, everyone who was anyone had an active Youtube channel. It’s when we actually declared Youtube stars as the next big thing and thought they were cool. Even celebrities had channels, including Miley, who shared a channel with her BFF and backup dancer Mandy Jiroux. Another 20-year-old that hung around Miley when she was 15. Why was no one shaking Miley saying “they are fame hungry”? Even if you are one the most well-known celebrities, you’re still 15 years old! 15-year-olds are so annoying, what 20 year old in their right mind would want to get involved with teenage drama? Mandy did. She got involved in a YouTube fight where she and Miley completely mocked Selena and Demi’s video. Totally normal for teens just hitting puberty to be catty – not normal for someone who hit adulthood two years ago. Back to the feud, you were either team Miley & Mandy, or team Demi & Selena. Even Kevin Jonas rocked a team Demi & Selena t-shirt (also like grow up Kevin, you were 20 too.) A feud that sparked from a love triangle over Nick Jonas. Since then, the girls have done a lot of growing up and are past their silly fights. Well, at least the actually famous girls – Mandy still might be trying to steal the spotlight from some teenagers.

12. Her Pets Have Caused Her A Lot Of Artistic Emotion


Miley is an avid animal rights supporter and an animal lover. She has had her fair share of pets over the years, and sadly we have seen some of them pass on. It was the inspiration for the ironic title of her 2015 album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. One of her most beloved pets, her Alaskan Klee Kai named Floyd, passed away suddenly in the midst of her Bangerz tour in 2014. Miley was crushed, tweeting “I know I don’t mean it but I wish he would’ve taken me with him this is unbearable. What am I gonna do without him?” Floyd’s death circumstances remain a mystery, but it caused Miley so much distress that she had to reschedule some tour dates. She also added a giant Floyd stature to her set, performing an emotional number while clutching it as a very touching tribute to her friend. Miley has been saddened by puppy death before. In 2012 her sweet pup Lila was accidentally killed by her other dog Ziggy when he grabbed her the wrong way. Miley does not only draw artistic inspiration from dogs but also fish! Back in 2008, Miley’s heart-string tugging ballad “Bottom Of The Ocean” was inspired by a text message Miley sent after her fish died. Miley also grieves her fish Pablo in her 2015 song “Pablow The Blowfish” which includes some tear-jerking lyrics like “if Pablow the blowfish/Found love deep in the sea/Then that would mean/Pablow the blowfish/Is better off than here with me.” Aw Miley, we wish you better luck in your future of animal-loving!

11. Her First Controversial Was Her Annie Leibovitz Cover


The year was 2008 and Miley Cyrus was the poster child for perfect. Every fifth grader in school wanted to live a life like hers (or at least her onscreen counterpart) and every parent felt comfortable sticking their child in front of the television screen to watch her for hours. She was a good role model for their kids, right? A wholesome, Disney Channel star! What could go wrong? Well, conservative parents got their shit rocked in 2008 when her Vanity Fair shoot came out. Miley, age 15, posed topless with a satin sheet draped around her. Parents lost their minds and even the high ups at Disney Channel were pissed. Miley wasn’t phased though when she was asked if she was uncomfortable posing topless she said, “no. I mean, I had a big blanket on. And I thought, this looks pretty, and really natural.”

10. A Video Got Released Of Her Smoking Salvia On Her 18th Birthday

If parents were troubled by Miley’s Annie Leibovitz cover, then they must have had a stroke when TMZ exposed Miley’s 18th birthday shenanigans in the above video. Miley is seen giggling uncontrollably while smoking Salvia out of a bong with some friends. Salvia is a hallucinogen, similar to Marijuana but stronger. In Miley’s defense, back in 2010, it was legal to possess in California. Nonetheless, it added to Miley’s new rebellious image and did not put her in good standing with parents who were not too pleased with their children loving Miley Cyrus. This was pre-“We Can’t Stop”-era, post-“Can’t Be Tamed”-era, so everyone should not have been that shocked that Miley was being the image of rebellion. Now, Miley is a proud weed smoker and she’s not afraid to admit it.

9. She Didn’t Legally Change Her Name ‘Til 2008


Most people know Miley Ray Cyrus was not always Miley Ray Cyrus, but did they know it took her until 2008 to legally change her name. Born Destiny Hope Cyrus, it was immediately apparent that her birth-given name wasn’t a right fit for Miley. Billy Ray noticed she was always sporting a huge grin since she was just a baby, nicknaming her Smiley. Smiley turned into Smiley Miley, and eventually, the Smiley was dropped completely. Obviously, the middle name Ray is an homage to her father Billy Ray Cyrus. When she was 15, it was time to make it official. We can’t imagine a world where we’re jamming out to Destiny Hope’s latest hit. We’re glad Miley got around to making the change.

8. She Paid $10 To Find Out If Liam Liked Her


Liam and Miley, also known as Liley (side note, Miley and Liam prefer Liley to Miam) have been through a lot over the course of their relationship. Meeting on the set of their movie together, The Last Song, Miley, 16, and Liam, 19, (thankfully less sketchy than her five-year difference with Justin Gaston) they were not official until 2010. Her on-screen little brother, Bobby Coleman, would do anything for a quick dollar, and Miley paid him $10 to go ask Liam if he liked her. Their relationship has been a whirlwind since then, often on and off, citing their first breakup in 2010 due to Miley’s work schedule, only to get back together a few months later. In June 2012, the pair was excited to announce their engagement and are looking forward to the future. In September 2013, the engagement was called off. The iconic Bangerz album came out on October 4th, 2013, and was basically Miley’s Lemonade towards Liam. After the emotional (and musical) energy is released, things calmed down for a couple years, with Miley and Liam both respectably taking on their separate endeavors. Rumors of Liam and Miley rekindling their relationship started up in October 2015, and now they are officially back together in 2017. We wish the best for Liley in their future.

