15 Things That Are Guaranteed To Happen When You Wear Glasses

The struggles of wearing glasses are never ending. Some battles are easier to deal with than others, but no matter how small the fights are, they seem to keep coming. As with anything in life, there are pros and cons and the same goes with having to wear eyeglasses. But unfortunately for those of us who wear them, the negatives outweigh the positives by a landslide. Being able to make out everything around you is important. I’m sure that everyone out there wearing prescription lenses would happily take their crappy sight than nothing at all, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t small prices to pay for being able to see clearly with terrible eyes. All of us are thankful for the fact that we aren’t completely blind, but we still deserve to complain about having metal frames around our eyes from time to time.

15 Foggy Lenses

People who don’t wear glasses don’t understand how lucky they are to not have to experience the horror that is foggy lenses. Taking your freshly cooked pizza out of the oven, drinking hot tea, and walking outside in the humidity are all situations that people who don't have eyewear take for granted. They will never open up an oven and become blinded momentarily because of the steam radiating from within. They haven’t had to deal with losing their sight whenever they take a sip of a hot drink. And they won’t ever walk around with an obscured view in humid weather because of foggy glasses. You could make the decision to take them off so that they won’t fog up when you’re in the humidity, but you’ll still end up with the same results (you won’t be able to see)!

14 Working Out

For those members in the glasses wearing community that workout, you have two options. You can either exercise with them on or you can do it without them. No matter what you pick however, you’ll end up screwed. If you workout with them on you are going to wind up spending 50% of your workout pushing your frames back up on your face so that they don’t fall off while you’re running on the treadmill. The other half will be used for wiping off the sweat and fog that accumulate on the lenses. So essentially you can expect to devote more energy towards fiddling with your eyewear then you will towards getting into shape. And if you leave them at home then be prepared to waste the next hour or two squinting at everything and everyone. Like I said it’s a lose-lose, but you got to do it if you want to stay fit.

13 Rain Water On Your Lenses

Getting water on your glasses when you’re inside isn’t that much of a hassle. You accidentally splash some water on your lenses and you wipe them off and you keep on moving on. However, when the water is constant, it becomes a bit more bothersome. Your eyewear basically become the windshield of your face, but the only dilemma is that you don’t have windshield wipers for them. That means that you have the same two choices that you are presented with when you workout. You can keep them on, meaning that you can suck it up and deal with spotty vision until you get inside or you can stop every few seconds and try to clean them. Or you can remove them and risk bumping in to the tree in front of you. The choice is yours!

12 Never Ending Smudges

When you first get your brand new set of eyewear, you understand that dirty lenses are a part of the territory. You believe that you’ll have to clean them every once in awhile, but soon you learn that they constantly stay filthy. You wipe off the smudges on your lenses, and then a few minutes later (and I’m not exaggerating) they end up just as grimy as they did before you cleaned them. I’ve been wearing glasses for 15 years and I can’t understand why this keeps happening! So you can keep cleaning them every few minutes or you can do what I’ve done and just acknowledge the fact that you’ll have smudged lenses for the rest of your life. At least with the latter option, you end up getting used to it. You notice the filth, but as the days go on you accept them.

11 Being Told You Look Different Without Them

“Oh my gosh, you seem so different without your glasses!” This statement always baffles me because it’s like my friends and acquaintances are actually surprised that my appearance shifts when I don’t have my eyewear on. Of course, we don't look the same without our frames on; your outward appearance changes if you part your hair in a new way, but no one works themselves up about that! On occasion you will actually hear a person say what they really mean when you don’t have your glasses on (i.e. you are way prettier/handsomer without those metal frames on your face). But this is mostly the phrase that you’re going to have to hear for the rest of your life. The general population will always think that they’re being a little bit more polite by acknowledging that you look different without your glasses. For fear of being rude, they're just not willing to tell you the truth and let you know that you look more attractive without them on.

10 Having People Want To Try Them On

This isn’t so much of a constant when you’re an adult, but if you had glasses as a child this was definitely a normal occurrence. When you first get your spectacles, all your classmates want to try them on. They want to know what it would be like to wear them, and the attention is nice at first, but when it keeps happening day after day, it becomes much less pleasant. And if you do still have buddies asking you to try on your lenses now that you’re an adult these individuals will almost always follow up by saying, “Oh my gosh you're so blind!” And then you’ll end up doing one of those fake laughs and saying, “yeah,” but in reality you want to say “Well, no kidding. I’m not just wearing them for the hell of it!” But you don’t say this. You take your frames back and hope that no one will ever ask the request of you again. (Spoiler alert: They will).

9 Trying To Find A Pair That Works With Your Style

Something that’s actually good about glasses is that you get to express your style through your choice of lenses. There are hipster frames, simple eyewear, nerdy spectacles, and so much more. There are so many options, that it becomes a mini-mission just to buy a pair that work with your style. You may have to go from shop to shop and from eye doctor to eye doctor in order to get that frame that you’ll end up liking. This takes up a lot of your time and your money (driving around from place to place isn’t free after all), but it’s ultimately what you need to do if you want that magical pair of eyeglasses that you’ll end up wearing for the next year to two years.

