15 Things That Will Make Every Ravenclaw Say "Same"

When that sorting hat was placed upon your head, you had no idea what it was going to shout out. But once it called out ‘RAVENCLAW’ you breathed a sigh of relief. You knew that out there, with the thinkers, the creators, and the inventors, you’d find a place where you belonged. But you don’t leave your house once you graduate. Once a Ravenclaw, always a Ravenclaw. Your house isn’t some abstract dormitory that you lived in for seven years, it’s a part of who you are and that part never leaves you. And being a Ravenclaw, certain things are bound to happen to you that only happen to other Ravenclaws (save for a few outliers.) So pull up a blanket, curl up on the couch, and accio over some popcorn while you scroll through 15 things that all Ravenclaws, like yourself, can relate to.

15 Everyone Assumes You're Snobby

For some strange reason, when people see ‘smart’ or ‘artistic’ they assume ‘stuck up’ and ‘pretentious.’ I can’t deny the fact that there are some Ravenclaws who walk around with their noses so high up in the air that they might drown if it were to rain, but the other 98% of us have to suffer in silence under this unfair stereotype. Just because someone is intelligent or creative doesn’t automatically mean that they are snobby. I don’t care if you don’t know a bezoar from a kidney stone if you’re still a good person. As the great Hermione Granger (who we understand needed to be placed in Gryffindor to sort out her priorities but we’re still a little miffed that she wasn’t placed with us) once said, “Books...cleverness...there are more important things.”

14 The Thrill You Feel When You Get The Riddle Right on the First Try

I’ve never been good at riddles so when the prefect informed us that the only way to gain entrance into our common room was to answer a new riddle every day, I was horrified. But the older students explained the riddles and taught us, when we were only first years, how to think outside the box, and how to take things less literally. They also taught us of the importance of admitting that you, in fact, do not know the answer but would be willing to learn from another student. It took a while to get the hang of it, but by your third year, you were throwing around answers like it was your job. I swear I saw the door weep with pride one day when a seventh year was able to convince the door that her answer was actually correct if he just looked at it from a different perspective.

13 You Can't Focus on Anything for More than Five Minutes

As a Ravenclaw, you’ve been cursed with an absurdly curious mind. And one of the biggest flaws of that mind is that you can never keep it focused on any one given thing. I was supposed to be writing a 20 inch essay on my parchment paper about the history of the troll rebellion but I needed ink for my quill and when I went to fetch more ink, I snagged my robe on the desk; so I needed my sewing quit. But when I dug through my trunk to find some spare thread, I found my Arithmancy text and I remembered that I had to re-read chapter 13 because I was struggling with one of the core concepts. Suddenly it’s 2 hours later and my essay still isn’t finished nor do I have any better understanding of those Arithmancy concepts as I’ve abandoned both of those pursuits to try and figure out which constellation is which.

12 When Your Class Readings Get in the Way of Your Recreational Readings

I love reading but one thing that always grinds my gears is when readings for History of Magic and Transfiguration get in the way of my muggle reading. I wanted to read 27 books this year, but since I overloaded on courses again (more on that later,) I haven’t had the time to catch up on my recreational reading. Thankfully term break is coming up so I have extra time to fit in a second study block and pound through a few novels before classes resume. However, one of the greatest moments known to man, woman, witch, and wizard is when a book required for a class is also on your ‘to be read’ list. Killing two birds with one stone is what being a Ravenclaw is all about.

11 The Mid-Semester Burnout You Feel Because You Overloaded on Classes...Again

This semester was supposed to be a relaxing, easy, calm semester. I’m in my last year and I really needed the break to focus on Divination, as I’ve been struggling with some of the basic principles; however Muggle Studies had an open spot and it is a grad requirement. So, I begged Flitwick to let me add another course to my roster and promised to make up for missed time. So now I’m overloaded on classes and I know I’m going to do the same thing next semester and the semester after that. My back aches from the weight of all these books and from hunching over in my study spot for hours on end. Send house elves, I need help. But I’m also debating asking Flitwick to send for one of those time turner things that Granger had (our school is rubbish at keeping secrets) to fit some extra courses in next semester.

10 All Your Friends Always Ask to Borrow Your Notes

Enough is enough. I am tired of always having to lend people my notes. I need to study too you guys. How can I do that when you’re all always borrowing and hogging my notes that I wrote for myself? Also, why do you always want my notes? They are practically covered in absent minded doodles and the handwriting is so rushed you can barely read it. I know I don’t have to write down every word the professor says, but I like to. You never know what’s going to be on the exam and you can never be too prepared. Also, why are you judging my notes? I am being a good friend and lending them to you to copy down to study with.

9 The Shared Annoyance at the Lack of Merch Options

Yeah, yeah. We get it. Gryffindor and Slytherin are ‘awesome.’ But what about Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw? What do we get? How come those other guys get hoodies, jackets, sweatpants, tank tops, dresses, robes, blankets, puzzles, free Hippogriff rides, and the key to Hogsmeade while all we get is the choice between a lanyard and some socks. Just for once, I would love to be able to walk into a nice robe store on Diagon Alley, or even a muggle shop, and see something blue that didn’t cost a newts eye and a bats wing. Honestly, do these companies just forget that there are other houses or do they simply not care? Is there a way to check if a retailer has been struck with a memory charm?

