15 Things That Need To Happen On The Next Season Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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15 Things That Need To Happen On The Next Season Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

In the fall we’ll be welcoming Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy. Season 14! How insane is that? We have all been following along with Meredith Grey and co since way back in 2005 when they were all lowly interns with scared looks on their faces. Now, 13 seasons and 12 years later, Meredith and her friends rule the hospital. It’s even named after them! Season 13 just wrapped up and as we head into the 14th season, there are a few things us fans just need to happen, along with a few things we absolutely do not want to see. (Shonda Rhimes, are ya listening?) Listen up for some crucial plot points that need to be included come Season 14. I have followed along with Meredith and the crew through plane crashes, miscarriages, drownings, fires, bombs, divorces, deaths—more deaths—and everything else that has afflicted Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Please give me some hope!

**It should be obvious that season 13 spoilers lie ahead**

15. I Want Amelia And Owen To Officially Reconcile


Look, I’ve had just about enough of the “will they? won’t they?” with Amelia and Owen. It took FOREVER for these two to get together. First, Owen had to get over Cristina. Amelia had to get over all of her crap. And they were finally in a good place. And then their wedding day came and, of course, there was a crazy storm. But despite the weather, missing best men, and April having her baby on a kitchen table, these two kids managed to get the knot tied. They were happy for a hot second…and then everything hit the fan. Why can’t Amelia and Owen catch a break? Things got bad when they started trying for a baby. So bad, in fact, that Amelia ended up hiding out in Stephanie’s house. But towards the end of the season, it looked like Amelia and Owen might be on the mend. They were talking again and Amelia was there for Owen during the big news with his sister. Now I just need that relationship to solidify and for these two to be happy again. That’s not too much to ask, right?

14. I NEED Megan To Be Okay


If you missed the last few episodes of season 13, you may not have heard of Megan Hunt. Megan Hunt is Owen’s sister who everyone presumed was dead. She was dating Nathan Riggs, found out he cheated, got mad, got into a helicopter (kind of recklessly TBH), and her helicopter went down. It was then that she was assumed dead and this led to Owen punching Riggs in the face. (Fair enough, if you ask me.) But at the end of this season, we learned that Megan isn’t dead; Megan is alive! She had been captured and was now rescued and on her way back to the United States. So I don’t expect Megan to come back completely sane. The woman has been held captive for a number of years. I’m not asking for a miracle here, I just want her to be okay. Just mentally, physically and emotionally okay. She should, naturally, have some things to work through, but please don’t let her be a huge mess of a human. That would be too heartbreaking for her, Owen, and Riggs to deal with.

13. Can We NOT Have Any More Doctors Leave The Hospital?


Listen up, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital doctors: you are all stuck! You have signed a lifelong contract and you are stuck as doctors at this hospital until the day you die or the day the show dies. Sorry, but that’s just the way it has to be. I can’t deal with anyone else leaving. We lost some good ones over the last few seasons. Callie? Ugh, that was a big loss. She was definitely a favorite at the hospital. Losing Derek was a punch in the gut — I’m still not over that one. And then we lost Stephanie Edwards at the end of this season. In fact, it seems like every season we have to say goodbye to a few doctors. And you know what? I’ve had it. No more doctors are allowed to leave the hospital. No one is allowed to get killed off, find a new job in a new city, or give up the medical profession all together. I won’t have it. I am attached and I need my favorite doctors to just stay put.

12. We Also Don’t Want Any New Doctors Either…


While I don’t want any doctors to leave the hospital, I also don’t want any new doctors coming into the hospital.With the exception of Megan Hunt, granted she isn’t a nutcase and still remembers how to be a doctor. She gets a pass because she is coming back from the dead, literally. But that’s it! I don’t want anymore changes. There have been enough new additions for the time being. And I just don’t have it in my heart to care about another doctor. There are some on the show I barely care about now, so please don’t push it Shonda. And for the love of all things medicine, please do not try to invent another “long lost” relation for Meredith Grey. The girl who is supposed to be a loner has had three sisters, a husband, multiple parents, and three kids. What’s so lonely about that? We don’t need her stepbrother or second cousin to come flying in from out of nowhere looking for a job.

