15 Things Every Girl Should Put In Her Dating Profile (5 To Avoid)

Does anyone meet the “old-fashioned” way anymore? While we may have met our SOs at work or at a party or through friends, more and more of us are turning to dating websites and apps to find true love. We’ve even heard the success stories of people hitting it off online and going on to live wonderful lives together! Of course, such stories get us thinking that perhaps we should try online dating, too. But where to begin?

An amazing profile is the first step to getting a ton of matches, and that profile can’t just be about flattering photos. These 15 things to put in our dating profiles will have us getting tons of right-swipes – and just as importantly, the five things to avoid if we want to find The One will prevent us from not making matches.

20 ADD IT: Being Specific

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Rather than be totally boring with your interests, you're a lot better off getting more specific about the things you like!

For example, instead of saying you love basketball, mention the exact team – and maybe even spark a lively debate! Getting specific with likes will automatically generate a great conversation.

19 ADD IT: Say What She’s Looking For

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You don’t need to say you're looking for your Prince Charming, but if you only want a serious relationship rather than someone to have a little fun with, you're better off letting dudes know on your profile so that no one ends up blindsided when expectations aren’t met.

Making your intentions clear will help you filter through unsuitable guys.

18 ADD IT: Let Them Insta-Stalk

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It may seem like you're looking to add to your follower count when you include your IG handle, but it also gives guys an opportunity to find out a little more about you – just make sure the profile isn’t set to “private”!

Getting to know what you look like and your online activity can be what makes or breaks a potential date from his side.

17 ADD IT: Clever Questions And Quotes

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You can avoid getting stuck in the “hey,” “hey,” “what up?” loop of boring conversation by inserting a clever quote or question into your bio.

Putting something that sparks interest or warrants a conversation could be the deciding factor between a dude who won’t engage at all and one who reads the profile from top to bottom.

16 ADD IT: Lights, Camera, Action (Shots)!

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We all love a good selfie, but taking the same shot in a bathroom mirror can make it seem like you have no life. Instead, you're better off showing some creativity by letting potential partners know what you do in your life – away from your phone.

Shots of yourself hiking, surfing, or browsing a used bookstore are way more interesting.

15 ADD IT: Keep Smilin’!

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No one wants to be with a negative Nancy, and your profile shouldn’t be a list of all your failures if you want to get to a positive place.

Keeping things bright and cheery – and showing some snapshots of yourself smiling – are guaranteed to get a good response. People want to be around happy people. Save the moodiness for Tumblr.

14 ADD IT: Accurate Info

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Maybe it sounds harsh, but you need to be honest about who you are, where you are in life, and what you look like. Guys can sniff out a catfish thanks to so much publicity about the phenomenon.

Sharing full body shots rather than just headshots – and ones that are current! – is a good idea.

13 ADD IT: Her Interests

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Talking only about what you're looking for is boring and comes across as high maintenance. Instead, letting people know about what you're interested in can establish if there’s a connection worth pursuing.

If he’s into the outdoors but you're more of a homebody, it’s better to know that right away.

12 ADD IT: The Golden Photo Rule

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It’s said that five to seven photos is the golden number for dating sites and apps, because they offer enough variety and hopefully give a glimpse of the life you're leading.

Close-up shots where your face is fully visible, full body shots, lifestyle shots, and ones where you're the focus are the best bet for him to swipe right.

11 ADD IT: Get Goofy

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A sense of humor is incredibly attractive for both men and women, and it’s not something that should be ignored in dating profiles.

A funny quote or an A-plus Halloween costume show a sillier side that he might not be used to finding when he’s busy swiping, and will make sure your profile stands out.

10 ADD IT: A Conversation Opener

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If your profile is like everyone else’s, then the conversation might be just as uninspired. Instead, putting in a great conversation starter into your profile will guarantee a more memorable connection.

It can be silly or serious, but it’s something no one else has in their bio, making it all the more tempting for him to swipe right.

9 ADD IT: Engaging Quirks

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Maybe you're a huge nerd when it comes to The Simpsons or happen to know every line from The Office.

Everyone has their weird quirks and, as long as they haven’t sent people running in the other direction, those unique qualities should be celebrated and added to a dating profile, either in photo form or in text.

8 ADD IT: Joke Around!

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Like being goofy, adding a joke at the end of a profile will not only encourage a better conversation, but it’ll help to weed out the dudes who were just blindly swiping without bothering to read the bio.

A little bit of poking fun at something or someone can go a long way towards breaking the ice.

7 ADD IT: What She Likes In A Guy

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We’re not saying you need to put in a list of all your must-haves for a mate.

However, saying that you like a guy who can make a good cup of coffee or a guy who can tell you when to open your eyes during a scary movie are cute, non-superficial ways of saying what you're looking for in a partner.

6 ADD IT: Pump Up That Positivity

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Encouraging connection is the number one use of a dating site, not just finding someone to be with. To do that, you need to be upbeat and positive.

You're a woman who is willing to be playful and doesn’t take herself too seriously – that’s the person other people want to get to know.

5 AVOID IT: Selfie Nation

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Selfies may be how we want to look, but they don’t usually give an accurate representation of ourselves, especially if they’re making use of filters.

Too many selfies can signify a girl who’s high-maintenance, vain, or self-absorbed, which aren’t qualities guys are looking for when it comes to romance. Plus, it makes it seem like we have no life.

4 AVOID IT: Speaking In Emojis

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Emojis may seem cute, but too many of them can be annoying to wade through and impossible to decipher.

Being on a dating site or app means that we’re an adult, but using tiny pictures to express ourselves can come across as very juvenile – not something guys are into. Use your words, girl!

3 AVOID IT: Chock-Full Of Clichés

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Avoid saying, “I like long walks on the beach,” “I like a night out and a night in,” or “Looking for my partner in crime.”

Say what you truly mean and what you enjoy, instead of parroting back these lame dating phrases that don’t tell anyone anything new. They’re vague and deserving of a left swipe.

2 AVOID IT: Demanding Debbie

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Listing everything you do and don’t want in a partner is a huge turn-off. You’re ranting about everyone who’s done you wrong and saying what you feel you deserve, but the common denominator in these situations is you – and your bad attitude.

Expanding your horizons might bring you greater joy than your limited list.

1 AVOID IT: Fake Info

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Just don’t catfish people, no matter how low your self-esteem is. It inevitably leads to disappointment and heartbreak.

Be honest about your relationship status, appearance, living situation, employment, and family life, or else it’ll come back to bite you. Starting a relationship with lies is never a good idea.

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