8 When You Get To The End of a Great Book But You're Not Ready to Let Go

Fellow bookworms unite! You’ve finally carved out time from your busy schedule to enjoy some recreational reading. And the book you chose is a doozy. The world is vivid, the characters are all interesting and well developed, the plot is captivating...but, something terrible is happening. There is only 20 pages left and there are still 17 main and minor points of conflict that need to be resolved. There is no way this author is going to end it on a cliff hanger when the next book won’t be out until next year. No, thank god. She reached a temporary solution. That was a close one. But now the book is over and I miss the world I was just so immersed in. Reality seems uneventful and picking up another book while in the midst of a book hangover just feels so dirty. The only thing you can do is lay on your back and reminisce about the beautiful world you got to be a part of.

7 The Anger You Feel When People Forget About The Other Ravenclaws

Not every Ravenclaw is the brilliant erudite type. A lot of us are the creative, artistic, unique, curious type, and everyone always forgets about us. They always assume that we’re Hufflepuffs due to our kind and calm nature and they are always so shocked when they realize that we’re, in fact, Ravenclaws. The intelligent Ravenclaws get all the attention and almost everybody forgets about the ‘Luna Lovegoods’ of the world. Let’s take a moment to remember the curious Ravenclaws who have bad grades because they can’t focus their curiosity on something they have no interest in. The brilliant Ravenclaws who invent things in their spare time but are overlooked because mechanical engineering is “for muggles.” The creative Ravenclaws who spend their days writing and painting until they can’t feel their fingers. And for the Ravenclaws who worry that they aren’t smart or creative enough to truly belong.

6 Your Curiosity Gets the Better of You

I was supposed to be studying why mandrakes age in a similar fashion to human beings even though they are of a different species, but now I’m 12 hours deep in a ‘Human Eating Plant’ rabbit hole and I have no idea how I got here. I can imagine that having curious Ravenclaw’s in your class would be a professor's worst nightmare. It’s impossible to focus us, we can’t direct our curiosity onto things we don’t care for, and the process of learning devolves into a seemingly endless round of the ‘why’ game. Somehow, no matter how many times I ask ‘why,’ I’m still never satisfied. I know I should be sleeping, but I really want to know what will happen to me if I stay awake for 24 hours in a row.

5 The Adrenaline You Get From Finishing a Project

Whether it’s academic (like a ridiculously long research or term paper) or it’s creative (like a huge painting you’ve spent weeks on,) there is nothing on Merlin’s green Earth that could ever compare to the thrill you get when you complete something you’ve worked your butt off doing. You can sit back, let out a long sigh of relief, and admire the work you put it. You got up, set out to do something, and you did it. Nothing can beat that feeling. Like any other hard drug, the feeling is almost addictive, in a way. You find yourself taking on more and more projects so you can take a whiff of that sweet accomplishment adrenaline that you get when you cross another item off of your to do list or finally get that idea you’ve been nursing out into the world. It’s a beautiful feeling.

4 Everyone Brands You As Competitive

Some people like to think of us as the smartest house in the school (I mean our slogan is literally about how much we value intelligence,) however that doesn’t necessarily mean that all Ravenclaws are ready to throw down at any given moment. Okay, we do compete to see who can get the highest grade on a Potions final and we do bet on whether or not our housemates will reach the inch requirement for their essays within a set period of time...Okay, so I guess we are a bit competitive. And do you wanna know why we’re so competitive? I’ll tell you why. It’s because we are Ravenclawesome (I think that pun takes the cake. You can all go home now because I have won.)

3 Sometimes You Worry That You're Not Smart Enough

When you’re from the more creative side of Ravenclaw, or if your grades suffer because you’ve overloaded on courses, or if you aren’t able to focus long enough to absorb any material...it can make you feel like you don’t belong in the ‘smart house’ after all. Why would the sorting hat put me in this house if I was a complete duffer? You worry that you’re holding the house back and that everyone secretly resents you for it. But I will let you in on a little secret...we all feel that way. We are all struggling with imposter syndrome and worry that one day everyone will find out that we actually aren’t good enough (thus confirming our darkest thoughts and fears.) You were sorted for a reason. Chin up, little bird. It’ll be okay.

2 When You Realize That You've Been Daydreaming for Hours Instead of Studying

Honestly, who’s bright idea was it to put the smart and creative students up in one the tallest towers Hogwarts has to offer? I can’t even count the times that I have caught myself staring out the windows. Sometimes I’m imagining what it would like to be a bird. What sort of spell would I use to become a bird? Is it too late to study to become an animagus? What would I do if this tower gave out and I suddenly found myself plunging towards my own death? Could I ‘arresto momentum’ myself? Where is my wand? How do I keep losing my want? My robe literally has a pocket specifically designed for wands. Why is my wand never in this pocket. Suddenly I snap out of it and six hours have flown by...like a bird. I wonder what it would be like to be a bird.

1 The Love-Hate Relationship You Have Towards School

Learning new things is one of the greatest aspects of life. However, mandatory class participation, group projects, exams, and term papers should be listed amongst the unforgivable curses. I love learning but I despise school for turning something as beautiful as education into some horrible judgemental monster. I overload on courses because I love learning new things and I want to learn about every area of magic I can but then I quickly realize that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew and I instantly regret everything. Why must we always do this? Is there no rest for the mind? Is there a way to learn new things without forcing people to be tested on this knowledge? School would be 1,000x better if it was focused on learning rather than passing.

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