11. I’d Like To See An Accident We’ve Never Seen Before


This sounds kind of morbid, but you know what I mean, right? It’s not that I’m rooting for another accident. I don’t enjoy watching people suffer and die en masse. And I certainly don’t want one of the good characters to go out because of it. But you have to admit that there’s something about a crazy disaster that really brings the people of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital together. Also, it makes for killer TV. So yes, the dark and twisty side of me is rooting for an accident or some kind of disaster. But I also want it to be one we haven’t seen before; which is a tall order because we have seen A LOT of accidents go down on this show: drownings, airplane crashes, bombs, shooters, fires, explosions, car crashes, terrorist attacks, contagious diseases, etc. So what else have you got for us, Shonda?

10. Let’s See More Screen Time For The Kids


Okay, I get that this is logistically an absolute nightmare. Having kids on set is a ton of work. Getting them to follow directions, remember lines, and not cry seems like an impossible task. And then there is all the added red tape, like not letting them work certain hours, having parents and tutors on set, etc. But screw it — I want to see more of the kids! Meredith is a mom of three, did you forget? I wouldn’t blame you if you did because we almost never see her children. And if we do, it’s for a split second as Alex, Maggie or Amelia pulls them away to daycare or to bed. Does Meredith ever spend time with her own kids? We get that she’s super busy at work but she would know better than anyone for what it’s like to be prioritized under the hospital. So give us more of the kids! Devote a whole episode to Zola’s birthday or Bailey’s first day of school. And what about Doctor Bailey’s son? Let’s see more of him! Let’s even get Sophia back from New York and have a party with all of the kids.

9. Can Alex And Jo Finally Get Married!?


Okay, yes, I get that there are some logistical difficulties to this one. Jo still has to finalize her divorce and deal with her creepy, stalker of an abusive ex-husband. And something tells me DeLuca won’t be going away anytime soon. And then there’s the whole ‘Alex and Jo getting over their big break last year’ when Alex punched DeLuca. But, I do believe they can do it! These two have been through so much and they just deserve a break. I need some happiness for Alex and Jo. Clearly they are each other’s soulmate, and once they get over this huge hurdle and put the craziness of last season behind them, can we please get a wedding? Shonda, we need a wedding! Alex and Jo need a wedding. They need just one day of pure joy without any of the crap they usually deal with. Let’s just make this happen, I beg of you!

8. I Want April And Jackson To Just Be Happy


Here’s another couple I am secretly holding out for: April and Jackson. I’ll admit it: I love these two together. They went through so much together with losing baby Samuel and found a way to get over all of that and beautifully co-parent Harriet. And then last season, they went off and did a rockstar surgery together, Jackson confronted his dad (with April’s help), and they spent the night together! This, of course, made me absolutely giddy! I thought this might mean reconciliation for these two, and I’m still not completely over that hope. But, I will give up my dreams of Japril in order for them both to be happy. They don’t have to be happy together, but they do need to be happy. These two have been through so much. They need a break, just like Jo and Alex. Let’s get them some happiness. Maybe some new dates or some new friends. I don’t love Jackson and Maggie together but if she makes him happy, sure. I’ll learn to live with it.

7. I NEED Meredith To Find Someone Who Won’t Leave Her


For the love of all that is holy, can we please give Meredith one hot second of romantic bliss? This woman has literally lived through everyone’s worst nightmare. She lost multiple parents and parental figures. She lost her sister. She lost great friends. She lost her husband. And then, after all of that loss, Meredith shut herself off from the world. She threw herself into work and nothing else. Until a new doctor, Nathan Riggs, was able to find his way into her heart. And just as Meredith was starting to enjoy herself and feel again, it got ripped away from her. Don’t get me wrong; I’m super glad that Megan Hunt is alive. But I hate that it messes things up for Meredith again. Riggs was no Derek, that’s for sure, but he was a solid guy. And he was into Meredith and she was into him. So let’s find Mer someone who is into her and who isn’t going anywhere. She needs someone without any baggage, since she has more than enough for two people.

6. Maggie Needs To Be Less Annoying


Okay, I said it. Maggie is annoying. She’s probably a lovely person and a great doctor. But she’s incredibly annoying. And I can’t even put my finger on what exactly it is about her. I think she’s just way too earnest for every situation. She doesn’t seem to get the sense of dark humor that everyone else has. And maybe that’s just because she’s new. But she’s been around long enough that I thought she’d get with the program by now. But no, she’s still super annoying. Yes, I cried when she lost her mom, but I also wanted to leave the room for every scene she was in because anxious Maggie is even more annoying than regular Maggie. So, in Season 14, can we please work on Maggie? Just level her out a bit more. Maybe dating Jackson will do that for her. Or maybe she’ll get even more anxious and I’ll have to turn off the TV. It could go either way.