8 Losing Them And Using An Old Prescription

Losing your glasses for good is the absolute worst. If you do happen to misplace your them and you aren’t able to figure out where you last had them then you have to go to your dreaded backup pair until you can buy some new ones. When you clean off the dust from your old frames you end up staring at them and wondering what you were thinking about when you bought them. For a year or more you rocked these bad boys everyday, but in this moment you can’t imagine having to wear them in public, but you know that you have to because you can’t walk around with blurry vision. So you put them on, and realize just how much your prescription has changed. You can definitely make out what’s in front of you, but you still end up squinting to get the full view. Using the old prescription gives you a headache, but dealing with a headache is better than not being able to see.  So you sigh, squinting at yourself in the mirror, and make an appointment asap to get some new prescription eyewear.

7 Constantly Pushing Them Up On Your Face

When you first get your frames, they hardly ever fit you the way they’re supposed to. They’re usually too big, so you go and have them adjusted. Initially they’re a perfect fit, but as the days and the weeks pass they slowly become looser and looser. Soon you’ll have to push them up on your face every few minutes. And God forbid your face tilts downward for some reason because then they’ll actually fall off of your face. It would definitely be much easier to go back and get them adjusted, but no one ever does that. Instead we just keep on going through our day constantly pushing the glasses up on our faces like a TV nerd from the 1980’s (I’m talking about you Steve Urkel).

6 Being Blind When You First Wake Up

Another thing that those with 20-20 eyesight take for granted is having faultless vision when they first wake up. When their alarm goes off in the morning they can just reach on over and turn it off and then get out their bed and start their day. Those of us with glasses will never be able to have that happen. Sure there was once a period in our lives years and years ago when we could do that, but it was so long ago now that we can’t remember it. Now, before you get started with your day, you have to reach over and put your frames on before getting out of your bed just so that you can make sure that you don’t run into your nightstand.

5 Wanting Lasik

Everyone who wears glasses has most likely considered getting Lasik at some point. It’s a never ending debate that you’ll end up having with yourself. The pros of having perfect sight are endless, but the cost of the surgery alone is enough to deter you from getting it. Is being able to see clearly worth it if it costs you thousands of dollars? Are you willing to deal with the side effects? Plus there’s always the possibility that your crappy eyesight could return, and if that happens then you’ll be mad that you spent thousands of dollars on a procedure that didn’t even work. You have to consider all of this and more, which is why making this decision is so challenging for many of us.

4 Wishing There Were Inventions To Solve You Glasses Problems

If I had a dollar for every time I thought about creating an invention to solve my glasses problems, I would have enough money to afford Lasik. We always wish that someone would come up with windshield wipers for our lenses (or that we knew Hermione Granger so that she could cast the Impervius Charm on our frames like she did for Harry), but this wishing is always done in vain because no one ever ends up making the invention. I’m sure that you would if you could, but since you can’t do it, you’ll just be stuck out here with the rest of wishing and hoping that someone will be smart enough to one day come up with inventions that can solve all of our problems.

3 Marvelling At People With Perfect Vision

To this day, I still marvel at folks who constantly have a clear view of the world. It is beyond me that there are people who don’t need assistance to see. I’m jealous of them every now and again, and I’m sure that you are too. It’s not fair that some people have 20-20 eyesight and will never have to pay a penny for prescription eyewear or contacts, while we have such poor sight that we can’t read the words in a book without having to hold it up inches away from our face. If your envy becomes extreme enough you may even wish that one day their vision will fade so that they can know the horrors of having to wear glasses. But until that moment comes, we will just have to keep on marvelling at them in the shadows.

2 Breaking Your Frames

Having your glasses break might be worse than losing them because you have lenses with a perfectly good prescription in them, but you can’t wear them because they can’t stay on your face. Did you ever watch those TV shows where one of the characters broke their frames down the middle and had to fix it with tape? Whenever I watch these people, I wonder what kind of magical tape they were using, because in all of my years of wearing prescription eyewear, I have yet to come across tape that was strong enough to hold broken frames together. If there was, I’m sure that we would all use it whenever our spectacles break. But regrettably we don’t have this magical tape, so we must turn to wearing our old eyeglasses until we buy a new pair that isn't broken.

1 Struggling To Find Them When They’re Lost

Anytime you lose something it’s an inconvenience. Nobody likes to misplace their belongings. It may be a pain and a half to go around trying to unearth this missing item, but at least if you take a few minutes to picture where you last left it then you’ll be able to uncover The Case of the Vanishing Item relatively quickly. The problem with losing your glasses is that if you do happen to use those minutes to reflect about where you last left them, you’re still going to have trouble locating them because you literally won’t be able to spot them. You need your spectacles to see, and when what you need to see goes missing it becomes way more problematic when it gets down to being able to find them.

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