15 Hilarious Times Grandparents Won Social Media

When moms and dads got social media, it was pretty much the worst. They were all up in everyone’s business, commenting on every status, posting embarrassing photos, sharing questionable news stories and generally being way too involved. But now our grandparents have signed up for Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, will never be the same. From embarrassing moments to dropping some real truth, having grandparents on social media is a never-ending feed of entertainment and enlightenment that can only happen when Granny and Gramps get social media. Their confusion about technology might be frustrating sometimes, but their postings are pure gold. Sit back, relax and enjoy these things that can only happen when grandparents get social media. And maybe text your grandma while you’re thinking about it.

15 Facebook gets some solid feature suggestions

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Facebook is one of the easiest ways to share pictures and stay connected for a lot of families. It's also still a bit of a mystery for some grandparents, especially those who may not be particularly tech savvy. How do you get those great family holiday photos online onto Facebook if this is your first foray into the wild world of social media? This grandma just followed her husband's advice and politely asked "the Facebook" to do it for her, of course! Unfortunately, Facebook isn’t a robot and upload by status message command isn't a feature Facebook offers users just yet, but Grandpa might just be onto something here. Maybe these grandparents have a second career in tech or, at least, Mark Zuckerberg should consider this idea.

14 Grandmaster Flash gets unexpected love

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The automatic tagging feature on Facebook is sometimes tricky for even the most experienced user. You try to tag your bestie in that epic night out photo and end up tagging your ex. But in the hands of our grandparents, tagging on Facebook can spell hilarity. For this grandmother (and many, many others) trying to sign off as "Grandma" resulted in hip-hop artist Grandmaster Flash being tagged. Now the music legend is not only included in the goings on of a lot of grandparents on Facebook, but he's getting exposure with a whole new audience. Who ever is Grandmaster Flash? We can only hope that this grandmother's family took a moment to let her know. Maybe she's grooving to some sweet jams right about now.

13 There's a lot of TMI

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Some people take the idea of "sharing on Facebook" a little too far. We hear all about their kids, their love lives, even their bad days, but when it's our grandparents being a liberal with the sharing concept on social media, it often results in some TMI. This grandmother hasn't mastered the idea of posting directly to someone's wall yet, so she ended up sharing with the world her weekend as well as what as what her upcoming week looked like. Unfortunately for those with her in their friends feed, this included a colonoscopy and the gross AF prep that goes into having one. Now everyone knows what's up with Granny's insides. Hopefully Amy was able to teach her what you should and shouldn't post on social media.

12 They ask for tech support via Twitter

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If you happen to appear adept at functioning technology, everyone will ask you for help with their own tech. Grandparents, parents, siblings, neighbors... you name 'em and they'll probably ask you how to get something to work now and again. But when grandparents get social medial, those requests for free tech support themselves go tech. This grandma couldn't get the email to work so she went right to Twitter to see if she could get some help. We give her some serious credit for her request, though. Instead of just calling, she was kind enough to ask if she could call. That kind of politeness might just make having to try to troubleshoot from a distance for someone not exactly sure how these things work a little less painful.

11 Embarrassing comments about “development”

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When grandparents get social media, it can quickly turn into the digital version of the “I remember when you were this tall” song at every family get together since ever. While those kinds of moments are just kind of awkward when they happen in real life at a family gathering, when grandparents take to Facebook to share just how big you’ve gotten, it quickly goes from awkward to super embarrassing. Take this lovely photo. Grandma probably thought pointing out the young lady’s, um, assets, was a compliment, and we’re stoked that she understands the merit of good undergarments, but this is the last thing we want our grandma talking about in comments on our pretty prom photo. Or any photo. On Facebook. Or anywhere. With anyone.

10 Awesome selfies

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While we know our Instagram is pretty much selfie obsessed (hey, when you look good you gotta document it), we don’t really expect our grandma’s selfie game to be strong. Or for them to even know what a selfie is, honestly. But this grandma? She’s got selfies mastered, so much so that her granddaughter is along for the ride. In fact, this grandma is really the star of the show here. The grin, the tongue sticking out, the sweet shades and even the casual angle of the shot all just scream that she’s a super fun granny. She’s just living her life and loving every second of it. All your friends probably follow her on Instagram already. We could all learn something from her. Selfie on, Grandma, selfie on.

9 Lessons in finding the bright side

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No doubt, our grandparents had to go through hardships and challenges in their youth. At least, we’re pretty sure they did since they do tend to tell us how much easier it is for us than it was for them when they had to walk to school uphill both ways in a foot of snow in July. Anyway, all those hardships and challenges taught them how to truly find and appreciate the bright side, so when this grandfather got Facebook, he made sure to impart the lesson. House fire in the neighborhood? Well that’s a perfect opportunity to remember the good things, such as your birthday! Really, though, if you can’t learn to appreciate good fortune like another year of life in the face of tragedy, when can you? Well played, Grandpa, well played.