7. Dolly Parton Is Her Godmother

We all know Miley has been guided into the world of music by her father “Achy Breaky Heart” singer Billy Ray Cyrus, but did you know has other famous relatives besides her immediate family? Yes, her godmother is none other than the one and only, Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton is known for her country singing career, and she was sporting the iconic huge blonde hair before Miley could even think of picking up a Hannah Montana wig or debuting her famous platinum blonde chop. Miley often covers Dolly’s hit “Jolene” and has even performed it with her godmother. That’s not their only collab, Dolly had appeared on an episode of Hannah Montana as Aunt Dolly, Miley Stewart’s aunt from Nashville (creative, guys, really). Dolly and Miley are alike in many ways to this day, both love being advocates for social issues, demonstrating their huge hearts.

6. She Has The Heart Condition Tachycardia


Calm down, she’s going to be okay, guys! Miley’s heart condition, Tachycardia, is not life-threatening. Everyone stop freaking out! Okay, now that that’s settled, let’s talk about Tachycardia. Tachycardia is a non-life-threatening (repeating for good measure) heart disorder that causes the heart to beat at a faster pace than normal when the heart is at rest. Of course, if you don’t treat Tachycardia, it could result in serious complications. These include heart failure, stroke, sudden cardiac arrest, or death. Guys, not again, sit back down! Miley’s gonna be okay. She knows about it and has it under control. In her autobiography, Miles To Go, Miley writes “The type of tachycardia I have isn’t dangerous. It won’t hurt me, but it does bother me.” Her performances are often high-energy numbers, and in her book, she writes: ”there is never a time onstage when I’m not thinking about my heart.” During Floyd’s death, her close family and friends were worried about her drug use because it could be extremely dangerous with her condition. Since then, Miley has calmed down a ton, still smokes a ton of pot, but has developed a very healthy lifestyle that should promote good heart conditions.

5. Her First Scandal Was Her Semi-Nude Leak


Never forgot Miley’s semi-nude leaks! It seems like every day we were getting more and more pictures of Miley posing in duck face in her underwear and a rolled up t-shirt (sometimes even a trace of bra lace would be included). These are nothing to the leaks that are happening these days. But back in the day, this was headline-worthy, especially on the teen gossip site oceanup.com. The leaker of the semi-nudes went by the alias of Trainreq, and he was determined on ‘reqing’ Miley’s then-wholesome career. Clearly, he didn’t. Miley recovered from the pictures and went on to do things that make her leak look like a walk in the park. Trainreq, on the other hand, pleaded guilty when the police raided his phone. He was charged with possessing about 200 stolen credit card numbers and hacking celebrity Myspace and email accounts to steal their personal information and make him a fortune. His real name is Josh Holly and he was 21 at the time when the authorities found him in his Tennessee apartment. Sucks to suck, Josh!

4. Like A True LA Woman, She Loves Yoga And Being Vegan


In her “old” age of 24, Miley certainly chilled out with the partying she was akin to and has developed some more self-fulfilling habits. Miley is a strict vegan and loves her new diet. Her veganism was sparked by the death of her pets, and she even sang in her song “Pablow The Blowfish” about going out to eat with her friends: “On Saturday night/We all went out to eat/But I can never decide/So someone chose sushi/I got soup/And I ordered rice/But watching my friends eat my friends/Ruined my appetite.” Poor Miley! She treats all animals with respect and we love her for that! She also loves to practice yoga and often posts snaps of her in poses on her Instagram. That girl sure is flexible – maybe she could set up a studio and teach a class to fans? Hey, we can dream!

3. She’s An Advocate For The Homeless


Not only does Miley stick up for her animal friends, but for people of all types too! She founded the nonprofit organization Happy Hippie Foundation in 2014. Their website cites their mission “to rally young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth, and other vulnerable populations.” She brought an ex-homeless man as her date to the 2014 VMA’s, Jesse Holt, who was 22 at the time. While he was technically violating his probation by attending the show, she let him take her acceptance speech to address problems facing the homeless youth. Jesse is currently doing well, and in 2016 he sold the moon man Miley gifted to him on eBay to gather some funds for the baby he had on the way.

2. She Identifies As Pansexual


While she’s had a handful of headline-receiving relationships with males, often some of Hollywood’s cutest celebrities like Nick Jonas, or her current boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, Miley does not identify herself as heterosexual. Miley has been an active LGBTQ advocate, even her Happy Hippie Foundation pushes to bring attention against injustice towards the LGBTQ community. Her links to that community continue outside her organization into her personal life. She came out as pansexual in 2016, which is defined as “not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.” Which basically means it you are attracted to people regardless of gender or sex. She talked about her time at the LGBTQ LA center where she listened to people’s stories. Cyrus said, “I saw one human in particular who didn’t identify as male or female. Looking at them, they were both: beautiful and sexy and tough but vulnerable and feminine but masculine. And I related to that person more than I related to anyone in my life.” We’re happy for Miley to be able to come out as who she truly is, and applaud her for being an inspiration to so many in the LGBTQ community. Keeping doing you, Miley!

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