15 Things That Really Happened Behind The Scenes Of DC Movies

When it comes to superhero movies, it often seems like a lot of current fans have either forgotten or never realized that films about DC Comics characters really paved the road. After all, long before Marvel movies became Hollywood mainstays, fans got to see full-fledged franchises that were built around Batman and Superman.

In addition to DC Comics movies proving that superhero movies can do mammoth business, all of these years later films based on that company’s characters are still doing huge business. Given those decades of success, it is safe to say that a lot of interesting things have happened on the set of DC Comics movies. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 15 things that really happened behind the scenes of DC movies.

15 Shazam’s Director Came to Regret One of His Decisions

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If you ask us, one of the best aspects of Shazam! is the Christmas carnival climax. That said, the movie’s director David F. Sandberg suffered because of that sequence. Feeling that he could withstand the cold of Toronto at night, which is where much of the movie was filmed, he set scene after the sun had gone down because he thought it would look great. However, the cold got to Sandberg as he quickly got sick despite his Scandinavian background.

14 The Other Actors Considered to Play Green Lantern

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Currently best known for playing Deadpool, the first comic book superhero Ryan Reynolds played on the big screen was the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Of course, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that other actors were considered for the role, including Bradley Cooper. That said, we never expected to learn that Justin Timberlake came pretty close to starring in the movie.

13 Watchmen Was the Subject of Serious Litigation

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Long considered to be one of the best comic book stories of all time, for that reason there have been many attempts to adapt "Watchmen" into a movie. For example, Fox once owned the story rights but after they decided not to adapt it, the project transitioned to the WB. Unfortunately for Warner Brothers, they forgot to fully acquire the rights so they had to settle a lawsuit with Fox before they could release their already produced film.

12 Justice League Cost a Fortune

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Given the fact that Justice League includes several massive action pieces, loads of special effects, and many big stars, its budget was always going to be large. Still, the fact that it had an estimated production budget of three hundred million dollars is mind blowing. However, once you remember that it required a lot of re shoots after the original director left due to a personal tragedy, it is much more understandable.

11 Amy Adams Tried to Play Lois Lane Long Before Man of Steel

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By the time Man of Steel went into production, Amy Adams was among the most respected actors in the world. Not only that, she’d also starred in a long list of hit movies. Those two factors combined likely had a lot to do with her finally becoming Lois Lane after previously auditioning for the role in a cancelled project called Superman Flyby and the movie Superman Returns.

10 Suicide Squad Went Through Massive Changes

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Far from a universally praised film, Suicide Squad has loads of fans but it has also been harshly criticized. However, the movie’s original trailer was pretty much loved by all. That probably is why Warner Bros. made the decision to let the people who cut that trailer get heavily involved in re-editing the actual film. Of course, putting together a trailer and editing an actual movie are very different jobs so many have questioned that decision.

9 Zack Snyder Almost Didn't Direct Batman V Superman

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After directing Man of Steel, a movie that did solid business overall, it may have seemed like Zack Snyder was always destined to direct the movie that became Batman V Superman. However, that simply isn’t the case as the WB first offered Peter Jackson the opportunity to direct the movie about the Dark Knight and The Last Son of Krypton fighting.

8 Swamp Thing’s Movie Success Led To Something Amazing

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When most moviegoers think about DC characters, they are bound to envision heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, or Superman. However, a 1982 film about Swamp Thing made him the third DC character to get the movie treatment. Successful enough to inspire DC to make Swamp Thing a bigger deal in the comics, the movie’s popularity also is the reason that Greenpeace shot a PSA that starred the character.

7 Batman & Robin Stars That Never Worked Together

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Say what you will about Batman & Robin, the truth of the matter is that it featured a pretty great cast. If only they’d used their talented cast to their fullest. For example, the movie relied on body doubles to shoot scenes so often that according to Chris O’Donnell, he doesn’t remember working on a scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is remarkable given the fact that Robin certainly appears with Mr. Freeze in the movie.

6 Birds of Prey’s Tarantino Reference

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Not yet released as of this writing, Birds of Prey features Margot Robbie’s return to the role of Harley Quinn as she teams up with several other female superpowered beings. Like a lot of major movies, the film shot under a working title, in this case, “Fox Force Five”. As Tarantino fans should remember, that is the name of a fictional TV show pilot about a team of female crime fighters that Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace starred in.

5 Christopher Reeve Was Trained By The Best

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Still considered by many to be the best actor to ever play Clark Kent on the big screen, Christopher Reeve delighted many with his work in Superman: The Movie. In order to look the part when he showed up on set, Reeve worked out extensively for the part. While that isn’t surprising, the amazing thing is that it was David Prowse, the man that embodied Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, that supervised his workout routines.

4 Jack Nicholson’s Master Negotiations

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During the pre-production of Tim Burton’s Batman, producers talked with Robin Williams about playing The Joker but it was Jack Nicholson they really wanted. That fact gave Nicholson loads of negotiating power he used to get time off for every Lakers home game, six million dollars upfront, and a percentage of the movie’s gross profits. Due to that deal, he was paid fifty million dollars in 1989 money to be in the movie.

3 Jason Momoa’s Zipped Lips

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When it comes to the movie industry, nothing is ever final until the film has been released, and sometimes not even then. As a result, it often seems silly when studios announce the intended cast for major movies ahead of the time. That said, Jason Momoa has revealed that he was cast as Aquaman four or five years before he could tell anyone and he had to lie about it all that time which must have sucked.

2 Patty Jenkins Original Opinion of Gal Gadot

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As longtime movie fans likely remember, when Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman the internet went into a tizzy. Amazingly enough, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins also seriously questioned the decision. In fact, when Gadot’s casting was announced, Jenkins thought it was such a bad idea that her long panned solo Wonder Woman movie likely would be cancelled. Of course, now she thinks the world of Gadot.

1 Michelle Pfeiffer Went All Out for Batman Returns

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While it is Tim Burton’s original Batman movie that often gets the lion’s share of the credit, its sequel Batman Returns is an outstanding film that some consider superior to its prequel. One of the major reasons why that is the case, Michelle Pfeiffer is amazing as Catwoman. For example, she cared so much about the role that she put up with wearing a costume that was so tight that if she wore it for too long she would pass out.

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