15 Things That Really Happened Behind The Scenes Of MCU Movies

Officially the highest grossing film franchise of all time, saying that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a powerhouse at the box office is a gigantic understatement. Made up of 23 different movies as of the time of this writing, many highly talented people have made their mark on this series both in front of and behind the camera.

As evidenced by the fact that interviews that feature MCU movie stars tend to be downright delightful, the actors featured in these films tend to be very entertaining. Based on that alone, it seems safe to assume that several interesting things have gone on behind-the-scenes while producing these films. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 15 things that really happened behind the scenes of MCU movies.

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15 Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Young Cast Were Given Homework

When it comes to the best movie directors, one trait they all have in common is the ability to envision the films they want to make. For example, Jon Watts knew the kind of tone he wanted Spider-Man: Homecoming to have. In an attempt to make his young cast understand what he was looking for, Watts instructed them to watch several John Hughes films.

14 The Original Plans for Black Panther in Civil War

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Easily one of the most ambitious MCU films, Captain America: Civil War tore the Avengers apart and featured Spider-Man and the Black Panther in major roles. However, the original plan was for the Black Panther to only make a short cameo in the film but they greatly expanded his role when it looked like negotiations to have Spidey in the film were falling through.

13 Mickey Rourke’s Iron Man 2 Investments

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As an actor, Mickey Rourke has long been known for his commitment to his work. For example, when he was cast in Iron Man 2 he decided to invest some of his own money into making his vision for his character come to fruition. In fact, according to The Daily Record, he spent $20,000 to get gold teeth, acquired his pet cockatoo, and got fake tattoos.

12 Brie Larson Was Allergic to One of her Co-Stars

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Unfortunately for Brie Larson, she is allergic to cats and during the filming of Captain Marvel it didn’t even help when she took lots of pills in an attempt to stave off reactions. As a result, that film’s producers limited how much time she had to interact with the cat that played Goose and whenever she had to someone was on standby to quickly decontaminate her.

11 Captain America’s Original Avengers Beard

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At the end of the first Avengers film, the titular team is seen eating shawarma together. However, if you look close enough you’ll notice Captain America is just sitting there. As for why that is the case, that scene was shot long after the rest of the film and by then Chris Evans had a beard that was hidden behind a fake chin that that actor was concealing behind his hand.

10 One Wedding, or is that a Funeral?

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If you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet, be warned, this entry spoils that film’s ending. In one of the MCU’s most affecting scenes, the last Avengers movie ends with a major character’s funeral. Since that was such an important part of that film, producers wanted to make sure it remained unspoiled. For that reason, they told Spider-Man actor Tom Holland they were filming a wedding since he is infamously bad at keeping secrets.

9 Iron’s Man’s Unfinished Script

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Considering that Iron Man was the movie that started it all and Marvel Studios had so much on the line when they made that film, you’d think that every aspect of it was planned far in advance. Instead, when production on that film began they hadn’t even completed its script yet. With that in mind, that movie’s monster success is even more impressive.

8 Chris Evans Turned Down Playing Captain America Several Times

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Even though Chris Evans is a highly talented actor who has already been great in a long list of non-MCU movies, his years playing Captain America are likely to dominate his legacy. Despite that, he initially turned down the opportunity to play Cap several times because he feared agreeing to play the same character in multiple movies.

7 Black Widow Disrespect

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For those of you who are unaware, during the early years of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige reported directly to Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter who was a former executive in the toy business. Unfortunately for Black Widow fans, this meant that the MCU’s early merchandise barely featured her character because Perlmutter believed that female toys didn’t sell well.

6 Previous Attempts to Make Ant-Man

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Never known as Marvel’s most popular character, Ant-Man still had some important fans. For example, in the late ‘80s, Stan Lee pitched the idea of making a movie about him to Marvel but they didn’t want to compete with Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Additionally, on his show, Howard Stern told Paul Rudd “I tried to buy the rights to Ant-Man because I said that's a cool franchise.”

5 The Truth About The Hulk’s Casting

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During The Incredible Hulk’s pre-production process director Louis Leterrier wanted to cast Mark Ruffalo as the titular superhero. However, Marvel considered Edward Norton to be a bigger star so they insisted on him taking on the role instead. Clearly, Marvel head honchos would come to regret their decision as their relationship with Norton was so bad that they replaced him with Ruffalo in all subsequent films.

4 The Peter Tingle Visual

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Early on in Avengers: Infinity War, viewers see Peter in a school bus when the hairs stand up on his arm as his Spidey Sense warns him of imminent danger. Speaking about that moment, that film’s directors The Russo Brothers said: "A lot of people think it's a CG shot, but it was actually achieved by a very gentle blowing on Tom's ear."

3 Thor: Ragnarok’s Most Notable Line Came From a Surprising Source

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During the filming of Thor: Ragnarok, that movie’s cast and crew welcomed a Make-A-Wish child onto the set one day. Present when they filmed Thor and Hulk meeting up in the film for the first time, the child suggested the classic “We know each other. He’s a friend from work” line and it was so great they used it.

2 The Ironically Stifling “Creative Committee”

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Most fans may not know it but during the early days of the MCU, Marvel Studios employed a so-called “Creative Committee”. Ironically enough, that group tried to squash many of the ideas the franchise’s directors suggested. For example, they attempted to put the kibosh on James Gunn’s groovy Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack and Edgar Wright reportedly left Ant-Man’s director’s chair largely due to his frustration with the group.

1 The Huge Risk

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In order to make movies of their own, Marvel secured a 525 million dollar loan from Merrill Lynch in 2004. Due to the fact that the financial institution saw that as a very risky loan, they demanded some series collateral to secure it. As a result, if Marvel had defaulted they would have lost the movie rights to 10 characters including Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Nick Fury, and the original 6 Avengers from the movies.

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