15 Things Twilight Fans Choose To Ignore About Bella Swan

Bella Swan is the main character in the Twilight novels and movies which still remain extremely popular. The fanbase is extremely large and most are obsessed with all things Twilight. When the first Twilight DVD was released in 2009, it became the most purchased DVD of the year.

As the storyline goes, Bella Swan is a teenage girl who moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father. Little did she know that the town was filled with paranormal creatures who she soon discovers. Another major story is the love triangle between Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black hence the popular terms team Edward or team Jacob.

While fans seem to love Bella, the movies make it pretty obvious that Bella is not a normal human girl. Here are 15 things Twilight fans choose to ignore about Bella Swan.

15 She Is Extremely Weak

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Strong is not a word anyone would associate with Bella Swan. She is physically weak, not to mention she is so clumsy that she trips over her own feet. She is also not assertive or strong willed. After looking at her attributes, it’s actually a little surprising that she is a lead character of anything.

14 Yet Everyone Finds Her Irresistible

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Bella is clumsy, spineless, and lacks any specific skill sets, yet everyone seems to find her irresistible. Actually I take that back, she is somehow special because Edward cannot read her mind. Although that has nothing to do with the werewolves, so it’s anyone's guess why Jacob is so obsessed with her.

13 She Is A Special Snowflake

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How is it that someone who is so ordinary that they actually seem boring turns out to be a special snowflake? For some reason, she is the only human whose mind Edward cannot read. And then when she becomes a vampire, she is some amazing shield who is not only impervious to all vampires’ powers, but can also project that shield onto others.

12 Her Self-Preservation Skills Are Non-Existent

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It’s actually pretty amazing how often Bella finds herself in hazardous situations, yet is oblivious to the real danger around her. You can’t even consider it selflessness, because many of the situations result from a lack of thinking. Seeing someone with absolutely no self-preservation skills is actually pretty amazing.

11 Her Relationship With Edward is All-Consuming

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Whether it’s the result of teenage obsession, a first love, or some weird vampire thing, Bella’s relationship with Edward is extremely concerning. Once Bella sees Edward, she doesn’t think of anything or anyone else. Shutting down completely and becoming a shell of your former self when your boyfriend leaves is not healthy behavior.

10 She Is The Worst Friend Ever

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To add onto her all-consuming relationship with Edward, she gets so involved with him that she becomes the worst friend ever. When her friends are excited about a girls trip to look at prom dresses, all Bella thought about was finding a book about vampires. And when Edward leaves and her friends try to comfort her, she shuts them out completely.

9 She Leads Jacob On The Entire Time

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I have no idea why Jacob isn’t upset after Bella leads him on for years! Twilight is seen as a love triangle, but she doesn’t really give Jacob much of a chance until Edward leaves. Bella even kisses Jacob to keep him when he finally realizes that he deserves better. The worst part is that he continually goes back to Bella.

8 She Doesn't Care About Her Parents' Feelings

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Bella is portrayed as an easy going child who sacrificed her own comfort to live with her father so her mom and step-dad could be happy. In reality, Bella doesn’t take her parents' feelings into consideration at all. She’s always leaving and not telling her parents where she’s going which I imagine makes them worry like crazy!

7 She Is Obsessed With Becoming A Vampire

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As soon as Bella meets Edward, she is obsessed with finding out his secret. Once she finally figures out that he is a vampire, she’s focused on becoming one no matter what it takes. She asks Edward continually to make her a vampire, without any regard to her family or how Edward would feel.

6 She Is Especially Selfish

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Bella is also touted as being selfish which is how they explain away her lack of self-preservation skills or abandoning her father. However, Bella has a selfish streak a mile wide. She doesn’t want Edward getting hurt in the big battle, yet she will let the werewolves help. And then she makes Edward stay with her when it puts his family at danger.

5 She Was Self-Destructive When Edward Left

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When Edward left, Bella went through several stages. First, she completely shuts down and doesn’t accept help from anyone. When that doesn’t work, she becomes self-destructive. Bella gets on the back of a motorcycle with a guy she doesn’t know and almost drowns cliff-jumping, all in the hope of connecting with Edward.

4 She Is Ungrateful When People Do Nice Things

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It’s true that Bella is shy and doesn’t like to inconvenience others. However, there is a fine line between that and being ungrateful, and Bella definitely crossed that line. On Bella’s birthday, Alice goes all out to celebrate her special day, and Bella acts like a spoiled brat the entire time. She does the same thing when it comes to her wedding.

3 She Never Thinks For Herself

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Was there a single time that Bella actually thought for herself? She’s already shy, which makes her easily susceptible to other influences. But her obsession with Edward and becoming a vampire makes it even worse. She does anything to be close to Edward, regardless of what it means for her family or friends.

2 She Is Completely Oblivious

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Did Bella really not realize how many boys were attracted to her? Who knows what she was thinking about Jacob hanging out with her and giving her stuff. But what about Mike Newton? He clearly had a crush on her and she had no idea. At least it's pretty clear that she knew Edward liked her.

1 How Is She The Most Perfect Vampire Ever?

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Can we all talk about how Bella is the most perfect vampire right from the start? First of all, she is able to resist human blood immediately. It is unheard of for any new vampire to have that kind of self-control. Then she becomes part of the very small group of vampires who have special powers.

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