8 Examples in classiness

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Social media can be savage AF. One day you’re friends with someone on Facebook and the next, you’re unfriending them faster than you can say, “bye, Felicia.” Most of the time when we cut someone out of our digital lives, we don’t tell them why, much less expect them to take it well, but this grandma is the example of class and dignity. When Jo's frequent posting gets to be too much and she’s unfriended, she not only accepts her mistake, she appreciates the advice and wishes blessing on the person cutting her off. It would be easy to focus on the fact that Josephine and Mary don’t understand how Facebook works, but we’re going to let that go because of just how dignified Jo is. Bless her.

7 Reminders about your target audience

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Ever post something on social media without realizing who all is on your list and can see it? Happens to us every day. While this girl may not have cared who could see her outfit of the day post because she was quite proud of how good she looked, her grandmotherly aunt certainly did. And no, the aunt didn’t think that her lovely niece shouldn’t post. In fact, this aunt rather liked her fashion choices, but just feels that there’s an audience for that sort of thing and it’s not your family. After all, your family’s seen you in diapers. They probably don’t want to see you in your club wear, even if they themselves were the original smoke show that you got it from.

6 Extreme directness

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We expect our family to be pretty blunt with us face-to-face. Our mom doesn’t like our hair, our dad wants us to get a real job or notes that we’ve started to let ourselves go. These things we expect, so why not expect that kind of directness to translate to social media interactions as well? What started as a cute picture of Mr. Fluffykins all dapper in his bow tie as a thank you for the gift quickly turned into pointed commentary on the trajectory of this poster’s life, thanks to Grandma. Not only does Grandpa want to know if they’re turning into a cat lady, but Grandpa has his own brand of advice. For the record, Gramps, being a cat lady is the life.

5 This final wish

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This grandmother isn’t holding back when it comes to how she feels about relatives that can’t be bothered to come visit her. Not stopping by in life? Then skip the funeral because she doesn’t want you there and now everyone on Facebook knows about it. Is she trying to shame the uncle into a visit or has she washed her hands of him entirely? We’re not sure. We just know it might be a good idea to take the uncle’s fate as a personal warning and make a little extra effort to go visit Grandma before she dies. Just make sure that we’re dressed appropriately just in case she has more opinions that she feels like she needs to share on Facebook, this time about us.

4 Oddly timed advice

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Didn’t really get 2010’s Inception, but still want to be a part of the conversation? Don’t worry, this grandma is right there with you. She dropped some delicious truth about dark chocolate being good for you and no one could argue that it’s totally fitting to the conversation. Chocolate makes a great movie snack, after all. Grandma’s just helping everyone out by letting us know just which type of chocolate is both a delicious and a healthy choice. But what if her snack advice goes deeper than that? Maybe she’s stealthily trying to suggest that we take her to the movies with us next time and buy her some chocolate? Should we buy her chocolates? There’s so many layers to this one simple comment. Wait, did granny just Inception us?

3 This ultimate guilt trip

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Sometimes the grandparents making social media a more interesting place aren’t even grandparents yet. Sometimes, they’re just regular parents determined to guilt you into taking them to the next level. We don’t know if this was a mom or a dad, but that doesn’t matter. This grandparent is strategically using the happy occasion of an anniversary to not-so-subtly request their kid get on with the baby making already. And to put an even finer point on their already pointed request? They pull the ultimate guilt trip card and point out their oldness. Time’s running out, better get a grandbaby. That means they’re thinking about their kid having sex, as if their post wasn’t awkward enough. If that isn’t nightmare fuel, we don’t know what is.

2 The truth behind all caps revealed

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Now, we’ve always thought that all caps meant someone was excited or yelling or in some cases both. According to this grandma, though, that’s not really the reason at all. All those capital letters aren’t because she’s excited and she knows the caps lock is on, thank you very much. Grandma’s using the shouty capitals because Grandma can’t see well! No one showed this grandma how to adjust the text size on her screen for easy reading, but that’s okay. Sassy Granny is a problem solver and fixed it for herself with that handy caps lock button. Nothing can stop her! Enthusiastic posts forever! Or maybe just until she can find her glasses. They’re probably around here somewhere. Be a dear and help her look.

1 Grandma will always be your date

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For as many funny misuses and misunderstandings and downright comical fails grandparents have on Facebook, sometimes they really do some really sweet things. Take this grandma for example. Stefan here must be having some issues getting a date with the ladies, a difficult situation for anyone, but like any loving grandmother, Stefan’s granny doesn’t want him to be sad and lonely. Grandma’s the real MVP here, stepping up to the plate to let her grandson know that he’s liked, he’s loved and she’ll be happy to go out with him anytime. Granny might not be the date Stefan’s looking for, but we know we’d be pretty impressed by a guy who took his grandma out. In fact, maybe we’ll go call our grandma and see what she’s up to right now.

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