5. A New Love Interest For Arizona


I love Arizona Robbins! She wheeled into my heart on her wheelie running shoes way back in season 2 and has been there ever since. She was an awesome partner for Callie, sweet mom to Sophia, mentor to Alex, and great friend of everyone in the hospital. She’s the best! So can we please get a nice new love interest for Arizona? She lost Callie and it was tragic. I thought it was all over for them after the plane crash. It’s hard to come back after your wife amputates your leg against your will. But they did it; Calzona persevered! But then it all crumbled again. I’m not even sure what did it this time. But it was heartbreaking to see Callie go off to New York with Penny and leave Arizona all alone. And then Arizona found Eliza this season—who we all hated—so let’s bring in someone we don’t hate and who isn’t going to leave Arizona’s heart in a million pieces.

4. No More Intern Drama


For the first few seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, it was all about the interns. and that’s because our favorite people WERE the interns. I loved seeing all of the shenanigans that Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Izzie, and George got up to. It was hilarious to watch Bailey yell at them and see how they tried to outdo each other to win surgeries. And it was great fun watching all of that drama all over again with Lexie, April, Jackson, and their class of interns. But then we had to do it once more with the next class of interns, meeting Jo and Stephanie. And to be honest, I was kind of tired of it. Of course, I grew to love Jo and Stephanie. But I was getting tired of the intern drama. So, by season 14, I am way over the intern drama. I don’t care who is new to the hospital. I don’t care to watch them mess up  stuff. I don’t care to see them get yelled at. I. Just. Don’t. Care. Let them follow around in the background, but please don’t waste my time with their drama, or even their names.

3. Can We Have More Patient Stories That Make Us Cry?


At its core, Grey’s Anatomy has always featured the most emotional, gut-wrenching patient stories. I am amazed at how they consistently create stories that have me welling up in tears multiple times per episode. There’s always heartbreak, heartfelt speeches, and heartstring-tugging pleas. Remember the pregnant woman who ended up having terminal cancer and left her platonic friend to raise her baby? Ugh, that reduced me to a puddle. So as much as it kills me to ask for it, I do want more emotional patient stories. When the doctor drama gets too messy or too repetitive, it’s nice to go back to the patients to put things in perspective. Are you upset that your doctor crush hasn’t asked you out? Well, let’s just focus on the pre-teen in front of you with a terminal diagnosis. And it’s nice that the patient stories usually wrap up in an episode or two, so things don’t drag on forever.

2. Let’s Have More Guest Spots For The People Who Have Left


Som I’m not even sure if this is possible, but if Shonda can make this work, I would love her for it. Let’s bring back some of our old Grey’s stars! It has happened in the past: Burke came back to bring Cristina to Switzerland, and Izzie came back to pretty much just torment Alex. So let’s do it again! Sure, Edwards is off to travel and live a non-doctor life, but what’s stopping her from coming back for something like Jo’s wedding? Or can we get Callie to fly in from New York for a super surgery? OH — Let’s get Addison back from LA! I miss her. It would be awesome for Grey Sloan to host a mega surgery with all of these awesome past doctors coming back to lend their expertise. I know it can’t last forever, but I would love to see some familiar faces. It’s just too bad we can’t bring back everyone. Yes, I’m looking at you Lexie, Mark, Derek, and George.

1. No One Is Allowed To Die!


Alright, this is a big a demand, but I’m going to ask it anyway: Shonda, can we please go an entire season with no one dying? Okay, we’ll make an exception for patients. But even then, can we just kill the patients who are like, really old and who have lived a nice good life? Let’s keep all of the children, pregnant ladies, and sweet sob story patients alive. I understand that sometimes a lovely young patient has to die to really push a heart wrenching storyline. I hate it, but I understand why it has to happen. So then can I just ask that none of the doctors die? I really can’t stomach anymore deaths. They’re going to have to keep renaming the hospital every time someone dies. And while I’m on that point, I’m surprised they never named anything after Derek. Grey Sloan Shepherd Memorial Hospital? Or is that too ridiculous? And we can’t forget our first big death. so it would have to be O’Malley Grey Sloan Shepherd Memorial Hospital. OGSSMH anyone?

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